In Too Deep @otherealmwriter
Chapter 11

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Julius left his study for Giovanni and a few others to clean up the mess that was made. He didn't know what they did, nor did he care. All he wanted was that the bodies were gone in a way that did not implicate him. He wanted to know where the truck was. He wanted vengeance for those who stole it. He already took care of the weak link that allowed it to happen without a fight and the operation could absorb the loss of one truck, but by allowing it once, it could happen again. There could be rival faction coming up that he had not counted on. They were headed through the North side and it was two Irishmen who had taken it... He thought as he looked up to see Feliciano, Alfred, Lovina and Felicia come back. Well they can't know what happened. He thought as he put on a smile and welcomed them. "Welcome home girls, Alfredo, how was your evening."

"It was fantastic Nonno" Felicia said hugging her grandfather. "And the food was delicious."

"Yes, really liked the cheese sauce that your chef came up with." Alfred said with a slight burp.

"How you are not as big as the cows you raise, I do not know." Lovina sighed.

"Oh Alfredo here has a healthy appetite of a hard working farmer is all. All that muscle needs food too you know." Julius said as he grabbed Alfred close. "I have a brilliant idea. Girls, instead of working at the soup kitchen tomorrow, you should get some fresh country air at Alfred's farm. Get out of the city, enjoy the simple things for a few days." Felicia smiled as Lovina rolled her eyes. "Any problems Lovina?"

"Can't we just spend a few days down at the lake?" Lovina said. "It smells about like a farm anyway."

"No, no no, that simply won't do." Julius said pleasantly but Lovina and even Alfred felt a slight chilling malice to the words. "The lake is near the city, and you know what gets dumped in there. I am surprised it has not caught fire! No, you will do better on Alfred's farm for about hmmmmm..." He paused thinking of how long it would take for the current truck at the farm to get back, as he was wanting all those involved to know about what happened and would never happen again. If there was one thing he didn't want was his granddaughters to know more than they did by second hand hearing. "Spend the week there. Out in the country, get some fresh air and work with your hands a little bit."

"A week?" Lovina said.

"Yes, a week." Julius smiled. "You'll be back here before you know it Lovina, don't worry. You may find you never want to come back. Who knows. You can handle the drive there, I am correct Alfred?"

"Yes sir." Alfred said. "I'll make sure the girls are okay. I'm sure I could find something they would find interesting I guess." He then turned to Felicia and Lovina. "And don't worry, there's a few spare bedrooms. It was just me there. My parents passed away and my brother is missing so there's plenty of space."

"It will do you girls some good." Julius said. "You can pack in the morning. Now head up the stairs and go to bed, all of you." He said pushing them along. "Feliciano, I need you with me a minute." He said grabbing his grandson. "I need you to stay here, as while I don't send you on runs often, I need you to know what happened."

"What happened?" Feliciano asked as he saw Giovanni head into his grandfather's study.

"One of our trucks was stolen. The drivers did nothing to fight back. It was stolen on the north side by a few Irishmen. Now I know you don't normally go on runs unlike your brother but you need to know this. There's someone out there wanting to steal from us and ruin what we have. Some competition. So if you get into a spot like that, I need you to do your damndest to fight back. Do not just surrender like you usually do."

"Okay grandpa..." Feliciano said scared. "I'll try."

"Don't try. Just do it." Julius said. "Get some sleep." He said as Feliciano headed off.

"YOU DID WHAT?" Arthur said as Seamus and Patrick came back to the small apartment.

"Ummmmm, carjacked one of Julius' trucks, stashed it all at Gilbert's place, then used a brick to drive the truck into the lake..." Seamus said nervously.

"You're lying..." Arthur said. "You have to be. This is some elaborate joke..." He said walking back to the couch where Dylan was asleep and falling down onto him.

"What the?" Dylan said.

"Your brothers just stole some of Julius' hooch and ran his truck into the lake" Alba said.

"We figured that we could use his inventory to help stock our own. I mean some of the breweries and shine we have is okay, but we don't have the trade routes set up quite yet. And our weaponry is lacking too." Patrick explained. "So it's like a start up loan."

Arthur's head spun. If they weren't on Julius' watch before, they were now. Patrick does have a point though, we hardly had much of anything to start out with. We needed this, and if we're already breaking federal law, what is stealing from another criminal? Arthur thought as he got up with Dylan looking at him annoyed.

"Look at it this way little bro," Dylan began. "Say Seamus and Patrick's antics do get us what we were trying to do, we all can have our own beds."

"Yes, that's something that would be nice." Arthur said as he wiped his brow and started to pace. "You said everything on that truck is at Gilbert's?"

"Yep." Seamus nodded.

"Good." Arthur said. "I don't think Julius is involved too much on the North side just yet. And I know Gilbert is a smooth talker..." He paused. "Look I will talk with Gilbert and Amelia about things in the morning."

"Why Amelia?" Alba asked with some teasing curiosity.

"Because her neighbors are jazz musicians and if Gilbert wants some kitchen help or something like that, she would be very good at it." Arthur said simply.

Alba rolled his eyes. He knew how Arthur looked at her before and how he would never say what he was thinking. Maybe it was for the best or maybe it wasn't. If Artie would just man up. Ah, he's got enough on his hands to worry about right now. Best to not tease the little fella. "She won't go telling anyone about the operation?"

"No, despite her loud mouth, she can keep secrets." Arthur stated.

"Good." Alba said. "Now let's get some sleep. We're in this for the long run boys."

"Indeed." Arthur sighed as he lit a cigarette. "Just a quick one before bed. My nerves."

The next day, Alfred, Lovina and Felicia were woken early so they could pack and head for the week on the farm. Alfred did not have much to pack himself but Giovanni had a hard time getting both of the Vargas girls to pack up what they would need, fasten the trunks to the car and then get them out the door and ready to go. Julius had given Alfred a good sum of money for the job and if he needed to get anything that he did not have in his pantry himself. The drive was rather long and he had hoped that Felicia and Lovina would not argue most of the way there. As they got out of the city, and headed towards the bumpy country roads, he noticed they had eventually dozed off, much like he did when Julius brought him to Chicago in the first place. "Well a nice drive in a nice car. Julius must either not think much of money or trust me a lot if he's letting me drive this thing." He said looking around at the Cadillac. It took him a bit of getting used to, mainly how it was much more comfortable than his farm truck was. It was a nice change of pace for him to get off the farm and see the city and civilization but he missed it. He could ignore the memories of fights he had after his mother died with his father, the longing he felt when Matthew ran away to find him again, the excitement he got when he got a letter from Matthew in their secret code that told him he joined the Canadian military, the anger that came when he told his father and somehow his father blamed him for it. Why didn't I just sell the place when I got it? No one would care He asked himself as he drove through the town that he sold the milk he produced in. They were getting closer and the girls were still asleep. "I thought I had mastered sleeping through everything in the trenches..." Alfred laughed as Felicia rubbed her eyes.

"Huh?" She asked. "Are we there yet?"

"Almost." Alfred sighed. "It's just outside of town." He smiled as a truck bypassed them.

"One of Grandpa's trucks!" Felicia said.

"What are they doing out here?" Lovina asked as she woke up.

"Didn't they tell you?" Alfred said.

"Maybe," Lovina said. She never remembered much after she first woke up from a nap.

"They use my barn to rest up and I guess this one went through during the day rather than at night." Alfred sighed. "Guess it would be better if they aren't there. Your grandfather said you girls needed some time away from the city."

"He's planning something big." Lovina said. "He never wants us around when he does. Just our cousins and that Feliciano is a right big wimp."

"Yeah..." Alfred said. "I think I heard Lovino say something like that. He doesn't go on runs much."

"Nope." Lovina sighed. "And I guess Grandpa thinks Felicia and I are just too frail and delicate to know about the deeper goings ons of his operation. But I know. I have been around him enough after he's had fun with his mistress Helena. He has me babysit her son."

"Well it's rough from what I have heard, be it just the stories and gossip. You sure you can handle things like that?" Alfred asked.

"Better than Feliciano who is just good as a driver. A get away driver." Lovina laughed.

"You have a point there..." Alfred admit.

They drove on some more until they had come to the pathway leading towards the land that Alfred took when he drove his truck for deliveries that ended by the barn. He turned off the ignition and turned to the girls. "Well we're here." He smiled.

"This is your house?" Lovina said in disgust.

"You're hopeless aren't you?" Alfred asked, insulted.

"You are." She sassed back.

"That's the barn." Felicia said. "Is that it?" She said as she looked over to the west.

"Yep." Alfred said. "It ain't nothing like your guy's house but it's a decent sized one. Two story, flushing toilet so no need for the outhouse. Haven't used that since I was a kid..." Alfred said. "When I got back I put in flushing toilets. Hated having to just drop my pants and hope for the best in the war." I shouldn't leave this out in the open. It may get dusty in there but it's better than nothing. "Give me just a minute, I'll put the car in the barn." Alfred opened the door, made sure no one was left from the latest run and parked the shiny car in the barn. Besides, it will get some weird questions, not like these two won't either. He thought as he looked over at Lovina and Felicia. I am not getting hardly any time away from those two am I? Am I their bodyguard or something as well? Seems like. He thought as he shut the barn and walked over to the girls.

"You want to braid my hair again tomorrow." Lovina asked. It came out as more of a statement rather than a question.

"I guess." Alfred sighed. "I'll bring the trunks in later. You two don't pack light."

"You man enough to carry them?" Lovina teased.

"Of course." Alfred said. "But I want to make sure you girls get a chance to settle in and know where your rooms are." He said as he led them to the house.

"It's wonderful." Felicia said as Lovina rolled her eyes. "I mean it. I like the porch."

"Thank you kindly." Alfred said as he opened the door and led them in. "There's the living room" he pointed, "kitchen's over there." He looked around the pantry. "May need to go on a dry goods run if I am keeping you two for the week..." He walked towards the stairs "Okay, so we have the bathroom here, he pointed "And there is two bedrooms up here and one on the bottom floor. "Like I said it's not much, but there's a lot of land."

"What's on the land?" Lovina said. "And I claim the bottom bedroom."

"Well there's a small pond over the hill. Mattie and I would ice skate on it all the time, but he was better at it than me. It's not bad to fish in or swim in this time of year. Some wooded areas over that way and lots of just plain ol grazing land." Alfred said, noticing his farmer's accent slipping in. He made sure to try to talk as proper as he could around Julius but back at the farm, he felt more at home and like how he was.

"Well it seems nice." Felicia smiled.

"I'll spend a lot of time at that pond." Lovina said.

"Well, you girls can go sit in the living room, I'll bring your trunks..." Alfred sighed.

"Good." Lovina said.

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