The Huntress @modern_age

The old Gods were watching.

She felt the small space around her closing in. Surely, these huts were made for families and other business that Artemis was not used too, but with her tall stature she was like a Titan in a small cave ready to burst. It was a humorous sight for the mortals who were captivated by her body structure. She could feel their eyes on her. Both curious and mostly with caution. The loud mouthed hound was seen glaring at her, but with one look of her silver eyes, she was the more dominate of his little pack.

They offered her a strange smelling drink. The taste was bitter to her tongue, but found that if she refused she would offending the mortals. She was a guest here whether she wanted to be or not. As she observed her small surroundings, she took note on how young they all were compared to her own true age.

If they could understand, they may have been astounded by her age. Artemis just looked the part of a woman in her mid-twenties. Gods could live forever and were almost impossible to kill. It was rare for Gods to kill each other now, since very little remain. With new Gods emerging, Artemis had to pick her battles.

She was most fascinated by the loud mouthed being that kept his eyes on her. Sensing the Alpha scent that seemed to linger in his nose. Hounds were smart to recognize their leader, and surprisingly, the being was not protesting out loud. Artemis loved an obedient hound and always reward them for good behavior. Though, she loved the fiesty spirit he held. Maybe she would not break him after all.

She wondered where his lineage lies. His blood was mixed with a mortal woman. But his father was something great and very powerful. She could feel it and it excited the hunter within her. To have such a hound by her side, Artemis can find Apollo.

Still, it was not so strange for beings to mate with mortals to produce offspring with such features. Unlike the monsters Artemis encountered in her long life, seeing one with mortal and strange features was not unusual. Zeus himself had created beings with strange features resulting in many of the myths and demigods mortals know. Artemis herself was a product of such a thing. Though, she was no demigod.

"Artemis?" She heard her name coming from the female mortals lips. It was clear that they were talking about her. With her name coming into conversation. She paid it no mind. They were civil at best with her and had come to terms that she was not a threat. The loud mouthed hound would probably think otherwise.

"If I remember, she is a God. From Greece I believe. History is not my favorite of subjects, but she is a deity." Kagome spoke with a finger to her lips.

"A deity? So that means she is from a different land, this Greece?" The other dark hair female spoke. Artemis had caught wind of their names when they talked with one another. Their names being strange and sound fuzzy upon her tongue.

"It would explain her strength. She did get the upper hand on you, Inuyasha. " Miroku teased the loud mouthed being.

Artemis took a glance at the young mortal… well, he looked mortal enough. She would stick to such until proven otherwise. He was no demigod, but acted as a spoiled God with a complex issue. A hound that has yet to know his place.

"Shut up! I don't see you trying to fight her. If she is a deity, why does she smell strange and have a aurora of a lesser demon?" Inuyasha stated with arms crossed looking defeated.

"Artemis is the Goddess of the hunt, the moon, and hounds. It might explain why she was drawn to you and placed you on your back." Kagome spoke with an air of intellect. Though history was her worst, she had to dig deep within her mind to remember something about other Gods. Greek Gods being the more favored among modern times.

Artemis crossed her arms over her armored chest. A smirk placed upon her lips knowing that the loud mouthed being was of a lessor tier. All demons within this land could not compare to a full breed God.

"Whatever. It does not explain why she is here. Gaijin are being hunted and it's not safe for her, God or not." Inuyasha spoke keeping a weary glance on the huntress. So far, she has been quiet. Her silver eyes observing and listening to a language she does not understand. It must be frustrating, but she kept calm.

"I do not think she came here for shelter. By the looks of her armor and pack. Not to mention a bow and arrow. She is trying to find something or someone." Sango stated with an observant eye.

All the members of the small pack agreed to the statement. The only problem, how were they going to communicate with her?

Artemis found it best to stay out of the sight of the mortals. Until their nerves calmed around her. The villagers had never set eyes upon a woman who towered over them. Her appearance made it obvious she was an outsider. Though, unlike other villages she has come across, these people were not trying to run her back into the forest.

It was strange. Even the small pack whom encountered her first were accepting of her. Maybe because they befriended a dog-eared being, a feline that can change form, and she was certain that she has spotted a child with a bushy tail running about and playing with some of the children in the village. Even a small older mortal was rather kind to Artemis.

Maybe she could rest here for the night and leave before Helios rises to a brand new day. Though, something in the air caused a static to charge at her. Artemis moved out of the way of a new challenger trying to attack. It seems that she was the one being hunted.

She drew her bow with an arrow in the knot. Her fingers grasping the wooden weapon with her breathing steady and eyes focusing on her prey.

The commotion caught the attention of the small pack. The loud mouthed being by her side with his sword ready to attack whomever crossed into his territory. His ears seemed to pick up movement as he let out a deep growl.

"Artemis, you might want to back off." He spoke with a glance towards her. His golden eyes angered with determination when the smoke cleared and a tall figure appeared when the smoke settled back into the ground. The second time today something has tried to attack her. By the Gods, this was becoming an annoyance to the huntress.

"Sesshomaru!" He barked when the figure stood at a halt.

Artemis did not let her eyes wander off. Her hold on her arrow was firm without much of a flinch. The other mortals behind her could see her pose like a statue and her chest was rising and falling steadily with each breath.

She let the arrow go and aimed at the beings feet. It would deter him from moving forwards and from the energy coming from the being, Artemis drew another arrow with such speed. Her silver eyes watching and waiting. But, the loud mouth that stood beside her ran past her and began to attack the intruder leaving the huntress a bit dumbfounded at the rash action.

Disobedient mutt!

She clenched her jaw tightly and placed her arrow back in its pouch and bow back. She ran towards the dog-eared moron and grabbed him by the collar of his clothes and threw him back a few yards into the rice fields. The intruder held a stoic expression but was in a bit of a surprise when he saw the tall woman grab his annoyance of a half-brother and threw him into the rice fields.

"One would be wise than to not be in his master's way, you disobedient mutt."

The small pack was surprised as well, but they kind of saw it coming from a mile away. Artemis stood before the intruder now with her silver eyes looking at those being. Golden eyes just like that disobedient mutt, but he was different.

His blood was pure with that same power of the fathers lineage. Maybe even powerful if he could unlock that potential. Artemis felt fate had brought her to such hounds that she would sacrifice a lamb in Zeus honor for bringing her such luck. But first, she had to let them know that she was a huntress and they loyal hounds of the hunt.

"A worthy opponent, but something about you." He spoke in a calm tone. His golden eyes searching for something within her own silver. That scent from before stronger now that he was close to this being. Not a demon. Not mortal. He has never before come across the scent of a God and that is what truly unsettled his inner hound.

This being was a God. Gods are immortal and very strong.

Lets test this theory.

Kagome called out to Artemis, but it fell upon deaf ears. The huntress was focused on the being before her. He was strong, she could sense it. He was a full breed demon, but he kept that at bay unlike the disobedient mutt whom she could hear probably cursing at her.

"Lord Sesshomaru!" All eyes turned towards the small green demon who was holding the reigns of a two-headed beast. Artemis took a side step with her silver gaze on the new beings. Though, she could not help but stare at the two-headed beast that looked to be of a worthy prize.

"Artemis." Kagome said as she cautiously placed a hand on the huntress's arm. She looked to the young girl when a green like whip came charging at them.

Artemis grabbed the mortal and moved. The intruder was not letting up. She could see he had no intention on killing her… yet. He wanted to see her power, her skill. He was taught her to fight and like a huntress, she could see that he too was a hound that needed to know who his master was.


High above in Mount Olympus, Zeus sat upon his throne.

What will you do, Artemis? The hound before you will not submit so easily.

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