No-Life Duke and his Ice Queens @champblaze
Chapter 6

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Ethereal Voice

Anbu Handsigns


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*Konoha Main Gate*

Shikamaru, karin and kiba stood at the main gate of konoha as they wait for their remaining teammates but not long as both appear.

"Hey you're that Anbu from the prelims" kiba shouts. Naruto sighs and removes his mask, "That's not all dog breath" he says, causing kiba to gawk in shock.

"You can't gawk later Kiba.. Sasuke has a few hours head-start.. So I've devised a formation for us to follow.. If you deviate from this.. We'll all die" shikamaru says and kiba freezes.

"We'll follow a single file formation.. Kiba will be our spearhead.. He and Akamaru know the geography well due to their walks.. Plus their noses will alert us to enemy traps.. Second will be myself as squad leader.. Followed by Naruto.. Then Karin and Lastly" shikamaru adds, glancing to tenten.

"Panda.. I can provide long-range protection for our Medic" tenten says, using hand-signs.

"Right Panda will have the most difficult position as rear guard but Naruto can aid with shadow clones.. Now each of you look at this and commit it to memory.. This will be your watch quadrants" shikamaru says and pulls out a scroll, drawing several diagrams.

"Right everyone check your gear with each other and we'll depart" naruto says and all of them nod, showing off their gear.

"Also refer to us by our code names.. Panda and Kyūketsuki" naruto says and all of them nod.

"Alright let's go" shikamaru says and all of them rush off at high genin speed. Time passes the team races through the forest in search of sasuke.

"Oi Shikamaru.. I smell blood ahead" kiba shouts and shikamaru narrows his eyes.

"I'll send a clone to check it out" naruto shouts and a clone pops to life, before vanishing.

"Does the enemy know we're coming already or did they encounter another team" shikamaru thought.

*Scene Break*

Shizune and Iwashi reach a clearing and both gasp at the destroyed area but also see the downed forms of genma and raidō, "Genma?!" shizune shouts, rushing to him and checking for a pulse.

"This isn't good" shizune thought, hearing his erratic pulse. Shizune maneuvers genma on to his back as iwashi does the same for raidō, before slamming her hands together and glowing a pale green.

"I can't believe these two were taken down" iwashi says. Shizune starts to heal genma and then moves to raidō, "This is the best I can go for now" she thought.

"Shizune.. I'm going to pursue the enemy" iwashi says but shizune shakes her head.

"W-wait Iwashi" genma says.

"Looks like you were ambushed" a voice says and shizune sees naruto.

"Kyūketsuki" shizune says. Naruto drops down and surveys the area, "What happened" he asks.

"F-four enemies.. The ones who aided Orochimaru" genma starts and groans.

"Genma.. Don't talk anymore" shizune orders.

"I'll inform the team.. Lady Fifth has sent a retrieval team for Sasuke Uchiha.. He has abandoned the village to join Orochimaru" naruto says and they gasp.

"Who was sent" iwashi says.

"Myself.. Panda.. Kiba Inuzuka.. Karin Uzumaki and Shikamaru Nara as team leader" naruto says.

"Two Genin and Chunin on a team with Anbu" iwashi says.

"We were cobbled together at the last minute.. Shizune can you get these two back to the village with Iwashi" naruto asks and shizune nods.

"Alright.. I'll send the original your findings" naruto says and dispels.

*Scene Break*

"This is definitely a hastily formed perimeter" kiba says, as they were making their through several ninja wires.

"I can sense them up ahead and a lot of malicious chakra too" karin says. Naruto's eyes gloss over for a second, "There are four in total.. They are Orochimaru's elites.. Meaning Jonin level or more" he says, shocking shikamaru.

"This isn't good" shikamaru thought, calls for them to halt. Shikamaru soon devises a plan and the team splits up to make their move with tenten guarding karin, while kiba and shikamaru move in with naruto on overwatch. However shikamaru doesn't notice the numerous spiderwebs in certain areas around them. Not far from them kidōmaru opens his eyes as his finger twitch from spider string, before shifting his gaze to sakon. He quickly pops up and tosses a kunai with several paper bombs attached toward a tree. It explodes throwing shikamaru and kiba into the clearing near the sound-four.

"Hahaha.. What's this.. I throw a knife and two little bugs appear" sakon says, as jirōbō moves to intercept them.

"Wait.. We didn't come to fight but to negotiate" shikamaru says. Kidōmaru smirks and chuckles, "Then what are these" he shouts, pulling back and yanking the remaining members of their team except naruto.

"Four little mice among snakes" kidōmaru sneers. Karin could barely keep her senses in check from amount of malicious chakra exuding from the sound-four. Jirōbō quickly slams his hands on the ground, "Doton Kekkai: Dorō Dōmu" he shouts. Shikamaru and the other gasps as a earth like dome surround them, "This is bad" shikamaru says.

"Leave these kids to me" jirōbō says.

"Hehe.. Hurry up and finish eating.. Then catch up to us" sakon says, as kidōmaru grabs the barrel.

"Leaving so soon.. Such rude dinner guests" a voice says, halting the sound-four. Naruto lands on the dome with his mask on as jirōbō tsks and draws in some chakra, "Go!" jirōbō shouts and the others leap away.

"You think one Anbu can stop me" jirōbō sneers but naruto titters behind his mask.

"Let's find out" naruto says and makes a fist, channeling his chakra.

"Feel the Sting of the Senkō" naruto shouts, punching the dome and it shudders before it shatters. Jirōbō back leaps with a look of anger as naruto drops in front of his team, "Shikamaru.. Take the others and follow the rest of them.. We can't afford to waste time" naruto says.

"You're not going anywhere.. You're all going to be my meal" jirōbō shouts, rushing them with a shoulder charge but naruto meets him with his own.

"Now Shikamaru" naruto shouts. Shikamaru tsks with a glance to the others, "We'll pursue the others" he shouts and they leap off. Naruto back jumps as jirōbō slams his palm on the ground to shatter the earth, knocking down several trees.

"Heh.. Trash sacrificing Trash" jirōbō sneers and slams his palms on the ground.

"Doton: Doryō Dango" jirōbō shouts, holding up a large section of earth and tossing it forward. Naruto dodges the bolder as it tears a large section of area, before tossing several kunai but jirōbō dodges. Naruto lands but jirōbō meets him with a spear into the boulder, "Shatter Palm" he shouts, striking naruto in the chest and cracking the boulder. Naruto spews up blood as jirōbō's curse mark spreads over his body, "I remember you.. You laid hands on Orochimaru-sama" jirōbō says, as naruto's mask falls from his face.

"He'll honor me.. When I bring him your head" jirōbō sneers, as his curse-mark continues to spread. His mohawk becomes a long spiky mane that reached his shoulders, his skin turns into brownish-reddish colour and gains yellow eye irises with dark black eye sclera.

"Hahaha.. Prepare to die Trash" jirōbō shouts, rushing naruto.

*Scene Break*

"There up ahead" karin shouts, pointing. The team quickly continues to close the gap with the remains of the sound-four, after marking the area for naruto to follow them.

"We'll need to catch up before Naruto arrives" shikamaru says and all of them nod but karin's eyes suddenly widen.

"Everyone Dodge" karin shouts and everyone does, as several arrows pierce the tree. Kidōmaru lands in front of them with a sneer on his face, "Hoho a sensor and you're that Uzumaki.. Orochimaru-sama wanted" he says. Tenten makes two fists and hidden blades appear from her sleeves, "Go on ahead.. I'll handle this one.. He's much stronger than the large one" she signs. Kiba was about to protest but akamaru whimpers in agreement with tenten.

"Then it's One Person.. One Kill like you said Shikamaru" kiba says.

"Seems so.. If we stall to fight him.. Sasuke will cross the border.. Alright.. We leave this to you Panda" shikamaru says, before the leap off. Kidōmaru only smirks as the remaining team leaps away, "Hehe.. That's fine.. I'll play with you little panda.. You seem strong" he says. Tenten tosses off her cloak to reveal standard Anbu attire as kidōmaru chuckles, "Aww now I wanna play.. It's waste if a game isn't played little by little" he says and cracks his knuckles.

"To start.. I'll kill you three minutes" kidōmaru sneers, before firing a deluge of spider webs. Tenten quickly dodges and cuts them as kidōmaru continues to spew them, finally catching her and pinning her to a tree.

"Hehe.. One minute and I'm bored.. Well time for you to die" kidōmaru says, before his cheeks bulge.

"Kumo Nenkin" kidōmaru thought, spewing golden web like a spear. Tenten smirks and explodes into crows, shocking kidōmaru but he jerks as several explosive kunai appear around him and explode. Tenten lands with a serious look on her face behind her mask as the smoke slowly clears but reveals kidōmaru unharmed and covered by golden armor.

"That was close.. If I hadn't applied my Nenkin no Yoroi.. I would have been toast" kidōmaru says and raises his hand.

"It doesn't just come from my mouth either.. I can secrete my Kumo Nenkin from any part of my body.. Making it as hard as steel" kidōmaru adds.

"Then he may be able to stop those as well" tenten thought. Kidōmaru then suddenly vanishes and tenten narrows her eyes, before dodging a kunai but her breath hitches.

"A fake" tenten thought and sees kunai shaped with the kumo nenkin coming towards her.

"Fūton: Tatsumaki" tenten thought, creating a vortex of wind and blocking the weapons.

"Impossible.. I thought only the Hyuga could see behind them" kidōmaru thought, his eyes flickering. Tenten tosses a kunai into the trees and kidōmaru ducks under it, "Can she see me" he thought.

"Both of us are long-range users.. So the first to find their target" tenten thought, as kidōmaru appears. He hangs on the underside of a tree as his curse-mark in the form of twisted, entwining lines spreading throughout his body.

"I'll acknowledge that this game is a bit difficult but I still hold the advantage" kidōmaru sneers, biting his thumb and weaving signs.

"Kuchiyose no Jutsu" kidōmaru declares, slamming his hand on some webbing. Tenten gasps and her eyes widen behind her mask as a large black spider with orange stripes appears. The spider lays a large egg sack as kidōmaru cuts it open to send numerous baby spiders towards tenten, "Scatter" he shouts. Tenten slams her palms together and slowly pulls them apart to reveal thin wires, before swiping her hands and sending the wire forth to cut the spiders down.

"Die" kidōmaru shouts, tossing a kumo nenkin kunai knife towards tenten. She counters and sending more of her wires but adding her raiton to it, catching the knife in her threads.

"So she's not just long-range.. Those wires are similar to mine.. Heh I'll just keep my distance and squeeze more out of her" kidōmaru, moving through the forest and pulling his webbing. Numerous kunai knives appear and tenten dodges, using her threads to block more that appear as she lands.

"Raiton: Rensa Kaminari" tenten thought, sending a charge through her wires and killing numerous spiders. The number of spiders proves too much as it provides enough of a distraction for a kunai knife to cut open her right arm. Tenten staggers a bit but grunts in pain as a knife hits her in her upper right shoulder.

"Hahaha.. Here comes More" kidōmaru shouts.

"Damn it" tenten thought, as two knives pierce her back. Kidōmaru's laughter starts to echo in the forest, "Seems you are at your limits Little Panda.. Time to end this level" he declares. The spider roars and launches down at tenten but she sends her threads, while weaving signs.

"Katon: Ryūka no Jutsu" tenten thought, incinerating the spider but several kunai knives pierce her body and crack her mask.

"Game over" kidōmaru muses, turning to leave but stops. Tenten slowly rises to her feet as half her mask falls to the ground.

"Looks like I missed her vitals" kidōmaru thought, as his curse mark spreads more. His skin turns dark red and gaining yellow irises with black sclera. Elongated canine teeth and fingernails, as well as his hair becoming longer and turns grey with horns on his forehead, shoulders and elbows. Kidōmaru opens his now wide mouth as his hitai-ate falls to reveal a third eye as he creates a bow from his kumo nenkin.

"Instant Death" kidōmaru thought, firing the arrow. The ground explodes and kidōmaru laughs but gasps as tenten had dodged his attack but at the cost of her left arm, "Impossible" he thought. Tenten falls to one knee and clutches the stump of her left arm, before using the mystic palm to stem the bleeding.

"He doesn't attack needlessly.. As expected of a sniper and sacrificing my arm may be enough to get him to attack me up close" tenten thought. Kidōmaru forms another arrow but with a spiral tip on it, "I'll end this now.. The time for games is over" he thought, setting his bow.

"Maximum destruction" kidōmaru thought, firing his arrow. It tears through the forest as tenten gets to her feet, for it to pierce her lower right side and through the tree behind her. Tenten spews blood from her mouth but grabs the thread to send her raiton through, shocking kidōmaru and knocking him from the tree.

"Damn it.. She had enough chakra to pull off this last ditch effort.. But I can still move" kidōmaru thought. Tenten cuts herself free and rushes forward as blood pours from her wound, while her severed arm turns into a crow and flies off. Kidōmaru lands with a growl, "I've had a hard go it this time.. Maybe I played too much" he thought but gasps, as crows flies at him and turns into an arm to pierce his stomach.

"Ahh.. Fuck" kidōmaru cries, landing on his back with a thud. Tenten appears with her eyes a glowing purple and the whites of her eyes a black void.

"W-what are you.. H-how are you still alive" kidōmaru shouts. Tenten leans down to reattach her severed arm, "I am one the Queens of the No-Life Duke and technically.. I'm not alive" she says, opening her mouth wider to show her sharp teeth. Kidōmaru screams as his veins start to become pronounced on his skin but a wet thud catches his attention.

"Seem I missed the show" a voice croons. Tenten glances to see the severed head of jirōbō as naruto lands, "I'm almost finished.. He made me work for my meal" she says. Kidōmaru feels his life being drained from his body as it starts to shrivel up, "O-orchimaru-S-ama" he thought. Tenten slowly gets to her feet with a stutter step into naruto, "Easy" he says, draping his coat over her.

"The others went ahead" tenten says, clutching the coat. Naruto looks up at the sky as the sun was setting, "Shikamaru will more than likely wait until sunrise to attack" he says.

"Wouldn't it be better to attack them in the night.. Especially with us and Kiba" tenten says. Naruto looks down at kidōmaru's mummified corpse, "Shikamaru doesn't know what we are.. Even with Kiba.. The advantage goes to the enemy.. Plus he won't be able to use his Kagemane" he explains.

"So do we press ahead and pass the others" tenten says but naruto shakes his head.

"This a test for the others.. For now we'll catch up and hang back until morning.. If they separate you follow Karin" naruto says and tenten nods, before both vanish.

*Unknown Location*

"Can you confirm this Itachi" a voice states, via a projection with purple rippled patterned eyes. Itachi stands next to kisame before this projection, "I saw it with my own Sharingan.. The Kyubi Jinchuriki possesses Shisui's Sharingan" itachi says.

"He even claims he can't release the Kyubi too" kisame comments.

"How can we confirm this Pein" another projection of a woman says.

"It matters not.. Itachi.. Kisame will capture the Kyubi.. Regardless of him knowing about me" pein states.

"Yes Leader-sama" itachi says and the projections cease.

"What will we do Pein" the woman asks.

"We will capture the jinchuriki Konan and if the Kyubi is as Itachi reported.. We will find a way to take the Biju from him" pein says and konan nods, unsure.

*Scene Break - Next Day - Forests of Fire Country*

"We have to save Kiba and Akamaru" karin says, as she and shikamaru glare at tayuya. Between them pair was the barrel containing sasuke, "Karin take the barrel and run.. I'll hold her off" shikamaru says. However before both could act kimimaro lands on the barrel like a leaf, before kicking it away and taking it for himself.

"You're too late Tayuya" kimimaro says and looks around, "Where are the other three" he adds. Karin's flicker in fear at kimimaro, "Shikamaru this guy is much stronger that them" she whispers.

"This isn't good.. This guy wasn't in my calculations at all" shikamaru says.

"Why are you.. Your body" tayuya says.

"My body is already broken.. My Will is moving my body forward" kimimaro states.

"You just don't know when to die" tayuya hisses. Kimimaro runs his hands along the barrel, "This is an important to Orochimaru-sama but you were all too late" he says, shocking tayuya.

"Karin is right.. This guy is dangerous" shikamaru thought. Tayuya shunshins next to kimimaro but he leans forward, "There is a reason I don't kill you right now.. You have a duty to fulfill.. While I bring the vessel to Orochimaru-sama" he says and tayuya freezes, in shock.

"If Guren were here.. You would be punished thoroughly" kimimaro adds. Tayuya bites her lip in anger to draw blood, "Fucking Bastards.. If I had the power.. I would kill them all" she thought.

"You said it was too late" tayuya says.

"While true.. This is the vessel Orochimaru-sama desires.. This is all I can do for him now" kimimaro states and shifts his gaze but his eyes narrow.

"I leave these pieces of trash to you.. However keep the Uzumaki alive" kimimaro adds, causing karin to flinch. The leader of the sound-five leaps to the barrel and takes off as tayuya shifts her gaze to shikamaru and karin.

"What can we do" karin says.

"We sit and wait.. We need to follow the one person one kill.. I'll provide a diversion and you have to go after him" shikamaru says and karin's breath hitches.

"I'm not a fighter.. There is no way I can fight someone like That" karin says. Shikamaru keeps his eyes on tayuya with a sigh, "All you have to do is slow him down.. I know Naruto is coming.. He'll be there" he says.

"Oi what are you fucks whispering about" tayuya shouts, pulling out a silver flute.

"Go Karin" shikamaru shouts, as he draws kunai and launches forward with karin behind. Tayuya blocks with her flute as karin over and gives chase on kimimaro, "You fucks" tayuya shouts. Karin ignores the foul mouth kunoichi and leaps through the trees in search of kimimaro. Karin soon reaches a large clearing but sees kimimaro waiting for her, "Oh no.. He's waiting for me.. Maybe I should've stayed" she thought, landing in the clearing.

"I was ordered to not kill you.. So surrender" kimimaro states. Karin draws a familiar kunai from her pouch with a serious look, "All I have to do is hold out.. Keep him here and Naruto will get here" she thought.

"I will give one last chance to surrender trash or I will leave only enough for you to be of use to Orochimaru-sama" kimimaro says. Karin gulps as a bead of sweat of runs down forehead but she rushes forward, while two white blades emerge from kimimaro's palms. Karin flashes the cross shape sign and two clones pop to life, and start flashing signs stopping at hare.

"Suiton: Mizurappa" the clones shout, firing a stream of water. Kimimaro leaps and dodges the streams as the real karin tosses the kunai in her hand, which he blocks casually but his breath hitches as a flash erupts. Naruto appears with his leg raised and coming down to connect with kimimaro, slamming him into the ground with a small thud. Naruto shunshins behind karin, "Thank Kami it worked" she says.

"Good job.. However your work isn't done.. Panda is with Kiba and our backup" naruto says, keeping his visbile eye on kimimaro.

"Backup" karin says, as kimimaro slowly gets to his feet.

"Lady Fifth managed to get Suna to send some backup.. Now it's time for you to work" naruto says and touches her shoulder, before she vanishes in a flash.

[Music: Naruto Shippuden OST 2 - Himoji]

"Now then shall we dance" naruto says.

"More trash has appeared.. I will have to clean it up and recover the girl" kimimaro says. Naruto draws his chokuto with a smirk behind his mask, "This trash is more dangerous than you think" he says. The tension starts to rises as both size each other up but naruto makes the first move and shoots forward. Kimimaro meets naruto to block his strikes with his left blade and swings his right but naruto ducks under the strike. Naruto sends his left down to block kimimaro's kick, before moving his head to dodge a blade from kimimaro's knee.

"Bone" naruto thought, vanishing with a shunshin. Kimimaro rises with bones sticking out of his elbows, shoulders and both knees.

"So you're one of the Kaguya" naruto says, in a gatotsu stance. Kimimaro pins his green eyes on naruto's lone eye, "Yes.. I am Kimimaro Kaguya.. The last Kaguya" he says. Naruto shifts out of his stance and slowly reaches for his mask, "Well you can call me Kyūketsuki but my real name is Naruto Uzumaki" he says, tossing the mask aside.

"The one who harmed Orochimaru-sama" kimimaro says, as the bones recede. He unzips his shirt enough to pull his left arm out, as a bone emerge from the shoulder area. However suddenly black smoke emerges from the barrel as kimimaro creates a sword with his bone, "It'll be soon now" he says. Naruto grips his sword and channels fūton through it, "Fūton: Kazaha" he utters, swinging thrice. Kimimaro swings to block each cleanly and evenly, "It's useless.. This is not ordinary bone.. It's density is as hard as steel" he says.

"I possess Five Dances.. I will especially show you the Tsubaki no Mai" kimimaro says and naruto smirks, licking his lips and showing his fangs.

"We'll see" naruto says, shooting forward with a gatotsu thrust but kimimaro avoids it and naruto smirks.

"You avoided being stab but" naruto thought, cutting open kimimaro's side. The leader of the sound five leaps back and touches his bleeding side, "Impressive to cut me.. You added wind to your blade" kimimaro says, shooting forward. Naruto meets him as their weapons clack from each strike, parry, counter-strike or connect as smoke continues to rise from the barrel. Both pass each other with a loud clang as both have several minor gashes on their bodies, "For someone on the verge of death.. You are mildly interesting.. The will a single man is frightening" naruto says, turning and charging.

"My life is in service of Orochimaru-sama.. There is nothing I can not do" kimimaro says, turning and charging as well.

[Music Change: Naruto Shippuden OST - Stalemate]

The smoke increases in the barrel and it causes both to halt in their tracks, "It's time.. I've been eagerly waiting" kimimaro says. The seals on the barrel rip and it explodes with purple smoke but it clears to reveal sasuke with dark skin and long greyish hair but it recedes to his normal black hair. Sasuke slowly brings his hands up with a trembling laugh as kimimaro smirks, "Go to Orochimaru-sama" he says, as naruto drives his chokuto into the ground.

"No he won't" naruto shouts and weaves signs, stopping at tiger. Sasuke prepares to leap away as naruto slams his hands into the ground, "Mokuton: Jubaku Eisō" naruto shouts. Sasuke and kimimaro gasp as wooden roots erupt from the ground and ensnares sasuke, "What?!" sasuke shouts. Kimimaro charges naruto but a clone pops to life and shunshins to sasuke, as the real naruto raises his right to block the downward strike. The blow severs naruto's arm but naruto shoulder blocks kimimaro enough to spin and slam a roundhouse kick, sending kimimaro back with a skid.

"Sorry Sasuke-kun but you don't get to run" the clone sneers.

"Dobe!" sasuke roars but the clone places hand on his chest.

"Fūinjutsu: Light of the False World" the clone utters. Sasuke's vision becomes blurry and he passes out as the clone place a hand on his chest, before they both vanish.

"Kehahaha.. Looks like mission failure and Orochimaru's dreams remains just that" naruto sneers. Kimimaro levels a serious look to naruto as the blond smirks, "You will pay for this" kimimaro hisses.

"Oh Yes.. Come make me pay" naruto shouts, with a wild look in his eyes. Naruto picks up his severed arm and reattaches it with a wiggle of his fingers, then shoots forward into a leap.

"Konoha Senpū" naruto says, with a spinning kick and kimimaro blocks but he skids a bit. Naruto lands and sends low kick but kimimaro leaps to dodge, as naruto meets him with a flurry of strikes and both land with a skid. Naruto shoots forward and ducks under kimimaro's thrust, connecting with an uppercut and lifting him off the ground but he sends his blade down and through naruto's left forearm.

"That doesn't work" naruto howls, connecting with a right cross and sending kimimaro flying.

"What's the matter.. I thought you were gonna make me pay for making you Fail your mission" naruto shouts, ripping the bone sword from his arm. Kimimaro slowly rises to his feet and slips out of his shirt as his curse-mark starts to spread from his chest in the shape of contorting and parallel lines. His arms twitch rapidly as bone emerge from his forearms, before raising his arms and firing the bone blades towards naruto. Naruto slams his hands on the ground and a wall of earth rises to block, while he rushes forward towards kimimaro.

"Karamatsu no Mai" kimimaro shouts, as bone erupts from his chest and back. Naruto closes as kimimaro rushes him and extends his bones to pierce but a clone pops to life, allowing naruto to switch. Naruto charges a Rasengan and slams it into kimimaro's chest, tossing him back several feet as naruto skids to a halt.

"Che his bones lessened the blow a bit" naruto thought.

"Come on.. I'm waiting for you to kill me.. If you can't.. You can run back to your master and tell him you failed" naruto shouts. Kimimaro rises to his feet with his face shadowed as his bones recede and his curse-mark spreads, "I have no choice but to use it" he thought.

[Music Change: Naruto OST - Orochimaru Fighting Theme]

Naruto's brow rises as kimimaro changes before his very eyes, his skin turns dark grey skin, with black sclera, yellow irises, sharp teeth, six large bone spines protruding out of his back. A long bone-spike tail and two dark black curve like markings under his eyes with elongated eyebrows.

"Quite the transformation.. So this the full power of the Curse-mark.. Hehehehe.. Interesting" naruto says and shifts to a horse-back stance.

"I can do something similar" naruto adds, as his teeth become sharper. Naruto gnashes his teeth as his body starts to increase in size, his shirt sleeves rip as white fur emerges on his skin. His boots and pants rip below knee as his feet become more digitigrade, his face stretches to gain a snout and wolf like features.

"Awoooooo" naruto roars, howling into the sky.

"What sort of creature are you" kimimaro says. Naruto laughs with a deep and guttural tone, "The worst kind of monster.. Now Kimimaro Kaguya.. Show me your power" he shouts, shooting on two legs but shifting to four. Kimimaro leans forward as spinal cord emerge from his back to form a whip-like bone sword.

"Tessenka no Mai: Tsuru" kimimaro utters. Naruto leaps and spins into a twister, "Tsūga" he thought, as kimimaro swings his vine like sword around him. Kimimaro gnashes his teeth and swings down, slamming naruto into the ground and yanking back to tear into naruto's body.

"Tessenka no Mai: Hana.. A bone of the strongest calcification" kimimaro utters, as bones encase his left arm like spiral. Naruto rises as blood drips from his wounds and slobber from his maw, "Hoh.. Well come Pierce my Heart with it" he utters. Kimimaro shoots forward as naruto spreads his arms out, before kimimaro pierces through naruto's chest with his flower bone but the vampire melts into black sludge and pulls him back.

"What?!" kimimaro hisses but his eyes widen. Naruto was baring down on him with a large Rasengan emitting white flames, "Hahaha.. Go into death and prepare a place for your Master" he howls.

"Orochimaru-sama.. I'm Sorry" kimimaro thought, as the Rasengan slams into him.

"Cruel Sun" naruto utters, grinding kimimaro into the ground. Naruto lets go and drops as his clawed hands with still smoking as his body returns to his human form.

"I need to think a better name" naruto muses. Kimimaro lays motionless with severe burns to his body but his eyes shoot open as he lurches up but a smoking hole erupts in his head. Naruto hold out his smoking colt with a blank look on his face, "This isn't a horror movie" he thought, the gun vanish like a wisp of smoke. Naruto rolls his neck and turns slips a cigarette into his mouth, lighting it and sucking in deeply and exhaling.

"Now then.. Time to head home to Feed.. Fuck and Sleep" naruto muses, exploding into a murder of crows.[music ends]

*Scene Break*

Tayuya groans in pain and open her eyes weakly, "That fucking Bitch.. If not for my second level.. I would be dead already" she thought. Tayuya tries to move but looks down to see her legs crushed under a tree, "Fuck.. I can't die now.. I need to pay that bastard back" she hisses but feels a presence.

"Well.. Well a lost soul on the verge of death" the figure croons.

"Who the Fuck are you" tayuya shouts. The figure leans down to show his face, "I'm Naruto but you can call me your savior.. If you like" he says.

"Savior?!" tayuya hisses. Naruto grins and leans inches from her face, "Yes.. I can give you Real power.. Unlike Orochimaru's fake power.. I can give you the object of your revenge.. Guren" he says.

"What?!.. Orochimaru said she was missing" tayuya says but recoils as naruto touches her cheek.

"Of course he would.. However Guren is missing but in truth I have her locked away.. Deciding what to do with her.. However If you accept my power.. I can give her to you.. To do what you wish" naruto says. Tayuya looks at naruto as the shadows hide his upper-body with the sun shining down but feel herself dying.

"Perhaps an added bonus.. My power will completely get rid of your curse-mark" naruto says and tayuya gasps.

"So has that changed your mind.. Speak and I will save you or you die here with me as your only witness" naruto adds. Tayuya gnashes her teeth in anger, "Y-yes.. I accept" she says.

"Hmm.. I can't hear you.. Speak louder.. Speak with conviction" naruto says, reaching to the piece of wood.

"Fuck.. Yes.. I accept.. I give myself to you" tayuya shouts and naruto grins, before lifting the tree off her. Naruto then digs his nail into his right forearm to bring forth black blood, "Here Drink" he says, holding his arm over her mouth. Tayuya narrows her eyes but opens her mouth as naruto holds his wrist and he makes his fist, to give more blood. Tayuya drinks down the blood but starts screaming and clawing at her throat after naruto pulls his arm away. Tayuya starts to convulse and clutch her throat as her legs heal, with loud sizzling and her skin starting to pale. Her sclera turns black and her brown eyes turn purple as voiceless scream echoes as her canines lengthen. Naruto picks up the now still tayuya as a clone pops to life, "We'll be heading to Ne HQ to sleep.. Inform Lady Fifth of our success and check on the others" he says and clone nods, before vanishing. Naruto soon follows and makes his way to Ne headquarters, finding an empty room and makes a coffin for tayuya. The blond plops on a cot and sighs as he slips a cigarette into his mouth but decides against it, putting it behind his ear and crosses his legs at the ankles.

"With Tayuya I have the required Six for the CRA and with her blood I now know where to find that Pedo.. Also I need to do my Black mission and hunt down Pein" naruto thought and feels his clones dispel, before going to sleep. Hours passed as both older and newborn vampire sleep, while news spread through konoha's rookie group about sasuke's defection and capture. Sakura and ino came to the defense of their tragic prince with the others countering with kiba's injuries and sakura's own admission that he was leaving but it fell on deaf ears. Kiba suffered severe injuries but none life-threatening but akamaru suffered very serious injuries and wouldn't be moving around any time soon. Sasuke was immediately sequestered in Anbu HQ with his chakra sealed until the council decided his fate. Koharu and homura naturally tried to get the boy freed on the technicality that it was the curse-mark that influenced him but tsunade wasn't having none of it.

*Scene Break - Nightfall*

Tayuya gasps loudly and rises from the coffin with wide and glowing purple eyes, looking around franticly and seeing naruto laying on the cot.

"If you're ready.. Guren is down to the right" naruto says, his eyes still closed. Tayuya slowly gets to her feet with a roll of her neck and looks at her paler skin and her tongue feeling her new fangs.

"Fucking bring me.. I don't know this place" tayuya says and naruto sighs, getting off the cot. Naruto beckons for her to follow and they make their way to guren's cell, finding her laying on the cot but he keeps tayuya back.

"Evening Guren.. Haven't tried to escape" naruto says and guren's eyes shoot open, before glaring at the blond.

"Bastard.. What do you want" guren hisses. Naruto smiles and leans on the cell door, "Well I came to introduce you to someone.. She's been dying to see you again" he says and guren's eyes narrow but her breath hitches, seeing tayuya.

"How's it going bitch.. It's So good to see you again" tayuya says, mocking her.

"What the hell are you doing here?!" guren shouts. Naruto opens the cell door and tayuya steps in, "I'm finally gonna kill you Bitch.. It's high time I pay you back for all the Shit I went through" she says. Guren tries to attack tayuya but the former oto kunoichi catches her fist and back-hands her onto the cot. Tayuya immediately pounces on guren and her new strength holds her down, "According to him.. Once I suck you dry.. You'll be my Bitch for all time" tayuya says, showing her fangs. Guren struggles to fight but screams as tayuya bites her neck, squirming in vain as the newborn vampire drinks her life-blood. Naruto watches with glee as guren's fighting soon stops along with her screams as tayuya wrenches back with voiceless roar and blood running down the lower half of her face.

"Ahhh.. That felt fucking cathartic" tayuya hisses, shifting her glowing eyes to him. Tayuya gets off of guren's corpse but rips her head off for good measure, before approaching naruto and poking his chest.

"I'm horny now.. So are we gonna Fuck" tayuya says and naruto grins.

"Scene Break - Lemon Start*

Tayuya immediately smashes her lips on naruto's mouth as she pushes them out the cell but naruto lifts her by her thighs, slamming her into the cell as they feverishly make out. Naruto shunshins them back to his room and tosses tayuya on the cot as he pulls off his shirt, while tayuya pulls off her obi and then her top. Naruto pounces on tayuya and they restart their making out, their fangs cutting their lips and making blood flow. Naruto moves off tayuya's mouth towards her C-cup breasts hidden by breast bindings, free them with his sharp teeth.

"Fuck" tayuya cries, as naruto starts sucking on her right nipple and lightly biting with his left hand pinching her left nipple. Naruto lifts up and licks the blood from his lips, grabbing the sides of tayuya's spandex shorts and she lifts her legs as naruto pulls off the shorts. Tayuya spreads her legs to show her shaved pussy, "Don't be gentle" she says. Naruto unbuckles his pants and slips his hard cock from his briefs, causing tayuya's eyes to widen but smirks.

"Fuck you're big" tayuya says but her eyes bulge and a loud cry of pleasure, as naruto shoves his member inside her. Naruto chuckles and leans forward to grope her right breast as his thrusts hit tayuya deep, causing beautiful sounds to escape her mouth.

"Nn.. Fuck.. It's hitting me deep.. I'm about cum.. Fuck.. Fuck.. Ikuuuuu" tayuya cries, feeling herself squirt. Tayuya pants heavily as her breath was visible but naruto flips her over on to her stomach, "What the fuck are you doing" she shouts.

"Well.. I told myself.. I was gonna Fight.. Feed.. Fuck and Sleep.. I fought Kimimaro and killed him.. Slept.. Now it's time for Fucking and Feeding.. So I'm just getting started" naruto says.

"Wait you.. Killed Kimimaro.. Ahh.. Fuck.. For Real" tayuya says, as naruto slams inside her once again. Naruto grips tayuya's hips with a wide grin, "Of course" he says, slamming hard into her. Tayuya grips the cot as naruto pounds her hard and fast but quickly cums for a second time, "For Fucks sake.. This guy his powerhouse" she thought but cries out, as hot spunk fills her womb. Naruto slowly pulls out but was still hard as tayuya slowly turns on her back but sits up, "Stand up" she says. Naruto complies and tayuya squats down, before starting with a few tests licks on naruto's member and finally slips it into her mouth. Soft slurping and gagging fills the room as tayuya sucks naruto, tasting her cum and naruto's mixed in but the blond jerks as tayuya tickles his asshole.

"Bitch" naruto hisses, as he cums inside tayuya's mouth. The fiery kunoichi smirks but naruto makes a cross-shape sign and two more naruto appear, "Prepare yourself Bitch" he croons.

*Scene Break - Lemon End - Next Day*

Naruto sits with his eyes closed as the council meets to discuss what to do with sasuke, naturally koharu and homura argued for leniency. They argued that the curse-mark was the reason sasuke defected and should not be help accountable.

"Are you Fucking serious.. My son was nearly killed because of him" tsume shouts.

"I would agree with Tsume.. My son was injured as well.. Not to the extent of Kiba but injured none the less.. Sasuke caused this by attempting to defect to a known traitor" shikaku says. Tsunade remains silent and looks to naruto, "Panda do you have Kyūketsuki's report" she says. Tenten places the report on the table and slides it to tsunade, before handing copies to each member of the council. A few minutes pass and everyone reads naruto's detailed report from his perspective, even adding shikamaru's report to his notes from what he missed but leaving out his use of mokuton.

"As you can see.. Sasuke Uchiha left of his volition" tsunade says, looking to koharu and homura. The two elders couldn't say anything when it was staring them in the eye in black and white.

"So what will be Sasuke-sama's fate" homura says.

"Sasuke will have chakra sealed with a sentence of Ten years in maximum security.. His genetic material will be collected and given to screened surrogates.. This will continue until children are born" tsunade says, then looks to the two elders.

"And with this you two are now off the Council.. You were the voice of the Uchiha but that stops now" tsunade adds.

"Hokage-sama you can't do that" homura says.

"I can and I will.. Be lucky I allowed you remain on the council This long.. Now get out of this room" tsunade says and the elders begrudgingly leave the room, both shooting a glare to naruto. The remaining council leave as well to leave the two vampires, tsunade and hiruzen.

"So when were you gonna tell me about Dragon" naruto says and hiruzen sighs.

"I wanted to Naruto-kun but" hiruzen says but naruto raises his hand.

"I know Gramps.. Dragon explained things but I would like a chance to head to Kumo and check on a hunch Dragon has" naruto says and hiruzen slowly nods.

"Putting aside the business with Dragon.. Where is the prisoner" tsunade asks. Naruto leans back in his chair with a sigh, "Sleeping" he says.

"Will she talk" hiruzen asks and naruto nods, snapping his fingers. Tenten hands tsunade and hiruzen another file as naruto opens his eyes, "It's the locations of Orochimaru's bases.. Well the ones she knew about.. Give the order and we'll hunt them down" naruto says.

"We'll need Jiraiya to confirm things but consider it a priority" tsunade says and naruto nods, rising to his feet.

"On your order" naruto says, excusing himself and tenten follow him out.

"Why turn her.. She was an enemy" tenten asks, as they leave the council room. Naruto slips a cigarette into his mouth but doesn't light it, as tenten's clothes change. She now wears a revealing black cheongsam with purple trim, its slit up to her hips and revealing black spats with black pantyhose. A pair of finger-less arm sleeves and a black choker around her neck, with light purple eye shadow and knee length kunoichi boots.

"Why not.. She wanted revenge on Orochimaru.. She and Anko will get along or it's you're jealous not being the baby" naruto says, smirking and tenten puffs her cheeks.

"No.. It's just she has a foul mouth" tenten comments, pulling out some sunglasses from her high-collar coat and slipping them on.

"Have you gone see your parents" naruto asks but tenten shakes her head, as they take to the roofs and head to naruto's complex.

"How do I face them" tenten says but naruto grasps her left hand.

"You're still you.. The only thing that has changed is your status in the world" naruto muses.

"I guess but I'm still need to control my bloodlust.. So maybe another month" tenten says. The pair land in front of naruto's door and he unlocks it, finding kurenai on the sofa with a book.

"Who else is home" naruto asks.

"Yugao is sleeping.. Hana is with her brother and mother.. While Anko is at T&I talking to Sakura Haruno.. Apparently she attempted to break the Uchiha out" kurenai explains.

"Well that ought to get her busted from the Ninja corp" naruto muses, lighting his flavored cigarette.

"That makes Team-7 without a member like my old team" tenten says, slipping off her coat.

"Tsunade-sama will more than likely shuffle the rookie teams.. Team-10 will remain the same" kurenai says. Naruto blows a stream of smoke as he makes some instant ramen, "Maybe now Ino will see this as a wake-up call.. Her precious Sasuke-kun abandoned the village for power" he says.

"Doubt it" tenten says. Naruto yawns slightly with his cup of ramen, "I'm going to take a nap.. When the others get home.. Tell them we got a Black mission tonight" he says, heading to his room.

"What is a Black Mission" tenten asks. Kurenai turns the page of her book and looks up, "It's a mission off the books.. It means something not even the Hokage knows.. If you're caught.. You're disavowed and labeled a Traitor" she explains and tenten gasps.

"Naruto must be up to something if he asked for it" kurenai says and tenten furrows her brow in thought. Hours pass and night fall soon washes over the village of konoha. Naruto, his five queens and plus one were standing on the hokage monument as the clouds pass across the night sky.

"Why are we fucking wearing this get-up" tayuya says. Each of them were wearing a black, skin-tight, short sleeve leotard, matching fingerless gloves that extend to their biceps, and thigh-high boots, all of which are adorned with straps and a hooded black cloak.

"Well Yuya.. This a Off the Books mission.. Meaning If we're caught.. They won't know which village we're from" naruto says. He wears all black as well, consisting of Anbu cargo pants into combat boots, a form-fitting long sleeve shirt with silver trim, black gloves and a half mask. His blond hair was now fully black and whiskers gone as well, "Now our is mission is to head to Amegakure" naruto says.

"What's in Ame" anko asks and naruto smirks.

"The leader of the Akatsuki.. Our goal is Kill him and his second in command.. Also to learn everything we can about their operations as well.. Let's go" naruto says and all of them vanish into the night.

*Scene Break - Amegakure*

Several guards stand on the lone bridge into amegakure, featuring stone tower gates of medieval times. One of the guards narrows his eyes as a figure approaches out of the misty rain, their form hidden under a black cloak and their face by a white mask. It has no mouth or nose, its right eye hidden behind a black eye patch and the left eye having a black falling tear design and a feathered headdress.

"Halt right there" one shouts, as they hold out their spears. The figure continues forward and ignores the guards, causing them to charge him but all of them collapse as their necks open with spraying blood. The blood then moves as if alive and follows the figure under their cloak, before six black blurs erupt into the village. In another part of the steampunk style village, in the tallest tower pein narrows his eyes and looks back.

"What is it" konan asks.

"Someone is disturbing the rain.. His chakra is large" pein says and konan frowns. Back with the figure their visible eye sees the numerous pipes diverting the water from the rain.

"Naruto.. It seems anyone associated with Hanzo has been killed" a voice says. Naruto picks up his pace slightly with a narrowed eye, "Interesting.. Continue the search.. Kill any ninja" he thought and gets several acknowledgements.

"Seems the village is built on several levels" naruto thought but narrows his eyes, as the rain starts to stop.

"Have you sensed me Pein" naruto thought, continuing on as a snake slithers from his cloak. Naruto soon reaches an open area with numerous pipes running downward but halts as paper was floating in the air, before engulfing his form as konan partially forms. Konan creates a spear of paper to pierce naruto but the blond turns to mud, "Katon: Karyūdan" naruto declares, appearing behind and spewing flames to engulf konan. The smoke clears and konan remains, "Who are you.. Why have you come to our village" she says.

"Well I did tell Pein I was coming see him" naruto says, rolling his right shoulder and konan's amber eyes narrow.

"The Kyubi Jinchuriki" konan says, as she rises above him and paper wings form. Naruto places his hand on his right hip with a grin, "But of course and you have an interesting technique.. I'm sure one my Queens will want it" he says.

"Kami Shigure" konan declares, firing paper like blades. Naruto dodges to his right and flashes signs to hare, "Suiton: Mizurappa" he thought, firing a stream of water but it has no effect on konan.

"Even water has no effect on you.. Oh yes one my queens will have your power" naruto thought, preparing to use his mokuton to capture konan.

"That is enough Konan.. Return" a voice states. Naruto narrows his eyes as a tall figure appears on the raised section. He has orange hair tied in a long ponytail with fringe hanging down from the right side of his head.

"Yes Pein" konan says and breaks down into paper butterflies. Naruto narrows his eyes at pein, "He has the Rinnegan but that is not the Pein from the photo" he thought.

"So you finally come to visit me" naruto shouts.

"You were a fool to come here Kyubi" pein says and slaps his hands together, "Kuchiyose no Jutsu" he declares. A large summoning array forms and a large red crustacean appears with eight legs and two pincers. It has many large spikes jutting out of its lower back area and a very large spike in the center of its lower back. Naruto narrows his eyes and back flips onto the wall as the crab spews thick bubble like water, before diving in. Naruto draws his chokuto and back pedals as the crab emerges, "Fūton: Kamaitachi" he thought, swing and cutting the crab to pieces.

"You can't defeat me for I am a God" pein declares and naruto narrows his eyes.

"God?!" naruto questions. Pein spreads his arms out, "Yes.. I have evolved from a man into a God.. Through Pain I have grown pass human limitations.. My words and thoughts have become Absolute.. Now surrender to me the Kyubi.. With your death.. Peace will be attained" he states. Shadows cover naruto's face but a laugh escapes his lips, "Did you not listen to Itachi.. The Kyubi can not be released from me.. Your aspirations of attaining it are for naught" naruto says, pointing his chokuto.

"Your mortal words do not phase me.. I will have the Kyubi" pein says but his eyes widen as a tri-prong kunai was streaking towards him, causing him to slams his hands together. A bright flash erupts and naruto appears with a Rasengan aimed for his head, crashing them both into the pipes causing explosion of water.

"Shinra Tensei" echoes out. Naruto jerks as he is slammed into the pipes and to the outside with several bounces, "What the hell was that?!" he thought.

"Do you wish to know why.. I will use the Kyubi" a voice says. Naruto looks up at the hole and sees the pein from the photo, "Of course.. Enlighten this foolish mortal" he says.

"With the Kyubi and other tailed-beast.. I will create a forbidden weapon.. A weapon to wipe out a nation.. By unleashing such a power of the world that Pain will make people fear wars and True Peace will reign" pein declares. Naruto grips his kunai in a reverse grip, "You think killing scores of people will bring about peace.. Those are the words a of a mad man" he says. Pein raises his right hand with a blank look, "No they are not words but Reality.. This world needs the hand of God to guide it and I will be that hand" he says, as a black orb forms on his hand.

"Shinra Tensei" pein declares. Naruto quickly flashes signs and stops at ram as the concussive blast slams into him but it sucked into an array as a third arm bursts from naruto's back, tossing it towards pein.

"Here have it back" naruto shouts and pein jerks, as his shinra tensei slams back into him. Naruto teleports to the thrown kunai as pein slowly gets to his feet but with a look of anger, "How?!" pein says and naruto holds up his kunai.

"Hiraishin: Dōrai.. Something my father used to deflect a Tail-beast Bomb" naruto says.

"This will not Stop..." pein starts but collapses like a puppet without string, causing naruto grin wide.

"How does it feel to have your oldest friend stab you in the back" naruto thought, exploding into a murder of crows.

*Scene Break*

Konan gasps as her paper was in the back and neck of an emaciated man with red hair and Rinnegan eyes, "K-konan" he says.

"N-nagato.. W-what am I" konan says but rose thorns rises from the shadows to ensnare her form.

"Don't struggle" a voice says, as an array forms on konan's cloak and kurenai partially emerges. Nagato tries to move but his body isn't listening to him but small laughter echoes, "Fufufu.. Don't bother.. Motion function is now limited" a voice croons. Naruto emerges from the shadows and slowly removes his mask to reveal his Mangekyō Sharingan, "So you're the Real face of Pein" he says.

"T-this will not stop me Kyubi Jinchuriki" nagato says. Naruto approaches and stops with his hands behind his back, "Oh but it will.. I know a good deal about you.. Trained by Jiraiya.. Fought against Hanzo and killed him it seems.. Danzo's memories are a bit abstract" he says.

"Get away from him" konan shouts. Naruto leans enough to the side to see konan and smirks, "Why.. He intends to kill me.. Why can't I do the same" he says.

"Now where was I oh yes Danzo.. Well the now deceased Danzo lied to Hanzo about your little group in a bid to convince Hanzo to aid him in overthrowing the Third Hokage but it seems your power made Hanzo think twice" naruto says.

"Jeez the ninja of this village are overzealous" anko says, appearing with the other queens.

"I would agree.. They all said God would smite us" tenten says.

"Manda is having a field day" hana comments, licking some blood from her hand. Nagato glares at naruto and his queens, "Even if you kill me.. There are those who will continue our cause" he hisses. Naruto's eyes starts to glow and the whites of his eyes turn black, "I hope so.. Now who wants the Angel" he says.

"I'll take her" tenten says. Naruto grabs nagato by the head and the redhead struggles weakly, "Now you get watch another friend die" naruto says. The queens' eyes starts to glow a haunting purple as tenten moves behind konan, the older woman starting to look frighten.

"Don't worry.. I'll give you the peace you richly deserve" tenten says and konan's eyes glaze over.

"Yes.. Thank you" konan says, in a daze. Tenten rips konan's cloak enough to expose her slender neck, before slowly sinking her fangs into the older woman's throat. A sharp gasp escapes konan's lip as tenten holds up her head to drink, a trail of blood running on to her cloak. Nagato is forced to watch as his oldest friend's life ends, her breathing heavy and rapid with her eyes slowly dimming and closing forever. Kurenai releases the rose thorns and konan falls to the ground as tenten holds back feelings of pleasure.

"I'm curious how did you get his number two to fuck him over" tayuya says. Naruto looks nagato in the eye, "I'm hesitant to admit it but the Sharingan is a Hell of a Dojutsu.. I can only imagine what I can do with the other one and the Rinnegan" he says.

"Damn you Demon" nagato hisses. Naruto grasps nagato by the mouth as small tentacles enter his skin, "You weren't the first to call me that and not the last either" naruto hisses, as muffled screams erupt from nagato's mouth. His body slowly becomes more and more emaciated as naruto groans in pleasure as tendril erupt from his body to drag konan's body into his own body. Naruto bends back with a look of pleasure of his face but his body seizes, as laughter escapes his lips as he leans forward.

"Hahahahaha.. It seems the object of my life being shit is in Akatsuki and calls himself Madara of all things" naruto says.

"Madara Uchiha?!" anko says. Naruto wags his finger with a smirk, "We'll see but I doubt it.. No way someone as Proud as Madara would hide behind a mask.. No matter once he learns of Nagato's death.. He'll come" he says but notices tenten has red cheeks.

"Well let's be on our way.. Manda destroy this building" naruto says, as a clone pops to life.

"Find Pein's main puppet body and display him for all to see" naruto says and the clone disappears. The building starts to groan as the vampires vanish and appear opposite as the former snake boss wraps around the building, slowly crushing it and bringing it down.

"This will cause complete Bedlam" hana says and naruto titters, as manda vanishes into the smoke and shrinks to rejoin naruto.

"We should deal with that statue" naruto adds.

"I know a way.. Follow me" tenten says and closes her eyes, her body starts to break down into paper. One paper turns into a plane as the others turn into butterflies and make their way towards the edges of the village as everyone vanishes. Tenten reforms on a large lake far outside the village as the others arrive with shunshin, "Konan prepared this for Tobi should he have betrayed them.. It's Three hundred million paper bombs" tenten explains.

"Wow.. Sucks we killed her but Panda will put her abilities to good use" anko says.

"Yuya put up a barrier.. I'll summon the statue" naruto says and tayuya nods, creating three clones. The four tayuya spread out to surround the lake as kurenai creates a large area Genjutsu, while hana, yugao and anko keep anyone away.

[Music: Naruto Shippuden OST III - Zetsu Theme]

"Ninpō: Shishi Enjin" tayuya and the clones shout, creating the large barrier. Naruto closes his eyes and slams his hands together as his eyes open to reveal a blue Rinnegan, "Kuchiyose: Gedō Mazō" he says.

The water gurgles as part of a large earthen statue emerges with nine closed eyes with it's arms raised and chained.

"Tenten when your ready" naruto says. Tenten transforms her lower-body into wings to fly above naruto and weaves signs to stop at ram, "Kami no Shisha no Jutsu" she utters. The water parts under the statue for nearly a mile and it sinks further down as the paper bombs start to explode enmasse for the next five minutes.

"This should put a halt to Project Tsuki no Me" naruto thought, watching the statue start to break down from the continuous explosions. The lake collapses on itself as the pieces fall to depths to never be seen again as tayuya brings down the barrier and the other queens make their way back.

"Now we're finished.. The other Akatsuki members will be nose open for us now.. However that doesn't matter.. We'll hunt them down and devour their souls" naruto says and all of their eyes glow purple. Anko moves closer to naruto and grabs his junk, "Now we can go and Tenten can feel you inside her" she says and tenten gasps.

"It would take too long to go home.. So let's find an Inn somewhere" hana suggests. Naruto sighs and looks to the sky as the rain starts once again, "Right.. We'll head to River country" he says and all of them vanish. [music ends]

*Scene Break - River Country - Lemon Start*

Tenten braces on naruto's chest as she attempts to get use to his girth, around them the others were making out with one another as tayuya was sucking on naruto's right wrist.

"Those are bigger" naruto says, holding her supple thighs but staring at her D-cup breasts. Tenten blushes as she bounces up and down on naruto's cock, "Ngyah.. An-ko suggested and Hana suggested.. Ahh.. My thighs too" she says. Tayuya moves off of naruto's wrist to see that anko and hana were dick-girls, fucking kurenai and yugao.

"That is possible" tayuya says, breathing heavy.

"Fufufu.. Of course" naruto croons. Tayuya shifts to her knees and her clit changes into a six inch cock, "Ok panda girl" she says, stroking her clit-dick. Tenten seizes and cries out in pleasure as tayuya slips her clit-dick into her asshole, "Fuwahhh" tenten cries. Tayuya gropes tenten's D-cups as they fuck both her holes, causing the bun-hair kunoichi to scream in pleasure and squirt in naruto's lap but tayuya continues pounding her ass.

"Fuck.. I'm cumming" tayuya cries, collapsing back with heavy breaths. Tenten slides off of naruto and the blond sits up to tease tayuya's pussy as her clit was back to normal.

"Fuck" tayuya cries, as naruto slips inside her. Naruto lifts tayuya up enough and she arches her back as the blond fucks her with fast pumps. Tenten crawls to lean on naruto's back but bites his neck for a pick me up, causing him to hiss in delight. Naruto grunts as he feels himself cum with a drawn out hiss, slowly pulling out and cum leaks out of tayuya. Tenten moves from his neck and lets naruto rest his back on the head board to capture his lips to let him taste blood and her saliva.

"Naru-to" anko coos, climbing on the bed and standing up. She grasps his semi-limp cock to stroke it and get him up once again, "Fufufu like my Foot-job" anko coos. Kurenai joins them on the bed followed by hana and yugao, "My turn" yugao says, squatting over naruto's cock.

"Mmph" yugao grunts, feeling naruto inside her. Hana and anko latch on to her breasts to suck on her nipples but lift enough for tayuya and kurenai to slip under, to let them suck on their pussies.

"Ahhh" tenten cries, as naruto changes his right hand into a shadow tendril to fuck her pussy. Tenten falls on her back and writhes from his ministrations, her fingers pinching her hard nipples. The others cry out as well as tendrils enter their asses and pussies, "Ahhh.. Naruto make.. Us.. Ahh.. All cum at the same.. Ahh.. Time" anko cries. Naruto grins and continue to pump them with his tendrils until all of them cum with loud and drawn out cries of pleasure, filling the room and getting people hot and bothered in other rooms of the inn.

*Scene Break - Lemon End - Konohagakure - Anbu HQ*

Sasuke gnashes his teeth in rage at the events of recent memory, "How can they not see.. I Need to Kill Him" he thought. Sasuke thought he had succeeded in leaving the village behind to join orochimaru and gain the power to avenge his clan and violently murder his brother. However the last loyal or former loyal uchiha was captured by of all people naruto.

"How could the Dobe do that?!" sasuke thought.

"Uchiha.. You got a visitor" owl says and sasuke shoots owl a glare.

"Glare all you want kid.. Get up" owl says. Sasuke slowly complies and holds his wrists to have his hands cuffed by owl. Mantis comes in and the cells opens to escort sasuke to a room, where kakashi was sitting and waiting for the last uchiha in konoha.

"You got Twenty" owl says, leaving the room and standing guard with mantis. Sasuke has a scowl on his face as kakashi sighs, "Sasuke.. How could you betray the village.. Your comrades" kakashi starts.

"I needed power.. Orochimaru gave me power when this pathetic village wouldn't" sasuke hisses.

"Revenge doesn't solve anything" kakashi says.

"Yes it does!" sasuke shouts.

"No it doesn't Sasuke.. Even if you were to succeed.. Then what" kakashi says but sasuke says nothing.

"You're not first to lose someone" kakashi says, thinking of his losses. Sasuke gnashes his teeth in anger and kakashi could see it, "None of you know how I feel.. Just like the Dobe.. Maybe should I kill someone close to you.. Then you would know I feel" sasuke says. Kakashi softly sighs with a look on his face, "That would be hard to do.. Everyone you're talking about has already been killed" he says.

"My father committed Suicide.. My teammates were killed in the Third War and my Sensei in the Kyubi attack" kakashi says and looks sasuke in the eye.

"It would've been easy to give into my hatred but I didn't.. I thought I could guide you down a better path but it seems I failed" kakashi adds and rises from his seat, heading to the door knock.

"You should know.. The Hokage has decided your fate.. Ten years chakra sealed in maximum security and your sperm will be collected for viable candidates.. Until viable children are born" kakashi says, leaving and sasuke rages. Owl and mantis come in to take sasuke back to his cell, "How dare you do this to me.. I am an Uchiha" sasuke shouts.

"Face it kid.. You name won't help you anymore" owl says. Sasuke staggers into his cell with a look of rage, "The village won't stand for this.. The council will release me" he shouts.

"They won't.. The council voted on your fate" mantis says, taking off the cuffs. Sasuke falls on his cot with a look of shock but it slips back into rage as both Anbu leave.

"Damn them.. Damn them all.. I will make the All pay" sasuke thought.

*Scene Break*

Jiraiya stands in front of naruto's door before knocking three times, before a few minutes pass but the door slowly opens to sai in a white robe.

"Hello Shameless Pervert" sai says, fake smile on her face.

"Who are you" jiraiya questions.

"I am Sai and serve Naruto-sama.. What do you want" sai asks, holding her robe but jiraiya could see her pale breasts.

"I need to see Naruto" jiraiya replies, keeping himself from perving out. Sai opens the door and turns on her heels, "Please Enter and do Not leave some of the joy you bring" she says. Jiraiya furrows his brow and slowly enters as sai goes to fetch naruto, "Take a seat anywhere" she says, disappearing down the hall. Jiraiya looks around and takes a seat in a recliner.

"What do You want" naruto says, wearing on a pair of black silk pajama bottoms. Jiraiya took in his godson's form as the blond plops on the sofa, "We need to talk.. We can't avoid each other" jiraiya says.

"We can.. We've done it for sixteen years" naruto shot and jiraiya scrunches his face.

"Look kid I am your Godfather and the reason for your name" jiraiya says, slightly heated but naruto scoffs.

"And your point.. Because you wrote the book that inspired dad to name me after the main character.. That entitles you to abandon me.. Lie to Tsunade about me dying.. Galivanting around the countries under the guise of spying.. To Drink.. Whore and Peep" naruto says and jiraiya has no retort.

"You can't fix things between us.. Unless you can turn back time and fix your mistakes.. As for your prophecy.. The Toads can stick it" naruto adds.

"The Toads can teach you some Humility" jiraiya snaps but naruto snorts, laughing a bit.

"Perhaps but I can survive without it.. Now leave.. Nothing you say or do will fix things" naruto says, rising from his sofa. Jiraiya soon follows suit and heads to the door, "You're wrong Naruto" he thought. Naruto returns to his bedroom and find his queens feeding on sai from small cuts on her pale body.

"Do try not to kill her.. She is useful" naruto muses, ruffling his hair.

"I thought you were gonna tell him about the Rinnegan" tenten asks, after pulling from sai's right thigh.

"I thought about it.. Rubbing it in his face that I killed his foolish student" naruto says but smirks, "Better to let him find out by through his spy network" he adds.

"So when do we go hunt down Pedomaru" anko says, licking sai's right nipple.

"Hell yeah.. I want to fuck that Bastard" tayuya says.

"Soon my lovelies.. Tsunade will authorize it once Jiraiya scouts things" naruto says.

"I'll need to deal with Hinata too.. Maybe influence Neji to kill her or do something horrible" naruto thought.


A tall figure stands on a building with a orange spiral mask on their face and a Sharingan eye peeking out, their form hidden by an akatsuki cloak.

"What did you find out" the figure says and turns, "Zabuza" they add. Zabuza stands behind the figure wearing a similar cloak and his sword wrapped in bandages, "Pein is dead Tobi and people are losing their minds.. No one knows who killed him but his body was on display at the main gate" he explains.

"His tower has been destroyed as well" tobi says.

"So what now" zabuza asks.

"Head to the hideout" tobi says and zabuza nods, "Don't make me regret taking you in" tobi adds, as zabuza vanishes. A swirling vortex form from tobi's eye and he sucks into it, before appearing near the largest lake as a bulky figure was waiting. The figure a large venus flytrap shape with a symmetrical form of white and black.

"Is this the place Zetsu" tobi says.

"Yes.. Witnesses saw a large explosion from here with a large crimson barrier" the black half says.

"What else" tobi says, not liking where things are going.

"Strange faceless women attacking" the white half states and tobi narrows his eye.

"Women with no faces.. Just mouths of teeth Six in total" black-zetsu says.

"Did you find Konan or Nagato's body" tobi says.

"Nope.. His thingy was empty with small splatters of blood.. Maybe Konan betrayed us" white-zetsu states. Tobi clenches his fists inside his cloak, "If she did.. She will regret it.. Keep searching and send word to the others" he says.

"Right" white-zetsu says, sinking into the ground. Tobi continues to stare at the lake but kneels down to pick the remains of an explosive tag, "Did you betray me Konan" he thought, tossing it aside and sucking himself into his eye.


Naruto balances on one of the stumps with karin next to him, when hinata arrives with a blank look on her face.

"Karin can you go get Senpai.. You know where he is" naruto says and karin nods, heading off with a wave to hinata. The blond lifts his sunglasses and rubs his eyes to fix them on the heiress, "So Kurenai tells me you want her to convince me to take you as one of wives" he starts.

"Yes.. You are the son of the Yondaime and I would best suited to be you be your wife compared to the others" hinata replies. The blond tilts his head with a subtle growl escaping his lips, "So because I have such a pedigree.. It now suits your gaze" naruto says.

"Yes and to be honest you were a buffoon in our younger days but things have changed.. I know What you are" hinata states. Naruto closes his eyes to half open them with glowing purple irises, "You could be executed on the spot for knowing That" he says.

"I am the Heiress of the Hyuga clan" hinata says but gasps, as a dark chill goes up her spine.

"Lord Third's Law about me is Absolute.. No matter your station.. You can be executed" naruto says. Hinata stands in shock as dread fills her body as naruto seems to peer into her soul, "Y-you won't kill me" she says. Naruto tilts his head as his eyes fully open with his normal eyes, "No but Kurenai would or Anko or Hana or Yugao or even Tenten" he says and grins.

"Does it upset you that I chose someone not from a Great Clan but an orphaned girl to be mine.. Hell I even took someone who was enemy over you" naruto says. Hinata's eyes narrow and flicker in anger but the blond wags his finger, "Make one move and your sister becomes heiress" naruto says but tips his glasses down.

"Sorry for the wait" kakashi says, walking up with karin in tow.

"No problem Senpai" naruto says, as hinata composes herself. Kakashi clears his throat to look at the remains of his team, "Now if haven't heard Hinata but Sasuke attempted to abandon the village and was captured" he starts.

"What does that mean for our team" hinata says.

"Sasuke has imprisoned and that does leave a hole in our team but not just our team.. Team-Kurenai also suffered a loss as Sakura attempted something Very foolish.. Thus leaving a hole in her team.. Hokage-sama has decided to reshuffle the rookie team" kakashi replies.

"All the rookies" karin asks and kakashi shakes his head.

"Just Team Kurenai and Gai due one of their members being transferred.. Team-Asuma will remain the same.. Shino will be moving to our team and Kiba joining Gai's team" kakashi explains.

"Shame Kurenai will lose her team" hinata comments and naruto silently snorts.

"While true but Kurenai is a new Jonin and the situation called for it.. It is also been decided that Naruto will float between the rookie teams between his duties as well" kakashi states.

"So when will Shino arrive Senpai" naruto says but sighs, seeing shino approaching.

"So Team-7.. Let's take some D-rank missions to acquaint one another and build team work" kakashi says, his patented eye-smile number ten on display. The blond sighs with a smile and a wave, "Have fun" naruto says, bursting into a murder of crows.


A/N-2: Boom! Pein dead and Naruto now has the Rinnegan with Tayuya gaining Guren's Shoton(Crystal release) and Tenten gaining Konan's Kamiton(Paper release). The Queens are now complete and the fun can begin. Arya Namikaze is inspired by the story No More by Sivaatasi with Kushina's sister as Anbu commander but really naruto's Aunt. Next chapter will feature a Timeskip to move the plot along. Thank you for Everyone's support and Stay Frosty.

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