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He remembered her voice. The way she sung him sweet lullabies before he closed his eyes to dream of a world he wished to see. Those who had the gift of sight could see wonder and she always described the world to him through song or poem. Her voice was so soft; a voice of a mother. The melodies in the rhythm with each song, singing of something ancient. There was always a story within each song. He noticed it was one of the beginnings of the world. Where everything is connected through some force. He was a child then, in a land of an unforgiving world. Where boys had to become warriors and fight wars they had no part in.

They sought them. Shinobi clans would come from far and wide to have an alliance with the nomads. They were valuable in their swordsmanship. If one clan was fighting another, the nomads of the desert would heed a call. So was a the life of a shinobi.

Now, as he sat silent on a tree branch high above the ground, his only thoughts were nothing but a mission. The dark shadow was next to him, standing with his arms crossed over his chest. His breathing calm, his eyes staring into the horizon. Another shinobi army moves to the west and a battle was to be expected. The blind shinobi could sense the army but was not interested in such a low class clan. Their chakra signs not as high as that of an Uchiha or Senju.

They were in silence. The young blind man collected in his thoughts. The shadow keeping calm as another battle was heading underway. The blind shinobi could hear his mother's calm voice humming in his mind. If only he could have seen her face before she died.

There was no mother to sing him to sleep. The stories of men fighting for honor; there was none in the field of war. Only blood soaked the grass feeding the earth. All life came from something, that he knew. For years since he was thrown away by his own people, he thought of revenge. To destroy them all and forever clear of their existence from history.

He could feel his eyes close as the mornings light shined down upon him. His body was recovered, but not to the full extent he wanted it to be. He could feel all living things around him moving to the mornings routine. But something in the distance disturbed him.

"He follows." The deep voice spoke from beside him.

"I've noticed his chakra the moment I left that village. He has been keeping his distance from me. I wonder how long he plans on waiting." The blind shinobi opened his eyes. Focusing his chakra to the soles of his feet, the outlines of a man so familiar to him was coming in closer.

"I grow tired of having to wait." He spoke as the shadow moved away from the light.

"Your impatience has left you badly injured before. You would have been killed if it was not for my threads getting you out of the way of his water dragons." The voice had a hard time, which the blind shinobi never liked. There have been many occasions were he was saved by the voice and always scolded if not punished for being wreckless.

"Are you willing to fight this time without me having to rescue you when you get into trouble?" The voice asked. "He is one of the strongest shinobi in all the land. You survived once, can you survive again?"

The blind shinobi ran towards his opponent with his curved sword in his hand. The dark shadow watched from a far distance with his focus on his pupil, whose form was all but a blur. He felt anger rising within him. The shadow had struck a nerve it seems as the young man would go and fight while still under recovery. He still had bruises on his body and the cuts that were bandaged had healed enough to become scars. Though, he taught the blind man well in the art of battle, his second run in with the most strongest shinobi in all the land has come to finish the job.

'Will you survive the wrath that is Tobirama Senju?' The shadow thought as he sat on a branch underneath the shade. Whether he showed mercy on the young shinobi was a matter of suggestion, but the shadow could not help but take pity on him. Maybe, just maybe he would save his ass like he has done so many times before. Just, not without a beating by Tobirama Senju.

Two forces of war clashed hard with their weapons making contact. The noise echoing through the trees and the strong force of rushing wind blowing leaves around them. Birds and animals in the distance fled in fear. Only the two men locked in combat stood in the middle of the woods. Surrounding them were trees and the sun casting shadows down upon them. Their breathing was steady, but their hearts pumped blood throughout their bodies. Tobirama was a quick shinobi and would never be matched with his speed. The blind man was almost knocked back when his sword clashed against the Senju's. The blind man could feel the tingle of electricity coursing through him.

This wasn't a good sign. The electricity was causing the chakra to fizzle and making things blurry. Even though he could see through the sole of his feet, the power of electricity going through him was making everything unbalanced.

Tobirama could see his opponent struggling against the electricity. Every nerve must be going crazy by the look of his face. Scrunched in pain, the Senju pushed harder against the curved blade. He was not going to let this shinobi go free like last time. He was certain that he was going to kill the blind shinobi, but not without asking more questions.

With a quick movement of his leg, the blind man swung at his opponent. Tobirama grabbed hold of the leg and twisted, but the shinobi saw his chance and swung his curved blade towards the Senju. Letting go of his leg, Tobirama had to move back before the blade could cut his skin.

The blind shinobi could sense the Senju's chakra. It was powerful and the way it flowed throughout his body was a sight to behold. "I thought the last time we fought you would have killed me. I might ha e been mistaken." The blind man spoke with a bit of a mock tone.

"You killed my men and those of my clan. I would have killed you if it were not for the shadow that saved you." Tobirama spoke in a calm manner. His eyes never leaving that of the shinobi before him. He was impressed at how well the blind man can fight and keep his chakra from being sensed. He would have had many years trying to perfect seeing through his feet with Tobirama wanted to k ow much more about his opponent. But, he did kill Senju clan members. It was unforgivable.

"If you would have heed my warning, they would still live. But, if you want to fight me and kill me, you will have to try to succeed." The blind man placed his curved sword in front of him.

Tobirama took a defensive stance and being one to never back down on a fight, he waited for the first blow. He had to get close enough again to the blind man to cut him. But if he can sense through his feet, Tobirama had to calculate everything around him. This shinobi had a gift and it was deadly.

"This village… I can only presume that they have resources we can have?" One of the elder council members asked with a raised brow.

"How can we be sure to trust them? Surely, Lord Madara, your time with them must have raised questions." Another asked unsure of what to think about the situation.

Madara only sat before them with arms crossed and an uninterested look upon his face. Another clan meeting was summoned during the early morning hours. Whoever had the nerve to wake Madara from his slumber was rather brave. Unfortunately, it was Izuna who took the full hit of Madara throwing a kunai at him. Thank the Gods for fast reflexes or else Izuna would have bled from the shoulder.

For days, the council has been keeping Madara busy. He spoke so little about his time in the village, which the council wanted more details about. They knew the extent of his injuries and were very grateful that he recovered. The healer, whomever they were, did wonders to their clan leader. He was stronger, even the scars he had on his body seemed to fade. It was as if he never been hurt.

Tsubaki was a rather interesting woman.

"There has been no sign of recent Senju activity. What could it mean? Are they planning an attack?" Hashirama would not directly attack the Uchiha plan's village. If anything, the Senju would walk to the gate with a big smile upon his face. Madara could not believe what he was hearing.

Listening to the old crows speak about the village in which Madara had plead an alliance too; he waited ever so patiently to speak. His body was fully recovered and he felt the constant need to spar someone. He needed to be stronger and never have to feel weak again. To say that Madara feared the blind shinobi for catching him off guard would be laughable, but in reality, Madara did not want to be blindsided again.

The nights were also rough with him sleeping so little. The dreams became constant, but when he did sleep, Tsubaki was always there to calm his restless mind. He found himself missing her presence near him. She had this protective aura around her, like all healers should. Tsubaki was his… Don't say such things.

"If Lord Uchiha is to be corrected, the village's resources can be used to provide the clan weapons. There may be even prospects of merchants selling their goods to use for portection." Another old man spoke.

"I am never wrong in my dealings." Madara spoke up causing the council to look his way. It was rude of him to speak when elders were talking, but they knew of his temper. Madara spoke his mind and no one was willing to correct him on it.

"I spoke with the head of the village and made agreements, if only I had the idea of having his daughter as my wife." He would of shuddered at the thought of Koga's daughter being his wife.

"Another proposal?" Madara closed his eyes and sighed as the elder spoke. There were clans noble or not wanting their daughters be made wife of the Uchiha clan. It seems it was all the elders spoke of these days with Madara going off into battle. There needed to be an heir no matter who Madara chooses as a wife. The council needed a son who will be the next to lead the clan after Madara.

Since he left her behind, Tsubaki was a better choice. She had her uses here within his clan. After thinking about it, Madara had made up his mind about the healer. Her skills, her knowledge, it could all be passed down. There was no saying whether Madara himself found her attractive or not, but marriage is about forming alliances. He did not care of what the council would have to say about it. She had nothing to her name. No clan, no parents, nothing but knowledge which Madara could use.

"I have no interest in that man's daughter. She is not a suitable woman for this clan. She cares only for herself and not her village. I have, however, found a more suitable woman who may be to the plan's standards." Madara spoke as his eyes opened. Dark eyes scanned every council member within the room. Each of them waiting for an answer from the head of the clan.

It was time to make an agreement no matter what old crows say. He was the leader of this clan, not them. Maybe they were advisors, but they only had that going for them. Madara cares and loves his people. He would do anything to keep them from harms way of he could, but maybe it was time to do something for himself.

Though, it would have to wait when a clan member burst through the door sweating and breathing hard. Madara and the council members looked towards the shinobi.

"You either have something important to say to have burst through the doors of a private meeting." Madara spoke not all to pleased with the disturbance. Though, he did feel relieved for the sudden distraction. One slip of the tongue would have had all the council ringing obscenities in his ears about his future wife.

Don't think of that healer woman as a prospect for a clan leaders wife. He thought to himself.

"Forgive me, Lord Uchiha. But… but… an urgent message has come to our attention. Ikko, has been Injured severely and fighting for his life. By the request of Lady Tsubaki, she demands transportation for Ikko. She fears… She…" Madara was up and out of the door before the shinobi could say anything further.

His chakra was emitting from his body. The anger coming off of Madara was enough to put fear and distance in anyone in his way. Izuna could feel his brother's wrath just in the distance. The youngest Uchiha brother was the only one brave enough to stand before the angered clan leader. His dark eyes as black as coal with a stern look on his face contemplating the art of the kill. Madara was indeed a man with conviction and who ever pissed him off must have had good reason.

"Brother?" Izuna spoke.

"We must leave immediately. Troubles have come into the village. Ikko has failed his task and is injured." Madara spoke through gritted teeth. There was no doubt that Ikko would face a server punishment for his failings. To what extent? Izuna was not to clear on. Madara was always made to be the villain and a tyrant to other clan leaders, but Madara would never necessarily harm his own people unless told other wise.

"We? Can you not send a team to retrieve him while you focus on clan meetings?" Izuna said.

"No. The clan can handle their own for the time being. If this was an attempt assassination I must know who was behind this." Izuna could see past his brothers lie. Even though Madara held his emotions and never showing them, Izuna could see something. There was a dark and malice stare that was within his brothers eyes. It might have had to do with the blind shinobi. The very man he has been looking for with no whereabouts. Days would pass and Madara would grow restless.

Though, it seemed that the Senju clan had also back off from the war for awhile since Madara was hurt in battle. Hashirama was a kind man, but a fierce shinobi. It was no secret that the Senju clan leader still held a sort of torch of friendship with Madara. Could it be possible they shared a common enemy if the raids and attacks have ceased for the time being?

"Izuna?" Madara spoke causing the younger brother to fall back into reality.

"Will it only be you and me on this mission?" Izuna asked. There was no time for distractions on something this serious. A clan members life was at hand.

"Yes. I do not want any other clan member getting involved in this." Madara walked passed his brother without saying anything further. His chakra levels were going off the chart with his anger.

Izuna knew that only time would tell before the blind shinobi would make himself known. When it happens, only one man would come out of the battle alive.

She sat by his side, watching with tired eyes and blood still on her hands. His chest moving up and down and his breathing a bit ragged. The wound was deep and it took her many hours to bring back the shinobi from the brink of death. His chest was bandaged; not too loose or too tight. It was snug enough for him to breath, but also to keep the bleeding at bay. Never put the dressing over a wound to tight or risk injuring the patient further. He needs to breath.

Luckily, Ikko did not have a collapsed lung from the impact. There was no penetration to his lungs, only to his chest. He was going to make it by some good fortune.

Tokiko was in and out of the room. Checking on Tsubaki and worried about Ikko. Early in the day when the events unfolded, Tokiko was busying herself around the healing house talking to Po the herb badger. When suddenly Tsubaki rushed through the door and Ikko being supported by two villagers. Tokiko has seen all aspects of war, but Tsubaki has never seen a man go down before her. Po rushed by Tsubaki's side instantly and began to instruct her on how to remove a weapon without causing further damage.

Tokiko knew who done the attempt assassination. The blind man was nowhere to be found in the healing house. One could say it was him trying to assassinate Ikko. It all looked suspicious. Tokiko did not like the blind man. He sent off a bad and evil vibe. His chakra emitted something dark, something monsterious. He was an outsider from a people thought dead. Could it have been the desert nomads who, in stories, killed his own people?

It was all but stories until Tokiko saw him. Bloodied, fighting for life, but no one could refuse an injured man. The older healer looked back to Tsubaki. She was tired. She was lacking sleep. This was the life of a healer. Constantly taking care of small and big wounds. War or not, people needed them. Sometimes their life had to be put into a hault.

Tsubaki did not look fazed and concentrated on the task at hand. When Ikko was fully stabilized, the healers could not rest. Po stuck by Tsubaki's side and left once the chaos calmed. Though, not before a warning to the healers about the blind shinobi coming back. If word is true about him, the desert nomads always seeks something. What it is, no one knew.

"You did a wonderful job, Tsubaki." Tokiko whispered softly. It was only words of encouragement that got her through the most toughest of ordeals.

Tsubaki smiled a sad smile. Her eyes looked to her mentor and not her figure with softness. In her mind, she wished it was him she was looking at. Maybe he could be her solidarity when times of trouble come about. Her own feelings have never been considered until she met him. Now, with one of his clan members fighting to survive, could he see more in her? Her job as a healer was more important as a life was hanging by a thread.

Tokiko could see the struggle that Tsubaki held within her mind. What could life be like outside these walls. A healer rarely had a family. They rarely lived outside of their village's. Tsubaki was still young enough to leave, but she could not. Promised something that many dream about, Tsubaki was dealing with a battle inside.

She hated to admit to herself, but she was slowly falling for Madara Uchiha. A man of power, of a title that many could fear. Though, underneath that hard exterior, could be a man worth caring for. Such childish thought could get people killed. Tsubaki had to kick herself out of such thoughts again. This was her life. She was never meant to become a clan leaders wife.

Come back to me. Your comrade needs you. I need you.

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