No-Life Duke and his Ice Queens @champblaze
Update II!

Hello Everyone. Thanks to the quick responses on the possible changes to the story. I've decided not to change the story or do a remastered with the changes. The dynamic of the story would change so much and I've gotten so into it I sorta don't wanna go and completely change things like I did in Insert Long the Haku fans I am Sorry but He will not be become a queen.

I also will change the title to No-Life Duke and his Queen. The reason is because I plan to upload a story called the Ice Queen of the No-Life Prince, which I'll put a preview below. I also want to create a group called the No-Life Series to all the story I have written with the No-Life element and inspire others to their own or I could do a Challenge to make you own No-Life style story. I do plan to re-upload some of my old stories such as Fox and Vampire, Kitsune's Pet Vampire and others. Even some new stories such the No-Life Prince of Uzushiogakure with Naruto as the new prince granted by Yami herself.

Thank you to everyone who reviewed and continue to support this story and others. Below will the preview of the Ice Queens of the No-Life Prince. Thanks once again and Stay Frosty

The pair soon find themselves inside a sterile chamber, looking around they find a large silver coffin.

"Where are we" kurenai asks, trying to see if this is a Genjutsu. Anko approaches the coffin and it was open, revealing a severely emaciated corpse with protruding canines.

"Is This the No-Life-Prince" anko whispers. Kurenai comes up next to anko to see the corpse, "If it is.. He's been dead for a Long time" kurenai says.

"It is but you can help him Awaken" a small voice says. They whip around to see a small girl with snow white hair and vibrant green eyes. She has several scars on her body with one down her left eye. She wears a black vest, black panties and black stockings. Both her arms are bandaged but only her left hand wears a glove and pink shoes.

"You're the one who gave me the book" anko shouts and the girl giggles.

"Yes.. Papa had me place books in villages for someone to revive him.. However everyone else is stupid but you and them are all special" she says.

"Special" kurenai questions and the girl nods.

"Them" anko says.

"It seems we are not the only ones to desire the power of the No-Life Prince" a voice says. Kurenai and anko go on guard as two women appear behind the girl, one having long auburn hair in a top-not with bangs covering her right eye but leaving a green left eye visible. The other is fair skin woman with blue hair in a bun, a laberat piercing and amber eyes with a black cloak having red clouds on it.

"They are Mei Terumi and Konan" the girl says and gasps.

"Oh my name is Jack.. Papa's daughter.. You are all special because you desire help and you're desperate" jack says, pointing to anko, mei and konan. Anko clutches her curse mark with a sigh, "Yeah.. I am desperate.. So how do I awaken him" she says. Jack skips towards the coffin and turns with a giggle, "Blood is the life" she says, showing her small fangs.

"Just give him blood" mei comments.

"Yes and I think between the four of you.. It should jump start his body" jack says. The four look between each other, "First where exactly are we" konan asks.

"Deep under the Water.. I can come here easily but anyone else needs to use that Seal Papa made" jack explains. Anko pulls out a kunai and approaches the coffin but kurenai grabs her shoulder, "Are you sure of this Anko" she asks.

"I am Nai.. I said.. I'd sell my soul to be rid of this mark and kill that Bastard" anko says and cuts open her hand, making a fist and letting the blood flow out.

"Will all of you Match her resolve" jack says, looking over them over. Kurenai takes the kunai and cuts open her hand.

"I need to avenge my people" mei says and approaches the coffin, cutting open her hand as well. Konan was the last as she thought of her friend Nagato and how corrupted he had become because of Him.

"Nagato if awakening this being can save you from the abyss.. Then I will do it to save you" konan thought, making her way up and cutting her palm as the scent of blood for rises. The blood flows over the corpse and quickly seeps in as they pull their hands away. A few minutes start to pass the body rejuvenates before very eyes, gaining some girth and a more normal visage but still bone thin. Suddenly the corpse bolts up to a seated position and all four back away in shock. A single steel-blue eye forms in the left socket as the other is empty.

"How has disturbed my Rest" it says, in a raspy tone. Jack approaches and waves her hand before the eye, "I found people to awaken you Papa" she says. The corpse reaches his bony hand and pats jack on her head, "I see.. Only desperate souls would seek me out" it says but pins its empty socket on anko.

"You have my Thanks.. Anko Mitarashi.. Kurenai Yuhi.. Konan and Mei Terumi" it says and slowly gets out of the coffin. The corpse wears knee length buckle riding boots, black breeches and no shirt.

"I am Mitsuomi Kiriyu.. No-Life-Prince and First of my name" it introduces. The coffin shifts into a throne and mitsuomi weakly sits down, "So why do you need something like me" he says, stroking jack's hair.

"I need you to kill someone.. My former Sensei" anko says.

"Orochimaru was it and you also wish to free your village from the Godaime Hokage.. Danzo Shimura" mitsuomi says, shocking them all.

"How could you know that" kurenai interjects but mitsuomi points to their cut hands.

"Blood is the vehicle of life.. It carries your past and present.. Even your future" mitsuomi says and covers his empty eye, "From what little you gave me I know what I need to know.. About Konoha.. Kiri and Akatsuki" he adds, slowly getting to his feet.

"However I'm curious.. How far would you go" mitsuomi says, his steps slow and methodical.

"I told you anything" anko shouts but mitsuomi places a bony finger to her lips, shaking his head.

"A soul is easy.. I could take all your souls and be done with it but No I want to see how far you would go for your revenge" mitsuomi says, moving his head to look the others in their eyes.

"Would you give up your Humanity.. Your Love from the past.. Your Future.. Are you all willing take that step into the night.. Make Orochimaru.. Danzo.. Yagura.. Madara and all their allies your collective Bitch" mitsuomi says, his eye glinting in delight. Anko moves mitsuomi's hand from her mouth, "What does that mean" she says and mitsuomi grins, showing his teeth.

"If you become a Vampire like me.. Anyone you kill.. Say a Hyuga for instance.. You would gain their soul and All their abilities" mitsuomi says and anko's eyes widen, causing him to titter.

"That's right once you kill him.. You will Own him.. Make him your bitch" mitsuomi says, lifting her chin. Anko gulps as she gazes into his lone steel-blue orb, "What would you need" she says.

"You are all virgins.. Despite the ages of some.. Become True Queens of the Night and Make.. Them.. All.. Pay" mitsuomi says, ignoring the look from mei about her age.

"You don't have to do this Nai.. I found the book and I want Orochimaru dead.. You don't have to throw your life away" anko says, tossing off her coat.

"No I won't let do this alone" kurenai says.

"I made this choice and I will live with it" konan says.

"Chojuro and Ao died for me.. I can not let their deaths be in vain" mei says but all three gasp as shadows engulf their bodies. Mitsuomi grasps anko by her jaw and turns her neck left as his mouth hovers over her neck, "Such Wills.. Quelle beauté délicieuse" he says, slowly sinking his fangs into anko. Anko cries out in pain followed by kurenai, konan and mei as the shadows form mouths to bite their necks. However the pain anko feels gives way to pleasure as mitsuomi lewdly gropes her breasts through her mesh top, hands form the shadows to grope the others, causing them to give off pleasure filled sounds.

Anko and the others could feel their very lives being drained but they didn't care, only pleasure and burgeoning lust for the man taking their lives. Anko's eyes flicker and become half lidded but she could see the shadows leave the others, their eyes lifeless and bodies slowly starting to convulse but she too falls silent. Anko falls from mitsuomi's embrace but her body starts to convolse as mitsuomi slicks back his now black hair. His body now fully healed to reveal defined cheekbone, straight and slender nose, steel-blue eyes with short, spiky hair and two long bangs framing his face.

"You look great Papa" jack says. Mitsuomi turns on his heels and mimics adjusting a tie and a white dress shirt, black tie and suit vest forms.

"Thank you Jack.. I feel so much better" mitsuomi says, turning to his new queens. Anko and the others continue to convulse on the floor as their skin pales to deathly pallor, black vines spreading from their bite marks. All at once their eyes shot open to reveal glowing white irises, black sclera and long fangs in their open mouths.

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