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The Knowing

The night was filled with the smell of smoke and burning wood. All living things fled in horror from their battle- not wanting to get caught in the crossfire. Deer, rabbits, wolves, and birds fled quickly knowing danger approached. Man was a devastating creature and the animals knew this since they walked on two legs and spilled blood to the earth.

Man was terrifying so they fled the moment the blind one struck. Now, nothing but burned and dead trees lay waste to a once beautiful forest. All was still and quiet here without the danger. The moon high above the earth shined bright upon the desolate land of dead trees. What was once home to all of nature's children was remnants of a battle fought. He looked upon the devastation with keen eyes trying to find the blind shinobi.

Through the smoke there was nothing resembling a corpse of anything human. No remains. Nothing. The fire was put out by the use of his water jutsu. If anyone could see smoke from miles away, there was no telling who could be hiding among the foliage. As it stands now, no one was within miles. He was safe for the moment.

He let out a shaky breath trying to compose himself. He could feel his body shake from using such a great amount of chakra. Fingers twitched and his armor scratched in many places, but was not broken. He had some cuts that lightly bled; mostly his finger and on the left side of his cheek.

The fight may have been over and his opponent no longer within his line of sight. If there was no charred remains, it must mean that the blind shinobi was still a love somewhere far from their battle location. Tobirama was a shinobi known for his great strength, intellect, and his jutsus. He could sense his opponent, but as it was, the blind shinobi could not be sensed. They must have hidden themselves. I cannot feel their chakra.

Looking to the moon in the night sky, he could feel his eyes close wanting to rest. How could such an opponent cause so much destruction? Though, he could not help but wonder about this strange ominous feeling growing within his mind. There was another more dangerous shinobi helping the blind one.

He clenched his fists tightly for being distracted with wanting answers. Whoever wanted Hashirama dead was not going to reveal themselves rather easily. They may be using the blind man as a pawn- a mean to an end in some way. Tobirama sighed heavily knowing he was going to have to explain his long absence to his brother. Knowing Hashirama, he was worried like a mother hen to her chicks.

A smile tugged at his lips at the thought of his more carefree brother. Being clan leader may have changed him, for the better. Tobirama could feel the memories seeping in on his brothers mysterious outings. Only later to be discovered he was meeting with the eldest Uchiha boy. They were friends at some point in their boyhood, but as grown men with clans to lead, they were enemies.

Dwelling on the past was not going to resolve anything. Tobirama had to return back to the village and so he set off into the night. Bruised, scratched, tired, and hungry. It was a sight Hashirama did not like to see with any of his shinobi. He knew Tobirama was a capable man who could handle his own in any fight, which made Tobirama much more fiercer of the two Senju men. It's not to say Hashirama was weak by any sense. The Senju clan leader was no fool, though he had a tendacy to smile and act careless at times. It did not mean that Hashirama would let his guard down. Still having childish dreams and wanting to make leave with their long time rivals: the Uchihas.

Both Senju brothers were complete opposites of each other.

Tobirama was much to serious and took his job without fail. Hashirama sometimes had to be put in his place by him, but both brothers had a large amount of respect for each other that no opponent could touch.

"Brother, you have returned in one piece. I am glad. " Hashirama stated with a look of relief upon his face.

"You doubt me never coming back? " Tobirama stated with a nonchalant tone. As always, Tobirama was one to never engage in full conversation. Straight to the point and never a funny bone in his body. Was it rare to see his brother smile? Yes, but it would have to be forced out of him to even see something genuine.

Hashirama chuckled and always with a big smile upon his face placed his hand on his brothers shoulder. Tobirama rarely wanted anyone to touch him. Brother or not, he gently moved his shoulder trying to pry his brothers hand off him. Hashirama's chuckle slowly became a laugh. Why was he this way?

"I could never doubt you, brother. What news do you bring and give me a good excuse as to why you were gone for this long. The clan was beginning to talk that you met battle with the Uchihas." Even though Hashirama had a carefree demeanor he could quickly become serious and defend his clan with the fiercest attacks.

"It would be better if we discuss this privately. Something is amiss and I am certain that whomever tried to attack you has tried to attack Madara Uchiha, from the Intel I have gathered." The mention of Hashirama's childhood friend sent a surge of regret coursing through him. But it was not shown so easily.

"Yes, let us speak of such matters where it can be discussed without prying eye's. But, let's tend to whatever wounds you managed to get. Surprising an opponent was able to land such a blow." Hashirama teased his brother and lightly tapped his shoulder.

Tobirama could feel the urge to tackle his brother to the dirt. How could he take such things lightly? He was a clan leader for the love of the Gods. Tobirama closed his eyes trying hard not to show much emotion, let alone a smile to his brother. Underneath that cold heart of his, Tobirama loved his brother even if he showed it in a different way.

The morning came with a cool breeze passing through. The village was quiet for the moment with some people waking themselves up for the mornings trade and sell. Merchants cleaning counter tops, bakers making a fresh batch of bread for the mornings rush, and children rubbing their eyes to another day of mischief. Another day has brought peace with no signs of the blind shinobi who caused fear in their hearts. The villagers were thankful for that peace to once more bring normality to their village.

Koga has been quiet and kept inside of his home. Rumor has spread that he was the main target of the shinobis hatred. His daughter escaped death if not for Ikko- an Uchiha- who suffered the consequence. Asumi was always about the village and never far from her bodyguards. As for Koga, the villagers were starting to think war was coming their direction. Their relief, however, quieted down those rumors when the head of the Uchiha clan appeared along with his brother.

To others, it was a sign of death.

She never cared for the village rumors that spread from the mouths of the peasants. If it wasn't something she could use as leverage, she would dismiss it with a flick of her wrist. Asumi could care less for the rumors of war. The village has been at peace since her father took over as the leader and as far back as she could remember, there was never conflict at their doorstep.

Asumi walked out into the early morning with her servant in tow and guards keeping their eyes out in case something went amiss. It was a rare occurrence for Asumi to be up this early, let alone walking in the village market where the merchants were not yet open.

Fuyuko sighed as she was walking behind Asumi. The young woman's thoughts were high up in the clouds of potential marriage and not on the happenings that occurred just days before. Her life was in danger for the love of the Gods! And yet, here she was walking without a simple care in the world because her fascination with Lord Uchiha has caused her to go and see him .

"Why he wants to stay with the healers is beyond me, Fuyuko. We have plenty of room for the Uchiha's, but I bet it has something to do with Tsubaki- the garden rat." Asumi stated as she walked past merchants getting ready for the day.

"I see nothing special about her. She may have some beauty, but not compared to me. She is too kind and gentle, but underneath it is a woman who bares her teeth rather then scratch with her nails." Asumi spoke as Fuyuko tired her best to ignore such words towards Lady Tsubaki.

"You know what a woman is worth for her beauty, Fuyuko?" The servant prayed to the Gods for her to shut her mouth.

"No, my Lady. What is a woman's worth for her beauty?" Asumi had a smile upon her face and a gleam in her eyes. She chuckled loudly as merchants eyes glided towards her.

"She is to be a suitable wife and child sons. She is to be obedient, never a challenge. Men may like a challenge in a woman, but she has to be easy and willing to birth sons. I have been taught to be a wife since I was born. My lineage may not be of a noble blood, but I am far better then that garden rat." Asumi looked up to the morning sky. Birds were flying overhead and the clouds a beautiful blue color.

Fuyuko felt her eye twitch from the complete ignorance of Asumi. This woman! If only someone were to snap her out of this fantasy world and come to terms that she was almost killed! For the love of the Gods, does this not affect her in any sense? Fuyuko could not be this harsh, maybe it was some kind of coping mechanism for her. Maybe she wanted to forget about it. The young servant felt kind of shameful for thinking such thoughts about Asumi. A young man was injured and the whole village was afraid of war.

"Are you not listening Fuyuko?" Asumi asked.

"Forgive me Lady Asumi, I was lost in thought." Asumi stopped walking. They were close to the house of healing. It was just up ahead and the morning crowds were now coming to the marketplace. It felt kind of peaceful to see people looking at today's picked fruits and vegetables. The merchants smiling at their customers and the sun just behind clouds.

"Ah, well you need to pay attention. It is this daydream fantasy that it is of no wonder you are not married." Mood ruined.

The two women continued their walk in complete silence. Asumi not minding the quietness as she saw a familiar figure walking towards her and if she had to guess, trying to avoid her. She made sure to not let him out of her sight as he cautiously walked closer unwillingly.

"Lord Uchiha, good morning." Asjmi spoke with a big smile upon her face.

Izuna had an awkward smile and rubbed the back of his head. This was Fuyuko's first encounter with an Uchiha and by the rumors of their appearance, she could see why many of the village woman had their eyes on the two brothers.

"Good morning, Lady Asumi. I was just walking this way to meet with your father on my brothers behalf." This conversation was not going how Izuna planned it.

"My father has been waiting for your older brother since yesterday. He is not pleased that he has yet to show or is he under that garden rats spell? No doubt she has her claws on him knowing I am a perfect match for your older brother for marriage." Both Izuna and Fuyuko had to keep from rolling their eyes.

While other villagers were at war with one another, Asumi thought only of marriage.

"Has he thought about it?" Asumi urged an answer out of Izuna.

Being the more calm of the two, Izuna said nothing about it. Marriage was a topic Madara did not want to talk about. The elders placed much pressure upon his brother and with the business of the blind shinobi still lingering on his mind, marriage was the last thing he was thinking about.

Though Madara recovered, Izuna still could see the battle scars. The sleepless nights and the disappearing acts his brother does to avoid anyone. There was no telling what was going through his mind. But, he felt at peace when he was by Tsubaki's side. Her healing capabilities seemed to calm even the most battle-hardened shinobi.

Izuna had to hold back something within him. Thinking about his brothers happiness seemed to diminish into darkness. His eyes focused back on the two women; Asumi still talking to him thinking he was listening to her ramblings. Her servant woman looked to him with worry and a frown.

"I am sorry to cut the conversation short, Lady Asumi, but I must see to your father. If you want to find Madara, you might have to search." Izuna left the two women to their own devices.

Asumi had a slack jaw and was rather irritated by the lack of interest by the youngest Uchiha. No matter, finding Madara would not be much of a challenge. He would have to be roaming around somewhere in the marketplace or waiting to see her father sometime later in the day.

Her heart fluttered with anticipation to seeing his handsome face. Her world filled with fantasies of living a dearest life without problems. If only Asumi could look up to the hill where a lone figure walked and following closely behind her was the man she longed for.

Romance and love. Blind to her as the rains in the desert.

She walked up the hill with a basket of flowers. The wind gently blowing on the petals. Her hair tied once more and gently blowing behind her. She breathed in the crisp air with a smile on his face. When she reached the graves, she placed a flower on each with a significant that meant more to her than any other flower. Each grave given the flowers that described who they were in life, she prayed silently to their souls.

Tsubaki felt the heaviness within her heart that she felt praying would ease her. Her eyes closed, knees folded beneath her and her hands together, she prayed to the Gods. She prayed for the souls of the dead, whom she could not save in this life.

He watched her from a distance. This scene once more familiar to him. The graves before her, were shinobi she has treated but they ended up dying in her care. The guilt was heavy for her which he could see, but trying to understand such a feeling could not manifest itself. Shinobi are tools who have mastered many fighting forms through training.

He blinked and sighed. His feelings for this healer were never going to go away no matter how hard he tries to repress it. She was a useful asset he could exploit, but his conscience for something greater spoke louder. The flower given to him by her has been kept alive and has yet to wilt. Maybe a sign from the Gods that she was truly the one to become the wife of an Uchiha. Izuna had teased him about the flower, but explained to Madara about its meaning.

Meaning strength and integrity, but it can also mean infatuation. She saw something in you that many women overlook. She saw a struggle within you the moment you got hurt and treated you kindly. Lady Tsubaki may not love you, yet, but she may grow to learn as will you.

He walked towards her. The sun just now over the horizon as she lifted her head and her hands going to her sides. Standing beside her, she noticed that she was not alone on the hill.

They were quiet for a moment, basking in the sunlight. The way the light made Tsubaki's skin glow and the sad smile upon her face somewhat somber. This place above the hill where the dead lay was a solace for the healer. Madara had come to realize that Tsubaki was more then a healer woman. He knew next to nothing about her, yet this feeling of peace calmed his already troubled mind.

What was it that made this woman something special in his eyes? Special? No, that cannot be right. His dreams have haunted him since he was wounded by that blind shinobi. Always a battlefield, always death, and those words spoken by him. It had been troublesome to sleep and once Madara returned to the village, he slept without the nightmare.

Tsubaki had more of a talent then she likes to admit. She could calm children when they cried over a cut and heal a sick old man by giving him some soup with a small smile on her face. She would be a great asset to his people- to the Uchiha clan. She would make a good wife to any man. Madara blinked for a moment at such a thought. No man would have her.

Tsubaki looked over her shoulder to see Madara in deep thought. The wind gently blowing his hair and some of his clothing. She could not hold back a small smile as she looked to the graves before her.

"Death is never kind to those who heal." She said.

Madara looked to her once more and reached out a hand. There was no need to talk of such things before the dead. If Tsubaki doubted herself and her healing, Madara would have felt insulted. She was a healer and people will die in the process, but not Madara. The death God would have to fight for his soul when the time comes, but not this day. There were battles still needed to be won.

He replies with a smirk on his face, "Death only favor those who bring him souls."

Tsubaki looked back and noticed his outstretched hand. She took his hand in hers without question and steadily rose to her feet. Her cheeks slightly burning with embarrassment at having touched the Uchiha clan leader. If anything, a feared man with a reputation on the battlefield. Who stood beside her was more then a shinobi with a thirst for blood, was someone holding her hand and his dark eyes looking at her with conflicting emotions.

This young woman was a suitable match for the most feared shinobi. She was brave and would challenge him, but she also had a very motherly nature. It was something a man would look for in a wife. She could produce many sons and the Uchiha clan could be very powerful. Tsubaki may not have come from a noble house or has land, but it did not matter to Madara. He has seen his fare share of other noble women and he saw them as nothing.

Tsubaki had a soft touch that calmed him as he felt something dark grow within his mind. This was his reason he wanted her. She was a healer of both body and spirit. To keep the darkness at bay for him that was forming. His nights we're restless. His mind haunted by the blind shinobi. Every dream he had was the same from beginning to end. Never a different outcome. It always ended with Madara dying by a blade. His words seeping through about many deaths and the growing hate in his heart.

She got closer to him feeling something resonating off of him. His height towering over her, his power radiating, and she did not feel danger when she made such a bold move. He was curious as to what she was doing; maybe even knowing what she was doing. Her free hand raising up and going towards his cheek, but Tsubaki stopped herself. She could not risk falling in love with a patient. Not again.

Her hand went back down to her side as Madara tilted his head. It was not odd to see a woman of respect not wanting to further give in to her feelings, if she had any for Madera himself. She turned her back to him, taking away her touch from his leaving it a bit cold due to the chill in the air.

"My apologies, Lord Uchiha. But, this is not professional. It is not right." She said.

Madara would have laughed at the very statement. Though, she was right about the situation. It was not intentional to mistake it for something romantic. He may as well miss an opportunity to kiss her if he so wished.

"I want you to come to my village. Your skill is very well needed. You are to valuable to be left here where it cannot grow. You have seen death countless times and have soothed the wounded. Your village leader Koga will give you to me." Madera spoke sending a slight chill down Tsubaki's spine.

This had hit a nerve within the healer. She was only seen as an assist for her skill. She turned around to come face to face with the man before her. Eyes in anger for a moment until she had time to fully process it all.

"You want me to leave this village which has been my home since I was sixteen. I lost everything from the war and you want me to leave it all? I am not the only healer with knowledge, why not admit something to me as to why I am of your choosing? " She kept her eyes on the shinobi.

Madara could feel her glare upon him. There was something strange about her that was never seen before. Tsubaki was ways a clam woman who may have been a bit of a bossy one when it came to her patients. To see her searching for something within Madara was trying to find water in a desert land. He could be blunt about it and say why he wanted a healer in his village.

"You have healed me and I want to repay you in such a high regard." Tsubaki felt her jaw slack a little from the answer. There was no need to repay her for doing her job. She felt a little insulted by such an answer really. The countless years learning and making progress only to be told she was valuable. All healers are in some aspect, but Madara was not saying it. She wanted him to say it! Whatever it may be. She was a fool for thinking she was feeling attraction for a man who only loved war.

Her conflicting emotions caused Tsubaki to walk away feeling flustered from having what peace she got from praying. She did not go far before Madara stopped her in her tracks. What he said next caused her heart to race and her mind filling with more questions then answers.

"And to make you my wife. Do not forget, Lady Tsubaki. I always get what I want."

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