In Too Deep @otherealmwriter
Chapter 23

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"So what did Grandpa want?" Lovina asked as Alfred walked up to her.

"Nothing much. Nothing at all." Alfred said. He had recalled how he didn't want Lovina mixed up in the mess that he was going to have to be in.

"Come on, don't lie to me." She said as she took him up to his bedroom where she had been sleeping since as they were now engaged, Julius didn't mind. Shutting the door, knowing that they would not be disturbed, she sat Alfred down and looked at him. "So, what did my grandfather want?" She stared at him piercingly.

It's like those eyes can see into my mind. And they're so fucking beautiful Alfred thought as he looked at Lovina. "There's a rival gang on the North side. Your grandpa pinpointed someone who was involved. And they liked me enough to tell me when they are having another speakeasy event. Gave me the password and everything. He wants me to go in and see what I can find out." Alfred lit a cigarette and laid back on the bed.

"Why don't you tell him no?" Lovina asked.

"Because I don't want to cause trouble for you with your family." He said. "There's times I do think he saw through the story."

"It was pretty weak." Lovina scoffed. "But honestly there's idiotas in the family who would believe it" She sighed. "And despite what you think, family is important to my grandfather." She tried to reassure him.

"Maybe blood." Alfred said.

"Oh," Lovina said as she pulled him close and kissed him deeply. "I am so sorry."

"It's not your fault." Alfred said. "You can't control them."

"I know….." Lovina said. "But I feel so bad."

"I can handle it." Alfred said. "Don't worry about me. I have to take care of you." He smiled ruffling her hair.

"Idiota…." She scoffed. "I can take care of myself. But I am not about to let you abandon our child and use me for fun."

"Love you too babe." Alfred laughed, knowing how Lovina was.

Meanwhile, Arthur looked around for a place to put his suitcase. All of his brother had encouraged him to stay more and more with Amelia now that they had finally confessed how they felt about each other and as Arthur thought, to give them some space from him. It was a relief to have something to lay on for himself, even if it was Amelia's couch. She had offered her bed to him, but he hadn't felt right about that this soon in the relationship. She walked over with a cup of tea and some cookies and smiled. "So, how's it going Mr. Bossman?" She took to calling him when discussing the speakeasy business. "I know Alba had a good bit of money to get us a line on supply."

"And I have the permits for medicinal use on hand. If anyone is caught bringing it from Kentucky to Illinois, we have those permits and they will push it along." Arthur assured her. "Easy as can be."

"And that rabbi" She laughed referring to Feliks.

"Yes, Feliks. I don't know how many times he needs to be told to keep Kosher in public at least." Arthur sighed.

"So this upcoming weekend…." Amelia said. "Can't wait. Nice lakeside gig." She took a bite of the cookie. "And Ivan was really nice. Really interesting to talk to." Arthur scowled. "Oh be nice. He misses his sister." Arthur sighed. She can't pick up why he is being so nice.

"He's told me so." Arthur said.

"Can we help?" Amelia asked.

"I suppose so….." Arthur sighed. "As much as I don't want to go to Canada for our supplies, it would do good to diversify."

"Yeah….." Amelia said. "Why don't you want to try Canada?"

"Oh, that's Julius' territory." Arthur said. "I had finally translated the notes that were left when Patrick and Seamus accidentally car-jacked one of his trucks."

"You know Italian?" Amelia said amazed.

"Latin more, love." Arthur said. "I got a fair bit from my Latin knowledge but also a few English to Italian dictionaries."

Amelia smiled. "To think a girl like me could get a man so refined as you."

"I don't know about refined love….." Arthur blushed. "And I am sure my brother would love to regale you with stories from the war that got me the Wulver nickname he loves to call me and seems to refer to me as with members of our organization….."

"Oh, you're much better than any other man I could have hoped to get." She said as she pulled him close and kissed him.

"Here I am, working as a gang leader to get you and my brothers the best possible life violating the law." Arthur said.

"Oh it's a stupid law started by a bunch of people who need to mind their own business. If we break something stupid, it's more American than following the law." Amelia said as she turned to Arthur. "And as much as you may not like it, you're an American to me too. Bollocks to where you are from." She smiled back.

"I am honored." Arthur laughed.

Alfred sighed as he stood in Julius' office with his heart racing. Tonight he was going down to the speakeasy he was invited to. He had tried to convince Julius he didn't need a whole new wardrobe but the clothes he was comfortable with were gone along with of any chance of him getting back to the farm. He explained he wanted to give Lovina his mother's ring but nothing seemed to really dissuade Julius from brushing off Alfred's concerns. In marriage the two families join. Sure I may be the only one left of mine but that doesn't mean I don't want to include her! He thought. "And keep this on you." He said tossing a shoulder holster with a 1911 on it. I was told you had used these in the war. You should be familiar.

"I used some…." Alfred said, not wanting to really tell Julius that he was just a regular line soldier. He picked up the gun and looked at it. It was blued steel with solid cherry grips with his initials engraved on the side. "This is…."

"Yours." Julius said. "I figured you needed a good weapon to defend yourself and to defend Lovina and your family better than that old shotgun of yours." Alfred looked annoyed but slightly worried that Julius saw right through what he had claimed and knew what happened really with Lovina. Relax, he's just meaning in laws and in the future. Although to think what Lovino would do if I ended up protecting him, he'd likely kick my ass for that….. "And I figured if you were heading to our up and coming rival's speakeasy, you need something to protect yourself. While many people do not know you are a part of the family," Alfred got a chilling feeling that he was now a part of the Vargas gang whether he wanted to or not so he could do right by Lovina. "one can never be too careful. If they invited you, they trust you or have plans for you. Either way, you can handle it." Julius said with a nonchalant wave.

"Sure…." Alfred said as he took off the jacket and put the holster on, put the jacket back on and tried a few times to get it out and ready quickly. As much as I don't like to admit it, Julius does have a point here….

"You're a natural with that thing!" Julius said thumping Alfred on the back. "Now come along. "Feli will drive you to a spot where it won't be too far a walk to where you said it was." As they headed out to the garage, Alfred saw Lovina sitting by the stove and knitting. She said she had started to learn to do it from Helena who made a lot of winter clothing for Heracles that way and it had helped calm her worries in pregnancy, so she tried it herself. She told her family she was just nervous about the wedding and Helena taught her about it, and as usual everyone believed what Lovina said. Helena was not about to betray Lovina's trust on the matter and when anyone asked, she said the same.

"Alfred." Feliciano said as he ran up and hugged him. "Let's go. I know where you need to go and where I am to drop you off. I'm so glad you're going to marry Lovina. Now just Feliciana needs to get married too and she'll be so happy."

"Why don't you get an early start?" Julius gave Alfred a bunch of money he had put a little blue stamp on. This will determine if anyone who works there goes to one of our businesses and we can try and keep tabs on them that way. Steal my truck will they? They will not get away with it. I will have no competition and own this city. He thought.

"Okay….." Alfred said as Feliciano grabbed his hand and dragged him to the car. Once to the car, Alfred got in and looked out the window while Feliciano drove out of the south side toward the lake and toward the fish cannery. The plan was to drop Alfred off north of the cannery so he would walk in from the north and they would think he lived on the north side of town, thus enabling them to trust him more. Julius had planned to have Alfred be the spy and inside man and give Julius all that he found out. If he was to become part of the family, he was going to have to earn his way in. And this was how it was to be done. Sacrifices had to be made to show Julius that he was worthy of Lovina's hand and that he would be honorable to their mistake.

"So, you found out who might be running our rival gang?" Feliciano said.

"Meh." Alfred sighed, not wanting to talk too much. If nothing else I can get properly drunk on Julius' dime. Despite Feliciano's need for speed as he called it, the drive from the South side to the North side was long. Do I even have control of my own life anymore? He thought as they drove past the fish cannery, fast enough that Alfred was certain that the large man standing outside could not make who was driving out, or the fact that his was a very fancy car. This car is not typically seen in this area... Alfred thought as he looked around at the docks and boats near the cannery. As they pulled up to the US Marine Hospital, Feliciano parked and Alfred got out, heading down to the cannery near Lincoln Park.

"Wait! Grandpa told me to give you this!" Feliciano said as he go out of the still running car, causing Alfred to pause.

"The car!" Alfred said. "Still running!"

"At least I parked it this time." Feliciano said with a smile as Alfred placed his face in his palm. I can see why Lovina said that the family would by our little story...

"Fine." Alfred moaned. "You know someone would steal that right if you leave it running."

"I kicked butt the last time someone did." Feliciano smiled.

I'll belive that when I see it... Alfred rolled his eyes. He looked at the note and felt some coins. "What's this for?"

"Your ride home. Come back to the hospital here, there's a phone booth. Make a call to the number on the note and let us know when the night's over. I'll come pick you up." Feliciano smiled.

"Sure." Alfred said as he began to walk to the cannery, putting the note and the coins in his pocket.

"See you later!" Feliciano waved as he backed up and sped out of the parking lot, leaving black tire marks in the hospital parking lot.

"SHUT UP!" Alfred said with gritted teeth. It's not going to be a rival that wipes you out Julius, it will be your grandson! He thought as he looked over at the lake. It was warming up with the ice flows breaking up from the long and harsh winters. There were times Mattie and I would head out to the lake for a week or so to see grandma...He thought remembering one of the few times they had spent off the farm. Their father was never one to let the boys leave, even when they had farmhands to handle the work. But their maternal grandfather was an impressive force when she wanted to be, owing to the Chippewa and Menominee that was in her blood. She had told them stories of their grandfather who was a sailor on the lakes. "The lake it is said never gives up her dead when the skies of November turn gloomy" Alfred said as he approached the cannery.

"Sorry, but that is not the password." A large Russian said with a smile that Alfred could tell danger was behind.

"Oh I was looking at the lake." Alfred panicked.

"Well this is not where you want to be to look at the water. Do you know the password or do I need to make you forget this place?" Ivan said with a smile.

"Oh I know it you fucking commie." Alfred growled.

"Then what is it Yankee Doodle?" Ivan taunted.

"Victoria Regina." Alfred said proudly. "Now let me in."

"Just a moment." Ivan said as he rapped three times, then two then three and an extra two steps.

"What was that for?" Alfred said.

"Security." Ivan said simply.

"I have your vodka. You know how hard it is to get it? Most of the stuff I can get is whiskey and wine and shine." Gilbert said.

"I know." Ivan said taking the drink. "I put up with the moonshine when you don't have vodka. Maybe going to Canada would get it?"

"You know what the Wulver says on that, even if you might find your sister." Gilbert said. "Come on in. Feliks has been expecting you," He said ushering Alfred in.

"Uhhhhh sure..." Alfred said as he looked around. This was an empty part of the old fish cannery that had shut down and no one had really bought it and taken it over yet. Yet it was set up with a bar and a stage. He looked over at the stage to see a blonde woman with short hair singing with a jazz band behind her. "Nice place you got here."

"Ah! Alfred!" Feliks came up. "You made it!"

"Wouldn't miss it for the world." Alfred said.

"Pick your poison." Feliks said. "I'm paying."

"Actually, I am." Alfred said. "Tell him what you want."

"You know what I like." Feliks said.

"Uhhhhh whiskey sour to start with?" Alfred sighed.

"Coming up." Gilbert said.

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