Usagi in the Night Kitchen @woodyk
Chapter 1

Usagi slept peacefully in her warm bed, having just finished celebrating her eighteenth birthday and her tummy was full of yummy cake and ice cream. She was full, and yet it still wasn't enough... she wanted even MORE! A subconscious desire that activated something magical. Enveloped in the moon's glow, Usagi was lifted out of her bed and into the sky.

Up, up, up, up and UP.... and then she started to descend. Slowly opening her eyes, upon feeling the breeze on her face, Usagi saw herself floating towards a bright light... she wasn't scared, she knew this was the start of something special. Spreading her body into an "X", she felt as if by magic her nightgown and underwear passed through her body and her hair became undone. Now naked as a jay-bird with her golden locks flowing free, Usagi found herself descending into the light of the night kitchen.

Usagi landed face first into a LARGE bowl of batter her body sank downwards until her perfectly manicured feet were the last to sink in. Usagi was giddy, she knew what she had descended into... CAKE! She was in cake batter, and now she was the main ingredient. This was great, now Usagi would never have to go to school again, or fight the Negaverse or become Queen of Crystal Tokyo. All she needed to worry about was being her lazy self baked in cake. Feeling herself squirt at the though of never doing anything ever again, Usagi started to furiously masturbate to get more of her nectar into the batter.

Eventually three fat Chefs approached the bowl and started adding ingredients to the batter. At this point, the top half of Usagi's head appeared above the batter to so she could see who would be baking her... she got an egg, cracked over her head. Usagi sobbed inwardly as she sunk back down... just in time too, because a waterfall of sugar came down next, "My beautiful hair!!!!"

The Chefs then started mixing the batter. Every now and then Usagi's head would pop up and let out a "Wheee." before sinking back down, other times it would be a hand or a leg, or her tushy (which would let out a wet fart). They then put the cake in the oven.

Usagi was confused as her batter started to heat up around her... they couldn't be done already! They didn't even add any milk! Why wouldn't they add any milk- then it hit her, the Chefs though SHE was the milk! The cake was going to be ruined because they mistook what ingredient she was! Upon realization that the cake she was in was gonna be a dud Usagi clawed her way above the cake until her head popped out of the top of the smoking treat and started screaming her head off. With all the smoke and the yelling, the Cheif's went to check out what was wrong and pulled out the cake... and found a small blond girl pulling herself out wearing a cake bodysuit.

"I'm not the milk," Usagi cheered "and the Milk's not me! I'm Usagi!!!"

Usagi then jumped out of the cake and into a pile of dough where she made a small airplane and flew upwards, grabbing a pitcher out of one of the chief's hands and putting it on her head like a hat.

"Now then," Usagi cried, "Let's go get some milk~!!!"

She flew her plane into a LARGE milk jug and crash-landed into the white liquid. She fell through the squishy material of her plane and out of her cake bodysuit leaving her naked once again with nothing but a measuring cup to her name. Within the milk, Usagi struck her Sailor Moon Pose as she declared: "The barenaked soldier of love and lust! Sailor Moon! In the name of the moon, FUCK OFF~!!!"

Eventually, she swam back to the top and poured down the milk for the new batter. It was here that Usagi realized she was too important to back on earth to become cake. So with a melancholy wave, and a wink, to her Chef friends Usagi took to the sky, back to earth covered in cake mix, milk and a measuring cup on her head.

Usagi awoke with a start, she was still in her bed, cake-free and dry. Giggling at her sweet dream Usagi fell back onto her soft pillow and went back to sleep... maybe she'd have another sweet dream.

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