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The old gods told stories of a battle.

"Your actions will have consequences, brother." She said as she pointed an arrow at his face.

Her face contorted in anger. Those silver eyes darkening with hatred, sorrow, and betrayal. Apollo held no emotion towards his twin sister. She was acting out on emotion. If the mortals were to see their huntress grieve over a man whom should not have any business showing interest in a virgin goddess.

"My actions? Orion was nothing more than a man of pride. I only deemed it necessary to be rid of him. Why must you be angry with me. He has his place in the stars with his two most trusted hounds." Apollo grinned mockingly towards Artemis.

"Bastard!" Her finger let the arrow be released from its notch. Apollo moved quickly as to not be struck by it. Artemis was in rage at having lost the only man she had some connection with. But Apollo knew that his sister took an oath. If she were to give it up to some hunter as lowly as Orion, it would be best to be rid of him.

Athena would have given Artemis a server punishment. No one angered the goddess such as Athena. If you have given your word to her, she will make sure you stay by it. Artemis would have made a mistake and Apollo would have to live the rest of his days seeing her punished. It was something he did not want to have e to witness. He cared for his sister and found it best to protect her.

"You killed Orion! I will never forgive you." She shot an arrow towards his feet. The powerful force of her anger and strength caused the earth to crack beneath Apollo's feet.

He looked to his sister as tears filled her eyes. The bow and arrow lowered now. Her breathing labored from the anger as she looked to the sky. The gods will do nothing to help her. They do nothing these days to help even their own.

"You will see when you get this notion that Orion only wanted something of cause from you. I am protecting you from having face the wrath of Athena." He raised his hands in surrender. Artemis was a quick shot when she needed to be and would not hesitate to shoot an arrow in Apollo's chest. Granted it would sting for a few hours and not kill him, but he'd rather have Artemis be mad at him for years and all would be well.

"Protect me? You were jealous of him. Because he saw interest in me. No brother, no matter a god, should interfere in ones life. God's be damned, Apollo. You have changed and now I will never see what would have been. I hope your days will be filled with your wrongdoings." She wiped away the tears from her eyes.

"Your value as a huntress would have been dragged in the mud. As a brother, I had to do what was necessary but the gods, Artemis. You were infatuated with Orion. Nothing more." He said.

"And it makes it right for you to go about and bed maidens? To have male lovers? Do not think I know these things, Apollo. I know you like I know the grooves of an arrow. Maybe I should kill one of the many lovers you have. Make it even between us, but the gods will see it wrong and I a grieving lover." Her voice was low in a dangerous tone. Apollo had recognized that look within her silver eyes.

"He was but one hunter. You should thank me." The final blow. The final insult. Artemis felt her whole world shatter.

She knew she could not kill her own brother. She could not make that hit with her arrow, no matter how hard she wanted to drag him through Hades itself. The other gods had known of this misfortune that befallen Orion. The hunter that now shines in the stars with his two hounds forever by his side.

Artemis will always be reminded of it. Of the hunter that admired her and maybe, even loved her. But, jealousy ran deep with gods. There were many stories accounting to tragedy where whole families were killed. There was redemption. There was falsehood. But, Artemis knew she had to preserve herself. There was no reasoning with gods. Not even her own father.

"Thank you? I should curse you!"

Not once did he feel he did wrong.

But the gods thought otherwise.

He opened his silver eyes when he began to feel a strong static going through his body. The feeling had become stronger and he had recognized this power. Standing from the futon that was placed on the floorboards, he has yet to get used to how these mortals lived. Their homes were not made of stone and their door slide open so strangely. The art from this land was strange and rather ugly to Apollo. How he had a distaste for these people and their strange customs.

The feeling of the static was becoming stronger, bringing his thoughts out of the negative. He would have to deal with this lands customs some other time. The static burst harder, tingling his body and exciting him as he knew the blood of the mortals would linger in the air. Their stench and rotting corpses should attract any curious eyes. Apollo wanted an audience for the spectacle with the reunion with his most beloved twin sister. The sacrifice of the village mortals was but a heavy price and Apollo did not like to get his hands dirty. But he had to prove a point to Artemis. She had to see how much the mortals needed gods. How the wrath of powerful beings can destroy their livelihood.

He was not the bad guy.

Apollo was never the bad guy. He was beloved by all mortals. They made poems for him. Through festivals in his honor. How can he be the bad god that is beloved? Artemis should be thankful. She should be here by his side trying to bring back the old gods. But, she was throwing it all away for two hounds that are not tamed. In a land fueled by war. These savage people need to know what a god is capable of.

These people and those in other lands should not worship others.

How long before this God, comes to these lands? He has gospel in the European lands and Holy Lands. They still fight each other in the name of God. But here, these people believe in something far different. That will change. It will all change once o release the ancient monster. Not even God can kill.

Coronis watched her beloved struggle internally with the battles within his head. The nights within this mansion have been the most tense she has ever seen Apollo. She has forgotten how dangerous he could be she being crossed. Killing those mortals mattered not to the raven. They were only pawns in this game. She was perched on a lamp that no longer held a candle and she called it a temporary home for the moment. Below were bones of small animals that she feasted upon or was given by Apollo.

Coronis's wings moved as she felt the strong static coaching through her small body. The air around them had thickened into one that would result in a battle.

"Her mutt comes." Coronis said in the darkness. She shook off the heavy feeling as she heard Apollo slide open the door and quickly walk out. Coronis was not sure if she should follow behind, but she could not miss the chance at seeing Apollo show his true strength. Not when he had an arsenal buried deep within the earth and a weapon that could kill a god.

The smell of blood was so strong in the air, the little green imp had to cover her nose with his sleeve. A-Un reared himself back, which Jaken had to use both his hands to get the dragon to follow, but the heavy smell of blood was disorienting for the little demon. Not one to show his weakness to his master, Jaken went behind A-Un to push him forwards. Being twice as big and heavy, A-Un sat on the little imp.

"Get off me at once you coward!" He shrieked. His own impatience and disoriented mind had his body shivering.

"Lord Sesshomaru, I will be right there once I get this coward off me."

But the weight of the larger demon was crushing him. A-Un did not feel the struggle of Jaken trying to get out from underneath him. The demon could sense something in the distance. The human blood was just a disguise for something inside of the village lurks.


Unaffected by the smell of the blood, Sesshomaru continued to walk forwards. Jaken was a trusty and noble demon that would die for his master, but Sesshomaru did not feel the need to revive him from the dead again. Not that it could be done twice.

The area surrounding the human village was void of noise of animals and demons alike. The aura around him did not feel demonic. It felt as if static was visible to those who could see it. With this much human blood soaking into the ground, in no time, demons would come out of curiosity and hunger. Something was trying to get the dog demons attention.

Sesshomaru was one for observation as he set foot in the village. Bodies of humans were scattered in a haphazardly. Limbs were missing and torso's separated from their bodies. It was a savage display that did not sit well with Sesshomaru. He felt a bitter disgust.

"This smell." He turned his attention to the tall silhouette at the front of the large mansion. One that belonged to a human lord, now riddled with death and decay.

The clouds have grown dark with a heavy weight crashing down upon any weak being. Silver eyes stared at the being that was walking towards him. The caw of the raven echoed. Sesshomaru could see the grin upon the foreigners face. His auburn hair and silver eyes the same as the woman whom he could not keep away from. Though, this man was not like the huntress. There was an intent buried deep within his bones that had excited the hound inside of Sesshomaru. There was power inside. There was a challenge.

"You must be the mutt my dear sister is trying to tame." He spoke in his foreign tongue.

Sesshomaru stood still. Observing this strange behavior from the silver eyed man. The stench of the blood getting stronger now. The dog demon could sense lurking demons nearby. Watching with fearful eyes as the stranger from a foreign land was marking his territory. He was causing this sense of unrest. And it nerves Sesshomaru to the core.

"The silent type, I see. Artemis truly has a liking for one such as you." Apollo moved to the side quickly as Sesshomaru appeared before the god. He could see the cold look in the demons eyes as he had found his intended target.

His claws extended out had slashed down upon the earth. Leaving marks where Apollo once stood. Sesshomaru did not want to hear another word come from the man's mouth. No point in making conversation to a foreigner who he could not understand. Best destroy him and have this unrest die down.

Apollo chuckled and saw the marks, but Sesshomaru wasn't laughing. He had a killing intent to spill the blood of a god. Apollo has fought many monsters, mortals, and even gods. All had their strengths. All had weaknesses. Looking at this hound who held no emotion in his kill, this one would be a challenge.

He loved a challenge. But, this demon was not his intended target. Not by a long shot.

"My, my. Eager to fight me? But, I am sorry to disappoint you mutt. I am not your opponent." An arrow struck before Apollo's feet. The force of the impact caused a huge rift between him and the dog demon. Sesshomaru jumped back as the ground cracked.

"Apollo!" His voice came out of her mouth in seething anger.

Sesshomaru looked back and saw Inuyasha and his pack running towards them. The tall female with a bow and arrow within her hands ran faster and harder. Her eyes gazing towards the man who looked similar to her. Shooting arrows towards the man and each time, he moved and the ground cracked.

So, this is the power of a god.

Apollo jumped at the top of the roof. The ravens caw now became loud and screeching. The humans had to cover their ears because they could not stand to hear such a noise. Demons that hid within the surrounding area scattered in many directions. They were scared. They were frightened by something that the raven called.

Sesshomaru landed in front of the small pack of different characters his lowly half-brother associated himself with. The ravens caw had died down quickly and the smell of death had lingered. The huntress was now out of reach and stood frozen in front of the mansion.

They all stood silent as the earth beneath them opened more. A large shadow emerged with razor sharp claws rising from the depths and a long serpent head rose. Sesshomaru had seen serpent demons before, but never knew this strange.

"What is that? It is not a demon. It has no aura." Miroku said in the tense silence.

"I don't know, but whatever it is. It is going to die." Inuyasha spoke as he ran towards the large serpent.

Feed upon them. Hydra.

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