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The Huntress @modern_age
Blood At The Light

The old god could hear the hounds howl.

His howls of anger echoed throughout the land of wild beasts. Keeping the demons at bay for they were scared of the giant hound that was chained to the ground. The thunder clapped overhead as the rain poured around them. The charred remains of the Hydra lay still as its body now belonged to the earth. Inuyasha grabbed Kagome by the hands to motion her to get on his back. She obliged by the his silent command and she was lifted off from the ground.

"What of Sesshomaru?" She asked; a hint of worry within her voice.

Inuyasha wanted to leave him well enough alone. He was beyond reason right now and sought it best to not drag Kagome into his rage. If anything, a sarcastic tone would have made the young priestess want to be caught within Sesshomaru's clutch. But the young half-demon sought it best to not say anything at all. Something rare for Inuyasha in a time like this.

He could see from their safe distance how hard Sesshomaru was struggling against his chain prison. With being busy trying to eliminate the Hydra, they were not sure of what had occurred just moments before. In a way, seeing Sesshomaru in such a state was pathetic. Inuyasha felt kind of sorry for his bastard of an elder brother.

Seeing such a powerful demon rage. His surroundings suffering from his lack of control. The rain soaking his fur and turning the ground into mud. The bodies of the dead would have to wait to be buried in order to receive proper peace in their next life.

The smell of curious demons were everywhere. Waiting to devour the dead, but Inuyasha was not going to let the demons close. For now, Sesshomaru's raged form should be enough to keep the rest at bay.

"He will figure it out. Come on, let's go." Kagome looked over her shoulder once more to Sesshomaru. The giant hound was struggling and his blood tainted the ground beneath him. His fur became wet and dirty. His movements erratic. To see a powerful demon reduced to nothing more than a monster, Kagome was surprised to see him in such a way. Sesshomaru was always the calculated one. To always be a step ahead of his opponent.

"We cant just leave him this way." Inuyasha sighed heavily. Kagome was always the one to care for others. Her nature was just like that. Sesshomaru was not some helpless demon. He was far from it. It was best to keep quiet and move on towards Sango, Miroku, Shippo, and Kirara.

"I'd rather not get eaten. If you want to stay to try and calm down the bastard, I ain't stopping ya." Kagome has never seen Inuyasha like this. It was many of firsts since the mysterious arrival of Artemis. There was something much bigger happening. It seems that not only demons were real, but god's from foreign lands are real as well.

Kagome did her best to not dwell on the matter. She took one last look at Sesshomaru's fight against the chains. She could smell his blood and that of the dead. The mixture was causing her head to spin and she noticed that not to far from Sesshomaru stood a figure. Her mind must have been playing tricks on her, but she could have sworn to the gods that the figure had long poi red ears and a snout with human features.

She wanted to tell Inuyahsa of what she saw, but wasn't sure if it was just her mind playing tricks. Inuyasha seemed to not have noticed or else he would have gone to investigate. This assured Kagome that it was her mind and being exhausted. Though, the figure seemed to have disappear and following them in the shadow of the trees. Like a shadow of death and it terrified her.

The owl hovered over them for sometime. Observing their behavior and strange tongue. The way they dressed was something curious for the creature. He swooped down towards a tree branch. The battle of the Hydra now won by a strange boy with dog ears. Apollo has disappeared without a single trace. The owls keen sight could see far beyond the reach of mortal's eyes.

He could find Apollo even if he hid in the mountains. The God made sure that the eyes of the gods could not trace him. The owl had to look away for his eyes caught something moving in the shadows of the trees. His form being camouflaged and making sure he will not be seen. The owl was not fooled by the old god, for the god of the dead was not one to be of a silent type. It was of any wonder none of the other mortals could sense him.

The rain wet his feathers that sent a small chill through his bones. The smell of fresh rain was better then smelling the rotting flesh of men. It might have been the reason he was here. In a land far from the sands. Shaking the rain off his feathers, the owl was noticed by the small child with a large puff on his backside. These were indeed strange beings. The small child-like being could see him and yet, could not see the black shadow coming their way.


"The owl has been perched on the tree for sometime. It is rather strange looking." The young child said.

The owl moved his head to the side. Such a strange language they speak.

"I never got to look at it, but it is indeed strange. Like it can understand us and know what we are thinking." Miroku stated.

The mortals were rather observant of the owl. The rain was letting up just slightly, but the owl kept still. They were now talking amongst themselves about things the owl could not understand. It frustrated him slightly to not be able to talk their language. This must have been what the great huntress was feeling. Not used to their language and way of life.

Athena, send Artemis strength. He thought. Seeing the great huntress in such a state by the hands of her own twin. Apollo will regret ever bringing harm to his sister. The god had much to explain if he is ever caught. Artemis will not kill her own sibling. Zeus knows this and yet, he brought her to this land to accomplish bringing Apollo back to Olympus. If all else fails, Artemis will not kill Apollo.

The owl knew better then to think ill of Zeus.

The wrathful god.

Wake up the great huntress. Give her this message. The voice of Athena was powerful. The owl looked to the darkened sky to acknowledge his master. The dark shadow must have heard her powerful voice as he stopped and looked to the sky. The owl could feel dread within his very being. The shadow must have felt it too. Lilith (the first wife of Adam from a religion that was buried in the sand of ancient babylonia) has taken the child of the hound. Wounding a mortal male and bringing her to Apollo as a sacrifice.

The news was disturbing as a child sacrifice meant that Apollo planned on awaking an ancient evil. The shadow was in much fear as the owl waited for the rain to lighten to wake the huntress. Her hound must be in much distress and the others have no clue of it.

Apollo, why are you going to release such a great evil upon the world?

"Is she alright?" Looking at the unconscious huntress with worry, Shippo sat next to her. Her Auburn hair disheveled and some strand sticking to her face. The strange owl still perched upon the branch. Its large eyes scanning them. Something strange, something worrisome about it. As if it could truly think, but if it spoke, it would say some strange thing in the language the huntress first spoke.

The rain was now a light sprinkle. The earth had been given nourishment. Each plant drinking its full in water, but the smell of death still lingered in the air. The demons that surrounded them were waiting for their opportunity to attack.

Artemis lightly twitched and groaned, but remained unconscious.

"She is breathing. That is all that matters." Sango said as she gently moved Artemis on Kirara. The giant cat demon had recovered quickly and ready to move on. Miroku looked off into the distance as Sesshomaru's true form was causing much disturbance. They all looked to the dog demon in both wonder and question. It was not like the western lord to act in such a rage. It was rather rare- in fact- for him to transform into the giant dog. Whatever happened, it was best to leave him be until he has calmed or better yet, they far away in a safer place.

"I wonder what has made him so angry." Sango stated. Kirara next to her and Shippo placed upon her shoulder. "Something must have truly triggered inside of him."

"I don't know. I do not want to be the one to find out." Miroku noticed a red flash coming towards them. It was Inuyasha and Kagome coming back from their fight with the strange monster. Both were unharmed and seemed tired.

They all were tired.

The days have been rather strange for all of them. The appearance of some mystical man from a foreign land. The huntress coming from a place unheard of. Monsters of a strange name. Kagome seemed to have the better knowledge of who and what these beings were. As to why? The mystery would only become clearer as time passed.

"It seems you both made it unscathed." Miroku humored, which Inuyasha only scoffed. Kagome smiled warmly at the monk. Though, her thoughts were elsewhere. Both Miroku and Sango noticed this, but did not speak out about their worry for the young priestess. Her eyes scanned the trees behind her, as if searching for something.

"Nothing I could not handle. Cannot say for Sesshomaru though." Inuyasha said as his ears twitched from a high pitched yell coming from within the woods. Kagome focused her attention to the tapping Jaken.

"I kind of wondered when he will show up." Sango said. Shippo sighed with a shrug of his shoulders. The air was light with some humor after a tense and dreadful fight. Though there was a bit of tension lingering just enough to feel distress.

"Lord Sesshomaru!" Out from the woods came Jaken and A-Un.

The small demon was out of breath from running such a great distance. He was rather sweaty, if toads could sweat. A-Un seemed to be doing fine on account of being pulled roughly by the reigns. The large demon scuffed as the reigns were being pulled once more.

"Out of my way! Lord Sesshomaru is in trouble!" Jaken swung his staff in random directions.

The small group did not utter a word, knowing that Jaken would be foolish enough to go to his master. Though it was unwise, the group would rather him go to the enraged dog demon then themselves. Best let the little demon continue his worries towards Sesshomaru.

So Jaken went off into the path of the shadow. Kagome watched as the large black mass moved out of Jaken way. A-Un stopped suddenly and became nervous. He must have noticed the shadow in the trees.

"You stupid demon. Why did you stop? We have to go to Lord Sesshomaru!" Jaken pulled at his reigns with all his might. A-Un refused to move and step on the tapping road as if he were a fly. The group was confused as to why he did that.

Kagome knew the reason, but was stunned to know that the shadow was real. Jake's muffled cries were hard to understand. A-Un did not move from his stop until he knew it was safe. The shadow seemed to notice and backed off, causing the large demon to get up and walk with Jaken being dragged by the reigns.

"Not many things could scare a demon, but it seems something must have done it." The tiny voice of Myoga said.

Inuyasha felt a small pinch on the side of his neck and smacked the area hard with his hand. The others sighed at this action.

"I wonder where you have been hiding?" The small flea was stuck between Inuyasha's fingers. Being squished to the point where he could not breath. Kagome shook her head and walked towards the unconscious huntress. The shadow seemed to keep its distance. Not becoming a threat at the moment. They were safe, for now.

She wanted to check on Artemis's wounds; if they were present. She was a goddess, so her wounds would heal fast without a scar. Though, if that were the case, Artemis would be conscious by now. Her memory of Greek gods came from books and movies. Kagome was not sure if there was even a weapon that could harm them.

"I was cheering you on, master Inuyasha. You could not hear me, because of the monsters roar and your brothers ranging howls." Myoga said. Inuyahsa and the others looked to the small flea with disbelief in their stares.

"Right. Next time you come crying for help, don't expect me to get you out of trouble." Inuyahsa flicked the flea demon in a random direction. His small cries for help gone unnoticed when he hit the owl perched upon the branch.

"Don't be so mean to him, Inuyasha!" Shippo yelled.

"The coward deserved it." Inuyasha said without any remorse.

"You could be a little nicer to him. He has saved us from time to time and gives us information. When he remembers to give it to us." Miroku side commented with a displeasing look to the half breed.

"Might not have been a good idea." A voice spoke.

They all looked up to the strange owl as if it was the one to have spoke. Myoga thanked the gods for landing upon an animal. Opening his wings, the owl swooped down fast with Myoga holding on for fear life on his feathers. The owl seemed to grow, which the group could feel the wind around them when the owl flapped its wings. Its large talon grabbed the huntress and flew off towards Sesshomaru.

"We have to go after it!" Kagome shouted.

"And put ourselves in Sesshomaru's wrath?" Inuyasha interjected.

"Only the huntress can calm the hound of Sirius." The very same voice was still being heard. It was not the owl who have spoke, but someone else. Watching them as they prepared to defend themselves.

"This language is not of Artemis." Miroku noticed.

Sango nodded her head in agreement when a large guest of wind blew around them. They covered their eyes from debris. Kirara transformed into her small form. Inuyasha's ears perked and a smell caught his nose. Opening his eyes, he could see a large shadow with golden eyes.

"What the hell?" He said.

The shadow caught his eyes. Golden eyes vanished quickly and Inuyasha chased after the mysterious being. It had transformed in a large black jackal. Its stench was that of the dead and decaying.

"Inuyasha!" Kagome yelled.


The young priestess ran off after the half breed. She was not as fast as Inuyasha, but she was determined to follow him. She knew the shadow had his attention and Inuyasha would stop at nothing to catch it. All she had to do was follow the stench of death.

Sango, Miroku, and Shippo coming to terms that two members of their group were gone. Whatever was happening around them, the demons followed closely at arms length.

Sesshomaru could feel his body grow tired from trying to free himself from the chains. The rain clouds were opening to the sun. His nose could smell that of the huntress. His red eyes looked to the distance and saw a large owl.

She comes.

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