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Chapter 17

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Julius sighed as he drove through the North side of Chicago, trying to get an eye for the situation himself on what was happening and who were the future threats to his empire. Whispers of a new gang forming in the north side had reached his ears. So far he only knew where the first speakeasy was held. He paused and looked at Gilbert's ice cream parlor. He looked at it and scowled. He saw Gilbert wave as he gave an elderly couple ice cream cones. Giovanni looked at this and looked back at him. "That the guy?" He asked.

"I heard there was a speakeasy here last month. I haven't gotten word on if there was any others. Nor who was behind it. But that guy..." Julius said scowling.

"Why not go in and see what we can find?" Giovanni asked. Julius looked confused. "I mean there would have to be something that is left a door to nowhere or something that isn't what it seems. I mean we do it ourselves, how can a bunch of rag tag scum do it better than us, right?"

"You have a point." Julius said. With this he shut off the car and he and Giovanni headed into the establishment. The door rattled a set of bells as they entered and looked around. Gilbert looked up from his cleaning and smiled.

"Well there, what's two fine dressed gentlemen such as yourself doing here?" He smiled, analyzing them to see if they were city officials who hadn't gotten the memo that his taxes were paid up, as he kept the receipt from the city nearby the cash register just for that reason. He did not trust that all the records would be updated as they should be.

"Oh nothing, nothing much." Julius smiled.

Gilbert laughed and stared on. Is that who I think it is? I mean the thick Italian accent...dark brown hair...He thought as he tried to recall what he knew of Julius Vargas and what he would want. It was quite possible he found out what happened to one of his trucks and traced it down to the shop. He wasn't going to say a thing and kept the shotgun nearby for just such occasions. They hadn't run a speakeasy in there since the first one, just to test it all out and he was not going to let Julius know they had. The less he knew about the Kirkland gang, the better. And if he had to blow away the leader of the rival gang, so be it. "So, what can I get you?" He asked again.

"Oh nothing much." Julius said as Giovanni nodded and they kept looking around. Gilbert's smile turned to a scowl. He knew they were up to something and they knew more than they should. "Just in the neighborhood and heard some things about this place."

"Oh, well we do have some of the best ice cream and soda on the North Side. May I recommend an egg creme?" Gilbert suggested.

"No, we're not in the mood for one of those." Julius said as he scanned the establishment. Nothing out of place in the front. At least obviously. I will have to send some men around back in a few days to see if there's any action. He thought.

Gilbert noticed that both Julius and Giovanni had no interest in ice cream or any other goods from his establishment. Noticing this, he snuck over, closed the blinds and locked the door and pointed his shotgun at Julius who held his hands up joyfully. Giovanni pointed a Thompson at Gilbert who looked over with a smirk. "You think I'm afraid of you, you fucking Wops? You guys screwed us over back in the great war. My brother is dead because of that bullshit and I have to start over here because of just how fucked Deutschland is."

"Italia didn't fare much better." Julius said not showing a bit of fear at the shotgun. "You know I had one like this." He ran his finger down the barrel.

"Came across it." Gilbert said. "I figure if the Yanks wiped up my people with it, it would be good enough for grease balls who think they are better than they are." He said as he ratched it back.

"Wasn't even loaded." Julius laughed.

"Guess you're not as cowardly as the rest of them." Gilbert scowled. "Look let me lay it down for you straight. Keep to your fucking South side, do your shit there. I am not paying any protection to any fucker. I'll defend my own place. And if you don't start nothing, there won't be nothing."

Giovanni held the Thompson tighter towards Gilbert. "Easy Giovanni." Julius warned. "I think we have nothing more to say except, if you mind your business, we'll mind ours." He then turned to the door. "You can unlock it. We'll be taking our leave."

Gilbert kept the gun pointed towards Julius and Giovanni as he unlocked the door. "Get the fuck out of my sight. You're nothing but Scheisse to me."

"Bye bye!" Julius said as he and Giovanni got back in the car and drove off. After they were out of sight of the shop Julius spoke up. "One was there. Whoever he's working with stole the truck. I remember that Mateo he's not to sell to anyone from the North side."

"Gotcha boss." Giovanni replied.

Lovina walked from the doctor's office in her shaw and plain dress to Helena's brothel. This was the one woman she felt she could talk to about what she was just told. She knew who she could not tell but this changed everything for her and the only one she knew that would not judge her was Helena. After speaking with the hostess, she got Helena who took Lovina to her room and shut the door, requesting that no one disturb her. Lovina looked around and saw Heracles playing with a stuffed cat. Helena sat down on a pouf chair and looked up at Lovina.

"Ah Miss Lovina, you don't come over without your grandfather or if I don't need someone to watch little Heracles." Helena said as she eyed Lovina suspiciously. She was about 15 years older than Lovina, making her relationship with Lovina's grandfather a little more disgusting in her mind. She was old enough to be a big sister to her and here was her grandfather meeting up in private with her on a regular basis. And it was part of the reason she had been promoted to Madam of this particular brothel. She did do a good job and was very skilled at keeping the johns in line and the girls healthy and working well, but it was obvious that Julius's influence did play a part in her getting the job and keeping Hercules living with her. She didn't often have to perform like the girls so she could easily keep him away from some of the more vile acts. "You aren't looking for a job are you? As I won't hire you. You deserve better."

"Well it's kind of that act that I am here..." Lovina sighed. No way it could be what I think it was just one time! One time we let our desires get the best of us! Okay maybe more than just once but we hadn't done anything since I was up at his farm! Felicia had done it many times with that potato eating bastard and there was that one time with Antonio...why did this one fucking time end up differently? she thought.

"I'm listening..." Helena said. "And I won't tell your grandfather if that is what you are worried about. I am in the discretion business."

"Fine! I've missed my monthly cycle! I'm nauseous all the time!" Lovina yelled, causing Hercules to look up from the cat he was playing with. She then covered her mouth, hoping no one who knew her family was nearby. She knew what Lovino had constantly threatened Alfred with and that was part of the reason they kept their relationship secret and casual when people were looking. Sure there were rumors of the intent but nothing more.

"Oh." Helena said.

"Oh?" Lovina asked putting her hands on her hips. "That's all you have to say?"

"I guess it comes with the profession, that I am used to this. You've had sex recently haven't you?" Helena asked walking to a medicine cabinet.

"Obviously, why else would I be talking to my grandfather's mistress who is the madam of a brothel?" Lovina sassed.

"Well you're obviously shook up about this." She sighed. "I give this to my girls any time an accident happens." Lovina looked at her hands and saw a box of pills. "My own concoction that I use when a girl falls into a family way. I will warn you, you will be sick as a dog for a few days after but just say it's bad tzatziki."

"I think my grandfather would pick up that lie." Lovina sighed as she put the pills in her pocket.

"Or whatever you want to say, but take those and you'll be back to normal. Unless you're meant to have the baby. Then I am sorry cannot stop God's will." Helena sighed picking up Hercules. "Unless there's something else? Could it be you want this child?"

Lovina knew lying was not going to help her. "Maybe, I don't know. I hate to say it, but I think I might actually love Alfred. Might." She added.

"Well you will have to tell him the truth." Helena said. "And if he rejects you or the baby for it, let me know. You'll have my pills and you can pass his worthless ass to your sister. Then again, he may be overjoyed and make an honest woman of you yet." Lovina shuddered at the idea of marriage, even if she was battling with romantic feelings for her grandfather's latest enforcer. "But you need to be honest. Let him know and then go from there." She looked at Lovina with a smile. "No matter what, my door is open to you at any time. I'll help you out and if your grandfather kicks you out, well Hercules could use a nanny. I won't make you work like the others."

"Thank you Helena," Lovina said as she walked out the door. She didn't know what to do next except to find Alfred and tell him what happened. That was what she needed to know before she did anything else.

Putting the shawl on, she knew she needed to speak with Alfred but he was back at the farm. There was no bus or train to the town he lived in, nor would this be a good thing to send in a letter. She had to do it in person. Talk to him and tell him in person. Helena was right, he needed to know and from there she would figure how to handle it. But how would she get Alfred to Chicago when Julius wanted him on the farm to keep less suspicion on it. Well what I heard Grandpa talk about with an emerging rivalry on the North side, I might talk him into being my protection, or him as an enforcer or something... She thought as she headed inside and saw her grandfather sitting on a chair reading a book.

"Oh Nonno..." Lovina said as she walked up to him. "Can we have Alfred come back for a little while?" Julius looked up at her curiously. "I've heard rumors from the North side and as your granddaughter they might want to come after me. Could you call Alfred back for a little while, at least until the threat subsides?"

"You do have a point." Julius said. "I'll do that. I'm sure he would love to see you and Felicia again anyway. It's been far too long and I swear may be developing love for one of you two, I just can't quite pinpoint it yet..."

"Thank you so much..." Lovina said as she headed back to her room. Yeah feelings...more than you know... She thought as she walked away.

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