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The Huntress @modern_age
The Other God

The old god forged a bow.

In the dwellings of the heat and smoke, he peeks his head outside of his home like a scared mouse. There was something coming and fast towards him. He could not feel any evil intent or demon aura, but there was something otherworldly. Something he has never encountered before in his long life.

Totosai had heard many wild rumors speculating throughout the land. Of strange beings stronger than any known demon had stepped for in Japan. The 'gajin' were of a different world and very dangerous. Totosai was not one to believe in crazy rumors because the higher power above demons had much more important matters. This world was not very interesting and the gods would rather fight among themselves.

He seemed to have forgotten that their was a burst of energy that landed just outside. Features so foreign to the Japanese that when compared to the more docile small men, this being had features that were sharp at angles along his jaw that made him look like a young man. Even the demons had no such facial features when they had a human form- most often they took form of beautiful men and women. This being was different and maybe had a different view of beauty as to what men had to look in his land.

Totosai took a step back to pretend to tend to the fire and a rusty blade made from a dead demon.

Maybe they will not notice. He thought as his back was turned away from the entrance. The old fool had nowhere to run in case the being decided to attack. He could hear the being walk inside his home. Heavy footsteps from boots that seemed to be made of animal hide. His clothing seemed so out of place and the markings that covered his skin.

Blue eyes and a reddish-beard were big indicators of a 'gajin'. Taller then any human being in Japan, Totosai felt small. Frail? Probably so. No mortal man could ever dream to look like such and Totosai knew that this being was from a far away land. He had a name, but was it necessary to know it? Would it hurt to ask? Yes.

What brings these beings here? Totosai could be brave and defend himself, but he decided that maybe the being would just leave. There was nothing interesting here that could be of any value. Yeah, that is what he'll do. Great plan?

I wonder what I will have for tonight's dinner. His mind was that of a mystery. Totosai could be focused for a few moments and then, like the wind, change directions. He picked at his ears, trying to ignore the presence that was now right behind him. Playing the long con of ignorance.

It wasn't threatening. It wasn't evil. The aura surrounding him said something different. Demons in this land had aura of demonic power. This being behind Totosai, was obviously not a demon.

"You must be the swordsmith: Totosai." The voice did not speak the native tongue. The way he said the swordsmith's name sounded awkward. It was hard for him to speak it since maybe there was no translation for it. His voice rather deep and each syllable of gibberish sounded threatening. We'll, I have never heard such weird words.

Maybe I should pretend to not notice it. Why must I always be caught in the path of something that has nothing to do with me? Such was the curse of being a demon sword maker. Many sought after him and threatened his very existence. A particular demon lord has come to mind. Please dont make since I thought of that stubborn elder son. Totosai thought with haste. Trying to atone for such thoughts.

The tall man felt rather strange being in such a confined space. Speaking to a tiny man who could not understand a word he was saying. Maybe he could try to communicate in another fashion, but time was waiting away and he was sent to this land to bring items for the huntress of Greece. Of all gods to send, Baldr was the last to want to be sent to Midgard.

"I do not understand." Totosai said as he looked over his shoulder.

Totosai noticed how tall and very lean Baldr was. Muscle bulged from his sleeves with his blue eyes staring down at Totosai. The was something wise in them, but it was hard to tell since the being spoke a much harsher tongue. The way each syllable was spoken could have scratched inside of ears. His voice was deep with a baritone that hummed against his chest. Though the full beard was bushy, it could not hide the blue marking upon his face. Some symbols stood out, but it was hard to tell what they meant since Totosai could not even read them. Within his large hands, some items stood out. Totosai was too busy looking at the being that he had not noticed it.

"Aw, I remember now. Yes, the huntress who came to these lands not too long ago." Totosai rambled to more himself then the tall being. When the strange energy emerged in Japan, one of the Kami had sent a messenger to many demon lords about a huntress from a land with many myths and legends.

Totosai was not a demon lord, but a respected swordsman. His weapons could cause serious damage to demons. It is said that his forged weapons possessed thought. That a sword could only choose its master. Some of the best warriors have come to Totosai for favor of one of his most precious weapons. A certain demon lord comes to mind, but thinking of the elder son only brought pain amongst his bones.

"Create a bow for the huntress out of the hide of a stag, descended of Keresh. He has given his body and antlers for Artemis." Totosai was given the strange hide and antlers. How could he forge something out of this? Unlike demon parts, the stags remains were mythical. From a land far from here and its aura pure of demonic intervention.

Totosai had his work cut out for him, unfortunately. Could the being have found another more suitable smith to forge the bow for the huntress? Do not get him wrong, it was an honor to be visited by these beings and asked to do something for them- even though he'd rather be eating and sleeping, but honored nonetheless.

"Have you heard from the Kami?" It would be rather useless to speak to the being. Maybe they may understand in their own strange way of what he speaks. But the being nodded his head. A sudden chill ran down Totosai's spine.

The Kami have yet to show themselves to defend their land from invaders. Totosai had this itching feeling or maybe it was an actual itch that needed to be scratched. Either way, the Kami were watching from a far away glance. Maybe using some sort of magic to keep themselves from being seen. Though, the demons were curious of whom these beings were and becoming bold.

Even the great forest spirit is becoming distressed by them or someone.

"They keep to themselves as of now. But, there is a greater danger that may require them to be seen." Baldr disappeared in a cloud of smoke, leaving Totosai to his own musings. Time to forge the bow and make arrows. This was to be a great challenge. At least he wasn't being threatened to make a weapon.

The strength of the stags antlers were stronger than any material he has ever welded. Trying to bend the antlers seemed almost impossible for Totosai. Unlike demon parts, the stags antlers had no demon aura surrounding it. Using only flame and hammer, contorting it in the shape he wanted, Totosai had completed the bow in the span of twelve hours.

As to how he was to use the hide of the mythical creature, well, he needed to come up with some ideas. The old swordsmith was at a stump when he looked at the hide. It was of good length and had a very particular smell: pinewood and ash. A strange combination of both scents.

Totosai scratched his head in much confusion. Making and repairing demon weapons was one thing, but to use a stags antlers and hide were something else entirely.


"There was a strange smell. What brings it here?" His smooth voice had brought a chill down Totosai's spine the moment he heard a familiar voice in his cave. Oh dear, why must the elder son come from the shadows and disturb him while he wanted to be in peace? Not to mention the little toad whom speaks so loudly?

"Smell's like strong wheat and sweat, my Lord." Jaken stated; smelling the air.

Nothing to smell really. To think that the being's scent still lingered in his home attracted the elder son. Could the Kami have brought a more stubborn demon?

"Smell? I don't smell anything or then my food cooking over the fire. I do not suppose you came all this way just to have a meal, Sesshomaru?" Totosai said.

"You insufferable old smith. How dare you talk to Lord Sesshomaru that way! You should learn some manners when speaking to one such as my master." Jaken's scratchy voice was so loud that it echoed off the walls. Totosai had never liked the toad or even favored him. It was better to just ignore the little demon and let him mouth off for unknown reasons. How Sesshomaru put up with him was a mystery.

"I should kill you where you sit, you old fool. I am of no patience and to hear you speak to me as such would have earned you a deadly slash." Sesshomaru did not have to be threatening. He may have a calm demeanor, but when he talked in such a low manner, the threat became serious. Sesshomaru was killing perfection after all.

The elder dog demon narrowed his eyes upon the old man. Even Jaken had shut his trap to listen to his master. Totosai knew that Sesshomaru would not kill him, maybe ruffle him up, but to kill the talented swordsman? Maybe not yet. Totosai knew too much and though he acted the fool, Totosai was too valuable in this world.

"Threatening me as always. I thought you have calmed your nature. Is it because of the beings that have shown themselves?" All demons were acting strange. Totosai had noticed how tired Sesshomaru had become. Something inside of himself, he was having an internal battle. An internal battle with his demon self.

"Lord Sesshomaru should not have to idle by and listen to an old swordsmith babble like some fool. If I could, I would put you out of commission. Your value lies in your swords, Totosai." Jaken was talking too much for his own good.

Sesshomaru stepped on the road to shut him up. No one speaks for this, Sesshomaru. Having traveled far on a scent that was nothing like hers. To find that Totosai had forged a bow that seemed to fit in the hands of the huntress. The weak huntress that could not kill her own brother. Sounded all too familiar, but it wasn't. Sesshomaru could kill Inuyasha anytime he wanted.

Yet you do not. His demon chuckled.

Red eyes were closed as the giant dog was lying on his side. Battle wounds still scarred his fur.

Totosai looked on in curious wonder at the elder son. On occasions where the two met, Sesshomaru would tasks the older smith to do something or else risk being killed. Not like he heard the threat too many times before. Sesshomaru was a feared demon and even Totosai stilled held that fear.

"Where did you get the materials to make the bow and the hide I see stretched to make armor?" His eyes lingered to the bow that was beside the hide. There was something pulsating in the hide that felt alive. Has the soul of the deer not die?

"Where I got the items to make the bow is a mystery. Or was it because I was dreaming since I have not slept in twelve hours? Maybe I am hungry." Sesshomaru had always hated the way Totosai played the aloof old man. Always dodging questions- even when threatened. He would always run away without truly fighting and would disappear if needed.

Sesshomaru flashed before the older man with a serious dark look upon his features. Okay, so Totosai was wrong about the calmness of Sesshomaru.

"I know you hide something from me. I had smelled the scent of something foreign. Not from this land. Where did it go?" Sesshomaru was growing tired of the back and forth. His patience was not the most prolonged and many would vouch to that. Jaken was becoming stressed at seeing his master act in such a way. The huntress had an effect on the dog demon.

Sesshomaru grabbed the bow and the hide from its resting place. Totosai looked on in curiosity. Trying to find explanation to this bizarre scene that was unfolding. The past couple of days have truly been strange. The elder son was gone in a flash leaving behind his road demon, who ran out of sight screaming his masters name.

What plan did you forge before your death? Was there something more then having your sons have the swords made of your fang? I wonder what you were thinking when you fought the lightning god and asked for your sons to guide the huntress. Totosai thought as the smell of burning meat smoked his home.

AN: Another ancient god shows himself? Who is he and what does he have to do with the plot? Should I keep the gods and goddesses to a minimum? I think I should stop there because I do plan on having one or two kami show themselves. The Kami have to have a chance to explain why they have yet to introduce themselves and defend Japan.

I thought it would be interesting to have Baldr appear from Norse mythology. I know in the myth he is killed by an arrow. Why put him in the story? One of life's mysterious, just you wait. He will appear again in the following chapters.

The next chapter we will go to Artemis and the group. Soon, the journey to find the fates will get on their way as I begin the world building we are familiar with with many twists and turns. I hope you enjoy having another god in the story. I think Baldr would be an interesting choice just like how I added Anubis.

Anyway, I am glad you are enjoying the story so far. We will not see much of Apollo for a while until things fall into place. But we will see Rin again and learn more about the ancient god as we follow Artemis in her journey to find Apollo.

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