In Too Deep @otherealmwriter
Chapter 14

I don't own Hetalia okay? I have a good streak going here with this one, so I plan to update more. Anyway, enough of this A/N, on with the fic!

Arthur looked on the scene and smiled. This was it, the first of the speakeasies in his establishment. We're not going to do things like Julius does. He paused, thinking of the thrift shop that Amelia worked at. Okay maybe we should do things like Julius does with soup kitchens and helping the poor, but brothels, gambling, extortion, we do not need to do that... Arthur thought as Amelia tapped the microphone. She was the singer of the jazz band when she did not work the counter. Gilbert had the bar while she headed on stage. Arthur took a look and smiled. "Here." Gilbert said.

"What?" He asked looking at the large tea cup he placed beside him.

"I call it the tea totaler, like you are." Gilbert said. "It's pear and ginger shrub and black tea."

"It's not bad..." Arthur said as he took a sip skeptically.

"For my front and if there's someone who has had too much. I have one that is grenadine, lemon and elderflower tonic and another that's raspberry, lavender and lemon with soda water." Gilbert said. "For when the big boss is in and his brothers don't want to take him home." Arthur looked at him crossly. "What? Alba told me how much of a lightweight you are." He laughed as he took a swig of beer. "And don't look at me like that. If you're using MY shop, then I will take some beer as part of the payment for using MY shop." He winced as he swallowed. "Not as good as the stuff back in Detuchland, but it'll do."

"Whatever." Arthur said as he sipped the drink made for him. "This is not bad."

"Told you." Gilbert said as Amelia came up to sing. She had gotten a new fancy dress for the occasion, with all the savings she had. She didn't have to do that, but I guess she was really dedicated for it... Arthur smiled as he looked at the fancy beadwork on the dark forest green dress that came to her knees and the black headband that she wore around her hair. She is mighty beautiful... He gulped as she blinked and began to sing.

"Nice gal there. Real pretty." Gilbert said.

"Don't try anything..." Arthur said.

"I won't. She's a good cook and bartender. Better than anything you could do." Gilbert teased. Ignoring him, Arthur focused back on the stage.

"All alone, I'm so all alone

There is no one else but you

All alone by the telephone

Waiting for a ring, a ting-a-ling" Amelia sang as her neighbors played the melody. At that moment, Arthur felt it was just them in the crowded restaurant, no one else.

"Snap out of it Kirkland, she's off limits. This is as dangerous as you will allow her to get into. You may have to do things like Julius does, and she doesn't deserve to have to deal with the repercussions of that..." Arthur said to himself, steeling his resolve but part of him still wondered what would have happened if he had spoken up sooner. You'd just have her trapped in the same situation you are now. You lost the pub due to the laws... He told himself as the song ended and Amelia ran over and took the drink that Gilbert gave her.

"Nice one." She smiled.

"Bee's Knees." He said. "Strawberry gin, lemon and some honey I had gotten back in the Southwest."

"Well it's delicious. Try some." Amelia said as she offered the glass to Arthur.

"Oh I really shouldn't..." Arthur said.

"God, Artie, you know you are a lightweight but a sip won't kill you." Gilbert said.

"Fine." Arthur said as he took a sip. "Sweet."

"I know. Gilbert's amazing with this." She smiled kissing Arthur on the cheek. "Makes what we do have last longer."

"Well, that's good to know..." Arthur blushed.

"I have another set coming up." She waved as she headed back

"She's got quite the voice." Arthur said back.

"Grow a pair Artie..." Alba said as he ruffled his younger brother's hair.

"I have, or else we wouldn't be doing this." Arthur said back.

"No, when it comes to Amelia." Alba sighed.

"There's nothing there to talk about." Arthur sighed.

"Yes, there is." Gilbert said. "We all can see it. You said Amelia used to work in your pub before you had to lay her off. Did you lay her off because of the financials or because of something else?"

"Who are you, a psychiatrist?" Arthur said.

"Just saying..." Gilbert sighed.

Alfred woke up early like he usually did when he was on his farm and looked up to see Lovina laying on top of him, naked as he was. Oh yeah...last night... He thought as he did his best to squeeze out from under her not to disturb her. She was only here as a week away in the country. This would end and she would need to go back to Chicago. Will Julius want me back there? He thought as he put on his glasses and tucked Lovina in so she could rest. Wrapping the blanket around her so that if Felicia came in, she'd at least have some decency. Although it won't look good at all, her being in my bed... He thought as he placed a kiss on her forehead and headed to take care of the cows. He made a quick breakfast of fried eggs and coffee and then headed to the barn to feed them and collect the milk and load it onto his truck. He sighed as he looked over at the shiny Cadillac that he drove the girls out in. It was a reminder that Julius was controlling over his life when all the interaction that he was supposed to have was just keep his men in the barn before they left for the night. But what other options did he have? He may have had bad memories tied to the farm, but he still had his pride that he was not going to lose it to the bank. If he wanted rid of it, he could have easily sold it when it became his. However he could not shake the feeling that he was going to be roped further and further in.

"Hey bastardo." Lovina said as her hair was down, and she was dressed in a pair of pants and shirt and simple shoes. "Braid my hair."

"Ooooooooohhhhh" Alfred teased as he took the milk jug and carried it on his shoulder to the truck, where he loaded it with the others. "Where was the Lovina I gave the best night of her life?" He teased back.

"Awake." Lovina said.

"I see that. You have a brush and ribbon?" He asked as he loaded the truck and sat on the tailgate so he could get to her hair better. "Thanks." He said as he began to brush her hair and work it into a braid.

"Your coffee is weak." She said, trying to hide the smile that grew on her face. "I usually have a sweet pastry and cup of espresso. Yours, I don't know what you did to it, but was horrible."

"Well..." Alfred said. "I have to make a delivery today, so why don't you come to town with me and find something to make dinner with? You said you could cook so much better than me. Prove it."

"I will." Lovina said as she felt him braid her hair and she looked at the work with her folding compact mirror.

"Good." Alfred said as he finished up and tied the braid. "So, you liked it?" He said.

"Passible." Lovina said. "When are you heading to town?" She asked.

"Once I load another jug. That's the delivery for the day." Alfred said as he headed back to the barn and got the other jug.

Those things must be heavy and he lifts them with so much ease... Lovina thought with a slight blush. She had seen him in much less and knew how all the heavy lifting had paid off for him. She also knew that he could carry her with no effort. Stop thinking like that. Antonio was pretty strong as well. She thought as she chased the thoughts from her mind He's good for a lay when there's nothing else to do here. She contemplated as Alfred put the last jug in the back of the truck. "Now you sure you don't mind coming with me for this?"

"No." Lovina said. "Now hurry up before my sister wakes up."

"Didn't Felicia want to as well?" Alfred asked.

"She could sleep all day if no one woke her up..." Lovina began as Felicia ran to the truck "Fottimi, perché anche quella cagna seccatrice deve essere qui?"

"Huh?" Alfred asked, not understanding her Italian.

"Felicia." Lovina sighed.

"Oh..." Alfred blushed. "Hello Felicia."

"I wondered where you were!" She smiled. "I was hoping to head to town with you to get some things to make some baked goods."

"I guess if you want to..." Alfred said as Lovina rolled her eyes. His duty was to protect the girls after all and it would be easier to do so while keeping an eye on both of them than hope that no one came and harmed Felicia, knowing what her sister said she was the type that surrendered and ran off and was less likely to try and fight back. "It may be a little tight."

"That's fine." Felicia said as Lovina moved closer to Alfred.

"Other side." Lovina ordered.

"Fine." Felicia rolled her eyes.

"Okay, I don't want to sound rude, but when I am selling the milk, please don't argue. I need to keep my customers and hope they didn't get turned off by your cousins and whoever your grandpa had running it." Alfred said.

As the truck started up loudly, he focused on the road while Felicia tugged on Lovina's shoulder. "Alfred is mine. Stop trying to take him from me. You only want him because I do!"

"As if." Lovina said. "I do have more to look for in a man than if you want them. Why did you not think I went after that potato eating bastard?"

"So you do like him?" Felicia said.

"I like strong guys." Lovina said simply, not trying to engage her sister. "You saw him carry those jugs..." She blushed.

"Well now, we have to do this again." Gilbert said as he tallied the sales for the day. "And your 60%." he said handing Arthur the money. "And my share will get me out of tax issues with the city."

"We aim to help those who cannot help themselves." Arthur said as Alba placed his face in his palm. Gilbert looked at him annoyed.

"What my dear wee little brother is trying to say Mr. Beilschmidt, is that we're all here, trying to make it in this world that is rigged against the working man. We need to look out for each other, because who else will these days, am I right?" Alba recovered. He quickly turned to Arthur "Save the pompous crap for when we're trying to not be public enemy number 1. No need to go Julius Vargas on someone on the inside!"

"Fine." Arthur said back. "Anyway, Gilbert, how do you feel about doing this again, maybe every other weekend?"

"Just every other weekend?" Gilbert said. "I know you guys are all starting your own little gang and I'm more than willing to help you if need be but you could milk this town with that, not to mention that little Amelia's voice. Damn, people love jazz and she's got talent."

"Well, we don't want to arouse too much suspicion just yet, and we are getting our supplies together and such. Must say your cocktail creations did wonders."Arthur said.

"Ja, Ja," Gilbert said. "Just give me some heads up, and do not bring me more of Julius's stolen trucks."

"'Twas a gift from the gods that was." Alba laughed. "But we really must be going along. One of the rare chances that my brother and I have a day off and don't need to share the bed with our brothers. Catch up on some shut eye you know?"

"Sure." Gilbert said as he stretched. "I'm not usually open on Sundays anyway, so this is my day of rest as well. But come Monday, the city will have nothing on me. Thanks guys."

"It was our pleasure." Arthur said with a smile as they left.

"So," Alba said as they walked back to their small apartment. "You think Gilbert likes Amelia, more than a fan of her singing voice."

"He better not..." Arthur said.

"Then you better make your move." Alba said. "She won't wait forever."

"I just want to be able to give her more..." Arthur said.

"And you will bro, you will, maybe move in with her at her place." Alba shrugged.

"Are you trying to kick me out?" Arthur growled back.

"Meh, it's cramped enough. Here's hoping we take off big soon. I want my own bed and might be able to force Patrick and Seamus to share if you're snogging Amelia at her place."

"Piss off." Arthur replied, letting Alba know that topic was to be dropped. "But we must secure some supply lines and secondary locations of our own. This proved the theory is doable. But we must avert suspicion from both the cops and Julius Vargas."

"If anyone can do it, it's you Wulver." Alba laughed.

"Sure..." Arthur moaned, using this time to do like Alba had suggested and rest up when he could have a bed to himself. He needed his wits about him if he was going to get this operation off the ground. He had hoped he never had to actually be that Wulver he was during the war, but if it came to it, he would.

Translation Guide:

(Obtained from Google Translate)

Fottimi, perché anche quella cagna seccatrice deve essere qui?-Italian-Fuck me, why does that annoying bitch have to be here too?

Ja, Ja-German-Yes yes

So how was that? Good? Bad? Short? Long? Let me know in a review. Now the ideas for the cocktails came from The Underground at The Speakeasy in The Mob Museum in Las Vegas, Nevada. I had the Bee's Knees one and it is pretty good. The non alcoholic drinks came from their menu too and they were pretty good as well. It's an awesome museum too so if you're in that neck of the woods, I highly recommend it. And if you're over 21, go to the speakeasy, it's awesome. And the moonshine they make is very much like ones from the Prohibition era, done legally of course now, but it's pretty good. Anyway, that aside, remember to read, well you just did, and to review. Ciao for now,




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