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The Huntress @modern_age
No Simple Reunion

The gods would weep.

There was a poison running through his veins. His heartbeat had slowed and the world around him was a blur. The forest spirits have protected young Kohaku from the hungry demons that have sensed his distress. Poor boy could not move from his paralyzed state, but his mind was conscious enough to feel that he was not going to be harmed. The strange woman had injected him with some sort of poison that didn't kill him instantly.

The evil air had long been gone due to the forest spirits reclaiming the area. It has been sometime since a strong enough evil had poisoned the land. The trees were now growing back its leaves and birds have come back to nest in the trees. Kohaku moved his eyes to see the sun shining and he could see how the strange woman effected the area around him. Evil creatures kill everything within their touch. Nothing is safe.

"Her poison has kept you from protecting the girl." Kohaku heard a strange voice. There was a heavy accent to a language he had never heard before. It was of a deep tone. One that carried authority when provoked, but also gentle as to not frighten him.

Kohaku wasn't sure if this was a good or bad omen.

"One would see it as a noble act. I give you great praise for trying to defend the girl from the evil one. The woman made of a rib and cast upon a great sin upon the world. So, the story goes." The voice was coming from the shadows that hid the monsters. The demons that would see Kohaku as an easy meal.

His thoughts were racing fast. Was it his time now to die? To repent everything that has happened in the past?

Walking through the clearing, a large black dog with straight ears had come walking towards him. Its eyes staring at him with a predatory glare. The small forest spirits kept to the trees and looked to the creature that smelled of death. Were they scared of this creature? Kohaku's heart began to beat fast at the thought.

"Poor child. I will take you to them. The huntress will cure you of her poison and you will no longer be still." The creature nudged at Kohaku's cheek. There was sadness within its eyes and the forest spirits calm aurora slowed down his heart. Though the creature smelled of death, the scent wasn't strong enough to overwhelm Kohaku's senses.

A creature of death. It has come to claim me.

He believed that the creature was embracing him into the afterlife. It would be a peaceful death rather of one that was not painful.

The creature's nose was cold and moist. Kohaku was afraid of it at first by how large and menacing it looked. He has never seen such a creature before and he has seen some ugly demons. This creature was more unique and beautiful from its shiny black coat and large ears. Kohaku wanted to move himself to give assistance to the creature, but his body just couldn't help.

There was just nothing he could do. The poison would not let Kohaku move.

Once placed upon it's back, the creature began to run. The forest spirits look on to the strange being and kept their calm aurora in the area for the grass and leaves to grow back. Watching with calm eyes, Sesshomaru had kept his distance from the forest spirits. Any foolish demon hungry enough to attack the demon lord, would meet the end of his green whip.

He observed his surroundings.

The forest spirits had noticed Sesshomaru's presence. True to his reputation as being a fierce demon, the peaceful creatures saw no threat. They only were there to protect the poor child that had fallen I'll due to poison within his blood. Sesshomaru had smelled the strong foul scent and followed it. His noise, able to scent even the fresh spilled blood could track anything that dare breathes life.

However, this poison had a very familiar smell. His hound had woken from its slumber to the smell. Poison had something bitter and pungent about it, but somehow, this poison scent was that of the woman whom had humiliated him. Chaining him to the ground and causing Sesshomaru his longing loneliness for Rin to rise his hound for revenge. He could already see the beast within drooling with blood lust.

The hound wants to sever the woman and bound her to the earth.

The forest spirits had watched the demon lord show little to no emotion. But the power that emitted from his strong aurora would scare anything that trembled within the earth and shadows. The spirits had kept their distance for the time being. These ancient creatures had seen their fair share of powerful demons: both good and evil. This forest has seen such evil and it was time to cleanse it from that stench, but Sesshomaru would lock it within memory.

The scent of the woman who took Rin.

"Lord Sesshomaru!" Jaken's high screech had caused the spirits to turn their attention to the green demon. His little legs moving such a tiny body in a great pace. Eyes always bulging in an exaggerated fashion that would make others laugh. The green little demon had just barely reached the sacred area within the spirits aurora when he was blocked by a barrier.

"What?! How can Lord Sesshomaru stand within the barrier, while I- Jaken- is left to feel the deep burn of the purity?" Jaken complained.

Sesshomaru looked to the spirits and wondered if they had intentionally let him through the barrier? In fact, he could not sense such a thing. It was strange to him that he could not even see it. The forest spirits had gathered around Jaken and began to poke at his form. Curious spirits that held no malice.

"Get away from me!" Jaken screamed.

"Jaken." Sesshomaru commanded in his monotone voice. It was more for his benefit as Jaken can be am overwhelming little headache for the demon lord. As of late, there have been many headaches that caused Sesshomaru great annoyance.

He dipped himself into the warm hot spring that was near the village. Artemis crossed her arms when she looked to the smiling Norse god. His ability to see humor in tense situations was nothing new. It was the way of the Norse to see a potential strong opponent and take them on in a fight. Baldr- like Artemis- were just strangers to the land. What could be a custom back home, could be offensive here to the mortals. He had to tread lightly with these villagers and avoid Artemis's brutal anger.

The huntress may have looked calm with a straight face. She had many questions that needed to be answered and after the day's events involving a moody demon lord and his loud-mouthed brother. Not to mention the ruining of some rice paddies that left a distaste in the farmers.

"Why are you hear?" She asked in his language.

"I had been summoned by the all father- Odin. He has tasked me to come to a swordsmith to ask for him to make you a bow from the antlers of a descendant of Keresh. His hide will do well for armor." He looked to the huntress and saw she had worn the pelt and had the bow over her shoulder. There was no denying seeing a beautiful goddess look much like a warrior. Her auburn hair braided and silver eyes staring intently at him. It was such a shame that the huntress would choose a life as a virgin. Any man would have been grateful to have such a resourceful woman by their side. Orion was lucky to have caught the huntress by the heart.

"And your task has been greatly appreciated. Do not linger within the world of mortals for too long." She said, ignoring the way the old god had looked to her. Baldr chuckled at the anticipation of his absence by the huntress. Was she trying to rush him back home? Could old friends not be joyful to each other after not seeing one another for a long time?

"I find this world much interesting. There are many wonders and beasts to tame. Why must you ruin my fun when the world is close to ruin?" Baldr's attitude to the situation may be of a dark humor, but Artemis was not one to laugh at lives being carelessly taken. "I am only jesting, Artemis. Do not look to me with that look."

Artemis had given the god a hard-stoned glare. Her silver eyes narrowing at him. If he was not a close friend and an ancient god, she would have her own fun placing arrows within the man. He was lucky that feeling pain was such a blessing to him because of his mother. Baldr had known the huntress for many centuries and knew she was not the humorous or even playful type of goddess. She was too serious sometimes and needed a push to lighten her mood.

"Do you not know of what Apollo is trying to awaken.?" Her tone of voice had become low. "A monster that has been asleep for centuries. He has taken a child for sacrifice and I have no idea of where he hides. Do not take my mood lightly for I have already failed in trying to kill my own brother."

Baldr could see the heavy stress upon the huntress. The way her shoulders had slumped just a little to the very faint outlines of a pout upon her lips. That glare she had giving him just moments before had vanished quickly. Artemis always kept her composure, but the thought of killing your own brother could question all that one had grown to be since the very beginning.

Baldr had come to know the stories and Artemis had known his. The gods of the different lands knew of each other existence, but there was tolerance. Sure, wars fought in their name, but enough to acknowledge they existed and were already in the back of the mortal's minds. There was a new God or so the story goes. It did not matter to Baldr if the mortals believed in one or more, mortals are bound to kill over the gods they believe true. They just could no longer interfere in the business of men.

"It is not easy to have to kill one of the same flesh and blood. I am only trying to ease the suffering you are feeling great huntress." Baldr said.

Artemis knew the god could be sincere. The days have not been easy for her. The thought of having to kill her own brother and failing to do so because she had a moment of weakness. She was viewed by mortals as a strong huntress. One who could hunt a beast. She was the great huntress. Gods had to keep personal mortal feelings at bay.

"What I feel are my own." She was defensive. Inside, Artemis was at war with herself. Everything leading up to this point were mistakes. Her personal feelings towards her brother were blinding her. It almost cost her everything. If only she could have struck Apollo down. "Do not try and makes things better. I know what needs to be done. I do not need another reminding me what is at stake."

Baldr raised his hands in defense. There was no reason for her to almost bite his head off, but the huntress was put under great stress from the gods. She had a responsibility to uphold or else look like a failure. Artemis did not take humiliation all too well.

"Artemis!" The sound of a young girl had caused the heavy tension to cease for the moment. Their conversation would have to wait.

The huntress looked over her shoulder to find that Kagome and Inuyasha had come to find her. There was a look of worry upon Kagome's face. She looked close to tears, but she kept her composure enough to speak coherently to Artemis. Inuyasha, however, kept his gaze upon Baldr. There was an intense state down between the two. Artemis ignored it for a moment to listen closely to what was being told to her.

But Kagome had red tinted cheeks when she saw Baldr washing himself. Artemis moved in front of the embarrassed girl, blocking her vision before she died of seeing a naked man. Nudity should not be something to be ashamed of. Mortals are born in the flesh and seeing a naked man should not cause Kagome to come close to fainting. Artemis was not at all affected by it, because she was used to the flesh. Nothing all to new. Mortals and gods shared the same structure.

"Do not mind him." She said simply. It was hard for Kagome to just ignore the man in the water. How could she be so nonchalant? Kagome thought as sweat was going down her back.

"There is a naked man in the water and Kagome saw him!" Inuyasha stated in Kagome's defense. He had covered her eyes quickly while pointing an accusing finger at the god in the water.

Artemis sighed heavily. Baldr paid no mind fo either of the two and continued his bath.

"If we go somewhere more private, would the girl then speak before her skin scorches the earth?" Artemis said. The huntress wanted to find a distraction for the moment before going back into the conversation with Baldr.

"No time for that!" Inuyasha stated quickly.

"It's Kohaku: Sanger's little brother. Please help him." She took hold of the huntress's arm and, without warning, quickly pulled with as much strength as a mortal could have, pulled her into a running pace. Artemis had little time to react, but her feet were already moving. Kagome may not have not looked liked a woman who cares strength within her body, but looks are deceiving.

The girl had a strong grip for someone a foot shorter then the huntress. She could hear Baldr laughing at her misfortune.

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