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The Kiss

The winds of change brought about good omens. Peoples faith seemed to lighten their spirits from the wreckage of what would be considered another page in history. Written down in a page that would be forgotten since the world itself was changing. Something was to come and no one was certain what it would be. People prayed for the souls of the dead to rest in peace. Their death brought about by violence. Such was the life of innocence in a war that held no winning side.

The villagers seemed to pick up every single piece of broken or burned remains of their homes. There was hope somewhere there within them. It was something that Tsubaki had seen before in a war torn village. Though some may mourn for their loss, the villagers are like a flower when it is buried under ash. The bud will poke itself into the sun and soon it will bloom.

She looked to the clear blue sky with a soft smile upon her face. The weather was quiet and calm, making recovery easier then a gloom sky. The basket she held within her hand was a mixture of herbs yet cut and grounded and jars filled with medicines for the simplest of cuts. Her work of healing was never ending.

Since Madara was full and well from his battle, Tsubaki had plenty to think about before she could fully accept the fact that there was to be a marriage. Madara was a man who never took 'no' for an answer and always got what he wanted like a spoiled child. To Tsubaki, it would be a change in her life that could either be something of a good thing or something she would learn to regret. She was far from a noble woman and would not offer anything of value to the most powerful clan in all the land. Tsubaki had a feeling that there would be major backlash mostly on her end from the clan. An outsider with nothing of value to her name other then medical knowledge.

To the clan- maybe- Tsubaki would be better off marrying someone of no rank who was an ordinary shinobi. Madara Uchiha was a status symbol among them. A much high step then someone of no value. Tsubaki might want to reconsider her option again. She was never placed in such a situation where marrying a man of a high standard was even an option. Yet, here she was with a basket of herbs and jars treating the sick and wounded.

What he sees in me is my knowledge. She scolded herself. Tsubaki had made clear her emotions towards the man and in return, Madara plays keep away with his. Teasing her whenever he sees fit just to fluster her. He claims that my medical knowledge would be useful to his clan. The only reason for me to be his wife. It all seems so daunting to consider it. I know he has something else in mind. He does not want me to see his true feelings. The stubborn man!

Tsubaki was a little flustered when it came to Madara Uchiha. The very man who made her heart race and stomach knot when he tried to make his antics of her blushing gain in his favor. Izuna did not like the way his elder brother was treating Tsubaki. If anything, Madara cannot flirt to save a fish on land. He has been around women long enough to know when to hold himself back, but he was so used to them throwing themselves at him. Tsubaki shook her head trying to imagine more positive thoughts.

Ones not dealing with the man who caught her love.

Don't let him win.

She had wandered around the village to help those who had become sick due to the smoke or found themselves having a splinter two. No small task was deemed unnecessary. Where one needed Tsubaki, she will hear their call. Young children had come to Tsubaki with cuts and burns because many were daredevils that would play in the destruction. Such things made Tsubaki tell the children that it was not safe and that their parents would wonder why they got hurt.

"But Lady Tsubaki, where else will we play?" One would say to her with a toothy grin. A child of nine maybe, with a mischievous side to him. Tsubaki had come to know some of the village children from the day they were born to their more dangerous sides. Tsubaki knew somewhere down the line she wanted children of her own to pass along her knowledge. Though, she always wanted daughters more then sons. When sons become men, they go to war. Daughters would stay behind with knowledge of mothers.

Tsubaki eyed the little boy with a raised brow. She knew to well this little boy- Koi- his friends would call him. That little grin reminded her of a fox with tricks upon his sleeve.

"Somewhere that the adults do not have to worry for their children. Remember, they are trying to rebuild and maybe you should do the same. You cannot let them do this all by themselves or else you will not have a home." Tsubaki said as she tightened the bandage around the child's hand. Koi's boyish chuckle made Tsubaki think he was barely listening. It was always so since he was the ringleader of mischievous adventures. The village kids younger than he would always want to be around him.

"Rebuilding is for those who want to continue living here. When I become a man, I want to be a strong shinobi that the world would know." Koi gloated with a puff of his chest.

Tsubaki laughed at his childish display. Big dreams for a boy afraid of the forest at night.

"Best to listen to her or you will have to answer to me." His voice spoke from behind her. "Shinobi like me know best to listen to a healer when one has seen war."

Koi's display faltered with wide eyes. Tsubaki shook her head knowing that Madara had a fascination with keeping his eye on his future wife. Still a foreign concept upon her tongue, Tsubaki felt her eye twitch. Did it hurt to be nice to the children before he opened his mouth? Apparently not, since Madara had this air about him.

Koi swallowed a lump of spit before he stumbled upon his own words.

"Yes, sir." Koi had a cheeky grin and gave the Uchiha leader a mock salute. Tsubaki knew better then to be fooled by Koi. He was scared of Madara and everything about him was threatening. His voice alone could scare the bravest of men with just a simple word. Tsubaki scratched the bridge of her nose in thought.

"Run along Koi. If I see you again because you got hurt, I am going to have Lord Uchiha deal with your mischief." Tsubaki smiled.

Koi looked from Tsubaki to Madara. His cold stoic stare unsettled him for just a moment. That little grin had disappeared with a thought of having to face Madara Uchiha once more. The stories the adults had told the children about his power would scare just about any kid. He did not seem like the nicest of men because he has killed and fought the invader that came upon the village. While the adults held so much fear and respect for Madara Uchiha, the children were more cautious when he would walk with Lady Tsubaki.

Even the rumors of him taking Lady Tsubaki as a wife seemed to be rather true and not just a simple rumor. Adults were weird. Koi would rather not listen to adults tall and bowed to both the healer and Uchiha leader. In a moments flash, Koi was running fast. Tsubaki chuckled at how the boy was running. His fa├žade of macho bravado was limited by Madara Uchiha and his strength.

"Am I that scary?" He wondered out loud more to himself. Madara knew he could be a threat to just about anybody. He wasn't ignorant of it.

Tsubaki had looked behind her to see that Madara was pondering the idea that he was indeed terrifying when he was in full combat mode. His wounds have healed perfectly with so little to no scarring to his skin. It had always amazed Tsubaki that Madara had good healing abilities within himself and the power to destroy and kill.

"Scary does not suit you well. You are more unapproachable then a thorn on a rose bush." Tsubaki stated with a nonchalant shrug of her shoulders.

Their conversations were always pleasant and being around each other more had both feeling accustomed to one another. Tsubaki found herself growing more fond of the Uchiha leader each day. The villagers had hailed Madara a hero for saving them from the blind shinobi and had pledged their allegiance to the Uchiha clan. Though the village had no shinobi, they were willing to be a trading route for the clan.

Madara had this charm about him and with his power status, it was no wonder any woman would want to throw themselves at him. Unfortunately, Tsubaki was not the type of woman to do such a humiliating thing. She was more proper then that.

"You calling me a rose?" Madara lightly teased at the young healer woman. Her beauty to him was pleasing to the eye. Her kindness and sudden attitude might have just thawed a frozen heart. The way she looked to him with such admiration put much pride within his ego.

"You put too much thought in my words for I never compared you to a flower. I simply stated that you are much unapproachable as a rose bush with thorns." Madara hated to admit that the healer woman was not so easy to be teased. If he wanted, he could simply get close enough to Tsubaki to make her blush.

"Mind walking with me back to the house of healing? My work here is finished unless I am called for." She asked, picking up the basket of herbs and jars. Love was a funny thing when one was not looking for it. It could happen so suddenly and happen slowly of given the right circumstances. To admit that he was feeling some way towards the healer would mean being ridiculed by those who did not see Tsubaki as a match. Her status meant so little to him.

They walked in a comfortable silence. Taking in the surroundings of a once beautiful village. There was sadness within Tsubaki's eyes as she looked to all the destruction. Madara may have not know about her past- he knew nothing really. He only knew Tsubaki know and how much she had grown within him. How much she might mean to the shinobi as their relationship could eventually grow.

"They will rebuild." He said as they neared the edge of the village to where the hill and on top of it the h ou ise of healing. Tsubaki blinked for a moment; realizing that he was staring at her. Knowing she felt sadness for the destruction.

"Yes, but one can only wonder if some would be able to rebuild their life. I know what kind of destruction war can hold upon people. The horrors they see. The death. Some of them have never seen it, but have heard the stories. They are not like you and grown jaded." Madara raised a brow to her words.

"Jaded? I have only grown used to it after so long. When raised by war and trained to kill, a shinobi has to cast aside emotion." Tsubaki felt ashamed at speaking so openly about a subject she did not fully understand. Yes she had seen what war could do when it destroyed her home and killed her family.

"Sorry if I offend. I do not want to have to relive a past I barely remember. Maybe I choose to forget because of what I saw. This is my home and I am grateful for Tokiko taking me in when I had nowhere to go. I would have never expected for it to happen again." She sighed heavily. The burden to have to bury another soul should not be in the hands of a healer.

She glanced upon the hill where the graves of those lost in her care. Her eyes sparkling with regret that Madara saw something within her. A woman who cared for others, no matter the enemy or ffriend. A beauty with a soul that was innocent and saw the darkness of what war brought.

Tsubaki was a woman with much strength in her own right. Something that belonged to her that Madara wanted. Something to keep his own darkness from dwelling in his heart. He stood in front of her where his shadow cast down upon her. The suns light still illuminating through the shadows. She blushed faintly, but watched him. Waiting for him to do something daring. Probably waiting to make a move or gesture.

"I am sure you would be most pleased with me being by your side." Tsubaki did not hear the faint tone of his words. Rather she continued to place ignorance upon him. It was always hard to tell if Madara was serious or not.

"Someone who has seen what you have seen. War is inevitable to man. Given the power, man can destroy each other. I have always imagined a place where all can live in peace. Without having our children die so young. It seems silly, but I could not be wrong if a place were to exist and I want to be by your side when that vision comes true." He was sincere with his choice of words. Never has he spoken of his childish dreams when he and Hashirama were children. Sneaking away to meet and talk as friends would.

It seemed so long ago now. A distant memory and when reality brought them back, they both knew they could never be true friends. Madara has always kept it so close to his heart that peace would happen. That their clans would stop fighting for a common purpose. Somewhere in his mind, he wondered if his old friend still dreamed of peace?

"Yet, you would rather be by mine. Are you so comfortable with being so open that one would think you a weak man because you chose a simple healer as a wife? Or maybe I am wrong and you want someone to compliment your strength as a renowned shinobi?" Tsubaki had challenged him not out of simple spite. She wanted to understand this man more then anything. To understand whom she was giving her heart too. Too love was one thing, to trust was something more. Tsubaki could not open her heart to a shinobi that could die one day in battle.

"I see something more. Talks of war should never be easy conversation for the both of us. Here we stand with you leading the way as a leader should. I may not know your clans ways, are you certain that a simple woman such as me is capable of being someone they could respect?" She held doubt. Did he make a mistake in choosing me?

"I would have never imagined you to be one who cared for what others may think. Tsubaki, you have shown me enough. You have no idea what you truly mean to someone of my stature." He stated.

"Someone like you could be more suited for a noble woman." She was becoming flustered.

Madara grinned at the healer woman. A true spitfire she is when she was pushed to a corner. Not that he wanted to see how far he could push her into a true confession of devotion. Madara wanted to know about her intentions of being a wife. Of coarse he wanted Tsubaki to be by his side, a better man would always do so. Tsubaki was his reason that the darkness was keeping quiet.

"You always doubt me when I try to how you a side of me that so very few see." His dark eyes looked to her. They were alone near a burned building that once housed a family. Where the burned remains of memories scattered in the wind. Tsubaki was surprised to hear an open confession from the man who could be so hard to figure out.

"Must I show you?" His voice was low. Tsubaki swallowed a lump in her throat; waiting in anticipation.

Unexpectedly, her world view shattered when she felt him kiss her firmly on her lips. Her eyes winded with her heart beating hard against her chest. Words never escaped her for that one moment in time when all the world around her seemed to still.

Po watched the woman cut the aloe vera leaf in a clumsy fashion. Her hands where shaky and she was cutting towards herself; not proper cutting technique. Po had never seen such mistreatment of a plant and knife in one setting. His urge to correct the woman was bound to come out. One false mishap could result in injury. Blood was not Po's favorite scent. The smell of high iron would cause him to gag on sight.

It would cause him to see the dead that were still etched in his mind. If it was not for Madara Uchiha finding him under a pile of rubbish, Po would have been burned alive. Such a fate would never be wished upon his worst enemy.

The badger was not one to test when it came to herbs and the art of healing. Po was a master of his work and taught many people his mastery- including Tokiko when she was a young herbalist before becoming a healer for the village. Tsubaki was another student, but Tokiko took to teaching the young woman.

Now, here he was on a comfortable mat with a naked paw due to the fire and scratches along his body, Po was becoming impatient with the woman. She never worked a day in her life. Her hands were not skilled when she cut the aloe vera.

"Uh, I messed up." She said with embarrassment in her voice.

Po could see that the aloe vera was not cut properly. The ooze was outside of the bowl and his burns were beginning to throb. Why did he had to be stuck with the worst of all healers within the village? From his understanding, Asumi was beginning her training. Po did not expect it to be today to train!

"No, you ruined the medicine for burns. How can you treat someone, let alone an animal when you can not hold a knife correctly?" Po was losing his mind trying not to go off on the very fragile woman. Asumi was not one of his favorite humans and even though she lost her father and head of the village, Po had to be delicate with his words and temper.

"Well, not exactly my job. I never handled anything sharp and I certainly never healed anyone, you mole." Asumi spat a retort. Her aloe vera plant was sticking to her clothing and her hands were slimy.

"I am a badger!" Po countered.

"You sure? You look like a mole to me." Asumi said as she pointed the knife towards Po.

"Your are as dimwitted as a fly trying to get outside. My former students were not as half-witted as you. Were you born to ask some stupid questions?" Po was getting a headache from having to be in the same room as the woman. Asumi huffed at being insulted, again. The nerve of the animal who was entrusted in her care. What was Tokiko thinking placing a novice with Po?

The door opened to the older healer checking in on her new student. There was a smile upon her face as she brought in with her a tray of Po's favorite dish. Maybe he could be angry later once his stomach was full of a good meal.

"Lady Tokiko, does Po look more mole then rat?" Po's eye twitched.

"I am a badger!" He yelled loud enough for all to hear. Laughter broke out from behind Tokiko as Po noticed it was the younger Uchiha and Ami. This day could only get worse. Oh gods, why must he be treated by such humans?

There was laughter from within the house when Tsubaki and Madara entered. Life had gone back to a routine where life was simple. The young healer woman held on tightly to Madara's hand and with a gentle smile upon her lips, knew that everything will change. For the good of it all? Perhaps. Life for Tsubaki was just another chapter in her life.

Madara took a steady breath in. Things were looking up for them. But deep down inside of his soul, the shadow crept closer and closer to his heart. Whispering words of death upon the woman whom he claimed to love.

She will die by your hand.

AN: Two more chapters left of my story that I started almost two years ago. Wow, I never thought I would have another story that was completed. I won't say my goodbyes just yet. Not when things between Tsubaki and Madara are getting pretty serious. Should I make a squeal? I've been thinking about it for sometime now. I am not sure yet. It is all depending on me finishing my other works.

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