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Year One: Harry Potter and the Revolving Wall @tararhyme Despite everything inanimate speaking its mind and that being normal (!) in the wizarding world, Harry's hearing too many voices. Mystery is afoot as people disappear, plants revolt, and intruders arrive. The adults are bamboozled, some downright distrust-worthy. Welcoming all to Hogwarts: where child endangerment is not only present, but actively encouraged. (Slytherin!Harry) 3 years 35.3K 0 0 Harry Potter General Audiences English In Progress FriendshipHumorMystery Harry P.Ron W.Draco M.Severus S. humorCanon Divergence AUadventureHogwartsmild swearing Read 1. The Potters 3365 0 0 2. What exactly is a Tube? 7622 0 0 3. name's Voldemort, so jot that down quick 7144 0 0 4. Singing Hat agrees: Harry's pretty great 8639 0 0 5. The Talking Bedpost No One Else Can Hear 8506 0 0