In Too Deep @otherealmwriter
Chapter 16

I don't own Hetalia okay? I am amazed you all like this story so far, but I have a few big plot points coming up. Anyway, enough of this A/N, on with the fic!

Alba sat in the caboose, sighing. He was being sent to the eastern part of Kentucky to repair some of the rails that had been washed away in a local flood when a bridge collapsed. He was asked for specifically by the railways as he had a reputation for making sure the bridges he worked on were sound, and he would get down in with the men and help hammer in the spikes and sure up the foundations were solid. Artie is not the only Kirkland who has brains. How else would we have survived as long as we had on the streets. He looked out the window as the train came to a stop in a small town outside of Lexington Kentucky. It was a town called Versallies that had a small closed down bourbon distillery. The train was going to be stopped for a few hours. Figuring the train would be awhile, he headed to a local cafe to get something to eat.

"Whatcha have?" The waitress said.

"A cup of coffee and bacon and eggs." He sighed as another man come in.

"Just coffee." He sighed as the waitress poured him a cup.

"You look like you've been through the wringer." Alba sighed.

"Tell me about it. I hope this prohibition shit ends soon." He scoffed.

"What do you mean?" Alba asked.

"I am sitting on a massive bourbon stash but I can't get to it." The man sighed. Alba perked up.

"Want me to take it off your hands?" Alba had a stash of money on him and had heard about how many of the owners of the distilleries were looking for someone to take their stores off their hands. He knew Arthur could make it seem like it was bought to sell for medicinal purposes. He knew people in the law firm that would get the proper permits for him and which agents to pay off. This would help their supply question that would not rely on their stealing Julius's supplies.

"How much?" The man said.

"75 dollars." He said. He knew this man would be desperate. If he was, it would be his chance to help solve many of the supply chain issues without trying to move in on Julius's turf and give him more reason to be on the watch for them

"It's yours." The man said carrying the deed with him, handing it to Alba.

"You had the deed to your warehouse with you?" Alba asked.

"I'll notarize that." The clerk said.

"And I can add that to the county books." A fellow patron said as Alba looked clueless.

"Out here in this part of the country many of us are tight and if you help one of us out, we'll help you out." The clerk said as he took some paper and the county clerk said as he filled out what he needed. "I don't know what you'll do with it. I don't think this prohibition shit is going anywhere."

"Oh, speculation." Alba sighed.

"Speculation is only good if you got a hot tip." The owner of the warehouse scoffed.

"Let's say I have connections to certain industries. And before you ask, I'm still working on the rails till it comes through. Never forgo a sure thing for something that's a chance." Alba smirked. This will help solve our supply issues.

"Bacon and eggs honey." The waitress said. Alba looked down and saw his order was double that what was normally to come with it. He looked up and she smiled. "You helped a member of this community out. We're just a poor farming region and when bourbon got outlawed, we were hurtin', hurtin' bad. If you ever need anything from us again, just ask."

"Why thank you." Alba said. "Do you have a pen and paper? I need to write a quick letter to my little brother."

"Sure thing." The waitress said. "Post office is down the road on your right."

"Thank you." Alba said as he began to write a letter to Arthur to tell him the good news about their supply concerns in a way that would not seem too suspicious if someone outside the organization read it.

Meanwhile, Alfred looked around the house and sighed. It had been a few days since one of Julius' underlings had come and picked up the girls and took them back to Chicago. He was ordered to stay there on the farm for a little while to help reduce suspicion and people won't think the farm is sold or anything other than a farm. Part of Alfred was very relieved of this. All he wanted when he was in Chicago and looking after Lovina and Felicia was to simply go home and go back to minding his own business. But for some reason, when they left the house felt empty, like it usually did. And in addition to the usual melancholy he faced while being alone on the farm, he knew what it was like to have other people with him, especially Lovina. Sitting on his couch, he put his feet on the coffee table and took his moonshine jar and sighed, taking a long drink. As he closed his eyes, he remembered Lovina putting it in her tea saying she needed it to help her sleep. The fishing lessons also came to mind. Like he had promised, he had taken each of the girls for a lesson privately. Felicia had no luck and was disgusted by the idea of worms, so Alfred had to do most everything for her. Bait the hook, help her cast, try and keep her quiet so the fish wouldn't be startled and even help her reel it in and set the fish aside. Lovina on the other hand was determined to do most of it herself. She took more to demonstration than handholding. She needed a little adjustment to baiting the hook with the worms and taking the fish off the hooks but she got it and wanted to make dinner with the fish, claiming that Alfred's cooking was poor at best and she could do much better with what she could get in town than he ever could. And there was always something that happened between them at the dock. A few fish were caught and then one thing ended up leading to another. Alfred took another sip of the moonshine and smiled at the memory of Lovina under him screaming his name out in ecstasy that she would always deny she really felt that way. Placing the jar down, he sighed and wondered aloud, "If there's nothing I care about Lovina for, why did I keep having sex with her? I'm not that kind of guy. I was called the drunken choir boy in the war because I would never do more than drink when we went to some of the French brothels..." He paused. "Maybe I do like her more than I think?" He sighed as he picked the jar up again before stretching and heading to bed. "Well no matter what, I still have to take care of the cows."

Lovina lay on the bed that Alfred was staying in while at Julius' mansion and sighed. It still had his imprint and had his scent. Sure she had told everyone that she was there to get away from Felicia as she was being annoying again, which everyone had believed but ever since she had spent time out in the country, things in the city smelled different and if there was just a right breeze, it would practically make her sick and the only place she could seem to find any peace was in the guest bedroom. The remnants of Alfred's scent, even without the smell of cows and farm comforted her. For a guy who was just a decent fuck, he certainly can smell relaxing. She sighed with a yawn. She had been feeling more and more tired but didn't think much of it either. Felicia had told everyone her theories of what happened at the farm, but Lovina denied it. Why she would want to spout her theory that Lovina and Alfred actually slept together was ridiculous. She could not see how that would get Felicia anywhere when she seemed to not be as interested in Alfred as she was before. Maybe their grandfather did believe it and was insistent she come with him to Helena's to watch Heracles while they spent a rather loud time in her room at the brothel. If nothing else can be said about Alfred and I was that we were not that loud and obnoxious in bed. How does Helena stand it? Lovina sighed as she yawned and closed her eyes. I'm getting a headache. Maybe a nap will help.

Arthur took the mail from the postbox on their apartment building and headed up the stairs after a long day of work and a longer day trying to make connections for the Kirkland Clan gang. Julius makes this whole thing seem so easy. He thought as he looked through the envelopes and saw a letter from Amelia with a smile and a star on it. That was her way. Neither one of them had seen each other in a few days and she liked talking to him and Arthur wanted to make sure she was okay. He noticed one of the letters was from Alba. "That's weird." Arthur said as he took the letter and began to read it. "Alba hardly ever writes home when he's on business..." Arthur's eyes opened wide when he saw it. He came in and found that Patrick was off work and sleeping in his bed, so he pushed him out of the way.

"What the bloody hell Artie?" Patrick asked.

"Migraine, out now." Arthur said. He had to read this letter aloud to himself. This couldn't be what he thought it was. There was just simply no way they could have pulled it off, or was there something he hadn't counted on when planning things?

"Fine. You tit." Patrick asked as he headed to lay down on the couch, ready to fight Dylan if he came home early.

"'Dear Wulver, I know you will not believe it but I have found a very useful warehouse here in Versailles. And it's pronounced Ver-sales not like how it is in France. Trust me they will make sure you say it correctly. But I took my cut of the money from our last sale and bought it. The guy was desperate to be shot of it, as the whole town needed money and the contents have medicinal use if you get the permits. And they had given me connections to other suppliers and more than willing to help us if we help them. They also keep secrets well. I figure a place that is not in our rival's supply chain will prove beneficial and this area is known for what they produce I have solved our supply issues as the warehouse is huge and full. Just bring some trucks. Or hell you may get some of the people to bring some up if you pay. They really are looking for some work. Anyway, your brother in arms, Alba.'" Arthur reread the letter to himself a few times. He knew what was around Versailles, it was near the Kentucky bourbon trail, and the towns were hit hard, very hard by prohibition. "Why the bloody hell did I not think of this before? We wouldn't need a fake rabbi in the gang then!" Arthur paused. "We will need to get it here but I don't think anyone is watching that area. Just the lakes and routes to Canada as some of Julius's techniques are leaked." Arthur jumped up in joy. "This is our big break!"

"You're better all of a sudden Mr. Migraine." Patrick said opening the door.

"Your brother solved a major part of our supply issues!" Arthur said grabbing Patrick who looked revolted.

"Okay." Patrick grabbed the letter and read it. "So, how will we get nearly 360 miles to Kentucky?"

"We need trucks and Alba may be able to get us some in the town." Arthur said. "I must tell Amelia."

"Why tell her?" Patrick asked.

"Well..." Arthur blushed.

"Look we all know you fancy her." Patrick sighed. "But you want to keep her safe so she can only know when she's needed to serve at a joint. Or sing or whatever."

Arthur's face deflated. "You're right. You're right." He admit. "I cannot get close to her until I have Julius' level of protection and control and with a supply this valuable, one we cannot dilute much at all, you know how prized Kentucky bourbon is and in cases like this we can raise the prices greatly."

"Nothing like some of the whiskey from back home though." Patrick smiled. "Irish."

"Sot off." Arthur said.

"You're the one of us who can't hold your liquor." Patrick teased. "Now I'll sleep in the other bed if you're sleeping in that one but I don't want to hear your dreams of Amelia."

Arthur rolled his eyes and went back to bed, rereading the letter with a smile. This was it. The plans were unfolding and the gods were smiling in his favor. "I guess I can put Toris, Patrick and Seamus on the relations with the Catholic Churches around here. I would have Feliks help but he's legally a rabbi. I must get with Gilbert and find a place to open up another event and find some legit businesses to plan. Like a tailor or something or have Amelia work a boutique or restaurant for me. She's such a good cook, singer,..." Arthur began knowing that his web was beginning to be stretched over the north side of the city.

"Be quiet over there. Go to Amelia's if you want to talk about her." Patrick sighed as Arthur sat up and pulled out a notebook and began to make notes.

"Fine. I will do this in the living room anyway." He said leaving the bedroom.

"Good. Now I can have some peace!" Patrick said as Arthur began to make his plans.

"Okay, this is great." He said as he wrote out the steps. "I do need to keep this with me. Heavens knows that the cops mustn't find this." He said as he smiled with satisfaction. "And we need to keep off of Julius' watch as long as we can. Avoid warfare at all costs and hopefully he won't think we were the ones who stole his truck. I mean his men didn't even try to fight back."

So how was that? Good? Bad? Short? Long? Let me know in a review. Alba's plan is based off of a real life scheme by George Remus who lived in Cincinnati, not too far from what is still called today the bourbon trail in Kentucky. Versailles is a real town, pronounced like in Alba's letter. More famous today for Ale 8-1 Ginger Ale, which is quite good if you are ever in the area or at Cracker Barrel. Found some in a South Carolina Cracker Barrel so others might have it. That aside, that area had tons of warehouses of bourbon now useless practically unless you had permits to use it for medicinal uses, which grease the right palm and you had it. Part of the reason Prohibition was so hard to enforce. But Biographics on Youtube has a great documentary on George Remus. So historical fun fact aside, remember to read, well you just did, and to review. Ciao for now,




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