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Chapter 1

Author's note: I do not own The Untamed or any of Moxiang Tongxiu's works.

It was nearly three o'clock in the afternoon. Wei Ying was bouncing his leg in impatience as he sat at his desk, waiting for class to be over. He wished that the teacher would hurry up and finish the lesson. He wanted to leave quickly so that he would be able to talk to one of his classmates, Lan Zhan.

Wei Ying had had a secret crush on him since September, when he had begun his sophomore year at high school. Both he and his brother - Lan Xichen - had been transferred there after having moved in from another part of town with their uncle.

Not understanding his own feelings at first, Wei Ying initially tried to be friends with him. He attempted to speak to him many times over the past five months. He would also invite him to sit with him, his brother Jiang Cheng, and his friends at lunch or hang out after school. However, Lan Zhan would refuse or avoid him altogether.

Some of his may have attributed to the fact that Lan Zhan was a quiet, private person. He rarely spoke in school unless a teacher called on him, or when he was having a conversation with Lan Xichen at lunch or between classes. Moreover, he didn't appear to be interested in making friends, especially with Wei Ying.

The latter noticed that he seemed irritated at his attempts. His ears would also turn red when he tried to tease him into speaking to him. Whether it was due to anger or shyness, he wasn't sure.

After realizing that he indeed had a crush on him a few months later, he started to think Lan Zhan didn't like him at all, never mind reciprocated his feelings.

He knew for a fact that he was gay. Lan Zhan - to his surprise - told him this himself when he teased him about liking Luo Qingyang, another classmate of theirs. Still, that didn't mean that he was interested in him.

Nevertheless, Wei Ying did not give up easily, nor would he.

Which led to today. It was Valentine's Day, and he had something for Lan Zhan. Something that would let him know how he felt for him, at the very least. All he had to do was wait until school was over to give it to him.

Little did he know that Lan Zhan did, in fact, have a crush on him too.

When he was first saw Wei Ying, he thought that he was the most beautiful boy he ever saw.

Likewise, Wei Ying had told him that he was the handsomest in their grade. He would comment on his "long, shiny black hair, stunning eyes", and other physical attributes.

Lan Zhan was uncertain if he meant it or not; he had said this in a teasing voice. (He later realized that it was not as teasing as it sounded.)

That did not stop him from secretly hoping this was true.

If Wei Ying was right about anything, it was the fact that Lan Zhan was often quite annoyed by him. As they grew more acquainted with each other, Lan Zhan found his constant chatter exasperating. He could be so loud, so pushy. His teasing did not help matters either. However, Wei Ying clearly noticed when he was really starting to bother him, as he would then leave him alone.

He was one of the few who actually did understand him.

Lan Zhan never had a friend, preferring to spend his time alone. The only time he wasn't was if he was practicing music with his brother, or having meals with him and his uncle. People usually avoided him any in case; most thought that he was nearly always upset due to the constant scowl on his face.

Thus, he was not used to all of this attention. Nor was he used to being invited to hang out with anyone outside of his family. So, whenever Wei Ying asked if he would like to spend time with him and his friends, he always said no.

It was not until some time had passed when he realized that he was beginning to like Wei Ying, in spite of how much he irritated him. He also found himself secretly enjoying the mostly one-sided conversations they had once he actually listened to what he was saying. (Of course, he didn't let this show.) For all he liked to joke around, Wei Ying was quite intelligent for his age.

He even noticed that he grew jealous whenever he flirted with some of their female classmates.

This caused him a lot of confusion. He never had a crush on anyone before, so how on earth did he end up having one on somebody who practically drove him insane?!

He tried to deal with his emotions by trying to avoid Wei Ying as much as possible. It never quite worked; Wei Ying naturally seemed to gravitate toward him no matter where he was.

Even the fact that he was attracted to men didn't deter him. Not only did Wei Ying accept it without question or complaint, but he admitted that he himself was bisexual, much to his secret astonishment and delight.

When he finally explained his dilemma to Lan Xichen a couple days beforehand, he was very understanding. Then again, his brother always was.

"I suggest you talk to him, or find a way to let him know how you feel. It may be difficult, but at least he will know. The worst he can do is tell you that he doesn't feel the same for you. If nothing else, he seems like he would be a good friend," he remarked.

Lan Zhan agreed, though he knew that he would never be quite content with Wei Ying only being a friend.

Now that it was Valentine's Day, he decided that this was a perfect time as any to let him know he felt. He thought that a simple gesture would do. There was no need to be extravagant.

Finally, the bell rang. Wei Ying practically threw his jacket and coat on before rushing out of class. It was time to put his plan into action.

"Wei Wuxian! The school is not on fire! What are you in such a hurry for?" Jiang Cheng demanded with a frown, using his courtesy named as he always did.

He glanced at him. "I'll explain later. Gotta go," he replied, watching as Lan Zhan stepped out of the school's entrance. He quickly followed after him.

"Wei Wuxian!" his brother yelled.

"Oh, A-Cheng, let him be," Jiang Yanli, their older sister, said. She had heard their conversation as she approached them from down the hall.

Meanwhile, Wei Ying was running through the crowd, causing several people to glare at him. He found Lan Zhan walking down the street once he was outside.

With a playful grin, he sneaked over to him before yanking the textbook that he was carrying out of his hand. Then he bolted away as he waved it in the air teasingly.

"Catch me if you can, Lan Zhan!" he laughed.

Lan Zhan gaped at him in disbelief before scowling. Of all the things he had done, he never thought he would actually steal something of his! He had gone too far this time!

"WEI YING!" he shouted in outrage before tearing after him. He didn't run often, but this time, he did.

Lan Xichen noticed and chuckled quietly as he watched them. Others either snickered too, or stared at them with shock or confusion. He knew of Wei Ying enough to know that he likely meant no harm. Still, he hoped that he would return his brother's book to him.

The latter raced up one street and down another, making his way toward a lake not far from the school. Lan Zhan was hot on his tail, calling after him and demanding that he return his book.

When he eventually reached his destination, he stopped to catch his breath. He took something out his backpack after that and waited for Lan Zhan.

He appeared a moment later, panting as he ran along the wooden gate that separated the street from the lake's shore. "Wei Ying-!" he began.

Wei Ying laughed again. "Don't worry, Lan Zhan! I'm going to give your book back. I wasn't really stealing it."

Lan Zhan frowned as he stormed over to him. "If that is the case, why did you take it? Was it necessary to do that?"

"Oh, settle down. I just wanted to catch your attention, as always. Plus, I wanted to give you something in private."

"What you just did was the exact opposite of give me something. And if you wanted my attention, you could have just said something, then ask me to come here with you. There was no need to take my book."

"Hahaha! You're funny, Lan Zhan. Besides, you would have said no if I asked. Anyway, here you go. This is for you."

And along with his textbook, Wei Ying handed him a card that the school had sold. He also gave him a stuffed white rabbit holding a red, crocheted heart.

Lan Zhan was taken aback. This was the last thing that he expected.

"Read your card. Something is written inside," Wei Ying mumbled, feeling shy and nervous all of a sudden.

He pursed his lips before opening it accordingly.

Lan Zhan

I'm not good with words, but I just want you to know that I like you. A lot. I've had a crush on you since I met you. I know that you probably don't like me in that way, and if you don't, I'll understand, and we can just be friends instead. I'm sorry for getting on your nerves. I didn't mean to.

Happy Valentine's Day!

From Wei Ying

By the way, I heard your brother mention to one of his friends that you like rabbits, so I hope you like this one.

Warmth rose in Lan Zhan's cheeks as he looked up to stare at him in surprise and - what Wei Ying later realized- happiness. "Thank you," he whispered when he found his voice.

Then, to Wei Ying's own amazement, he reached inside of his textbook to hand him a card that was just like the one he gave him.

"For you," he murmured. "I was planning to wait for you down the block from the school, but you snatched my book before I could."

"I'm sorry! I wouldn't have done it if I'd known!" Wei Ying exclaimed, looking truly remorseful.

"Mmm. I apologize for not asking you to meet with me after school sooner then."

"That's all right, Lan Zhan."

And with that, he began to read the card, admiring his rather elegant handwriting.

Wei Ying,

I know that I have not made it apparent, but I want you to know that I have had feelings for you from the moment I laid eyes on you.

I am taken by your beauty. By the way your eyes shine when you smile and laugh. Your own long, gorgeous hair. Overall, I am taken by your wonderful personality. Even when you have nearly driven me crazy, that never changed how I feel for you.

If you do not feel the same for me, please do not be offended by what I have written. I am more than willing to be your friend. And while that will never feel like enough, at least we can have that.


Lan Zhan

Happy Valentine's Day.

Wei Ying thought that he was going to faint. Whether it was due to joy or shock, he didn't know.

"Lan Zhan! You can't write things like this to me! I'm serious! You'll give me heart failure! Are you trying to kill me?" he whined.

A small smile appeared on Lan Zhan's face. Having never seen him even grin, Wei Ying couldn't help but gaze at him in awe as his heart skipped a couple of beats. He didn't understand how it was possible for him to be more handsome than he already was!

"No. I would never want to do that," Lan Zhan responded in an amused, but earnest voice. "Otherwise, I would not have the chance to ask if you would like us to date each other."

Wei Ying was going to pass out this time. Seriously.

After he recovered from his statement, he smiled softly. "I...I would like that, Lan Zhan. I really would."

"Mmm. And here..."

He wrote his phone number on the bottom of the card.

"You may call me, as long as is it before nine o'clock. I still have your number from when you slipped it into my pocket."

Wei Ying gaped at him. "But that was last year! I can't believe you kept it after all this time. You could have called me!"

"I know. I am sorry for that. I will admit that I was too...shy to call."

"It's fine. I understand. I'm just glad you didn't throw it away. After a while, I thought you might have. Well, what do you think about the rabbit? Isn't it cute?"

Lan Zhan nodded. "Mn. It is. But not as cute as you."

And before Wei Ying could do or say anything else, Lan Zhan cupped his chin and kissed him. Wei Ying startled, not expecting this, before sliding his arms around his back to pull him close. The both of them hummed as they moved their lips against each other's. Lan Zhan thought that he tasted delectable and vice versa. The wind picked up, making their hair flutter and wave. The sun broke through the clouds and shone on them.

When they eventually moved apart for air, they put their things in their backpack and left the lake hand-in-hand.

Wei Ying walked Lan Zhan home after they went to the store to by each other chocolates. He was delighted when he noticed that it was not far from his. They kissed each other one more time before he waved good-bye, promising to call after he made it home safely.

Author's Note: I hope you liked the story! Happy Valentine's Day! Oh, and don't worry. Lan Xichen found out that Wei Ying taking his brother's books was only a ruse ^.^

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