In Too Deep @otherealmwriter
Chapter 19

I do not own Hetalia, okay? Been having a lot of ideas for this one, a lot of drama coming up, so I get more ideas. Anyway, enough of this A/N, on with the fic!

Knowing they could not waste much time if they wanted to pull of the idea that Lovina became pregnant on the wedding night, Alfred got up and looked at her. "Well, if I am going to do this, I better start now."

"Why now?" Lovina said. "I mean we could just run off somewhere and elope…." She blushed.

"You're smart darling." Alfred said, free to call her the affectionate names he wanted to knowing that she felt about him the way he did about her. "Your grandpa would figure it out."

"And he won't think that you knocked me up out of wedlock with that idea of yours?" She asked sarcastically.

"Can't guarantee it, but many will. You know people are stupid." Alfred sighed as Lovina nodded. "So if they think we're just star-crossed lovers who can't wait to get married and then quickly we announce after the I dos that you are with child, they'll take it on face value and even if your grandpa doesn't take it on that, he'll not want to cause too much commotion over it." Lovina began to speak and then took a breath. "I can handle whatever your grandpa wants to throw at me. He can keep your cousin in line. But I have to do right by you and the baby. I mean I will have to go back to the farmhouse and get my mom's ring and stuff, but that's after I ask your grandfather's permission."

"You're foolishly brave." Lovina said.

"We screwed around. Time to face the music." Alfred sighed. "So, I mean yeah this progressed a lot faster than I thought it would, but hey, at least we won't die alone and childless now?" He offered a feeble smile.

"Guess not." Lovina said as she looked down at her stomach.

"Well here goes nothing." Alfred said as he went to the door and Lovina grabbed his hand. "What?"

"I want to go with you…." Lovina begged.

"Well, I want this to seem as innocent as possible, that I am going to surprise you." Alfred told her. "Your grandpa is smart. He has to have some brains if he makes an operation like this work. I have to make it convincing enough for him or at least most the family that he won't want to cause drama."

"You sure you can do that?" Lovina asked.

"I'll do the best I can." Alfred assured her. "Now I would wait for me to tell you something."

"I love you." Lovina said.

"I love you too." Alfred smiled. He shut the door and took a deep breath. He had stormed trenches in France in the war but somehow this felt more like certain death than that. Well, if he kills you right here and now, you don't need to worry about the wedding…. he told himself feebly but then there would be no one who would look after Lovina and the baby properly in his mind. Sure, Julius seemed very family oriented, but he wasn't sure what a child out of wedlock would be seen in his mind. While his behavior didn't seem very religious or Catholic, he knew because of the rosaries that he noticed Lovina, Julius and Feliciano have, it meant enough to them to at least carry the things with them. He headed into the study where Julius was reading. You're a man Jones, and a man has to face the consequences of his actions and make things right He thought as he took a breath. "Whatcha reading?" He asked. Great, I sound like a scared kid.

"Oh, Alfredo my boy! It's a copy of Commentarii de Bello Gallico by Julius Caesar." Julius said.

"Oh." Alfred said. "Didn't know Caesar wrote a book…." Alfred said honestly.

"Oh, he's a personal hero of mine and I study his tactics and apply them to my own businesses. You'd be surprised how effective it is." Julius said. "But I can tell you didn't come to me to talk about Classical warfare. You've seen too much of the modern hell that is war. I remember some of Lovino's stories he told when he came home." He smiled up at Alfred whose heart was racing faster than any time he could recall from the war itself. "I am sure you have seen some similar things."

"I have sir…." Alfred said. "And well, I have been thinking a lot of things lately and I guess that plays into it…." Alfred blushed as Julius looked on interested. "Well, I have been seeing a lot of your granddaughter Lovina lately and well…." He gulped as Julius looked up at him with interest a slight smile on his face. "Well, I have found I want to marry her. As soon as possible. I'm tired of not having a wife and she's actually perfect for me despite how many see her!" He blurted out. I could have done that so much better. I sound like an idiot…. He thought as Julius jumped up and hugged Alfred close.

"Che meraviglia! Mia nipote ora si sposerà!" Julius said as he put Alfred down from the hug and looked at him. "I assure you were doing the proper thing and asking for her father, well in this case grandfather's hand before you proposed, correct?" Alfred nodded. "Well, you have my permission." Alfred looked relieved as Julius smirked. "If you convert to Catholicism." He paused. His faith never really meant that much to him but doing that seemed much. But he swore he would do what it took to do good by Lovina after what happened and if this was what he had to do, well so be it. Not like he had any family left. His parents were dead, and his brother was likely dead as well. "It's important to our family and frankly, you have none of your own to say anything about it." The words almost seemed evil and venomous from him.

"Sure, if we can be married by month's end." Alfred said. This way the plan can go into action, and it won't be that visible so we can say it happened when we got married…. Alfred said.

"Great." Julius said. "I'll contact the priest of my church to arrange both. I'm so glad to have you as a grandson, well in due time."

"Thanks…." Alfred said.

"You haven't proposed yet have you?" Julius said.

"Nope, Lovina knows nothing of my intentions but had expressed some interest in just finding someone to settle down with." Alfred said as natural as could be.

"Great." Julius said. "How about tomorrow at dinner, I'll have a banquet and you can do it there. So, the whole family knows."

"Sure." Alfred smiled. "I was going to give her my mother's ring…"

"I have my wife's. I figured that would go to the first granddaughter to get married. Looked like Felicia for awhile there but that poor young man. War is hell and takes so many too good for this world." Julius said.

"Well, let me get ready for tomorrow then…." Alfred said as he walked away looking at Julius.

"Of course, you will want it to be perfect." Julius smiled. "Practice makes perfect. And I will get you my wife's ring."

"Sure, thanks." Alfred said as he went back up to the guest bedroom.

"He and Lovina screwed up." Julius said as Alfred shut the door and Giovanni came up beside him.

"Just what do you mean sir?" Giovanni asked as Julius smirked.

"They had sex. And an accident happened, and Lovina is pregnant. They think I don't know but I do." Giovanni looked as if he needed more of an explanation. "Lovina sneaking out to go to the doctor, talk to Helena, and the sudden wish for marriage from both of them when they aren't that type of person, especially Lovina. And she demanded Alfred under the idea of protection of a rival gang, well sure she needs it but now he's right where I want him." Julius smirked.

"For what?" Giovanni said.

"Well that farm of his is in the family now. So, I don't need to keep sending him back to keep up appearances. The general public doesn't know about how they fucked up. And he'll need work to support them. Oh, I'll get them a nice house for a family by the lake. It's still beautiful despite all the industrial dumping into it. And that young man will be working for me. I knew he was a force to be reckoned with when Feliciano told me of how he nearly shot him and Lovino when they first met. And now it's right where I want it, trapped by a child."

"My god…." Giovanni said.

"What?" Julius asked.

"You can be quite the mastermind when you want to. Ever play chess?" Giovanni smiled.

"I really should take it up." Julius said.

Alfred looked at Lovina who had held her knees close to her face as she sat on the bed. She looked up at him worried. Normally she was tough and wouldn't want anyone to worry about her or anything she had to do. But this shook up her whole world. "So, how'd it go?" She whispered.

"Well by the end of the month, you should be Mrs. Lovina Jones…." Alfred laughed.

"That's nice…." Lovina said as Alfred's face fell. "Don't think it's a bad thing. I really don't mind…."

"I know, I know, I wish it wasn't this way either, but we have to do what we have to do." Alfred sighed. "I do have to become Catholic though. How does that whole cross thing go?"

"Up down left right" Lovina said as she demonstrated it for Alfred who tried a few times to get it right but with her guidance got the hang of it. "We often do that when in distress. I was doing it so much when I found out I was pregnant and when you were talking to my grandfather. If having to convert is the worst that you have to do, you got off lucky."

"Well, he seemed to buy that I was just a lonely farmer who fell in love with his darling granddaughter. Although…." Alfred began.

"What?" Lovina said.

"I was hoping for some autonomy in my own marriage. Like I wanted to give my wife my mother's ring, it's been a family heirloom from mother to daughter for like generations. My great grandmother was a Chippawa who married a French fur trader and passed it along." Alfred said. "But your grandfather is giving me your grandma's ring to do the proposal with. Which I am sure means something to you and I totally get it, but…."

"No, I understand." Lovina said. "Feeling trapped by him is hell." And I think I put you there.

"Well, who says you can't have both!" Alfred smiled as he lit a cigarette. "Just next time I am back home, hopefully with you, I'll give it to you!" He took another drag and Lovina could read that he was really distressed. "Just look surprised tomorrow when I do the proposal. Your grandpa is doing a big banquet and inviting the whole family."

"I think I'm going to be sick." Lovina said.

"We could elope still…." Alfred laughed. "Say the nervousness got us."

"No, no, no, grandpa would never allow that. He's got an image to maintain and I'm part of it, well you are now too…." Lovina said.

"Well, I'm yours till death do us part." Alfred laughed as they headed out of the bedroom and Lovino held him against the wall with a stiletto blade against his neck.

"Speaking of death…." Lovino said.

"CALM DOWN LOVINO!" Lovina said as she smacked him. "HE DIDN'T HURT ME!"

"What's going on here?" Julius asked.

"I'd like to know that too." Lovino asked.

"Relax." Julius said. "I know for a fact he means no harm nor ill will or besmirched Lovina's honor." Lovina and Alfred looked at each other and away for a brief second. Lovino shook his head as Julius smirked. Guilty conscious betrays you both He thought. "Leave the two alone. I am fine with it, so you should be too."

"If you say so grandpa." Lovino said as he stuck a middle finger in the air at Alfred.

"Will he be better to me if I am his cousin in law?" Alfred asked.

"He'll have to be." Lovina said. "I can be forceful with my cousins if I want to be and as Mrs. Jones, I won't allow for anyone to wish ill to my husband or try to harm them. That whole two become one romantic crap." She looked at Alfred and whispered "I love you. Thank you so much."

"I love you too." Alfred said with an innocent kiss on her cheek. "It's my duty. Honor bound." He sighed as he placed his back against the wall and slid down to a sitting position. What the hell am I in for now? He thought as he took a flask from his pocket and took a drink.

Translation Guide

(Obtained via Google Translate)

Che meraviglia! Mia nipote ora si sposerà! -Italian- How wonderful! My granddaughter will be married now!

So how was that? Good? Bad? Short? Long? Let me know in a review. And yes, Caesar did write the book mentioned and Julius seems like he would be a big fan of it. And the idea of modeling business after warfare is one that is used a lot. In Japan they use The Art of War for business dealings. Anyway, I don't have much else to say here so remember to read, well you just did, and review. Ciao for now,




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