In Too Deep @otherealmwriter
Chapter 13

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Lovina laid on Alfred's chest with a smile on her face. He stroked her hair, smiling. Well never thought I would be doing that with her, but she seemed to like it... Alfred thought. As if to read his mind, Lovina sighed. "That wasn't that bad." She said.

"Just 'wasn't that bad'?" Alfred teased back.

"You could stand to learn a few things. I guess if the only girls you have been around were bovines, I can forgive some of it." She smirked.

"Well..." Alfred began, feeling like he could be more honest with her now. "Before I was shipped home after the end of the war, I was talking with this nice, well she seemed nice anyway, nurse named Alice. After awhile we wanted to get physical and I don't know what the Brits were doing with those condom things but the one she gave me sucked and then she got mad at me and left. I think she was looking for a reason as she did nothing but nag me all the time anyway. Like she was my mother and not my girlfriend or something..."

"What a bitch." Lovina laughed. "I don't know what she was expecting, maybe she had too much experience with a Frenchman or something, but you certainly did not perform badly."

Alfred smiled, knowing that was the best he was going to get out of Lovina when it came to their romp. But it felt good, knowing that she liked it and that maybe, she wouldn't mind doing it again. He loved making her melt in his arms and the way her green eyes begged for more. "Well, it was exhausting all day by the pond, so I think I will get dinner started. Hope you and your sister are not too against chicken and dumplings."

"I'll try what farmers in this country call food." Lovina said as she saw Felicia come down. "But tomorrow you are taking me into town and I am buying what I can to make some proper food." Felicia looked at her sister with a knowing looking. "What? I can cook just as good as the chefs can. It was one of the things that grandpa made sure we knew how to do." Felicia kept smiling. "What?"

"You are all wet." Felicia said.

"So?" Lovina asked as she headed into her room and shut the door behind her in Felicia's face.

"Alfred is all wet too..." Felicia smirked.

"We fell in the pond. Tripped on the dock he has that you can fish off of." Lovina moaned as she took off her wet clothes and started untangling the braid and brushing it to make sure it would smooth out. Alfred doesn't have to worry too much about his hair, I guess that is the only upside of that stupid bobbed trend that my stupid sister fell for...Lovina thought with a grunt as she worked on untangling the matted and wet mess that was her hair. Well beauty is pain they say...She thought as she winced again and dried herself off and put on a fresh set of clothes. Opening the door, she took the book Felicia had with her and sat down on the couch in the living room while Alfred was in the kitchen putting the final touches together on what he could make for the girls.

"That's mine!" Felicia yelled, running after her sister. "Don't lose my place!"

"Doesn't grandpa want you to work on your Latin?" Lovina teased. "He says as descendants of the historic grand capital of the world, we must be proficient."

"Like you are any better!" Felicia moaned.

"I am good enough to get grandpa to not pester me about it." Lovina teased. Felicia moaned as she went to get the Latin textbook from her trunk to review what she needed and prove that she was as good as, if not better than her sister. "Italian is derived from it, so it shouldn't be that hard to you..." Lovina taunted hearing the rapid Italian coming from her sister. "And Mass, how many times have we been to Mass and that's all the priest says?" Lovina sighed. Felicia came back down and stared at her sister over the textbook, knowing that there was something going on between her and Alfred. She had lashed out at him so much, that Felicia was confused at what he could see in her. Is it her hair? Does Alfred like long haired brunettes? She thought, the Latin words passing over her, as if they weren't there. What is Grandpa's hold up on all this Latin? It's like Lovina says, it's pretty close to Italian anyway... Felicia looked back to her sister, twirling her long dark brown hair as it dried in boredom. She had put down the book she stole from Felicia and was staring off with a sigh. I should cut that dark brown mess...give her a more modern look and see if she isn't distracted from Alfred by other men. She pondered as she looked at her sister, knowing something had happened at the pond. However, as much as it pained her the idea that Alfred would chose Lovina over her, it was still their choice and she could not make Alfred fall for her and any attempts to have Lovina not like Alfred would be seen for what they were. Almost all of Felicia's schemes to get her sister in trouble backfired. Besides, something tells me that if they are not careful, she'll get herself into trouble on her own. Felicia thought as she returned to her textbook.

"Girls, dinner's on." Alfred smiled as they got up and he led them into the dining room. Felicia and Lovina looked at the bowls, both with slight surprise at how bland the food looked.

"I have some salt and pepper if you want, sometimes I use it, but this was the best I could do with what I had. Didn't know I'd be having you girls over and I haven't had a chance to get to the market yet..." Alfred admit.

"You're right, it is bland..." Lovina said simply as she grabbed the salt and the pepper and added each until she could get some flavor in it. "Remember you're taking me to the market tomorrow. I'll get us the food we need to be able to eat like civilized people."

"Ouch...okay...if you want to..." Alfred sighed.

"I can cook too. And if my sister wants to do the cooking, I can do some baking. And the milk I use would be fresh from the farm." Felicia said looking over dreamily at Alfred.

"Sure...I mean your grandfather thinks you gals need some time in the country, so that sounds like something we could do..." Alfred said.

"And I think your cooking is fine." Felicia said.

"Liar." Lovina said under her breath.

After dinner, Alfred took the dishes and washed them and then sat down and read the newspaper that had been dropped off that day. Nothing much out of the usual...He thought as he put it aside and turned to the monthly fishing magazine and looked over to Lovina. "I'm thinking of going out and fishing a little in the next few days, want me to teach you how to fish then?"

"If you want." Lovina said with a sigh. But from their time at the pond, he grew to know her better and how she reacts around her sister.

"Can I come too?" Felicia said as Lovina growled.

"Ummmmmm...have you been fishing before?" Alfred asked.

"No." Felicia said honestly.

"Well..." He began hearing Lovina grind her teeth, wanting to have time with Alfred all to herself and not have her sister around all the time. "It seems like your sister wants a one on one lesson. I can do one for you after I do one for her. She asked first." He said honestly.

"That's fine." Felicia said slightly disappointed.

"If you're okay with that, then I am too." Alfred smiled. "But I have to get up to bed now. Hope you don't mind ladies, but the cows need my attention very early in the morning." He laughed.

"buona notte dormi bene e sogni d'oro" Felicia said.

"Huh?" Alfred asked.

"idiota"Lovina sighed. "It means 'good night sleep well and sweet dreams' in Italian."

"Oh." Alfred said. "Thanks." He said at Felicia. He then looked down at Lovina, pulled her hair back behind her ear and whispered. "I am smart enough to figure you called me an idiot though."

"Shut up." She blushed as she felt his breath move away from her ear as he headed upstairs.

"I'll let you girls handle yourselves from now on tonight. I just ask that you don't make a lot of noise." Alfred said.

"Will do." Felicia said as Lovina got up and headed to her bedroom and laid down. Waiting until she was sure that her sister was asleep, Lovina got back up and cursing that the farmhouse was dusty and she had pastel pink slippers, she headed up to Alfred's room in nothing but a sleeveless pastel pink nightgown and matching long sleeved negligee in pink lace, and cracked open his door.

"Huh? What's going on?" Alfred said as he reached for his glasses. "Lovina? Everything okay?" He asked, knowing his host and bodyguard duties. He knew well the basics at least of what Julius did and it would not surprise him if a rival faction wanted to use his granddaughters against him. Although personally if he was going to try and do so, Felicia would be easier to kidnap and ransom. He knew well that Lovina would be very expressive of what she thought and fight back.

"Well, I am in no harm but I am desperately lonely." Lovina said as she moved closer to his bed and took off his glasses. "And you look so much better without those."

"I need them to see." Alfred stated plainly.

"Oh," Lovina teased as she sat on top of him and rolled down the cover, unbuttoning his pajama top. "You've done this before and it's mostly on feelings." She added with a kiss, causing Alfred to perk up at her touch.

Breaking the kiss, he smiled back at her. "So, you need my help falling asleep?" He whispered, knowing if they were too loud, they could wake Felicia and she would not be very happy. This was not out by the pond on the other side of the farm after all.

"You could say that." She said as she rubbed her hands across his stomach looking more over it, feeling the defined muscle that years of farm work and soldiering had given him. "And since I woke you up for that, I will return the favor as well."

"You better." Alfred ordered as he wrapped his arms around her with a kiss, pushing his tongue into her mouth.

Alba looked at Toris and Feliks at their boat. They made extra money fishing where they could on the lake and selling it, but this new hat that Feliks had reminded Alba of some of the rabbis in New York he had seen when they first came to the country before they decided to head to Chicago. "Shalom!" Feliks said.

"Are you Jewish now? And a rabbi?" Alba asked.

"Tell him..." Toris said.

"So like you know how you and Artie are opening a speakeasy with Julius Vargas's stolen hooch?" Feliks started.

"Yes..." Alba began.

"How does someone accidently carjack someone?" Toris began.

"By the drivers running off after my pissed off brothers threaten to clean their clocks for nearly running them over. And by their logic, if we're in for bootlegging, robbing a big well known one is a piece of cake." Alba said. "And I was here to have you two go out and hand out invitations to ours when the first night opens up, but seeing Feliks now has me concerned.

"So like one of the loopholes is that priests and rabbis are allowed wine. So I just had 10 coworkers say I was a rabbi and boom! I'm legally a rabbi." Feliks explained. "It's easier than being a priest. Rules are strict for that."

"Whatever." Alba sighed.

"I said the same. I guess if we're in it, we're in it. Morals be damned." Toris sighed.

"Just get people in." Alba sighed. "Good luck."

"You too." Toris said.

So, it's in motion. Will this work? Cannot deny that I would like a bed of my own. Alba thought as he headed back to the small apartment.

Translation Guide:

(Obtained from Google Translate)

buona notte dormi bene e sogni d'oro-Italian- good night sleep well and sweet dreams


So how was that? Good? Bad? Short? Long? Let me know in a review. And yes, MANY people became rabbis in the 1920s to get around the Volstead act. You needed only 10 people to sign a letter of affirmation saying you were and BOOM you were legally a rabbi. And with Poland's high Jewish populations for the time, I figured he would do that. Anyway, remember to read (well you just did) and review. Ciao for now,




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