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Samurai Jack: Battle through Time

(Game of the chapter: Samurai Jack: Battle through time: Switch version)

Pro's: Handheld game on the go

Plenty of weapons to use aside from the unbreakable Katana

Decently lengthed and has replay value for trying to get secret ending however is also a Con which will be explained later

Plenty of levels to explore and if you are a fan of the show one hell of a nostalgia trip

All levels placed by Samurai Jack who you control

Con's: You Only play Samurai Jack and get help from none of his allies who you meet in the game and the Scottsman who you fight once is able to fight so unless there is a hidden Co-op where you can control him, not sure why you can't unlock a mode where he is either an AI ally or Co-op controlled character once you get by the first level

The main collectible for the game, the Kamons need a guide to find, some are so out of sight you'll miss them unless you have eyes like eagle.

Not a game to play for long periods of time, breaks will be needed to complete the game, especially if you replay levels to grind for upgrade items.

The boss fight against Scaramouche is probably the most annoying with his insta-weapon break attacks, either go without a weapon equipped for the fight or go with the unbreakable sword you have.

Detailed review: Contrary to the cons, if you ignore some or take them into account as you play and either plan in advance or take things in slow calm single mission type things, as a Samurai Jack game, this is the best one yet, I have not played others so my opinion maybe a bit flawed but I believe given a lot of things, this kind of review is needed given how some say its repetitive or stale… I won't lie it can get a bit… samey if you go through a mission again and again to grind things but all in all, this game is worth it if you get it on sale, for what it is, not worth full price on the E-shop. (Note from TME: as you may have guessed by now dear readers unless its necessary to get a physical copy or something, I try and get all my game's via the E-shop for Switch.)

Anyway you have many combat styles to use in game however only two styles should be mastered and the rest worked on after them… Sword and fist… reasons being THEY DO NOT BREAK… you read this right… the weapons here break if I wasn't clear enough above… some weapons duribility are… and to quote a great youtuber SuperButterBuns… go check her channel on youtube, not a requested ad or anything like that I just respect her work that much… anyway the quote from her from Breath of the Wild is Pringle to Buff pringle… some weapons will last for a long time but they will need to be repaired sooner or later… unless you have the coin to buy new weapons or go back to previous missions to get some from new characters… do not… I REPEAT… NOT let them break… that goes double for that music playing prancing weapon breaking bastard of a former Number 1 assassin Scaramouche… he has an ability to break pretty much any weapon you have aside from Fists and the unbreakable magic sword you have…. Trust me first time I fought him I was devastated when I lost my lightning spear… thing was glorious and had it taken away from me so soon… ugh!

Anyway the main reason why I considered this Fanfic version of a game review was influenced by this game mainly, and like in the previous chapter of my game reviews, you need all 50 Kamon or unique medals covered in dark energy to get the true ending of the game hince the need for the guide I mentioned above… if you don't get them, no true ending to the game.

Spoiler section: Honestly there is not much to say on the plot persay, thanks to Aku at the end of the cartoon series with Ashi and Jack trying to go back to the past, Jack gets knocked away from Ashi and winds up in some kind of Limbo outside of spacetime and is forced to fight past enemies and allies who are replicas of sorts… you have the fight with the Scottsman, then there is the fight with the King under the mountain (The guy who says come to me a lot if it help), the graveyard Spirit, the Imakandi and a couple bounty hunters, … that freaking music playing bastard… Ashi and her sisters before Jack got Ashi on his side, then there are beings like Lazarus-92, then Ashi again but in her full Aku powered state though this is the same double from a previous fight taken over… then finally Aku… some mid bosses are present like Demongo and others but all in all, you have a small number of levels but each level takes a bit to get through and again… if you want the true ending you will need a guide… I recommend playing through it or watching my Youtube channel there… only video series I got there so hope this helps get views.

My Username there is Twilight Master Emerald, same as here so look it up if you want.

Anyway all in all… I give this game if were doing a 1 to 10 score… an 8 out of 10… could be better with some tweaks or addons but all in all not bad… for non Samurai Jack fans… 6 to 7 out of 10 since you may not get the plot and stuff unless you watch the series from start to finish… this game is for Samurai Jack Fan but if you can ignore the plot and like the combat, its not too bad, just don't expect too much depth at first since you need to unlock a lot of combos for weapons and stuff.

This is the end of my review for Samurai Jack: Battle through time… thanks for reading.

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