In Too Deep @otherealmwriter
Chapter 12

I do not own Hetalia okay? Thank you all so much for those who read, reviewed, faved and watched. It really means a lot to me. Anyway, enough of this A/N, on with the fic!

"Well," Alfred said as he placed Lovina's trunk down in the bedroom she choose. "I think I should take a look at the other girls here on the farm."

"The only girls you care about." Lovina sighed.

"You can come with." Alfred said. "Teach you a few things."

"I guess." Lovina replied as Alfred's eyes widened and blushed. He had expected she would shut herself away for the whole time she was here, maybe head to the pond, but nothing more. She didn't seem very friendly towards him and did not seem like a girl who would want to get dirty with cows. "I think Gramps would be surprised I am doing such things..."

"Good surprise or bad surprise?" Alfred asked.

"To be honest, I don't know." Lovina said. "Now let me change into something a little more suitable. I doubt you want to tend to smelly bovines while dressed in one of those fancy suits my grandpa's tailor made."

"Not really." Alfred said. "And to be honest, it would be more comfortable to wear my normal farm clothes again. I felt too afraid to mess up those suits."

A few minutes later, Alfred had come back down and Lovina was standing tapping her foot in a plain pair of pants and a shirt. "Took you long enough." She sighed. "Now braid my hair." She demanded.

"Pushy aren't you?" Alfred sighed. "You're lucky your hair is really pretty..." He moaned with a slight blush. This is a pretty look for her though...he thought as his heart raced. It felt like he did when had first met Alice, how he thought he wanted her, that she was the one for him and he would have stayed in England for her if she hadn't treated him the way she did. It seemed to him in retrospect that Alice was pushy and if she hadn't rushed him into getting physical he might have been able to get keep the relationship going. But that was the past. Why am I feeling like this for Lovina? I mean she's a total pushy bitch sometimes... He thought as he began to braid her hair, not wanting to cause problems more than would be expected. Looking up, he noticed she was looking at a mirror on the wall and notice that for once, Lovina looked happy. She looked like she didn't mind being here on the farm while he did that. I wouldn't be too annoyed doing this if she just asked... He thought as he finished braiding her hair and tying it up with a ribbon and smiling. "There? Good enough?"

"Yes. Very." Lovina said a smile that did not seem snarky.

"Well, let me give you the grand tour." Alfred laughed as he headed to the door. "Felicia, you coming?"

"Nah, I'm fine." Felicia said with a smile on the porch. "I got this book called This Side of Paradise and Grandpa always says I should read more." She had a smirk on her face that caused Lovina to look annoyed at her. Felicia knew her sister and how she acted, and how Lovina was acting towards Alfred reminded her a lot of when she was seeing Antonio.

"Well, I'll show you how the cows are taken care of." Alfred said as he placed a hand on Lovina's shoulder, causing her to blush and then hearing her sister's laugh, she looked back and scowled at Felicia.

"I am sorry, can you tell me again what you are proposing?" Amelia asked, looking at Arthur confused.

"Seriously?" Arthur said with a hushed voice. He took a deep breath. Perhaps it does sound too fantastic to believe.

"I'm sorry Artie, it's just..." She sighed. "How do you accidently car-jack someone?" she said as she dropped her voice.

"I asked my brothers the same thing." Arthur laughed quietly, looking over at the other patrons of the thrift store. "Said that they were nearly rundown by some of Julius Vargas's men who ran away when they threatened them for nearly killing them." Arthur replied, smiling at how silly it all was. "So they thought it a good idea since his men ran, to take their supplies. Then deliver it to Gil's who is planning to run a speakeasy in his soda jerk stand's back room." Amelia looked on with a blink and he continued. "I was wondering if you could get your neighbors to perform and if you would be willing to help us out in running...I mean I recall your work for me at our old pub and well..." Arthur blushed. Damn it all...I'm making a fool of myself. Maybe Alba was right...

"Sure." Amelia said with a wink. "As long as I get a break to help the band every now and again. They think I have quite the voice."

"Well, if they say so, I will trust their judgment." Arthur nodded. "We're running the first night this weekend. You know where to find me if there's a problem."

"Sure do." Amelia said with a wave. "Hate to rush you but I have a customer." She told him as a woman came up with some clothing and looked ready to pay.

"I will see you around." Arthur said as he tipped his hat to her.

"Bye." She waved as he left the shop and smiled.

"Oh who is that darling young man?" The older woman smiled looking at Amelia.

"Oh just a friend. Used to work for him, but his business had to close. We still talk and such." Amelia said as she began to tally up the purchases.

"Well he's charming and seems to have taken a liking to you." The woman laughed.

"Oh he's just a friend..." Amelia blushed.

"Your face betrays you." The woman laughed.

"Well...your bill is $1.37 please." Amelia replied quickly trying to change the subject.

"Here you go." She said as Amelia put the money in the register and put the clothing in the bag for the lady.

"Thanks. And God bless you." Amelia said.

"And I do hope that you two confess. He seems like just the right man to give you a good life young lady." She added as she headed out of the store with a changle of the bells attached to the door.

"It's not like that..." Amelia said to herself uncertain as she went to put back some clothes that previous shoppers did not want. I will have to talk to the guys tonight. I'm sure they won't mind. I really could use some of their cigarettes after this... she thought.

"Well that's the cows..." Alfred blushed as Lovina had looked up at him with some milk trailing from her hair and her face.

"I have milk over my face." Lovina moaned.

"That's why you need a firm grip." Alfred said. "Although to be fair, I use machines most of the time. Saves me a ton of effort, gets me more milk I can sell, but well, required quite the investment..."

"More money, more problems..." Lovina sighed looking at the ground.

"I'll clean that up for you." Alfred sighed as he took a handkerchief and wiped off the milk that was on her face. "Sorry again..."

"No, it was my bad idea to mess with those smelly things in the first place." Lovina said. Alfred could tell she was putting an act on, and making herself seem like she was a tough standoffish woman, but after seeing her when she got the hang of milking, she seemed to find it soothing. She had seemed to like it. Alfred knew better than to say anything to her about it, but he thought he had cracked the Lovina code.

"Well, it's a warm day today, want me to show you the pond? Before your sister finds it?" Alfred said.

"Sure." Lovina sighed.

"And I'll make dinner when we get back. Nothing as nice as your grandpa's cooks can make, but I suppose some chicken and dumplings should do for now. Not like I often have company, let alone company of such refined tastes." Alfred laughed trying to break the tension.

"I suppose that will do for now." Lovina said as she followed him up a hill and looked over as he began to run down to a large pond. "It's bigger than I thought it would be." She replied.

"Yep." Alfred said as he walked her over towards the dock that he and Matthew had always fished off of growing up. He then took off his boots and placed them aside and sat down, dipping his toes in the water. "Do you like to fish?"

"Honestly, couldn't say." Lovina said. "Never fished before."

"Never fished?" Alfred asked incredulously.

"Never." Lovina said. "But it seems nice, just sitting out there, staring at the water, no one to bother you, no one wanting you to be some perfect figure...nothing like that..."

Alfred paused. Lovina seemed at times like a total and complete bitch. She would insult him at any chance she had gotten, but recently, that had only happened when he had tried to compliment her and they were getting less and less snarky. He supposed this was her way of warming up to him, which he took as a compliment. "I hope you don't mind," He asked as he sat her down on the edge of the dock and he sat behind her. "Your braid needs some fixing..."

"Oh." Lovina replied. "Fix it then." Alfred undid the braids and did as best as he could to straighten up her hair and smooth it out. Lovina closed her eyes and smiled. This felt good to her, felt right. Like someone cared. Like someone loved her.How in the hell am I feeling like that for some smelly cow farmer? Grandpa is probably trying to use the guy for his own ends. Some of them deadly. Probably wants to buy this place. But not just pay Alfred for it and let him on his merry way. He sighed a deal with the devil, but at the same time, poor thing probably had no choice... Lovina sighed. She felt more sympathy for Alfred than anyone when she was forced to put on a fake smile and spoon out potato soup for the poor to make her grandfather look good.

"And done." Alfred said. At this, Lovina perked up and turned around, placing a kiss on his lips, losing her balance and he dove to wrap his arms around her, try to keep her safe but when she lost her balance and fell into the pond, Alfred fell in right behind her. Heading to the edge of the pond, he placed her on the shore and looked at her face. "Woah." He laughed. "You're soaking wet."

"And so are you." Lovina smirked back, heart racing. She then grabbed his cheeks and pulled him closer to her. Feeling him on top of her felt right, like this was the only thing that mattered in the world. She had wanted him more than anything. Alfred wrapped his arms around her and sat on her lap, returning the kiss as best he could, hoping he didn't mess it up. Last time he had felt real passion like this was with Alice and that had crumbled apart. But Lovina, while having the same disagreeable personality, didn't nag him. She was beautiful and maybe from a different class but he wanted her. His head grew light as he felt her hands move down from his cheeks and down to his suspenders, pushing them aside and pulling his shirt out. "Take this thing off." She demanded taking a breath from the kiss.

"Fine." Alfred sighed with a smile. He tossed the wet shirt aside after some effort getting it off and Lovina reached down and adjusted some of her slips and garters. "So eager are you?" He teased.

"Maybe..." Lovina smirked. "Or maybe I am tired of how those blasted things feel after getting soaked in farm pond water and that just makes things a little easier..." She smiled as she headed closer to the buttons of Alfred's pants. He gulped, feeling her hands so close to him. "And I can tell you want me and I want you." He took a deep breath and began to speak when she kissed him again. "Don't say a word." She ordered. "Just follow your heart. That's the only reason I am here with you. Don't rationalize a thing. I want you. You know it too."

Alfred kissed her back. "You sure about this?" He asked as he adjusted his pants so he could get better movement with her.

"I'm sure. Us Italian girls know a bit about passion." Lovina teased as she stroked him, causing his heart to race. "Don't be nervous. I won't tell a soul as long as you do not."

"Lovina..." He nibbled on her ear.

"Yes my dear. Take me." Lovina urged on. "I am all yours."

"Then I think I shall..." Alfred smirked as he ran his hand up her things, pushing them apart, holding her close to himself. "You're so beautiful, I can hardly contain myself."

"Don't then." She teased as she adjusted herself to meet him. She felt him push inside just slightly and arched back, looking up towards the sky. "Keep that up." She moaned as she dug her nails into his wet back. Wrapping her legs around his waist, she knew that if she were trapped her on the farm, she had at least one thing that was hers and hers alone and that made this whole thing she had to live through that she despised better, and that was Alfred.

So how was that? Good? Bad? Short? Long? Let me know in a review. I know that ending may have gotten a little risque but I did manage to keep it not too vulgar. And the book This Side of Paradise is F. Scott Fitzgerald's first novel. You may know him from his more famous work, The Great Gatsby. But now that Arthur's gang is on the move and growing, and Lovina and Alfred are growing closer, there's bound to be trouble. Anyway, remember to read (well you just did) and review. Ciao for now,




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