Bedtime fears @gaytailgate

"Why are you awake still?" Elun asked as he walked inside the bedroom, Dion looked up to him from where he was laying on the bed.

"Oh you are home already? What time is it?" He asked looking at his side, the clock on the nightstand marking 11:30.

"Late, why are you still awake?"

Elun walked inside the walk in closet and started taking off his suit, starting with his tie.

"It's their fault" Dion looked down at his belly.

"Won't stop moving around"

"Hmm" Elun murmured.

Dion stared at him, Elun was just in his underwear now and was looking for his pijamas in the closet, this was a rare sight, Dion noted, seeing Elun after work was a rare thing, he was always already asleep by the time Elun got home at night, tired and annoyed.

"Did you have a good day?" He asked wanting to make the most of the time.

"Same as always" Elun anwered putting on his pijama pants and turning off the closet light.

"I am surrounded by idiots" he sighed.

"You are home now"

Elun got inside the bed right next to Dion and turned to his side so they were staring at eachother.

"I guess i am not surrounded by idiots here"

Dion smiled.

"It's late you should go to sleep"

"I am trying but they keep moving" Dion placed a hand on his pregnant belly.

"Oh, they stopped"

"They were waiting for me, good kid, now go to sleep" Elun closed his eyes.

Dion kept staring at him.

"What keeps you up at night?" Dion asked.

Elun didn't open his eyes or looked at Dion to respond.


"No, i mean like seriously"

"Mmmhh" Elun pretended to think before answering.

"You, seriously"


"What?, seriously, you are doing it now"

"But i mean, like thoughts, thoughts that don't let you sleep"

"That's what i mean…" Elun opened his eyes and stared at the ceiling.

"Sometimes when i get home at night and you are already asleep i can't help but worry…"

"Worry about what?"

"I don't know, i guess it worries me that, one day i am gonna get home, open the bedroom door expecting to see you on the bed sleeping but you won't be there… you won't be anywhere in the house and i will be forced to be alone with myself"

"Hey… you know that won't happen right?"

"I guess"

"Not a guess, a fact"

Elun didn't say anything, he kept staring at the ceiling, Dion frowned, he tried getting closer, as much as his belly allowed him to, he placed a hand on Elun's cheek and forced him to look at him.

"That's not gonna happen okay?, i will be here for you, we will be here for you, always, okay?"

Elun gave him a little smile and held Dion's hand on his own cheek.

"Okay" he answered, Dion was satisfied with this and closed his eyes to sleep.

Elun stared at him for a while before closing his eyes and drifting to sleep too.

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