No-Life Duke and his Ice Queens @champblaze
Chapter 4

A/N-1: This cover the chunin finals and the fallout of the invasion. Expect some bashing on Jiraiya in the coming chapters. Thanks to all for their reviews, favorites and follows now lets begin.


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*Hokage Tower*

Hiruzen sits at his desk with his ancient enemy before him, it has been just under a week since the end of the second round of the exams.

"Three Genin from Suna.. One from Oto and Six from our own" hiruzen thought.

"Yo Sensei" a voice crows and hiruzen looks to the window to see his student Jiraiya the Gallant.

"Oh Jiraiya.. Good to see you my boy" hiruzen says but was dreading this meeting. The white hair man steps through the window as his geta sandals clack on the floor.

"So what brings you here Jiraiya" hiruzen asks.

"Well the Chunin exams are here and I needed to do some research.. Plus maybe teach Naruto something.. He's in the exams right" jiraiya says and hiruzen sighs but shakes his head.

"So he didn't pass.. Oh well there's next time but Minato passed on his first try" jiraiya comments.

"No Naruto-kun wasn't in the exams" hiruzen says and jiraiya was confused.

"He didn't even graduate?!" jiraiya says and hiruzen sighs, rubbing his forehead.

"Neko.. Fetch Kyūketsuki" hiruzen says and neko appears, before vanishing with leaf-shunshin. Jiraiya cups his chin in thought at the name, "Kyūketsuki.. I've heard of that name from my network.. Took care of several large bandit camps in Earth country" he says.

"Indeed" hiruzen replies. A few minutes pass as hiruzen lights his pipe, "You called for me Lord Third" a voice croons. Jiraiya looks around as naruto lands behind him, "I see the shameless one has come" naruto says, disguising his voice.

"Jiraiya meet Kyūketsuki otherwise known as your godson Naruto" hiruzen says and jiraiya's breath hitches, whipping around. Naruto removes his Anbu mask with a blank look on his face as jiraiya turns back to hiruzen.

"Anbu?!.. Why is he in Anbu?!" jiraiya says.

"Why do you care.. You've never cared before" naruto says.

"Look kid I know I haven't been there but I needed to maintain our Spy network" jiraiya says but notices how pale naruto is.

"So you were more concerned with outside threats than your own godson.. Ah the adage Village before All" naruto muses, reaching in his coat for his cigarette case.

"If you're in Anbu you know what's out there" jiraiya says. Naruto lights his cigarette with a small drag, "I do.. I've been in Anbu three years but not really by choice" he says.

"Not by choice" jiraiya says. Hiruzen leans back in his chair and taps his desk to cause the remaining Anbu to leave, "Jiraiya an incident happened three years ago.. Several ninja and civilians attempted to kill him" he starts.

"One of the jonin used a Doton jutsu and opened a hole to an underground cavern.. Inside was being from an Era long pass.. That being offered me power and I took it" naruto continues and hiruzen frowns.

"You just took some unknown power?!.. When you didn't know what it would do" jiraiya says.

"You're right but I was desperate.. I've been treated as less than human all my life.. I was kicked out the orphanage at six and constantly harassed by the village as a whole.. So in a moment of weakness I took it and became what stands before you.. The No-Life Duke" naruto explains.

"No-Life" jiraiya questions.

"It's a title.. Naruto-kun is a being known as a vampire.. A new bloodline.. It gives him paler skin.. Fanged Canines and a hunger for Blood" hiruzen says. Naruto sighs and makes his way to the window, "To keep me from killing anyone due to my bloodline.. He placed me in Anbu to feed my hunger and I climbed the ranks to Captain" he says. Jiraiya didn't know what to think and took a seat in a chair, "H-how could this happen.. T-the prophecy" he says.

"What prophecy" naruto says and jiraiya looks to the blond.

"The Toads told me a prophecy that a student I taught would change the shinobi world" jiraiya says and naruto growls.

"So you taught my father and thought he was this child of prophecy but he died.. So you moved to me but instead of raising me or having someone do it.. You left me to the demons of this village.. Then you appear before me and dangle the chance to be the student of the Great Jiraiya who taught Lord Fourth and who himself was a student of Lord Third" naruto states.

"Pain builds character.. I know you were dealt a shitty hand and I left you but things happen" jiraiya says.

"Yeah things do" naruto says and heads for the window.

"Wait.. Naruto I want take you as my apprentice and to sign the Toad Contract as well.. Even teach you use the Kyubi's chakra" jiraiya says.

"Have you ever trained a Jinchuriki" naruto says and jiraiya shakes his head, "Then how could you teach me how.. I don't need to use the Kyubi's power anyway.. Toad contract.. I'll pass and the same for apprenticeship" naruto adds.

"I can teach you your father's famed Jutsu" jiraiya says but gasps as naruto forms a Rasengan in his right hand.

"This one or you mean the Hiraishin" naruto says. Jiraiya internally gnashes his teeth with a shake of his head, "I can prepare you for what's to come" he says and naruto furrows his brow.

"There is an organization hunting Jinchuriki.. Orochimaru was a member.. They're called Akatsuki.. Every member is S-class and you need me to train you" jiraiya says. Naruto reaches in his coat and tosses a pair of pictures into jiraiya's lap, "Akatsuki.. Interesting choice of words" he says, giving another pair to hiruzen.

"Who are they people" hiruzen asks but notices the shocked look on jiraiya's face.

"Jiraiya" hiruzen says.

"W-where did you get this.. When" jiraiya says. Naruto taps his ashes out the window, "Danzo was in secret communication with Hanzo the Salamander but that stopped some years ago.. However due to Hanzo's paranoia he closed off Amegakure after the third war and that allowed certain things to happen" he says.

"What things" hiruzen asks.

"Civil war with those two being the winners.. The man is called Pein and the woman is..." naruto says.

"Konan" jiraiya interjects.

"How do you know that Jiraiya" hiruzen says. Jiraiya looks at the two pictures with a sigh, "Do you remember the three orphans I took in for awhile" he says and hiruzen nods.

"Their names were Konan.. Yahiko and Nagato.. I spent time and trained each of them but Nagato was most unique.. He possessed the Rinnegan" jiraiya starts.

"The eyes of The Sage of Six Paths" hiruzen says and jiraiya nods.

"I instilled in them my ideals and trained them until they could take care of themselves" jiraiya continues.

"If that is true.. Why didn't you bring them back to Konoha.. If this Nagato had the Rinnegan.. Maybe he could've helped with the Kyubi attack" naruto says, slightly pissed off.

"I don't know.. They wanted to liberate their country.. I couldn't fault them.. Then I heard news they were killed and I moved on" jiraiya says and naruto scoffs, shaking his head.

"Then obviously not" naruto says.

"True but why does Yahiko have Nagato's Rinnegan" jiraiya says.

"I don't know.. My clones dispelled after getting their looks.. What does Nagato look like" naruto says.

"Red hair and the Rinnegan eyes" jiraiya replies. Shadows cover naruto's face with gritted teeth, "So.. Not only did you train someone with a famed Dojutsu but he could've also have been one of my clan" naruto says but bursts into a murder of crows, out the window. Hiruzen sighs and rubs his forehead, "Jiraiya it would be best if you leave Naruto-kun alone for now" he says and explains things, before his student could protest.

*Scene Break - Anbu HQ*

"You can't just hide out here" dragon says and naruto sighs, "Besides wouldn't this be the first place he'd check" dragon adds.

"Good point" naruto says and crosses his legs. Dragon looks the blond over and sees he is still tense, "He pissed you off" dragon says.

"The gall of that man.. He waltzes in and says.. Sorry kid I wasn't there but hey become my student" naruto says.

"He's concerned with image.. He was the Dead-last of his batch and is doing everything to show up others.. Orochimaru is a traitor and Tsunade Senju has not been seen in years" dragon states. Naruto scoffs and rises to his feet with a sigh, "True" he says.

"Aren't you training your cousin" dragon asks and naruto shakes his head.

"Anko and Kurenai are helping" naruto replies, leaving dragon's office. Naruto leaves Anbu HQ and he vanishes, appearing near the Golden Lead Hotel but his form of a beautiful woman with long black hair, dressed in a fitted white three-piece suit. Naruto heads to the penthouse room of the hotel and knocks, before it opens to reveal a young woman of about sixteen with white hair and dark green eyes. She wears a white cloak with a uniform similar to sai underneath and the right sleeve missing on the cloak. Naruto follows her in and victoria sits at table with an identical girl to the one who opened the door with black hair but she wears a black cloak and the left sleeve missing.

"Have Shiro and Kuro been guarding you well" naruto says, returning to normal. Victoria nods with a glance to two Ne agents, "Yes and they are teaching me enough to defend myself" she says, opening a briefcase. Naruto takes a seat across from victoria and reads over the documents, "Any issues with Gato's assoicates" he asks.

"No Naruto-sama.. Kuro and I dealt with them when they appeared" shiro says and naruto nods.

"Good.. Victoria I want you to network during the Chunin finals.. Also I want you go to the various casinos in Fire Country and buy the debts of Tsunade Senju" naruto says, signing some papers.

"In what regard" victoria asks.

"Tsunade is a notorious gambler and has terrible luck.. Plus she's renowned medic.. If I control her debts I can convince her to aid Karin in the future" naruto muses.

"Lady Senju is known for her temper" kuro says.

"I know that but she loves gambling more.. Set up a tournament in Tanzaku-Gai.. She'll be nose open and won't be able to stay away" naruto states and victoria nods, slipping the documents back into the briefcase. Naruto rises from his chair and takes his female persona, "Remember to call me Yukiko Kiriyu in this form" naruto says and all three of them nod, bowing at the waist. Naruto leaves the hotel and could see men looking with lust in their eyes, as he makes his way to ichiraku ramen.

"Hello and welcome to Ichiraku Ramen" ayame says. Naruto takes a seat and crosses his legs, "Hello.. I would like to have large Miso ramen with extra fishcake please" he says.

"Of course.. Dad one Miso and extra Naruto" ayame shouts and naruto internally makes a face.

"Quaint shop" naruto says. Ayame smiles as she wipes the counter, "Yeah it's been in our family for awhile" she replies.

"Do you think of expanding.. More customers to experience such a heavenly food" naruto says.

"We haven't thought about.. I'm content with my little shop" teuchi says, handing naruto the bowl. The disguised blond eats his meal with a content look and pulls a card with some money, "If you think about expanding.. Look me up" naruto says and leaves the shop. Naruto finds an alley to slip in and return to normal, before going back to ichiraku and ordering more ten bowls.

*Scene Break*

Tenten stares the ceiling of her bedroom and looks at her clock that reads seven in the morning. The bun hair kunoichi gets up and takes a shower, before staring at herself in the mirror. Her conversation with naruto has plagued her thoughts over the past two weeks, could she sacrifice everything she knew for power? Tenten dressed herself a pink sleeveless qipao-style blouse with red sleeve trimmings and yellow fastening buttons, along with dark green pants.

"Morning Ten-chan" natsuko says, making breakfast.

"Morning Mom" tenten says and sighs.

"Something wrong dear" natsuko asks and tenten looks up.

"It's nothing.. Just thinking about the exams" tenten replies.

"You did your best" natsuko says and tenten frowns. Genbo comes down with a loud yawn, "Morning you two" he says and both say morning.

"Dad.. What would you think of me if I took an easy way to gain power" tenten says, out of the blue.

"What do you mean Ten-chan" natsuko asks. Tenten sighs and looks her parents in the eye, "My dream is be a kunoichi the likes of Lady Tsunade and I have a way to do that but the cost is big" she says.

"How big" genbo asks.

"Enough that I wouldn't be me anymore.. I would be someone or something else" tenten says.

"What does that mean" genbo states. Tenten clutches her forehead with her head down, "Do you remember that Anbu who saved my team" she says and both nod.

"Well He came to see after the exams.. He offered me a chance in the Corp" tenten says.

"I know a few ninja and I don't think those in the corp are inhuman" genbo says. Tenten slowly nods as natsuko places breakfast on the table, "Not like I can tell them that Naruto wants me to become a vampire" she thought. The family eat breakfast with normal small talk, "I'm going to check out the competition" tenten says and her parents nod. Tenten excuses herself and slips on some blue sandals to make her way through the village.

"I should get a perspective from the source" tenten thought, making her way to naruto's apartment. The village was bustling with activity as everyone was preparing for the chunin finals and the important guests that would entail. Tenten soon arrives at the complex just as karin was making her way out with anko and kurenai.

"Heya Panda" anko says and tenten gives her slow nod.

"Can I talk to the two of you" tenten asks and the pair of vampires look between each other, before creating shadow clones of themselves.

"We'll catch up Karin" anko says and karin nods.

"That's fine.. See you later Tenten" karin says and tenten waves, turning her attention back to the pair.

"Can we talk in private" tenten says.

"Sure.. Hana's the only one home" anko says and tenten follows them. Kurenai unlocks the door and invites tenten inside, "What is this about" kurenai asks. Hana looks up from her book to see the others and tenten, "What's up" hana asks but anko shrugs her shoulders. Tenten pockets her hands and looks the three vampires over, "Naruto offered to turn me and knows about the dreams you all gave me" she says.

"Do you care about Naruto" kurenai says, sitting on the sofa next to hana.

"We knew each other at the orphanage and we were good friends.. Everyone called him some monster but I didn't believe it.. I cried when he was kicked out the orphanage but we lost touch" tenten says.

"Then seeing him again and saving you ignited something" hana says but tenten shakes her head in doubt.

"I didn't even know it was him but I recognized his sun-kissed hair.. So I hounded Gai-sensei and he asked the Sandaime and I learned that Kyūketsuki were and Naruto were one in the same.. However it wasn't him but the weapon he carried" tenten states.

"But the dreams changed things" anko says, causing tenten to slightly blush.

"Only because you all gave me dreams of us having Sex" tenten says, nearly shouting. Hana and anko giggle as kurenai sighs, "True but it's because we want to help Naruto.. You are a precious person to him" kurenai says.

"But to give up being human because I'm precious to Naruto" tenten says.

"We're still human.. It is just we need blood to survive.. We've re-trained our bodies to eat normal foods again but we get no nourishment from it" anko says.

"We can function during daylight but still have to sleep" kurenai comments.

"Is it that you would hate to outlive your parents.. I know I'll outlive my mom and brother but I have a plan for that.. When my mom is on her deathbed.. I'll drink from her and she'll live on in me" hana says and tenten takes a sharp breath.

"Answer me this.. Why did you decide to do this" tenten asks. The three look between each other, "Naruto is the last link to our sensei Kushina Uzumaki.. She asked us to protect him as best we could.. Becoming like this is an extension of doing that" kurenai says.

"I'm met him as this cute like blond with a small fox in arms.. Begging for someone to help.. I did and we became friends but my idiot brother ruined it" hana says.

"Anko and I met him after his first day at the academy.. A group of ninja attacked him and we stepped in.. We stayed with him until he awoke" kurenai says, rubbing her eyes at the memory.

"Because of our love for Kushina-sama.. We love Naruto as well" yugao says, standing behind tenten.

"If you're afraid Naruto won't accept you.. Don't be Naruto will accept you" kurenai says and raises a ram-sign. Tenten gasps as she saw herself walking arm in arm with naruto, then their wedding day and finally her holding a baby with brown hair and haunting blue eyes.

"That could be a possible future" kurenai says, dropping her Genjutsu. Tenten stays stock still but her eyes were flickering, "I-I need to go" she says and leaves.

"Think she'll take the fall" anko says.

"We will see.. We will see" kurenai says.

*Scene Break - Konoha General*

Gaara stares at the sleeping lee and clutches his head as images flood his mind, from naruto stopping him from killing lee or people of his past. The cork of his gourd lands on the ground as sand starts to leak out as the redhead grits his teeth in pain. The sand starts to creep out and makes it way towards lee, ready to crush him into nothingness as gaara holds out his hand.

"Close that hand and be prepared to lose it" a voice says. Gaara freezes and looks back to see naruto with his hood obscuring his face, "You" gaara hisses, as the sand moves from lee. Naruto closes the gap and grabs gaara by the face, before they vanish with shunshin. The pair appear near the forest of death as naruto brushes gaara back and dodges his sand.

"You're no match for me Kyōdai" naruto says, his eyes glowing in his hood. Gaara gnashes his teeth as his eyes flicker, "Why did you stop me" he hisses.

"Because I felt like it Kyōdai.. You're in my domain and no one dies unless I allow it" naruto says, leaking his KI.

"Mother wants your blood.. I will feed you to her" gaara hisses, as his sand slinks forward. Naruto's chains burst from his back and ensnare gaara, shocking the red head as the blond stalks forward.

"Calm yourself Kyōdai.. No need to bring out Shukaku" naruto says and gaara's breath hitches.

"That's right.. I know about the monster inside.. I have a monster inside me too and It has Nine Tails" naruto says, now inches from gaara's face. He could hear shukaku screaming for him to kill naruto but his body wouldn't move.

"I will not let you destroy my existence.. I will Kill anyone who tries" gaara hisses, with a wild look on his face and naruto throws his head back for a laugh.

"Hahahaha.. Excellent Kyōdai.. I'm tempted to ask the Hokage to demote me so I can face you in the finals" naruto howls, letting gaara go and vanishing.

"See you later Kyōdai.. I look forward to the day I rip you apart and drink your soul" naruto says on the wind. Gaara clutches his head and vanishes with sand-shunshin, to find his siblings.

*Scene Break*

Naruto lands behind hiruzen on a stone pillar as a group of children look up at him along with iruka, "Who are you?!" konohamaru shouts. Naruto grabs the sides of his coat for a curtsy, "I am Kyūketsuki and Lord Third's shadow" he says.

"Shadow" one girl says. Hiruzen smiles with his pipe in his hand and nods, "Yes.. Kyūketsuki is one of the many shadows that protects our home.. Now then Iruka continue on with your class" he says and leaves, with naruto following him.

"Hayate Gekko was found dead this morning" hiruzen says, once they were out of ear shot of the children.

"Orochimaru" naruto asks.

"We do not know at the moment but I have all the Jonin on guard" hiruzen replies. Naruto sighs internally with a look to the sky, "Yugao will be sad.. Hayate was a friend" he muses.

"Indeed.. I want you prepared as well" hiruzen says and naruto nods.

"Where's Jiraiya" naruto asks.

"Research.. Naruto you can't avoid him" hiruzen replies and naruto scoffs, as they reach hiruzen's office.

"I can and will.. Give him a taste of his own medicine" naruto says and hiruzen sighs.

"I won't get in the middle of this but I urge you to talk to him" hiruzen says and clears his throat, "Now I've decided not to announce your status to the village as a whole" he says.

"That's actually fine.. Let the councils do it.. I'm sure you'll tell the Daimyo" naruto says and hiruzen nods.

"I'm sorry about this Naruto-kun" hiruzen says and naruto waves his hand.

"I'm fine with it.. This village didn't deserve my parents or me as their son" naruto says and hides himself in hiruzen's shadow.

"This is how I will guard you for the finals" naruto says.

"That is perfectly fine Naruto-kun" hiruzen says and starts on his paperwork.

*Two Weeks Later - Chunin Finals Stadium*

Hiruzen sits in one of two chairs on the highest level of the stadium as many people cheer but his gaze was on the finalists, "Is Sasuke is still missing Raidō" he asks.

"Several Anbu team are searching but he has yet to be located" raidō says. He has a weal-like scar on his face, running across the bridge of his nose and down across the left side of his face, with spiky brown hair and dark eyes.

"He may have fallen to Orochimaru" raidō says and hiruzen slowly nods. Footsteps catch their ears as the Kazekage Rasa approaches with two nondescript guards, wearing tan cloaks.

"It's good to see you Lord Hokage" rasa says, taking his seat.

"You must be tired from your long trip" hiruzen says.

"Not at all.. I'm glad the exams were held in Konoha.. Although you are still so young.. It would be tiring to travel to another village" rasa replies and pauses.

"Perhaps it is time to choose a Godaime" rasa adds and raidō's eyes narrow but hiruzen laughs.

"Now don't treat me like a old man.. I think I have a good five years left" hiruzen says and rises from his seat, moving to the railing. Hiruzen channels chakra to his voice, "Ladies and Gentlemen.. Thank you for coming to Konoha's Chunin Selection Exam.. We will not begin the main matches with these eight that have passed the preliminaries.. Please enjoy" he declares and people cheer.

"Eight.. Were there not ten" rasa says but hiruzen remains quiet. Hiruzen returns to his seat as neji and shino remain on the field, "Let's watch the battles in earnest" he says.

*Scene Break - Neji vs Shino*

"Alright you two.. The rules of the previous round applies but Death is not allowed" genma says and both nod. Neji shifts into his juken stance as shino raises his arms to his mid-chest as his kikaichū emerge from his sleeves. The Byakugan comes to bare as neji edges closer, "It would be wise to give up" neji says. Shino sends his kikaichū forth towards neji but he suddenly starts to spin with a dome of chakra.

"He knows the Hakkeshō Kaiten" hiashi thought.

"So you know main house techniques Neji" hinata thought. Neji comes to halt but shino closes the gap with a kunai in reverse grip but neji blocks with his right hand, brushing shino's hand away. Shino grunts as neji connects with two strikes to his right shoulder and left side as he leaps back.

"You're still in my field of divination" neji says and shifts into a stance, shocking the main hyuga member.

"Hakke Rokujūyon Shō" neji utters, closing the gap and striking shino sixty-four times. Shino staggers back as neji smirks but his breath hitches as shino breaks down into his insects.

"Your arrogance is your defeat" shino says, appearing behind and sending a swarm of his kikaichū to engulf neji but he counters with his strikes again in rapid speed, into another kaiten and cut down more of his hive. Shino narrows his eyes but lowers his hands, "Proctor I will have forfeit.. I can not afford to lose more of my kikaichū" he says. Genma waves his hands and raises his left, "Winner by Forfeit.. Neji Hyuga" he declares. Neji smirks and looks to the crowd and sees hinata, "Just you wait.. I will crush you Hinata-sama" he thought.

"My arrogance was Your defeat" neji says. Shino and neji make their way off the stadium floor as genma clears his throat, "The next match is Sasuke Uchiha vs Gaara Sabaku" genma declares. Five minutes pass then ten minutes as many in the crowd were getting very restless, "Oi start the match!.. Where is he!.. We want to see this fight!" several shout.

"We'll have no choice to but disqualify " hiruzen says.

"Wait Lord Hokage.. Many came to see Sasuke do battle.. Myself included.. Perhaps we can move the match" rasa says and raidō protests. Hiruzen tips his kage hat down slightly, "Very well.. We'll postpone the match but Sasuke will be barred from becoming a Chunin for at least one year" he says and raidō nods, relaying things to genma.

"It's rare for you to say something Lord Kazekage" hiruzen says.

"I can think of no better opponent for Gaara than the Uchiha.. What better way to show my country's power to the fuedal lords" rasa says.

"Ladies and Gentlemen.. Sasuke Uchiha has yet to arrive and the match will be delayed.. So we will begin the next match" genma declares, shocking the genin.

"So he gets his match delayed" karin says, adjusting her glasses.

"Looks like it is" shikamaru comments, with a mutter of troublesome.

"Lucky Bastard" kiba comments.

"The next match is Karin Uzumaki vs Kankuro Sabaku" genma declares and kankuro tsks.

"I can't show off my skills before the operation" kankuro thought and glances to temari, as she nods.

"Proctor.. I forfeit" kankuro shouts, causing many people to boo. Genma sighs with a chew on his senbon, "Karin Uzumaki wins by default.. We'll begin the next match" he shouts. Temari pulls out her fan and swings it open with a gust of wind to glide down to the stadium floor. Shikamaru was ready to give up himself but someone kicks him over the railing, that person being naruto.

"Get to it Lazy Bones" naruto shouts. Shikamaru stares at the smirking naruto but it pops revealing itself as a clone, "How troublesome" he thought. Numerous people boo and throw things as shikamaru lays there.

"If you won't attack then I will" temari shouts and races forward with her fan folded up. Shikamaru sighs and mutters as he grabs two kunai as temari is on him with her fan coming down with a medium size dustup. The cloud dispels and shikamaru is not there but standing above her fan on his kunai, "It's not like I want to be promoted" he says. Temari swings her fan with another dustup but shikamaru is gone once again, hiding himself amongst the trees.

"He uses the shadows.. So he'll try to lure me into it but that won't save him" temari thought.

"Fūton: Kamaitachi" temari shouts, swinging her fan. Shikamaru cover his face as the gale whips through up to the stands, causing tenten to have flashbacks.

"That's the same Jutsu she used to bat my weapons away with ease" tenten thought. Shikamaru attempts to use his kagemane no jutsu but the shadow user comes up short as temari measures the distance.

"That's his limit with the shadows of the wall fifteen meters and thirty-two centimeters" temari thought, gouging the ground.

"This match is over.. Temari is better at long range than close combat but she measured the distance.. His options are limited" kankuro thought. A stand-off starts as shikamaru devises a plan but temari attacks with her kamaitachi, forcing shikamaru to maneuver around and toss a kunai to catch her off guards. Temari dodges and shikamaru uses his shadow imitation to attempt to trap her and she dodges but the shadow follows.

"Temari above" kankuro shouts. Temari gasps and looks to see shikamaru's jacket tied like a balloon and creating a shadow, allowing his jutsu to stretch.

"If Kankuro hadn't shouted I would have been caught" temari thought, as the balloon falls to the ground. Shikamaru looks up at the clouds moving, "Just a little more" he thought.

"I won't let you stall" temari shouts, firing her kamaitachi once again. Shikamaru dodges behind a tree as it is carved up, "She's right.. I can only stall so much" he thought but sees the clouds bunching up.

"There" shikamaru thought and shoots out to send his shadow. Temari opens her fan wide and drives it into the ground to prepare an attack as the clouds move but her body suddenly freezes, "No!.. He used the clouds" she thought. Shikamaru moves out the shadows as temari does the same as they approach one another.

"Looks like the clouds were on my side" shikamaru says and raises his hand, causing temari to do the same. A great many were completely invested in the match but were disappointed as shikamaru gives up, making many scream and shout.

"Winner Temari Sabaku" genma announces, as many shout.

"Mendokusei.. I'm tired" shikamaru says, rubbing his right shoulder and prepares to leave. However suddenly a swirl a leaves form as sasuke and kakashi appear back to back, causing the crowd to cheer wildly.

"Sorry we're late" kakashi says.

"You're lucky.. Hokage-sama delayed your match but the Uchiha can't compete for a year because of it" genma says.

"What?!" sasuke hisses but kakashi pats his shoulder.

"Maa-maa.. It's ok just do well this time" kakashi says and sasuke scoffs, as gaara appears with a sand-shunshin.

*Scene Break*

A single blue eye opens within hiruzen's shadow as sasuke and gaara's battle begins, "The signal should be coming" naruto thought. Several more eyes open in various parts of the stadium, "So Sasuke managed to copy Lee's speed but his stamina is shit" several of the eyes thought.

"Are all of you ready" naruto thought.

"I'm sitting next to Asuma and some of the rookies.. I count at least six Anbu" kurenai relays.

"I'm with my mother" hana relays.

"I have my squad ready.. We'll avenge Hayate" yugao relays.

"Fufufu.. I'm with Ibiki.. I can wait to add some more souls" anko relays. Naruto titters in hiruzen's shadow, "Happy Hunting my queens" he thought, hearing a loud chirping noise.

"So Senpai taught Sasuke Chidori" naruto thought, as sasuke pierces gaara's sand orb. A few second tick by as the tension rises, "AHHHHHH.. BLOOD... IT'S MY BLOOOD" gaara howls, shocking many in the crowd.

[Music: Orochimaru Theme]

Time starts to slow as white feathers rain down on the crowd, while rasa slowly turns his head towards hiruzen as a smoke bomb explodes. Rasa rushes towards hiruzen with a kunai drawn but an arm erupts from hiruzen's shadow to grab the outstretched arm.

"Now is that any way for a guest to act Lord Kazekage" naruto says, emerging and aiming a hidden blade from his right sleeve at rasa. The kazekage narrowly dodges and launches to the roof with his guards, as naruto and hiruzen give chase. Throughout the stadium suna and oto ninja reveal themselves, while temari and kankuro secure gaara.

"What is meaning of this Lord Kazekage" hiruzen questions. The two guards reveal themselves as the sound-four and take the four points of the roof, "Ninpō: Shishi Enjin" the four shout, creating a barrier around the three and a second around themselves. Rasa reaches for his veil and rips it away along with his face to reveal orochimaru, "Kukuku.. I was hoping to steal Sasuke-kun in the chaos but no matter" he says.

"Kyūketsuki support me" hiruzen says and rushes forward, weaving signs.

"Ninpō: Kawara Shuriken" hiruzen shouts, firing the tiles like shuriken. Orochimaru dodges with a leap and sends snakes from his sleeves but naruto slices them to pieces with his chokuto. Hiruzen uses naruto's left shoulder as a springboard as orochimaru changes his tongue into a snake to bite him but the kage turns to mud.

"Doton: Doryū Taiga" hiruzen shouts. The ground under orochimaru turns to mud and washes him away but the snake sannin flashes signs but hiruzen counters, "Doton: Doryūdan" hiruzen shouts. A dragon of mud forms and fires several mud bombs but the hokage adds flames to it, catching his traitorous student on fire.

"He combined Earth and Fire" one Anbu named Monkey says.

"As expected of Hokage-sama" a second named Frog says.

"Enough games Orochimaru" hiruzen says, as orochimaru rises from the tiles with a smirk on his face. Hiruzen tosses off his robes and kage hat to reveal his ninja gear of a black jumpsuit, with mesh segments over the lower portions of his limbs, and a green gauntlet that covered much of his right arm. He also has a kabuto armoured hood with a bandanna-like hitai-ate with two long straps.

"Finally ready to cut loose Lord Third" naruto says, as orochimaru tosses off his robes. The tension starts to ramp up as both unleash their chakra outward and cracking the tiles on the roof, "Kukuku.. I won't go easy on you Sensei" orochimaru sneers, shifting his gaze to naruto.

"I'll need to distract him" orochimaru thought, as master and student rush forward. Hiruzen unleashes the kage shuriken jutsu as orochimaru flashes signs and slaps his hands together, "Kuchiyose: Edo Tensei!" he shouts. A coffin rises from the roof as a second does the same, "We must stop those coffins" hiruzen shouts. Naruto grabs his shuriken and does the kage shuriken as the third coffin rises but it halts as shuriken slams into the wood and it sinks.

"Seems the third wasn't viable" orochimaru thought. The lids of the coffins clatter on the roof to reveal the bodies of Hashirama and Tobirama Senju.

"So what will you do now Sensei.. No Lord Third Hokage" orochimaru sneers. The two former kage slowly step out of the coffins with both look cracked and pale.

"It's been a long time Saru" hashirama says.

"Hoh.. You've gotten old Sarutobi" tobirama adds. Naruto tosses off his coat as hiruzen stifles his tears, "Indeed it has Senseis" hiruzen says.

"Saru that Anbu.. I sense the Kyubi" tobirama says and hiruzen's breath hitches. Naruto's shoulders starts to shake as he reaches for his Anbu mask, "I guess nothing escapes the senses of the Great Second Hokage" he says, tossing it aside.

"Kukuku.. So Naruto-kun you intend to continue interfering" orochimaru says. Naruto grins to show his fangs, "Of course Snake.. Anko has called for you to die and as her man I intend to do just that" he says. Orochimaru pulls out two kunai with seals attached and slips both into the heads of the brothers, causing their body to regain their vigor.

"Kukuku.. Let's get started with your last day Sarutobi-sensei" orochimaru sneers.

"Naruto leave this to me.. You should deal with the village" hiruzen says but naruto shakes his head.

"I am already on it old man.. Plus I am dealing with Gaara.. I sent my best to deal with him.. Besides my Queens are on the hunt" naruto says and hiruzen sighs.

"Then with Naruto-kun here.. My chances go up" hiruzen thought.

[Music: Nanatsu No Taizai - The 10 Commandments]

The two kage slowly start to move and pick up speed as tobirama moves higher up the roof as naruto edges behind hiruzen.

"Gramps.. I'll take Lord Second" naruto says and hiruzen snaps out of his nostalgia with a nod. The pair quickly engage the brothers in a furious rush of taijutsu with naruto soon gaining the upper hand by grabbing tobirama in a release german suplex, before grabbing him by the leg and tossing him at hashirama.

"Naruto.. Wind" hiruzen shouts, flashing signs and stopping at tiger as naruto does his own signs.

"Fūton: Toppa.. Katon: Karyū Endan" both shout, creating a large inferno and engulfing the brothers. Orochimaru only chuckles as tobirama weaves to the tiger sign, "Suiton: Suijinheki" tobirama recites. A huge wall of water dozes the flames as naruto smirks, "So this the famed control over water he has" he thought. Tobirama then slaps his hands together as water forms around them, "Suiton: Suishōha" he declares. A vortex of water forms around the brothers as tobirama sends it towards naruto and hiruzen.

"Gramps behind me" naruto shouts and flashes signs into a big inhale.

"Hyōton: Yuki no Kyojin no Ibuki" naruto thought, expelling a burst of frozen wind. This shocks the Anbu and orochimaru as the water starts to freezes from naruto's breath, "He possesses the Ice release.. So it seems Kabuto-kun was correct that Naruto can absorb other bloodlines.. Shame he has the Kyubi" orochimaru thought.

"Doton: Doryūheki" hiruzen shouts, creating a tall wall of earth and leaping atop it as naruto joins him. Hashirama walks on the water but shoots forward as hiruzen leaps down to meet him, firing several flame bullets but hashirama swats each one away. Naruto leaps down and weaves several signs as hiruzen engages hashirama, "Hyōton: Haryū Mōko" naruto recites, creating a ice tiger. The tiger slams into hashirama as he punches hiruzen away, dragging the former along the impromptu lake but shatters from a burst of hashirama's chakra. Tobirama grabs naruto from behind and drags him under the water but the blond elbows him into the chest, breaking free and shoots to the wall and scaling it like a spider as hiruzen joins him. Several tight streams of water cut through the earth wall and drain the created lake as both land but suddenly roots emerge from the roof and earthen wall.

"This isn't good" hiruzen thought.

"Mokuton Hijutsu: Jukai Kōtan" hashirama declares. Naruto gasps as a literal forest erupts from the roof but the vampire sees this as an opportunity as hiruzen reigns in his breath.

"Kukuku.. You look so old right now Sarutobi-sensei.. It is good that I will longer age" orochimaru sneers and rips his face away, revealing a young woman's face.

"What have you done?!.. Did you complete That forbidden jutsu?!" hiruzen shouts. Orochimaru throws his head back with a wild cackle as the forest hides them from the other Anbu.

"If you're done grandstanding.. I think it is time to end this" naruto shouts, placing his hand on hiruzen's shoulder.

"Kukuku.. Do you think you can against the might of the First Two Hokage" orochimaru sneers and naruto grins.

"To stop the Edo Tensei.. I need to take you down" naruto shouts, forming a Rasengan in his right hand.

"Hoh.. You know Minato's famed Jutsu.. However it is useless if you can't get me" orochimaru says. Naruto reaches into the pouch on his lower back and pulls out three familiar looking kunai, causing orochimaru's eyes to widen in horror.

"Stop him!" orochimaru shouts and the senju brothers rush forward. Naruto tosses the tri-prong kunai forward but throws up a half-ram sign, "Kunai Kage Bunshin no Jutsu" he says. The three kunai become a dozen as naruto vanishes in a flash to each one, before appearing above orochimaru, "Ōdama Rasengan" naruto shouts, his Rasengan growing larger and engulfing the snake sannin. A pair of arms burst from naruto's back and weave signs, "Mokuton: Jubaku Eisō" naruto adds, as black wood tentacles burst from the ground and capture the senju brothers. The giant Rasengan continues to grind orochimaru into the tiles but scant white flames starting to emerge on it, causing the sannin to scream in pain.

"Still not enough" naruto thought, as the Rasengan explodes. Naruto lands with his arm burned and smoking as the barrier starts to come down but sees orochimaru has vanished, "Slippery Snake" he hisses.[song ends]

*Scene Break*

"Anbu After him!" hiruzen shouts. The sarutobi patriarch then turns his attention to the bound kage with a sadden look on his face.

"We should release them" naruto says but tilts his head, "Then Orochimaru could summon them again" he adds.

"Then what do you propose young one" hashirama says. Naruto bends over to touch his knees as his veins become pronounced, causing hiruzen to gasp as mizuki and jiro slowly emerge from his body.

"Do it" naruto hisses. Mizuki and jiro each weaves the same signs as hiruzen recognizes them, "That is the sequence" hiruzen says.

"Fūinjutsu: Shiki Fūjin" both declare, slapping their hands together. A dark chill erupts around as the looking figure of the shinigami appear with his billowing white cloak. It starts to mutter words as black words scrawl across its arms before piercing the souls of mizuki and jiro. The pair scream in agony but do as ordered and grab the senju brothers, before the shinigami's hand pulls on their souls.

"Sarutobi.. Forgive us" hashirama says.

"We've cause a great a deal of trouble" tobirama adds and hiruzen tears up. The bodies of senju brother turn white and break down to reveal the corpses of zaku and kin.

"He even sacrificed his own men" hiruzen says. The shinigami start to fade away but shifts it gaze to naruto, before vanishing as mizuki and jiro break down as well.

"Enjoy the Shinigami's stomach.. Mizuki-sensei" naruto sneers, falling on his rear.

"So you both the Hiraishin and the Shiki Fūjin" hiruzen says. Naruto looks up at hiruzen but then to the sky, "The counter attack should be beginning" he says.

"Yes it should" hiruzen says, as naruto rises to his feet and conjures his Anbu mask.

"Orders Lord Third" naruto says.

"Drive these Invaders from our home Kyūketsuki" hiruzen orders an naruto bursts into a murder of crows.

*Scene Break*

Kurenai sees the crows fly from the roof as a hawk cries, "That's the signal" she says, standing with the other jonin.

"Yosh it is time to counterattack" gai shouts and the jonin vanish, with kurenai breaking down into rose petals. A few minutes later a group of suna ninja stand on a building as rose petals land around them, "What is this" a kunoichi says, kneeling down to pick up one. Strangled screams erupt behind her and she quickly stands to whip around, seeing her comrades dead. She takes a hesitant step back as kurenai stands opposite her with her red eyes glowing, causing the kunoichi's eyes to dim and slowly approach kurenai. The kunoichi loosens her vest to show her neck, before kurenai snakes her right around the kunoichi's back and swiftly bites her neck.

The kunoichi doesn't struggle as her grey eyes weakly flicker and her movements slow until her body goes limp as kurenai drops her. The kunoichi's body soon become rotted and eyes blank, before slowly moving but kurenai sends a kunai into her head and she turns to dust. Kurenai turns to several kunai piercing her body with the last hitting her between her eyes, with her collapsing on her back. Several oto ninja were standing with weapons in their hands, "Did you see that" one says.

"She was drinking her blood" a second says, confused. The leader of the group approaches kurenai and kicks her leg, before squatting down but kurenai rears up and rams her right hand through his chest. The oto ninja quickly go on edge as kurenai rises to her feet with her hand still through the oto jonin but her porcelain skin is a dark brown, two long horns were coming from her raven hair. Her red eyes were now a glowing purple with her sclera a black void, her teeth were barred and her fangs were long and sharp pass her lip.

"You are food.. Nourishment.. I will hunt you.. Then I will devour you" kurenai hisses, ripping her hand free and licking it with her now serpent tongue. The oto ninja slowly take a hesitant step back but kurenai weaves signs, "Magen: Kyōfu no me" she hisses, as her body vanishes before their eyes. The oto ninja look around but all of them gasp as the area turns black and eyes open among the darkness, before all sorts of images erupt and bring death upon the oto ninja. Kurenai watches all of them collapse with a looks of fear and death etched on their faces. Kurenai pulls the kunai from her forehead as the wound seals, before doing the same to the other kunai.

"Die Konoha scum" several voices shouts and kurenai slowly turns, before exploding into ravens and cutting down the oto ninja to move outward from the exam arena. In another part of the village several suna ninja were racing through the streets but neko and several Anbu appear on an arch, "You will go no further" neko declares, drawing her sword.

"Mikazuki no Mai" neko declares, becoming three versions of herself and cutting down the suna ninja.

"Captain Neko is rare form today" one Anbu named Crane says.

"Hayate Gekko was a comrade" kame says.

"Enough chatter.. Spread out" neko shouts and the four Anbu vanish. Neko removes her mask and her eyes glow, before opening her mouth wide and the blood from the dead moves as it alive toward her open mouth. Neko returns her mask to her face, "Poor diets" she thought and vanishes.

*Scene Break*

Anko smirks as several oto ninja claw at their bodies as purple spreads from her Rinkaichū, her lower body was that of a purple snake as she slithers along the road. A clone of her helped iruka evacuate the academy and civilians, while her real self fed on oto ninja. Anko shifts back into human form with a roll of her neck and holds her hands together as they turn purple, before a small smoke cloud forms.

"Dokujin no Jutsu" anko says, blowing out a cloud towards the charging suna ninja.

"Look out" one shouts but it was too late. The poison cloud engulfs them and their screams erupt as the nano size insects spread through out their bodies. Anko raises her hands and the rinkaichū leave the corpses and enter her hands or visible spots of skin. A howl catches anko's attention and she smirks, "What did Naruto call it a Lycan" she says, as something large lands behind her with a dustup.

"I prefer Werewolf" a deep and guttural voice says. Anko turns to a hulking figure with dark grey fur, wolf head and glowing purple eyes. Blood dripping from its large claws and feet, wearing human clothes of a form-fitting flak vest and black shorts.

"Where's your mom" anko asks. Hana wipes some slobber from her maw, "She went ahead" she says, as the triplets land behind her. Several shuriken charge them but hana swipes her large paw and adds some fūton to deflect them.

"Come on you three.. Gatenga" hana shouts, turning a spinning vortex with her ninken and shredding the hapless suna ninja.

"Sen'ei Jashu" anko shouts, sending snakes from her sleeves and biting any ninja that got pass hana.

"We should pick up the pace.. Plus no need for others to see this side of us" anko says. Hana slowly shifts back into her human form with a crack of her joints, "Right not even mom hasn't see this" she says and both vanish with shunshin.

*Scene Break*

Danzo under naruto's Anbu guise watches the sand siblings leave, having used his Sharingan to influence gaara on a better path and influence temari to become kazekage. Danzo was under orders by naruto to defeat gaara quickly and put him on a better path, using the Gogyō Fūin shut out shukaku and several jutsu put gaara down. The redhead looked afraid that his life was at an end but using kotoamatsukami things changed quickly.

"I can not believe I Danzo Shimura.. Student of Tobirama Senju is a Puppet of a boy.. Still in his teens" danzo thought and clenches his fist, "Curse Hiruzen you not giving me the boy" he thought. Danzo then turns his attention to sasuke, "Sasuke Uchiha secure Sakura Haruno and return to the village but be weary of enemy shinobi" he says.

"Who are you" sasuke says.

"I'm an Anbu.. Now go" danzo says. Sasuke shoots danzo a glare but grabs sakura and leaps away as the older man sighs.

"So you can do as told" a voice croons. Danzo turns to be hit by several crows and cover his body until naruto reforms around him, "Good work Danzo" naruto says, rolling his neck. The day ended in konoha's victory as oto and suna retreated in earnest, many lost their lives in the invasion but konoha did not fall. A week passed and a mass funeral was held for who died. Naruto and his queens stayed on the fringes of the funeral with kurenai, hana and anko interacting with other jonin and genin, while naruto and yugao performed their Anbu duties.


A/N-2: I decided to end things here with the end of the invasion. Now I was back and forth about either killing Hiruzen or keeping him alive and the latter won out. So I had Danzo deal with Gaara and somewhat put him on the path Canon Naruto would. A change is Temari will become Kazekage instead of Gaara. I also had Orochimaru escape to set up the retrieval mission to get Tayuya. The next chapter will start the Tsunade recovery mission with some changes. Thank you for your support and Stay Frosty.

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