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Chapter 2

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Chapter 2

Good Intentions

Simmering anger was a common presence in his mind- the cause however was unique. It all leads back to Anakin Skywalker who had fled away from his true calling as a Dark Lord, too afraid of the glorious darkness they would envelope the galaxy in. And now his Left Hand has gone off on a suicide mission due to his lack of self-control. Two servants who he had wasted precious time with that turned out to be duds. Palpatine confessed himself disappointed.

But mostly angry.

He fell back on the thought that usually somewhat soothed his frustrations, one Luke Skywalker. Somewhere in the galaxy was Anakin's little boy, and when the time was right Palpatine would resume his search for the young Skywalker. When he found the boy (and he would mind you), he would have his most loyal and well performing servant yet. He would reveal the child's identity and seek revenge on Anakin Skywalker with his very own blood. The indecisive Jedi would have not have the heart to kill his one child, surely. But for now, Palpatine would remain inactive and marvel at the incompetence of his Left Hand.

What fool would seek out some of the most powerful Jedi to battle without a plan?

Luke's breath was coming in short pants, and his heart was racing. His palms of his hands were dry as the desert sands and so was his mouth. He sturggled for air and rested his hands on his knees which were wobbling with the wind gusts.

But hey, he beat Darklighter and Slilwen and even Atana to the Mos Eisley landing strip. After taking the Darklighter speeder to Mos Eisley, they raced to reach the landing strip to watch the procession of arrivals. As he stumbled back to make contact with a wooden post, Luke began to even out his breathing. Most of the Coruscant arrivals had already docked, and soon the diverse crowd would come jumbling this way as soon as safety procedures were ran on the aircrafts. Mos Eisley did not have the money to pay reparations in case of a faulty take off.

"Luke!" A high shout made him spin around and grin. Atana was now weaving her way through stands of eager sellers waiting to prey on souvenir-searching Coruscant arrivals. Her face was a flushed pink, and she had scrapes on both her knees. "Darklighter and Slilwen will take a little longer, I believe they stopped under some shade." Atana giggled lightly and tapped Luke on the shoulder before pouting, "I guess you beat me, then. I would have won, but some meanie tripped me!" She giggled again before swinging up onto the stone wall lining both sides of the exit/entrance to the landing strip.

Luke and Atana were the same age, but he always felt older than her. It wasn't that she was immature or anything but he still felt like she was just... younger.

A loud blare of trumpets signaled the start of the dismissal. First would come the highest ranking in Coruscant, right down to the ordinary everyday man. Luke backed further into the shrubery of the entrance's far side. Wouldn't due to be caught at an off limits zone. But in the shadows of the old bar and bushes, he felt content that no one would spy Atana and he.

"They're going to miss it," Luke whispered over to Atana, whom was still swinging her legs on the stone wall. She grinned wide and nodded emphatically. Luke shrugged and waited for the normal group of self-important senators to strut their way out. If Biggs and Slilwen were late, it wouldn't be too bad. They can always make fun of the silly fools in their fancy clothes next race.

But the first group to walk out of the landing strip did not walk with the same pomp or attitude, and they had simple clothes. Rough brown cloth and white tunics, with a tie around the middle. The shape of a long cylinderical object protruded against the their fabrics, and one man's was open to the air.

A lightsaber.

"Jedi," Atana nodded sagely. "Biggs will be ever so jealous, he did not get to see them!" Atana giggled again and swang her legs harder.

"Be quiet, bratty!" Biggs had appeared from behind the stone wall and jumped to flick Atana in the arm. "I had to go home and get Itobe, mum's gone to the market and father is at work." Itobe is Biggs' little sister. She's only five years old, and carries a little doll with her everywhere.

It has green eyes and red hair and she would fight a Sand People army to keep that thing. Luke turned away from the two bickering friends to watch the six Jedi gracefully move forth. The senators began to disembark and their chatter clouded the air, but the Jedi seemed unaffected. As the group walked by Luke felt a rush of cool air and safetypeacehappycalmhome smoothly glid over him, leaving him with an intense longing once they had passed. He made an aborted step forward to follow in their wake.

Not knowing what had come over him, he glanced to the left at Biggs and Atana sitting on the wall and then to the right at Slilwen holding Itobe, to see if his companions were also affected. They looked the same as ever and Luke felt slightly embarrassed. Slilwen whispered to him,

"Are you okay? You look dizzy. Mutti always gets dizzy from the sun."

"Hey! Don't pull my-"

"I'm fine, just tired," Luke whispered over Atana and Biggs' bickering. "Was replacing all the equipment at the moisture farm this morning, Uncle Owen wants everything in top condition on his return."

"Whatcha gonna do about it?"

"Oh you just wait-"

"Oh," Slilwen said softly. "Don't overwork yourself, you know my cousin didn't have to work the farm until he was 16."

"What does that mean?" Luke bit back a little sharply.

"For the love of-"

"Stop whining!"

"Don't tell me what-"

"Nothing," Slilwen stated with a wide eyed look. "Jus' saying." Luke knew Slilwen meant well, and he also knew most kids didn't start working the farm until 16 due to the dangerous equipment. But he had been working since he was seven, and in the back of his mind he had always wondered if it was a punishment his Uncle was metting out because of something Luke didn't remember. However it had been four years since then, and he was a little older, and now he knew it had less to do with him and a lot more to do with his father- where apparently all problems could be traced back to.

The filter's broke? Your father was always so irresponsible.

We need a new droid? Your father could never commit to anything in his life.

Luke is misbehaving? He's just like his father.

Luke was a little sick of it to be honest. He truly loved his Aunt and Uncle, but sometimes his Uncle was a bit much.

Sometimes Luke could do strange things, and he used to excitedly tell his Aunt and Uncle about the floating datapads, the premonitions, and how he didn't climb the school he actually jumped up there on the roof! It took him very little time to see that his relatives did not find it as wizard as he did. Uncle Owen especially...

He would get so angry, and yelled about his father. But Luke got the sense he was always upset around Luke- and somewhat wary. Luke remembered when Soquerr, a boy four years older than him used to bully him and his friends, push him around a lot.

One day Luke pushed back, but Soquerr went a lot further than he thought. The older boy hit the brick of the school and shakily stood. The way he looked at Luke after was fearful- and if Luke thought being afraid of Soquerr was bad, then seeing the same fear in his eyes was worse. Luke felt like he was no better than the bully. He found no pleasure in Soquerr's fearfulness.

That was sometimes the sensation he would get with his Uncle. Like he was afraid of Luke- which was funny for Luke because he was rather afraid of his Uncle. Aunt Beru was quiet naturally, but even more so when Luke did something strange. He had the odd feeling she pitied him, though he had no hints as to why.

Regardless he stopped telling them of his incidents, but that doesn't mean that the incidents stopped. His relatives sometimes just couldn't help but find out or notice. He suspected that was a reason that compelled his Uncle to put him to work. Thought maybe it would stop the occurrences. But really, Luke just got better at hiding it.

"Introducing in order of arrival," the announcer clearly said over the bustle, "Jedi Council, the members of the illustrious Senate..." Luke removed himself from his thoughts to spare a long glance at the backs of the Jedi.

He felt a want, one he'd never known.

If I could feel that safetypeacehapycalmhome all the time...

I wish I was a Jedi.

Luke felt a true yearning to fall into line behind the six, but he knew he would never be one of those Jedi.

He was just Luke, a farm boy from Tatooine, with his father's life decisions haunting him.

Obi-Wan Kenobi almost prided himself on being an intuitive man, of course as he was a Jedi so he did not. But he thought he knew his fighting partner and fellow padawan of many years well enough, so when a small upturn of Anakin's lips appeared and his shoulders slumped to release a hidden tenseness- he knew it was a good idea to come here. Qui-Gon had made a good decision to visit if after just one minute in the Tatooine atmosphere, Anakin calmed inwardly more than he had in the past four years after his return.

Obi-Wan Kenobi was alomst priding himself on being an intuitive man, but he never noticed the blue eyes under a mop of blond hair encased in shrubery- for why should he pay any attention to children playing in the bushes?

How could he be aware a Force sensitive child watched them walk away, as his very Force presence was shielded away?

Obi-Wan Kenobi was far too busy besides- he was allowing himself to enjoy the fact that his friend of many years had a less distant and vacant stare.

Anakin was not lost to them and Obi-Wan knew that, Anakin just needed to figure out he was not lost to the darkness himself.

He needed to forgive himself.

"Slilwen, Atana, and me are gonna head out to the point, so you go and kick some butt for us! You betcha you're gonna win! For us if anything. " Biggs stared down in Luke's eyes, hiding his worry deep inside that he held for the younger boy. But sure enough-

"I'll be careful Biggs, I promise," Luke grinned. "No need to get mushy on me."

"Kid I don't know how you doing it," Biggs paused to ruffle Luke's hair ("Hey!"). "But it's real wizard."

"Whatcha calling me kid for?! You're a half standard year older!" Luke raised his fists and pranced around like a fighter. "You wanna go?" The grin on his face was huge and genuine however, and Biggs laughed.

When he, Slilwen, and Atana finally said their goodbyes, Luke made his way out into the bustling market. He ducked and dodged around the arguing customers and greedy sellers, and made his way to the race.

His heart was thumping, and he felt like a bird- seeing the cage about to open and he was ready and posed to fly.

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