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Old Friends

The gods forgave.

He kept his location hidden. Even the best of the gods could not find him, not even his own sister. Foolish Artemis. She could have chosen to fight by his side against the mortals and those hounds. They could have ruled over them; could have a land all to their own. Apollo wanted the world to worship the olden gods. To have them feel his wrath for forgetting who made them; who created them. Mortals were such fickle creatures who have forgotten and created new gods.

His silver eyes looked lazily on the tomb. Once worshipped by the ancient Greeks, the tomb held many secrets. The marbled statue was broken, barely recognizable to Apollo. The tomb itself was ready to collapse, as Gaia's green vines covered the walls of the tomb. Once beautiful pictures were faded, with cracks decimating a once beautiful structure. Apollo felt much anger rather then sadness.

"Look what the mortals have done." He spoke. The echo of his voice bunching off the walls. "Ruined by time and neglect by mortals. There was one who loved you so. But I could not let her love you, for she would have strayed from her purpose. Now, you must rise from death and your soul taken from Hades himself."

Apollo placed his hand on the marble sarcophagus. Ancient words that time has forgotten, written upon it. The god moved the top layer with his strength. One swift movement and a loud bang with dust swirling around him. The torch in his hand was growing low, needing more fire to keep the room lite. Silver eyes looked to see bones, scattered within the sarcophagus. Time takes it's time to turn bones into dust. Apollo has seen such a phenomena many times out of curiosity. It was something fascinating to the older god.

Raising the dead was unnatural. It was banned by the more powerful of gods. Raising the dead is forbidden, but it did not stop Apollo. He found a way to raise the dead of both monsters and men. Such powerful spells were feared by the gods and Zeus himself would punish Apollo for such an act. Gods may have power to do whatever they pleased, but when something dies, it should stay dead. Hades has tried to reason with Apollo, but the god turned away. Letting Hades's words fall upon dead ears. Apollo turned to other more evil gods of other countries in sorcery beyond mortal realms.

"Rise from the dead. Artemis had failed to kill me, to bring me to Olympus for punishment. Her heart has grown weak and the gods sent her on a mission to turn me in. With such mortal emotion, I know she will fail to send you back to the underworld." He grabbed the skull within his hands. Missing teeth and lower jaw, the skeletal frame was so fragile. Yet, it was also beautiful. Mortals fear death, but how could one fear what was natural? Ah, so was the purpose of life.

He placed the torch within one empty socket and chanted in an ancient language. It was not of Greek origin. It was a tongue from a long lost civilization that resided in the desert. One of the ancient world and a place where the tower of babel once stood. Now destroyed and forgotten. The skull glowed a blue color, changing the flames around it. It was consumed by the flames and floated without assistance. Apollo continued to chant louder. The skull began to rattle as bones began to form under it. The spine. The ribs. Every bone began to take shape. Nerves began to connect and muscle and flesh took form.

The man standing before Apollo was naked.

The man was taller then Apollo by a foot. Strong in muscles that showed beneath his skin. Olive skin with a full beard and a head of hair. Brown eyes stared at the god with disbelief, as he touched his face. Apollo grinned as he watched the man looking around him. He was breathing air once more. It has been a long time since he could breathe the air of Gaia. His feet could feel the cold stone beneath him. Apollo knew the man was confused, questioning everything within his mind.

"Apollo?" His deep voice cracked. It truly has been so long since he could speak. Apollo wanted to laugh, but he wanted to play a sadistic game. Artemis will have her hands full, all the while as Apollo finished his plans.

"Orion, the great hunter. I have risen you from the dead." Apollo spoke proudly. His hands up in dramatic effect.

Orion clenched his fists tightly. Anger boiled within him.

"Give me reason why you raised me from the dead. Taking my from the stars to guide mortals. I should kill you where you stand!" Orion found his true voice. Though cracked, he wanted to move and grab the god by his clothes. The moment Orion moved his feet, he almost collapsed to the ground. His old body felt weak and sore.

"Ah! You should be thanking me, my old friend." Apollo mocked. "I have many uses for you."

Orion clenched his teeth, letting out a low growl. "The gods forbid raising the dead. What use does one have with a dead man?! You should have left me dead and raised another fool for whatever bidding you have. I have no use for the likes of you."

Apollo chuckled. "Oh, but I will you rest in peace. Thought one would be grateful to live once more."

Orion did not being mocked. There was something truly dark about Apollo. There was nothing within his silver eyes. The old hunter still felt hatred for his betrayal and having Artemis kill him by accident.

"Why would one be grateful? You were the one to kill me. The arrow may not have been shot by you, but I know you were behind my own demise. Why raise me? To kill me again?" Orion could see with the old gods hands. Something green in color shining. Orion could feel the pull of what it was.

"Because I have you soul, hunter. I can control every move and decision you make. Your soul will be released back once you do my a simple favor." Apollo looked to the green light. What was a man without a soul? To still breath and have life. A soul was used as a bargain chip.

Orion could feel the emptiness within his old body. He should have felt it the moment he was rising, but that anger seeing Apollo blinded him. Now, he was nothing more then a slave. Someone who could not die. His body could be destroyed many times over, but his soul would always remain in Apollo's hands. The old god could always rebuild the body.

"Do I have much choice?" Orion had to play the game.

"Souls are valuable. If you want your soul to return, I order you to kill my twin sister, Artemis." Apollo felt the satisfaction of seeing Orion's eyes widen.

Artemis felt a cold shiver go through her spine. The wind had picked up, swirling dirt and grass through the village. She looked up in the sky, feeling an impending darkness in the air. Kagome felt the huntress stiffen within her hand. The girl could feel something wrong just by looking at Artemis. Her silver eyes were staring up at the sky, searching for something that just wasn't there.

The birds that flew in the sky even acted rather strange. Kagome pulled upon Artemis's hand. The young girl was not sure why, but she felt scared. Artemis looked down from the sky to glance at Kagome. Those darkened eyes looking at her own, seeing her own reflection in the girls. Artemis gently squeezed her hand for reassurance. The huntress had figured the girl was sensitive to the world around her. Feeling things no ordinary mortal should feel. It was rather outstanding to have met mortals who could see and sense things that would otherwise be nothing more then unexplained phenomena.

"Now, where is Kohaku?" Artemis said gently. The huntress wanted to keep Kagome from feeling scared at this new sense. Whatever was causing this darkened feeling, it would have to present itself in time. She was sure she will meet whoever was behind this feeling. Apollo had covered his tracks, making it impossible for the huntress at the moment.

"He is inside Lady Kaede's hut. We are almost there." Kagome's gentle voice made the huntress smile softly at the girl.

Both had continued to walk to a small hut. Kagome went inside first and Artemis followed behind her. Inside, Miroku, Shippo, Lady Kaede, and Sango were at the side of Kohaku. Anubis sat at the other side. His slender ears were pointed to the back of his head in disbelief at the sight of Kohaku. Kirara was laying upon the boys stomach. The demon cat looked as if she had not moved from her spot. The boy looked deathly pale and shivering from a fever of sorts. Sango looked tired and worn. Her eyes red from many tears shed, softly speaking to the unconscious boy to fight. From her talk with Kagome, Sango had almost lost Kohaku once. He was enslaved by an evil demon named Naraku. The journey to save his life was a rather sad on for Sango.

Artemis and Sango were one in the same when it came to trying to save their own brother. Even though the new darkened feeling was still there, Artemis felt the need to save the young boys life. In a way, it was a compensation for not having saved Apollo.

"Artemis." Sango said. The young woman was looking at the huntress. She was pleading with her eyes to Artemis. Her hands together as if praying to her. "There has to be some way to save him. Lady Kaede says that he was poisoned. There is no other cure for this unknown poison."

Kagome was at the young woman's side. Shippo was gently patting her arm, while Miroku could only look on in saddened silence. The hut was saddened for the boys condition Artemis could not blame these mortals to look to a goddess for help and comfort.

"Do you know what has caused his condition, Anubis?" Artemis asked the ancient jackal.

Everyone looked to Anubis with curious eyes. Even if they could not understand the jackal, how was one to know what he had to say? He knew the truth of who caused this. Kohaku smelled of death. The jackal had many encounters with foul beast during his time and none other smelled so foul than the ancient she-wolf of a monster.

"He smells of her. The coward Lilith has poisoned the boy to capture the hounds child. I tried to take out the poison, but I cannot. Lilith has made it so we could not drain it from his blood." Anubis almost growled at the mention of the despicable woman.

Artemis felt angered at her name. She looked to the group and her eyes had softened.

"Lilith has poisoned the boy. One so ancient, a cure is no easy feat." Artemis spoke.

"So, you cannot help him?" Sango almost sounded desperate. Tears had streamed down her cheeks, but she was also steaming with anger. Artemis was their only shot at curing Kohaku from this condition.

"I never said I could not help him. Lilith's poison is ancient and to find a cure, I need to find the three sisters. They are very ancient and have much knowledge of the world. Finding a cure, I would have to find Apollo's location. Where Apollo lies, so does Lilith." Artemis stated.

"Meaning what, huntress?" Kaede spoke.

"Lilith's blood is the cure to his condition. He needs to swallow a drip of blood." Artemis could see the surprise look on everyone's face. It was the only way to save Kohaku's life without having to end his misery. Lilith was a complicated monster and a rather hard one to find.

"How do we find the three sisters?" Miroku said. His arms inside of his long sleeves. The intensity of his stare upon Artemis was unnerving. The huntress knew about his compassion and love for the young woman.

"It's a dangerous journey. The three sisters have not been seen for centuries. Anubis, set out to Olympus when Helios raises the light. Seek Athena's guidance. Ido not want you mortals to have to journey with me. The hounds will be enough for me." It was the truth. She had cared for these strange mortals; this strange pack who had loyalty and love for each other. Artemis did not want to have to have protect mortals. Their lives were fragile. The two hounds would fair better on this journey. Baldur would also be another hunter in search for the three sisters.

Anubis nodded his head in acknowledgment.

"Inuyasha and Sesshomaru will kill each other if they travel together." Kagome stated. The image of the two brother always glaring at each other appeared in her mind. Speaking of Inuyasha, he barged into the tent and staring daggers at Artemis. The huntress ignored the loud-mouthed hound. Her focus was on a plan. This mission was dangerous.

"One thinks I cannot handle such hounds." Artemis raised her brow. Kagome chuckled as she scratched her chin.

"You think you can handle me? What are we talking about?" Inuyasha said, feeling confused for a moment, before he looked to Kohaku.

"Artemis said that in order to cure Kohaku, we have to find Lilith. Her blood is the cure. In order to find her, we have to find the three sisters." Kagome said, getting Inuyasha up to speed on the situation at hand. The huntress could feel annoyance growing at having being told she will not be going alone with her hounds. She could understand the pack wanting to help their friend, it's a noble cause, but to have mortals be in danger was something the huntress did not want.

"Well, let's find the three sisters and cure Kohaku." Inuyasha said. Artemis cannot believe some of the things that come out of his mouth.

"Its not simple, you loud-mouthed hound. Your pack wants to come on this journey, but as a pack leader would you want to put them in danger?" Artemis said.

"They are my friends and we have fought many strong and scary demons in the past. How hard can a journey to the sisters be?" Inuyasha countered.

"Death! Risking your pack is not what a leader strives for. Mortals should not handle the business of gods or monsters." Artemis raised her voice. This was the first time anyone had ever heard the huntress get angry. She was always so calm when it came to having deal with Inuyasha's arrogance and bravado handling of things. Often times, the huntress would put him in his place like a dog. Her silver eyes glared hard at the loud-mouthed hound.

"I know you have risked your lives fighting the Hydra, but there are monsters out there stronger then anything you have seen. I cannot live the rest of my days knowing I lead mortals to their deaths. It is noble that you want to help the poor boy, but it would be suicide." Artemis sighed heavily as she returned back to her own calm fa├žade. Anubis lowered his ears, feeling sympathetic for the pack.

"You can tell us no many times, Artemis." Kagome spoke up. She stood up and placed her hand on Sango's shoulder. A small smile upon her face as she looked down at the young woman. Sango no longer cried. She also felt the need to stand up. The whole pack- other then Kaede who smiled softly- stood their ground.

"Kohaku depends on us to save him. Rin depends on us as well. She is a part of this village. How could we sleep at night knowing she is still within the hands of someone so evil. Sesshomaru would go through the depths of the underworld just to save her." Kagome had this new found courage. Everyone had this sense about them that made Artemis know she was not going to change any of their minds.

Mortals were such strange beings.


Just at the edge of the forest, Sesshomaru stood. He could feel the change within the air. He was certain the demons that reside in the forest could feel it too. Something was not right with the air and he wondered what it could be, but had a sense that it was the god: Apollo. Whatever he was planning was not going to be achieved. As much as the hound inside was hurting with sadness and rage, the hound could feel it as well.

"You can feel it too, huh, hound of Artemis?" Sesshomaru raised his arm and threw a green whip at the strangers direction. Baldur moved out of the way of the strange whip and laughed. Does the man constantly have to find joy in annoying, this Sesshomaru?

"I do not have time to deal with such insolence. It would be wise for you to leave this, Sesshomaru, to his own." Sesshomaru said, looking at the tall man. A hard glare of his golden eyes staring with annoyance. The hound inside was ready to show itself and go another round with the strange man.

Baldur grinned at the hound. There was plenty of entertainment left and anger was rising. This hound is rather fun to spar as he had much killing intent. Odin has truly blessed a worthy foe for one such as he.

"I have come to bring Artemis her weapon. It has been delivered. As much as I would have loved to spar with you, hound, I must return. Odin has a task for me." Baldur chuckled lightly.

Sesshomaru kept quiet, calculating many ways to tear the man to many pieces. Then, out of nowhere, Baldur through something at Sesshomaru. He grabbed a strange object within his hand and Baldur was gone within a flash. His scent gone with the wind. Within his grasp, a strange looking dagger with carvings that were unfamiliar to him. There was an urge to throw the object away, but his hound could not let the body do so.

Something about this dagger was of importance, but Sesshomaru was not sure of its purpose yet. He clenched the dagger within his grasp.

"Lord Sesshomaru!" Jaken cried out.

Beside his master, the demon was out of breath. Once again, he had to catch up to the fast dog demon. Sesshomaru paid no mind to his ward, but kept his eyes on the dagger that still smelled of the strange man.

His only thoughts were on the little girl that had changed his views of humans. The only human to stay by his side, even though Sesshomaru was a cold and ruthless demon. Rin was still within his thoughts and he would not stop his search for her no matter the danger. His hound loved the smell of his enemies blood and savored in battle.

"My Lord?" Jaken said. He could see within his grasp, a dagger. Sesshomaru once more lost in thought, but it did not take long to know that he was thinking of ways to save Rin. In truth, Jaken missed the girl, but he would never voice his opinion.

AN: Sorry for the wait. I've been at a standstill with this story and how I would proceed with it. Kinda suck, since I adore what I created. I really do appreciate you readers for being patient. Updates are slow as heck right now with what is happening in the world. Hope everyone is safe where they are at.

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