The Huntress @modern_age
God Killer

The old gods could not interfere.

Upon a tree branch sat a small creature of Athena. It's large brown eyes watched the Hydra with intense curiosity. It's task was to aid Artemis in finding Apollo and observe. The small owl had kept it's distance in this strange land as Athena sat high in the clouds. Far away in their native land with a disturbing thought. Could Artemis kill her own brother?

The other gods had heard of the rumor of Apollo going rouge. Zeus had become more angered as each day has passed without word of Apollo's true location. He was hiding himself from the eyes of gods. They did not know what Apollo's true plan consisted of. When the world shook from the Hydra's wrath, the old gods prepared for war.

Zeus wrestled with the idea of stepping foot in the mortal world. Though, a fight between gods would harm the mortals- if not kill them causing heavy casualties. It was something Zeus did not want. Killing mortals were forbidden and punishable if the gods spilled mortal blood. Zeus obeyed the orders given to him, though the history if the Olympians were far from peaceful. The old gods stepped down and one God placed the rules.

There were other foreign gods keeping there eyes on this land. Curious as to how this will play out. Like a tragedy in a Greek play. Between siblings and one would come out the victor.

Her heart had skipped a beat the moment it let out a terrifying screech. The earth shook beneath her, causing all living things within miles to run in terror. Demons became overwhelmed and birds scattered from the trees. The threat of something so big and ancient had come to life once more. With each step it took, cracks appeared because of its weight. The smoke surrounding the monster had dissipated revealing a reptilian beast. It's neck long and slender with scales covering it's whole body. It had glowing red eyes and a long slick tongue. The hydra reminded the huntress of a snake because the way it moved it's long neck. But, holding all that weight were two muscular legs with shape claws.

The huntress has never had a chance to fight the hydra. She has heard many legends and tales of the beast through the trials of Hercules. She was beginning to question how Apollo resurrected the ancient beast. There was only one in existence and was slain by Hercules himself. She narrowed her eyes at her brother who had a sly grin upon his face.

The beast continued to let out a ratchet screech upon the land. Though she could not see with her back to them, she knew that the pack had never faced such a monster. She could already hear the loud-mouthed mutt scream to the top of his lungs as he tried to attack. But, the Hydra had been slain and never seen again unless one looked to the sky in the constellations.

"Why must you stare at me with such a hateful look upon your face, Artemis?" Apollo spoke with a voice as smooth as honey.

The huntress could not understand why he was pushing the limits of the gods. He knew that they could not interfere with mortals unless it was something of a dire need or if the gods were willing to do so.

"Do you not see? Or has your tongue been cut from your mouth?" Apollo had become irritable with her silence.

"How did you resurrect that monster, Apollo? You know it is forbidden to raise the dead!" The huntress shot an arrow at her brother. Her eyes staring hard at the grinning god.

Apollo moved gracefully out of harms way. The arrow hitting the structure of a fallen building. Cracking the wood and sending small projectiles in the air. Her power had become strong since the last time they have met. Apollo has always known his sister power, but this was something far beyond what he knew. Father must have given her more strength in her bow.

"How I did so, dear sister, is of my own secret. If you go and help those mortals and dogs, you have shamed father. Fight me, sister. Show me what father did to you and your strength." Artemis shook her head in confusion. Her emotions were beginning to show that of hatred, but also of sorrow. Seeing her twin brother so deluded, so irrational, and it hurt her deeply.

This was not Apollo. This was not her brother whom stop in front of her. Seeing his face darken as he yelled her name.

"Why won't you move, Artemis?" He threatened. His voice low and deadly.

She could hear the Hydra screech as the battle had ready begun.

It was hungry.

Apollo could see the battle from within her. Those silver eyes may have continued to state at him. There was hatred. There was sorrow. He knew that he was hurting her. His dear sister whom he grown up with. Who he hunted with. They shared the same birth. Their passion fort he hunt. He could see the confusion from within, and yet, Apollo would not tell her. He has changed so much and here in this land of demons, there was something. Something that brought him here. Where the gods could not touch this place.

"This is not who you are, Apollo." Her voicevoice was low. She could barely hold a sentence to him. All her emotions were going to open and cause her to drown in a flood.

The huntress trembled and was fighting deep inside of herself. She knew she could not kill her brother. And that is what is stopping Artemis from achieving bringing back her brother. Apollo held a hard glare towards her, not wanting to hear her plea. It would be useless to try and change all that he has been planning. Not even Zeus could come down from the mountains.

"You do not understand, my dear sister. This world deserves to fear the gods." Apollo charged towards her quickly, causing Artemis to block a short sword with her bow.

The force of impact had caused the huntress to stumble back as the blade cut her arm. The pain caused her to clench her teeth in agony. Her mind began to race as there is no weapon that could kill a god, unless Apollo had done the unthinkable.

She fired a bow quickly towards him, but the blade cut it in half before it could reach him. Artemis shot another arrow with force, but the blade cut it once more. Apollo held the short sword tight in his right hand and ran towards her again. Both siblings clashed together as the huntress looked towards the blade and noticed something.

The god killer.

Her eyes widened in realization at what the blade had come from. No mortal blade could be as sharp and smell of death. This blade was not forged by a mortal but of something dark. A monster more dangerous than the Hydra itself. Legend goes that it's entrails-which burned- can grant any being the power to kill a god.

This blade. This blade must have been dipped in its ashes. Explains the smell of death and it terrified Artemis. Apollo had been given the weapon and his intentions were clear.

"You plan to kill a god." She spoke through gritted teeth. Her wound sending intense pain through her body.

"Gods, my dear sister." Artemis held her bow tightly as Apollo struck once more towards her. The vibration of the blow irritated her wound, causing her to drop the weapon she had possessed since she was born.

Apollo saw the opportunity and struck his twin sister in the shoulder. The blade digging deep into her flesh and cutting her collar bone. Artemis clenched her teeth as she tried not to yell. This kind of pain was meant for mortals for they died easily. But to feel the god killer's blow hit her skin was the most intense pain the huntress has ever experienced.

Apollo knew his sister could not kill him. She could not even fight him. She just kept blocking his attacks. This angered the god. The moment he saw her face, he knew there was no convincing the huntress. She would never fight by his side. Not now. Not ever. To see the blade spill her blood had put a thorn in his heart. He has never wounded her like this. But he was not going to stop there. He has already gotten this far and Artemis needed to see how her actions in choosing the side of the mortals and those hounds would costs her everything and her life.

The Hydra was causing havoc and proving to be a challenge for her new found friends. Apollo pulled his blade from her flesh as she knelt on one knee. A hand holding the wound. But the blood continued to spill. Her silver eyes that once shined had now faded k to despair. Though she still glared hard at Apollo, the huntress was not going to budge.

"This is your fault, dear sister. You have chosen your side." He said as the tip of the blade was against her neck.

"No, Apollo. You are the one who is wrong. Zeus will punish you and tie you against a cliff where the sun will boil your skin until the moon rises. Like Prometheus, you will die every day for all eternity." Apollo sneered and kicked his sister with enough force to send her flying in the direction of those mortals and hounds.

A tear had trailed down his cheek as his silver eyes kept their hold on the huntress's body. The god killer held tightly within his grasp. Her blood dripping from the blade. He could feel the hound stare at him. Those golden emotionless eyes turning blood red with anger. He could feel something within the hound snap. He hurt his master.

"So. The hound has feelings."

Kagome had never felt so scared in all her life. Her sacred arrows have proven useless against this horrible creature. And seeing Inuyasha attack the beast that continued to grow more heads, was not helping in the matter. The young priestess knew that this beast was no demon. Miroku's paper sutras were useless and Sango could not get in a hit.

Shippo's fox magic did not even pit a scratch against its scales. Sesshomaru had attack the beast once and cut its head off, but when two replaced the missing head, he had backed off. As if he was observing the beast and figuring out a plan. Unlike Inuyasha who seemed to have an idea of what this thing was capable of doing.

What could they do against this beast? All their attacks were pointless because this beast was not a demon. Kagome was trying to reach into her memory of the beast. It was familiar to her, yet she could not seem to recall the legend. She knew it was ancient and there have been plenty of stories about a snake like beast.

"The more he attacks the beast, the more agitated it becomes." Sango commented. Kirara growled in agreement to her master. Even the cat demon was agitated. Purple ooze had dropped from her long fangs and her eyes were wild.

"It's not agitated, Sango. I cannot remember how the thing dies, but the more you cut it's head, two more grow back." Kagome said.

"What kind of monster is this thing? If not a demon, what?" Shippo asked. The small fox demon was trembling. Watching Inuyasha attack the beast held no comfort to him. Sesshomaru himself had tried to attack but he was letting Inuyasha do most of the hit. The dog demon was trying to find weak spots. But, it seemed useless.

Kagome had the answer, but her history lessons were a bit fuzzy and the important details of the myth were jumbled somewhere within her thoughts. If only she did not fall asleep that day.

She groaned loudly. Her brain searching for the answer.

"Artemis!" Kagome snapped out of her trance. Her eyes blinking wildly, trying to process what was happening before her.

In the distance, she saw something blur pass Inuyasha and Sesshomaru. It was fast and coming straight for her! The young priestess braced for impact as she knew she would be seriously injured. But, the pain was minimal as Kiara flashed in front of her and took the blow. The cat demon yelped loudly. Her body causing Kagome to fall on her behind with Kirara on her side. The demon was trembling from the shock.

Kagome recovered quickly. Moving to the demons side, her eyes widened. Artemis was unmoving. Blood was covering Kirara's fur. Sango was trying to wake the huntress, while Shippo was searching for any signs of injury in Kirara. Miroku was by their side quickly as he was the one who shouted Artemis's name.

This is bad. She thought. Her worries evident on her face. Kagome had some knowledge of medical healing, but she was only capable of helping humans. She has never helped a god before. If anything, she was not even sure till today that they could bleed.

"The… Hydra." Artemis spoke in a weakened state.

Hydra?! Kagome's mind shouted at her.

Sango spoke softly to the huntress to not move. Speaking was taking so much out of her. Miroku had helped Kirara to her feet once Artemis was safely on the ground. Her wounds keeping the huntress from standing.

"Fire." They heard her words coming from her chapped lips. Her silver eyes staring in the direction she had come from.

Kagome grabbed her bow and arrow and ran towards the fight. Her confidence growing strong within her. Fire. Hydra. Yes! It was coming back to her. If she could reach Inuyasha and Sesshomaru, she could tell them how to kill the beast. Fire was the key. It just had to be. The huntress had given them the clues they needed and as she was close, the beast had already many heads. Inuyasha was resting against his mighty sword. Battered and bruised, but not out of the fight.

She was about to call for Inuyasha, but the air had changed. A great demonic aura came crashing I like a gust of wind. Kagome covered her eyes from the dirt rising. She had dropped her weapon. Her heart racing wildly when her ears heard the growl of a dog echoing in the distance.

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