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She hummed gently to the child close to her breast. His small hands clung to her shawl for dear life. Though he could not see her, he knew she was keeping him warm in the dark desert night. Her humming tying to soothe the child's worries into something light. She knew he time was coming. She could feel her life draining, but the small child who clung to her kept her out of deaths embrace.

"Do not worry child." She spoke. Her hand felt her sons cheek. Wet from tears he had shed, knowing that soon, she will pass.

"I cannot leave you." His voice small and cracking from crying.

"You must, my son. I had protected you and failed you as a mother. Run. Run as far away as you can." She kissed the top of his head.

That night he slumbered to the sound of her humming. The sweet melody of the hymn that was sad. About loss. About death. About the deserts beauty.

The wind blew gentle through the valley of trees. Leaves swaying in a silent dance and twirling away loose ones onto the ground below. He could smell the forest air with its clean scent through his nose. Taking in every scent from the earth smell of dirt and grass, to the winds gentle breeze of something he tried to describe. There was peace here in this place. Maybe he was looking too deep into something that was not there. His guard had to remain diligent within these parts. There was no telling who or what could be lurking just beyond the shadows of the tree line.

If one would listen close enough, they might hear the soft humming of a voice echoing through the trees. It all felt serene to them. Like the God's touched the lands for a blissful day.

"There has not been war within these parts since I was a girl, Ikko. There is no need to protect two lovely women." Tokiko said as Ami smiled at the Uchiha shinobi.

"You can never be to sure. Even if war and violence have yet to touch these parts, it's always a precaution to keep watch." Ikko was sitting on a fallen tree branch with his eyes observing the tree lines. His sight was as sharp as a bird of prey from above. His use was cherished within the clan and without his sight, Ikko believed he would have just been another Uchiha shinobi willing to die for his clan.

"Always so serious." Tokiko teased as she plucked a green herb from the ground. It's roots tangled and dirty.

Ami was a quite small woman who was helping Tokiko gather herbs from within the forest. Ikko had volunteered himself to go with the two women for their own protection. With the sun being covered from the grey clouds rolling in, he sought it best to make sure that they would not be caught in the storm. Though, he and the brothers have had a disturbing feeling deep within their bones.

Ikko stood up from his place on the fallen trunk. Feeling something creep along his skin. His hand reached back to his pouch of small weapons and placed his palm along the fabric of the opening. His eyes caught something moving within the shadows.

Tokiko and Ami we're busy with pulling herbs, not noticing the danger they could possibly be in. Ikko found it best to not activate his sharingan just yet. If this was a true threat, he would have to defend them and not waste his chakra on something minimal.

"You see this herb, Ami?" Tokiko spoke.

"Yes, Lady Tokiko. It is a Achillea Millefolium." Ami said as she placed her fingers on the petals of the plant. She could smell its sweet scent and smiled.

"Correct. They say if you hold it against your eyes it would give you second sight. All herbs have a purpose both medically and spiritually." Ikko was at a distance where both women's voices were nothing more then whispers.

He could hear the leaves and smell the grass. His sharp eyes keeping it's observation on the moving shadow. He could feel a kunai within his grasp. Holding it tightly, the cold steel felt smooth against his skin. The bushes rustled violently and a growl was heard.

Ikko threw the kunai into the blackness of the bush. It hit something, but whatever made the growl emerged from its hiding place. Sharp canines in a long snout with saliva emerging and dripping to the ground; Ikko had never seen such a creature. It's fur the color of sand with a strip going down it's back. Ears erected up and tail behind it. This creature was a desert dweller.

Ikko stood still as the creature eyed him. Its golden eyes showing aggression. He knew one wrong move could result in a nasty bite. How this creature came to roam within an area unknown to it's kind, Ikko would not know.

"Ikko! We were wondering…" Ami spoke as the creature lunged towards her.

A loud feminine cry echoed loudly. He could hear the woman from his position high above the trees. His hand touching the rough texture beneath his skin. His milky colored eyes looking straight ahead of him to the nothingness of the world around him. His body had little chance to rest. His fingers ran across the bark of the tree as he could hear from his distance the growl of his summoning.

'This is you're last stand, Saif.' He thought to himself.

Soon, blood will be shed. Bringing upon memories of the past in which he could not see. The smell of fresh blood being spilled upon the earth. He recalls moving in a fluid motion. Using his agility to slash against those opposed to him. The curved blades within his hands moved with him as if dancing to the drums of war.

Saif could feel his time coming to an end. His chakra was depleting from his body. Soon, when he faces Madara Uchiha, the victor will come on top. But, Saif knew that he would not be victorious this time in his life. He had prepared his last rights and summoned the jackals to do his bidding. To distract and bring Madara Uchiha out of hiding.

He could almost see the Uchiha leader in the world of black and white. His immense power flowing and the stories becoming true. Saif was certain that this was going to be a fight for something much more grand. Sight might have been in the victors hands, but there was something deep. Something rather dark that was lurking. Saif had felt it once before long ago. Kakuzu had much darkness deep within his soul. Hatred was the only emotion that could be shown from the shinobi.

'Would it prove something?'

Waiting still was an art. Those with patience will master anything. Saif moved his feet along the branch. His world in black and white outlines could see far. He was near the village. He could feel Madara's chakra just within reach. But, chaos had to made.

He jumped from tree branch to tree branch. Every step his bare foot made, the energy of chakra made a image. Years of perfecting his his sight, had made Saif dangerous. A blind shinobi that could go against any foe that dared tried to fight. He was close to his target just below him. He could hear the dying yelp of the jackal and quickly, Saif jumped from his position to ambush the Uchiha clan memeber.

One woman called out his name. But it was too late for the Uchiha shinobi. His fate had been sealed the moment he let his guard down.

His foot made contact with the man's chest and sent him spiraling through the air into a tree nearby. The force if the blow knocking the air out of his lungs. Saif could also feel two other people in the area. They were of no concern for him as his opponent was screaming in pain. Blood stained his lower lip. His back was arched, trying to stand on his feet. But Saif knew the shinobi might have broken a few bones from the impact.

He focused his chakra on the blow to render his opponent disabled for the time being. A flare of chakra had rising from the Uchiha shinobi and Saif could sense that the infamous sharingan has been activated. Too bad it would be useless to a man who could not truly see.

Po awoke with a startled cry. His fur raised as he could feel something that was dangerous coming close. Izuna noticed this strange behavior in the badger and moved just an arms length away from the stunned badger. The small creature was unnerved by something he could not sense. The fur on his body raised and fangs showing under lips. Po looked wild rather than a calm badger whom spoke his mind. Izuna offered Po water, but the badger had refused.

Madara had paced back and forth for sometime. Izuna was not sure if he was aware of Po waking up. He had to sigh internally for he had to calm a scared badger and watch his brother pace about like a caged animal. Though, not voicing his opinion on the matter of his brother, Izuna could see something within his eyes.

It was a rare sight to see the Uchiha clan leader worried. His facial expression had become stoic throughout the day since Lady Tsubaki's leave early in the day. She has yet to return to the house of healing. Madara was itching to go the Koga's manner and demand for her to return. Izuna knew his brothers temperament and calmed him down by saying she would return. Though, as the hours pass, something was amiss.

"He's coming." Po spoke causing both brothers to look at the creature laying on the floor with a blanket covering his back paws.

Po had finally come to his senses. Unnerving, but making some things clear for Izuna and Madara.

"Who is coming?" Izuna said, guessing it was the one they seek.

"The blind one. I saw him with another man whose eyes were dead as a corpse." Madara could feel his blood boil. Po had spoke of the blind shinobi that had attacked him months ago, almost leaving him permanently damaged.

If it were not for Tsubaki, who knows how much longer he would have lived with injuries sustained by the curved blades.

"The blind one? The shinobi that we have been tracking for months?" Izuna continued on. He could sense Madara's anger by the resonating chakra flow coming off him.

Po could sense the elder Uchiha's chakra and closed his jaws. The power that was coming off Madara made the badger scared. He had heard stories of Madara's power and fights from many conflicts in the war. Po would have never imagined to be feeling such great power. Surely, Madara Uchiha could be one of the more powerful shinobi in his time, but even an animal could sense something dwelling within that power.

Something dark. Something hiding behind shadows. Waiting to emerge from the depths with bloodlust dripping along its fangs. Po felt more at ease with the youngest brother and looked to him with wide black eyes.

All thought of the growing darkness was to be placed aside for now and to bring grave warning to Lady Tsubaki. Right now, the blind one was coming for Madara Uchiha.

"The blind one. I am most certain it is he. The one whom killed his people in the desert and hurt Lord Uchiha many months ago. He comes here to settle the score. Lord Uchiha, you are in danger." Madara did not heed the badgers warning. He has been silent and calculating his next move without voicing it.

His mind has been on Tsubaki, but in order to protect her, Madara had to make a decision right here. Stay within the house of being to wait for Tsubaki or track down the blind shinobi.

"Danger? If the blind shinobi comes within the village, all are in danger." Izuna said looking to his quiet elder brother. He could see his thoughts running in circles. Trying to come up with something. This was not a army on the opposing side of the war. This was one man who killed all within his tribe.

A man who most killed one of the strongest clan leaders of their time.

In a flash, Madara had disappeared causing Izuna to grow frustrated at his elder brother rashness. This was not his brother. He was going into a slaughter and God's know a trap. Though, Madara could handle his own, he would not let a fight come anywhere near innocent lives. Madara was not the monster many thought him to be. If anything, he was a man who protected he deemed worthy. Lady Tsubaki had truly giving his heart something to beat for.

"He is rash." Po said with distaste in his tone. His fur had settled down once he felt his nerves calm. Whatever lie within Madara Uchiha was waiting for its chance to rise up. To overcome Madara's stubborn spirit. It was waiting to take over and consume him.

"Madara has his reasons. If you fear for my brother, do not. He knows what he is doing… most of the time." Izuna sighed.

"I do not fear for him. I know what he is capable of doing. What I fear most is what is inside of him." Po let his words linger with the youngest Uchiha brother. What could this Bader mean by such a thing? There was nothing dark within his brother and if Izuna would have noticed, he would bring his brother to the light.

They sat in silence for a moment. Izuna comptemplating on many things that we'reforming in his mind. What was his move? What was his strategy to defend the village in case of attack? All seemed to be answered when Po's fur rose.

Po sniffed something within the air. Taking quick notice of the badgers behavior, Izuna watched as Po hid underneath the blanket. Izuna found this as strange as he heard a low growl emitting from behind him. The sound of claws against the wooden floor beneath it, walking close towards Izuna. He could almost feel the unknown animals breath on his neck.

Po snarled lightly in defense to warn the creature to back off. Izuna turned around as the creature lunged forwards at him. Biting his arm with sharp canines that were digging into his flesh like knives. Po gave a low grunt and pushed himself up and attacked the dog like creature. Izuna moved his injured arm to see the damage done. Nothing to serious but open wounds from where the creatures fangs had penetrated the skin.

Po had wrestled the large creature on its back and ripped out its throat with his fangs. One moment, Po was laying on the floor scared out of his wits and the next he had the blood of a dog creature dripping from his fangs. Izuna shook himself out of his thoughts and stood up quickly. There is no telling if there are more out there and the patients within the house of healing needed to be looked after.

"We need to care for the pliant within this house." Po said.

"I am certain you can handle it. You know more of healing than I, Po. I will stand guard. Who knows how many more there are." Izuna said as he was preparing for a fight.

Po sniffed the air for anymore of those dog-like creatures. It was faint, but there were others about. Po was not much of a fighter. Only killing in defense, but badgers were known for their bravery and stubbornness. The hid of a badger is tough that no other animal could pierce it. Only his underbelly was his weak point, but Po would not go down so easily.

Izuna walked out of the room and the house of healing. Foreboding had clung the air of smoke and distant screaming. In the village, the dog-like creatures attacked any villagers within their jaws. Their snarls exposing sharp canines. Death had come and he brought his hellhounds.

Madara stuck the kunai deep within the creatures stomach. A sharp yelp coming from the mouth of the creature rendered it dead. Warm blood covered his hands as he threw the dead creature aside. Sniffing their dead comrade, more of the same creatures appeared before Madara. They wanted revenge for the death of one of their own.

Madara was already in a terrible mood and felt the need to get rid of the annoyance. His eyes have already activated the sharingan, which the creatures seemed to not fear. Their eyes we're a ghostly white like that of the blind shinobi. Using it would render his ability useless and figured that using the sharingan would not affect those who are blind to the world.

Cursing, Madara lunged towards the blind creatures and immediately disposed of them. The villagers had sought refuge in buildings, while some unlucky ones suffered by having their throats torn open. The smell of blood lingered. He was used to the strong metallic smell. His nose merely adopted the scent and eyes could withstand the sight of mangled bodies of the dead.

He could feel the bloodlust coursing through his veins. His heart racing out of mere excitement. Through the village he slaughter those dog-like creatures. One by one, their bodies lined the ground soaking it in their blood. The villagers were scared of what Madara had become. Specks of blood covered his face and his eyes were a dark dead black. He was not tired and wanted more. There was only so much the creatures could withstand as seeing a mortal kill without so much as blinking.

She held her hand up to her mouth at the sight of a bloody Madara. Killing the creatures without pause. Asumi was hiding behind a stall with her servant close to her body. Both women were scared and at that moment, they were not sure if they would survive. Asumi had never seen Madara fight in such a barbaric manner. He looked almost too beautiful with his feet moving in synchronized precision and body moving with the motion of a silent dance.

This was the man she was trying to marry. A blood thirsty man who killed anything that was in his way.

In truth… it scared her and prayed Tsubaki was a better woman than her for ever loving a monster.

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