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Before time, the old Gods came into being.

"They will forget us in time. New Gods will replace us." He watched from the clouds above. Grey eyes looking to the mortals with anger. She sat by his side with her arms crossed. Her eyes closed, listening to her twin brother vent his frustration.

She has always been by his side since birth. Their bond unbreakable. But, their vision of their future was not something she would talk openly about.

"A new a God has replaced us, brother. The mortals will always find something to worship. It is how they were made." She spoke trying to keep her brother's mouth from getting him into trouble. By the Gods, if Zeus were to hear him, Apollo would be punished. Zeus always had ways of punishing both mortals and Gods.

Apollo scuffed and turned his attention elsewhere. Leaving the mortals down below; ignorant of their presence, to their doing. Artemis could feel his anger, his frustration, and his betrayal from the mortals. She could understand his emotions. The centuries have passed by with many wars, many deaths, and many conquests from foreign nations.

She was disappointed as many of the other Gods. The mortals have moved on with this short lives and worshipped something far confusing. Wars ravaged families and nations. With this new God, The Olympians had to let the destruction happen. Artemis and many others stood ideally by.

"Allah. Theos. Deus. God. They worship one being and kill those who still believe in us. While Zeus sits on his throne, he lets the bloodshed happen." Apollo walked away. Leaving behind Artemis to contemplate if she should be angry just like Apollo.

Since the word of one being had spread far and wide, Zeus did nothing. And Apollo was not going to stand behind a God that he did not agree with.

He splashed the cool water on his face, trying to forget the memory. That day many centuries ago had changed him. Apollo was not the same God the mortals had known. They had forgotten the old Gods and Zeus did nothing. He did not strike down upon the mortals for their worship of a single God. Zeus would not even linger the idea of hurting the mortals. When the single God had shown itself to the Olympians, they saw but a brought light and a thunderous voice that shook Mount Olympus.

Apollo would never come to an agreement to this single being. Zeus backed down as if giving this being his throne. What more could an old God do? The mortals had chosen whom to believe. The idea of many Gods had died. While the wars continued, Zeus could only linger as the mortals killed each other in the name of God. Their God.

His silver eyes looking up to the clear blue sky feeling the anger rising. A scowl appeared on his face just remembering the betray. All the other Olympians stood ideally by, while Zeus said nothing. Apollo had watched his brethren slowly sleep in an eternal slumber. His own sister choosing that path. While they slept, he planned.

He stood tall with a lean build and long auburn hair tied behind his back. Apollo was a hunter on a hunt. His destination unknown.

Since coming to this strange land, he has attracted foul and ugly creatures. Apollo has never seen such creatures before. The hunter inside of him was itching to tame these monsters. But, the hunt would soon end as these creatures were weak. Not even worth an arrow to their hides.

A loud echoed caw took him from his thoughts. The smell of the fresh air blowing through the trees had causes his hair to sway gently.

"Have you found her?" He asked as a small raven landed on a branch above him. Dropping an arrow head into his hand.

Its brown eyes looking down upon the hunter. It's feathers rustled as it spread its wings. There was a hidden anger as the ravens eyes narrowed upon the hunter. Apollo smiled knowing the answer of the creature.

The raven looked away from him. Apollo's smile had grown.

"Artemis. My dear sister, Artemis."

She was in great amusement when she saw a dark haired child with the biggest smile on her face, running towards them. Shouting in her excitement at the hound before Artemis. Sesshomaru? A strange word that did not sit well on her tongue. His name, perhaps. He responded to the words coming from the child. The tension that was once in the air had dissolved, leaving only remnants of static.

Even the loud-mouthed mutt had grown quiet.

Her silver eyes watched the mortal child come to a stop before them. Her smile never faltering and those eyes of hers stared at Artemis with curiosity, but quickly turned her attention back to the hound. Not a word. Nothing spoken to Artemis. It was as if she was not there. What a strange mortal. There were so few mortals who ignored Artemis's presence. Children were often happy to see the great huntress. Asking for her stories and to see her skill with the bow.

This child. This mortal child was talking so casually to Canis Major. Even the small green creature was talking to her. A rather annoyed look on his face It brought about questions and maybe some suspicion to the huntress.

Their battle had come to a standstill, which Sesshomaru was not all too pleased with the outcome. Those watching had let out an exhale of breath. Artemis, however, was eyeing the child. The way she smiled towards Canis Major. Calling him Sesshomaru. His name. Maybe it is why he responded to her voice. Did he sire this child?

Artemis noticed how tame Canis Major had become. He would not risk hurting his own child in their fray. Though, something about this child caused Artemis to walked calmly towards her. Something about her was drawing the huntress in. What could it be? Her babble keeping Canis Major distracted while the others talked amongst themselves. Artemis was already wasting time being here and Apollo was waiting for her.

This child looked fondly upon Canis Major as if he were her father. Such loving eyes towards this hound, whom, just a few moments ago wanted to fight. Artemis was indeed curious about this.

The child had calmed her babble as Artemis approached. Silver eyes observed the child before her. She was mortal. There was nothing half-breed about her blood. She was just a plain mortal whom had tamed the hound. Curious.

The child's protector reacted quickly when the huntress raised a hand to reach out towards the mortal. His grip on her arm tightened, as if a warning. Artemis did not react to Canis, only that he was protecting his child.

"Artemis!" Kagome shouted, but her loud-mouthed protector stepped in front of her. Why would a mortal worry for a great huntress such as Artemis? There was no danger here.

"Move out of my way, Inuyasha." She spoke to the being with a stern voice.

"Can you not feel it. Something is coming." His ears twitched and nose scrunched.

Artemis had ignored their banter. Her focus was on the child and the hand holding her arm, trying to break a bone within her immortal body.

"I am not going to hurt her. I am only curious of her." Her silver eyes eyed the hound. The small pack behind her had tensed up even further. There was no telling on what Canis Major would do.

"Foolish Gajin! How dare you try to place a filthy hand upon Rin!" The green creature screeched as it pointed its two-headed staff at her.

Artemis chuckled at the situation at hand. This strange land surely left her entertained.

Sesshomaru saw no humor in this woman's predicament. Even his own strength was barely causing her to give in. She was powerful and it irritated him. This woman was not using her true power or was she trying to go easy on both he and that half-demon?

He did have to admit to himself that it was entertaining to see the woman throw his half-breed brother around. He should know better than to come in between his fights. Inuyasha had no business in trying to fight a woman stronger than he.

"Rin?" She spoke. "Her name is Rin?" Her voice trailed off as she remembered she was being held back by the hound. This child. She... Her soul...

She has a strange power. Like that of death.

She moved her arm out his grip. A spark of static filled the air around them. This power. She knew this power. Her eyes widened as she ran from the hound and the child to gather her bow and arrow. The others around her could sense the static it seems. They reacted quickly to this threat and Canis Major was all to curious about this power.

Too bad he would be disappointed to find that the strange power would come from a small creature covered in black feathers.

"Artemis. It has truly been sometime since we talked." All eyes looked to a small raven sitting perched upon her bow.

"Did that raven just speak?" Sango said.

The raven ruffled its feathers. Artemis narrowed her eyes upon the winged creature. It's tiny size not fooling her, for she knew the raven can transform at any moment. Though, it waited for the opportunity to do so.

"Coronis." Artemis spat. Her voice laced with veno

The black raven cawed in a mocking laugh.

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