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Give Me The Burden

The story of a young nomad boy would be forgotten in time. His name would be buried in the sands of time. He will not go down in history as the shinobi who could fight against one of the strongest shinobi at the time: Madara Uchiha.

He sent fear into Madara's soul. Saw the darkness that was brewing within his soul. What placed the shadows back into the darkness was the light touch of a young healer woman. Saif would be a name she would always remember, even if history wants to wipe his memory away.

He was buried upon the hill in a fresh grave. No name. No one to mourn him. Just a mound with a white flower placed upon the dirt. The last of the nomads that have lived in the sands for generations. Nothing left of their memory as they have been forgotten.

The days have passed by slowly. Recovery was a process they all had to push through. Some have lived through destruction and death. Their hollow souls could only match on, trying to pick up the pieces of their life. Others were in shock and desperately trying to recover their belongings. There was no use in such matters. Everything was burned and useless.

But through it all, there were survivors. People who looked passed the darkness and found that their lives had to start over. Such was the law of war. She sighed heavily as she said her last prayers to the fresh mound. The sun had set over the horizon. Night would soon come with the stars glimmering in the sky.

She felt some remorse for the young blind shinobi. His life must have been tragic and full of evil thoughts. Though, no one is truly born evil. The circumstances of ones life is what molds a person into being. Tsubaki did not believe people were born that way.

"Not many would show compassion to their enemy. Burying them in a grave to give them peace." She turned her head towards Izuna's voice. The youngest Uchiha brother had a few bandages, but he was not as severely hurt from the fight.

"Such is the art of war to honor those who have died. Friend or foe must be given a proper burial or their souls will haunt the living." He looked to Tsubaki and given her a small smile.

"You should be resting." Tsubaki stated as she could see that behind the smile, Izuna had not had proper sleep. She understood his worry for his elder brother and companion, but Izuna needed his strength. Tsubaki and the other healers were working around the clock to do what they can for those needing heing. It made her think that all the Uchiha men were as bullheaded and stubborn when they are told to rest and regain their strength.

"I understand that you worry for your brother and companion, but you need rest. What would your brother say if he knew you were staying up and worrying over him? I'm guessing he would scorn you and never let you live it down."

Izuna scratched the back of his head with a light chuckle. Madara would never let him love down this moment. His elder brother did not like Izuna always worrying for him no matter how small or big the circumstances. Tsubaki was not amused to say the least. "If I find out Ikko put you up to this, I am going to be rather angry with both of you. We are healers for a reason and I know a herb that can make you sleep for many hours. Do not make me use it, Izuna."

Izuna held a nervous chuckle. Even though Tsubaki was not violent by nature, she was a woman who knew how to use her knowledge of herbs to her advantage. No wonder Madara wants to marry her. She has her uses in our clan.

"Ikko would rather stay in his mat until he feels the need to stand. I know you have told him time and time to rest. He did hurt his back fighting…" Izuna's words were lost for a moment. The flashing image of his comrade laying motionless. Izuna was unsure how significant Ikko's wounds were.

Tokiko has assured the younger Uchiha that Ikko would walk again, but it would not be a long while. His spine was bruised heavily. It was of a miracle that Ikko did not lose the ability to walk. Izuna tried not to think about what would have been.

Izuna was alive. That was all that mattered to him. His comrade would live to fight another day.

"Come now, let us go back. You should be resting and I tending to your brother." She stood up and dusted her hands.

Looking to the healer, he could see why his brother was infatuated with her. She was caring of those she tended to. Tsubaki was not a woman who grew up being some noble's daughter waiting to be married off. Her demeanor may seem as such, but Izuna knew that deep down, his clan will not be so kind towards someone like her.

An outsider.

No matter their feelings towards Tsubaki, the clan would not be so accepting. But Madara did what he always pleased, even so far as upsetting the elders. One proposal after another seemed to floor him. Every decision had to be calculated for him.

But Madara was as stubborn as a bull.

Izuna waited for Tsubaki tk be ahead of him. His thoughts lingering on the future of what would be if Madara and Tsubaki were to marry. There was no question his elder brother had his sights set on the young healer. Could it be possible that Madara loved Tsubaki more then his love for fighting? It was strange to think that the coldhearted Uchiha leader had found something in someone who could calm that spirit of his.

She calms his anger. She calms that darkness that lingers in all of the Uchiha's. He continued down the hill towards the house of healing. They will rest for a few days until Madara is well enough to leave. But he will not be leaving without Tsubaki.

Things were going to be interesting.

He breathed heavily. Sweat was cumulating on his forehead. His brows knitted together as his expression upon his face contorted. His fingers moved with each twitch. His heart was racing fast and hard against his bandaged chest. There was something coming for him. Something dark and dangerous that lurked in the shadows of his mind.

He felt trapped in this dream-world, where there was no end. Shadows moved around him fast as if they were circling him like a predator.

He took a deep breath into his lungs, causing a jolt of pain to coarse through his body. He clenched his teeth tightly as to not scream or curse for that matter. But the pain was immense and too hard to bare. Dark eyes opened to see that he was within shelter and possibly alone. The pain was not fading and he grunted against the urge to have someone come in his solitary room.

Breathe. Her voice echoed in his mind. Those soft words she spoke to him when he emerged from the fire. He took steady breaths to calm his pain. To calm the darkness that was lingering. It knew he was weak. What better time to take control?

With the blind shinobi dead, why do I feel as if he still hides in my thoughts? His concentration was upon the rafters of the room.

He laid still for a few moments to get a better sense of his surroundings. The smell of lavender was heavy around him. Filling his senses with the relaxing plant that was used to calm people. Once he got his bearings, Madara began to move.

If there was one thing about Madara, was that he did not like to stay still. Staying still means vulnerability to their enemy. No one would ever get the upper hand on him again. The blind shinobi paid for what he has done in blood. No longer will he roam the lands. No longer will he place Madara as a target.

But he still remains in his thoughts.

Moving the blanket from over him, Madara could see that he was bandaged from head to toe. There was some dry blood in places, but nothing that looked to got to his feet on shaky legs. His muscles cramped from exerting too much movement. How long has he been out?

"I did not expect you to wake until the next morning." She said. Her eyes staring at him with a look Madara sworn was close to caring- if not a hesitation of romantic emotions. "The stories of your strength seem to be true. Not many shinobi would have survived. I am happy you pulled through."

In her hands was a bowl and a rag. She held a smile upon her face as she looked to him in relief. She has been caring for me this whole time, once more. Madara noted. It was hard to miss that Tsubaki looked tired both emotionally and physically. She was tending to his every wound with tender care that her hands looked worn.

"How long?" He asked. His voice dry from not being used for sometime. It could not have been more than a few days, trapped in the very dark crevices of his mind. Being tortured by the blind shinobi and the dream would end with death. His very own death by the end of a sword and Tsubaki's death by his own.

Tsubaki noticed the look upon Madara's face. He seemed to be deep in thought about something. She knew that she could not ask him about such a thing, but maybe later on down the road she will be able to ask. Until then, she placed the items on a table. "Three days at the most. Ikko woke up just yesterday without having disability to his spine. Thank the gods he survived by just a miracle. You took a hard beating in your fight. Many bruises and cuts, some wounds had to be stitched."

Ikko. His clan member had been hurt. His eyes looked to his clenched fists. Madara cared for his clan more then anything in this world. Though, he was grateful that Ikko was alive. There was no telling what Madra would tell his family. How would he explain to the council that one shinobi got the better of the Uchiha's? Only so few could match their skill in power. And yet, the shinobi was blind and just a boy no older then eighteen at the very most. Possibly older, but there was no telling.

"I cannot remember how I ended up here." He clenched his hands. His face grew dark instantly as he tried to remember after the death of his opponent. Tsubaki walked towards him, to try and calm his nerves. The darkness was trying to come out once more, it the healer kept it at bay. Her smell of lavender wafted into his nostrils. Breathe.

"Your brother found you close to your death. You inhaled so much smoke that I feared you suffocated. Izuna told me that you were barely breathing and that you had Po in your grasps. If it wasn't for you finding Po as well, you both would have burned alive." Her voice was low. The very thought of losing him made Tsubaki and. Well, he was here. Alive. He was close to spilling his own feeling towards her, but Madara felt it unnecessary. He'd rather show then speak.

Despite his protesting body, he stood to his feet. Tsubaki was quick to be by his side as she saw him wobble left and right. She mentally cursed the stubborn man for being so foolish. He was pushing himself yet again.

"You should not stand." She stated firmly. Her hands on his shoulders to keep him from falling. Madara lightly pushed the healer aside.

"I am fine." His cold hard stare dug deep into her. She saw something that was not there just moments before. Something dark. Something evil.

Tsubaki kept her stance near him. She did not back down or whimper at his outburst. Damnit ! She was going to make sure the most stubborn of all shinobi will live to see another day. He had a clan to lead and she was not going to let his stubborn nature get in the way of that.

"Clearly you are fine. Look at you, leaning into me for support. Your legs are shaking and your sweating. If I move from my spot, you will fall. I have put up with your stubborn attitude for sometime now. Either you rest or you will not recover in a manner you should." Tsubaki said.

Madara was not shocked by the healers words. He was more impressed by the fact she did not hesitate to speak her mind. He was a little too close for comfort, he noticed. Her soft touch keeping a hold on him. Damn, the woman was right. He smirked at her and leaned in close. Wonder what else I can get away with.

Tsubaki's eyes widened as he came close to her face. She took a slight step back, but her foot caught on something. She gasped loudly, pulling the injured shinobi down with her. Madara felt all the pain in the world crashing through his sore muscles.

"That's what you get, you stubborn man." Tsubaki said, placing her hand on his cheek. "Please, get rest. I do not want to be responsible for hurting you."

He chuckled at her words. She could not hurt him. She was too infatuated with the elder Uchiha to hurt him in any way. He rubbed his cheek along her chest, knowing that teasing her would probably not be the best idea. Madara's intentions with the young healer were made clear. This was his future wife and he would be damned if anything or anyone would come in between what was sparking.

Maybe she is red in the face. His enjoyment in teasing Tsubaki made him forget that he was vulnerable. In the caring arms of a woman, Madara held her tight.

These Uchiha's are more trouble then they are worth. Just a slight bit of satisfaction that he had come back to her alive.

"Tsubaki, are you ok? We heard a crash and thought- oh my!" Tokiko walked inside the room along with Ami, Asumi, and Izuna. All four looked down at the compromising position Tsubaki and Madara were in.

Tsubaki was red in the face as it was. Being caught in a position that was not of her own fault made it even worse. She could feel the heat in her cheeks becoming hot. Tokiko smiled brightly, "Did she say yes?"

"When is the wedding?" Asumi teased. Seeing the couple together had soften her nature. Though, she would never forget how Madara looked when he took a life. It will be a process to not be afraid of the shinobi. Right now, she wanted to make right with Tsubaki. Wanting to properly apologize to her for how she has been treated.

Maybe even being friends? It was a start when she saw how red in the face Tsubaki was. It was humorous and something Asumi needed. She had to get used to living this type of life I stead of a high and proper one. But that did not mean she would give up beauty. There was a husband out there for her. If I am lucky, maybe I'd marry an Uchiha.

"Wedding? I want grandchildren!" Tokiko said. Tsubaki's face became even redder- if that was possible since her face would be hotter then it already was.

"How many times am I going to tell you, you old crow? Stay out of my love life." Tsubaki pushed Madara off her- forgetting in her embarrassment that her patient was in critical care. Madara seethed in pain making Tsubaki rush to his side. Everyone stood in shock for a moment, waiting for Madara to act violently.

"Sorry." She said.

Though Madara did not act the way they all thought, the Uchiha clan leader sat up once more. Groaning loudly, while rubbing his head. Tsubaki placed her hands on his shoulders on more. Looking into each others eyes for an moment, she held a soft smile.

"I am happy you came back to me." Every pain within his body vanished for just that moment. She pulled him close to her body and embraced him. Her arms wrapped around the Uchiha clan leader. Even though their were eyes set upon them, Tsubaki cared not for formalities. She was happy that the man she has learned to care for was right before her. Being held to her chest with her heart pounding hard.

Izuna smiled at them, giving his own blessing to his brother. Madara closed his eyes. The feeling of sleep overtaking him into a restful slumber. His body was placed under so much stress, it was as if he had forgotten he was hurt. The fool. Tokiko and the other women held smiles as well. Watching this moment unfold. After so much pain and darkness, there had to be some light.

This was the a start of how a healer became the wife of a clan leader.

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