Abominable Deadly Sin @emerald
Chapter 1

The scene opens to show a black screen for a second before a spotlight shown on a mans back while he held his right hand up in the air with a finger pointed at the sky before the figure turned to show TME with a grin on his face.

"I… TME… and PROUD to present a new Co-op story in its entirety… this is a Seven Deadly Sins story and my good friend Atomsk the Pirate King is willing to aid me in this… give him a round of applause." TME said like it was an order as clapping was heard.

Atomsk came in as he waved his hand.

"Hey everyone great to be here. Even though I don't know much of the show… still good to be here." He said as he chuckles nervously.

Many people Boo Atomsk while TME got a fire in his eyes as he looks at the readers.

"Oh shut it!, not the first time Atomsk or I did something without looking at the Anime or something and just looked up various things online." TME said while he was so oddly serious that this was a bit scary.

The crowd murmurs making Atomsk sweatdrop.

"Think we should just start the story?"

"Very well… but three things before we start this… Atomsk I need to fill you in on three things that are important… first off each person, Angel, and Demon we have in this story has one unique inborn magical ability… some can learn magic and other abilities but that is a rare thing but in a nutshell for example, Meliodas, the leader of the seven Deadly Sins has few abilities but his most iconic ability is called Full Counter, and there are a few variants later in the story, but Meliodas's ability counts magic based attacks, not physical based ones, you following so far?" TME said while he hoped Atomsk was following along.

"Uh yeah. I believe so." Atomsk said.

"Good, and here Magical power is used numerically once the story gets deep enough and it's pretty important for the story… unlike in Dragon ball that kind of thing doesn't get tossed out the window." TME said while he pulled up a DBZ scouter.

"However until we get past the first Arc, well… there will be no OVER 9000 memes, so sorry for anyone hoping for that… won't happen until Hendricksen is beaten and stuff." TME said when he looks at the readers.

The crowd snapped their fingers while saying drat.

TME shook his head and looks at Atomsk.

"Anyway finally some characters have more then one ability to use from self taught like I said or from outside of their control in some cases… Ban of the Seven deadly Sins is called Undead Ban and for most of the Anime and manga, he is an immortal who drunk from the fountain of youth not by choice and in essence cannot be killed, if his body is damaged he will recover shortly after and only the most grievous of wounds will stick around… his main ability is called Snatch though, can steal various things like items from a distance to even attributes from characters temporarily… you following so far?... I can go into detail in story but think like this… every trained character has 1 main Core ability and any addons are sub abilities either passive or active… that make sense?" TME said while he really hoped he didn't confuse Atomsk.

Atomsk was thoughtful after hearing that.

"Actually... it does."

"Alright, and given how things are, we can use OC's but we can't use too OP of abilities for them until much later… follow along with that and we can get started, in fact you may be surprised at what ability I have for Emerald… the weakest Holy knight while your OC Cedric could be one of the strongest but both are on opposite sides for a reason hehe." TME said while he had an interesting plan in mind.

Atomsk blinked a bit after hearing that.

"Really… like good vs evil?"

"Eh… more like Cedric getting used by the evil guy not by choice… trust me… it will make much more sense later down the line but Cedric for the first arc will be a misled bad guy but don't worry, he won't be killed off… in fact Cedric will be well respected and Emerald will be weaker then most here." TME said to help calm Atomsk in case he got the wrong idea.

"Oh okay. I see where you're going with that now." Atomsk said.

"Yeah, he won't be seen for awhile, so lets get this chapter started!" TME said while he fist pumped the air once from how excited he was.

"Ooh rah!" Atomsk said.

The scene then shifts from the duo to a scene that showed two figures walking across a massive hill towards a house that looked like a pointed hat somewhat…


Inside of the pointed hat shaped building was a bar to some surprise, many people were enjoying the drinks there while a short statured man was giving drinks to many and as he brought some food to others, they had this reaction.

"DISGUSTING!" three people spat out with their food while they had shocked looks on their face while the short statured man held up a tray to block incoming chunks.

"Like I thought…" The blond haired short man said while many started some complaints with the blond haired man.

"Hey watch it!" Someone said.

"How rude." A female voice said.

Though before an issue could break out, the man snapped his fingers after calling them troublesome.

"Alright… time for a clean up." The short blond haired man said while a pig of all things walked into view.

"Geez what a pain… What do you want from me?" The Pig said much to many people shock though after a bit with the blond haired man mentioning something about roasted pork after the pig, who the man called Hawk, insulted the blond haired mans cooking, cleaned up the spat up and thrown down scraps and stuff by eating it off the floor.

As things calmed down shortly after, the blond haired man heard things about Rust Knights and the seven deadly sins… this got his attention but when a customer called the blond haired man a kid after asking what he thought about these rust knights, the man said this.

"I'm not a kid!, I'm Meliodas, and I'm not an employee, I'm the owner of this fine establishment." The blond haired man known as Meliodas said while he raised an eyebrow at the drunkard.

That confused many since Meliodas's name sounded familiar but before anyone could could ask more… two large and armored knights walked in while the knights armors looked rusted.

"Sev...en… dead...ly… sins…" The first of the two knights said which caused many people to look frightened besides Meliodas and Hawk and as the bar cleared, the two knights walked in with wobbles and stuff.

Meliodas then jumped over the counter and he looks at the duo.

"Who are you two?" he asked right before the first knight fell to the ground and as the helmet fell off, a beautiful woman with white hair was seen and Meliodas heard this as the other knight looked like he was about to collapse.

"H-Help… her… please." The second knight said as he fell back and his own helmet fell off to show a man this time with brown hair and like the first knight or at least the first woman seemed to be… well seems he passed out which left Hawk and Meliodas looking confused while Meliodas looks at the woman.

"Hmmm…. Hehe." Meliodas said before he chuckles much to Hawk's confusion.

"What's so funny?" Hawk said.

After that Meliodas got the rusty armor off the woman and man and after placing the man on a simple looking bed to recover, he took the woman to his own room sets her on the bed to give her a thorough checkup while Hawk followed to make sure Meliodas didn't do anything crime worthy.

After some time to wait for her to wake and stuff while Hawk had to restrain himself from tackling Meliodas when he copped a feel of the woman's breast while she was asleep, brought her down to eat something when her stomach growled something fierce when she was oddly chill with the groping and after explaining this was the Bar the Boars hat, the group fed her some food after the woman got over her excitement at a magical talking pig...but thanks to how bad Meliodas's cooking was she cried a bit but also called it quite good as well…

After that, the woman was then asked about why she and that guy were in the suits of armor…

This got the woman's attention and she looks worried as she looks around for her companion.

"W-Where is he?" the woman asked while Hawk gave the answer to that.

"Your friend is in another room sleeping." Hawk said.

The woman gave a sigh of relief while Meliodas asks this.

"So what were you doing in that oversized suit of armor?" Meliodas asked and after the woman looks at him… she mentioned the seven deadly sins… and before more could be talked about, a fist slamming against the door caused the group to look over and after some time hearing a man speak… he mentioned something about holy knights and the woman looked worried which Meliodas noticed and after some work on Meliodas's end with getting some of bits of armor on Hawk and causing a distraction, the woman ran from the building and the group of lesser knights start chasing her.

Though comically enough as the group of knights chased her, they were tackled out of the way by a charging Hawk who went to protect the woman.

Though thanks to Meliodas appearing from the treeline to help the woman, the last knight was tackled over the cliff by Hawk and the knight from what Hawk heard was Ali something but he could care less.

After the trio settle a bit and Meliodas asks for more to that story… the woman then explained she was looking for the seven deadly sins to help stop the Holy knights and after Hawk got over his shock, he and Meliodas heard about the holy knights coup d'etat and people forcefully getting taken to do various things like train as soldiers, stock food and building castle walls… honestly things look bad.

Though after Meliodas asked how the Seven Deadly sins were apart of this, the woman explained that they were the strongest and cruelest order of knights in the kingdom… seven brutal criminals who had symbols of beasts carved into their body…. They were accused of trying to overthrow the kingdom and many knights had to launch an offense against them in order to try and get them but the Seven deadly sins got away.

"But weren't there rumors of them dying?" Meliodas said while the woman looks at him with narrowed eyes.

"There's no way that such amazing people would die so easily." The woman said while Meliodas looks at her.

"But they're villains right?" Meliodas asked while the woman had a frustrated look on her face.

"The Holy knights are the ones who are making people suffer!" The woman cried out but before they could do much more, the ground rumbles under them and Meliodas, Hawk, and the woman fell down the cliff with part of the cliff falling with them with Hawk and the woman screaming as two men were at the edge of the cut off part where the cliff used be while one was looking down with a hand on his hip.

"Confirmed!, two people dead!" The man said while the man next to him rolled his eyes.

"Twigo you really need to look before you slice." The other man said as he and Twigo lock eyes while the men with the one who was knocked off the cliff came running up to the two men.

"L-Lord Twigo… Lord Desmond!, d-did either of you do that!?, Mr. Alioni was beneath the cliff!" The man said while Twigo looks at the others aside his armored ally.

"Then we can say three are dead." Twigo said as Alioni's allies looked appalled.

"T-Thats horrible!" the group said minus Desmond and Twigo gave the allies of Alioni a narrow eyed look.

"Want to make it 7 confirmed deaths?" Twigo said which caused Alioni's allies to gulp but before Twigo could do anything Meliodas jumped up the cliff while carrying Hawk on his back, the woman in his arm, and Meliodas dropped a knocked out Alioni onto the ground while Alioni was alive.

"What are you all doing alive!?, don't change my confirmed death toll!" Twigo said as Desmond rolled his eyes.

"Really need to make sure they are dead before you confirm their death Twigo." Desmond said while he really wondered why he worked with this guy… had size and power but not much in brains.

"Now why would you do something like this?" Meliodas said.

Though Twigo missed that when he growls at his ally and after he looks back when he calmed himself, he noticed something on the woman and he starts walking around the cut off section of the ground while Hawk was shocked at how massive Twigo was.

"Well it seems we are in luck Desmond… the symbol on that earring is of the Royal family which means… Confirmed!... Princess Elizabeth!" Twigo said which doubled Hawk's shock.

"Wait… PRINCESS?!" Hawk said with wide eyes.

Desmond had a serious look on his eyes when he heard that.

"If that is true, then Princess, there is a search order out for you through the kingdom, you'll come back with us won't you?" Desmond said though Twigo raised a hand.

"Though we have orders to capture you alive, it can't be helped if you died in an accident can it?" Twigo said before Elizabeth, Meliodas, and Hawk bolt for the woods.

"There is no way I can allow myself to be captured!, there's no way I can give up now!" Elizabeth said while Twigo looks surprise before he gripped his sword.

"CONFIRMED!" Twigo said as he swings his blade creating a small crescent wave of energy that cuts down the trees after the trio.

"ACCIDENTAL DEATH!" Twigo roars before Meliodas had to grab Elizabeth from the side and push himself and Elizabeth to the ground to avoid getting sliced while many trees were cut down in one swing.

Desmond then glared at Twigo.

"You idiot!, what would happen if you killed her with that for real!, accident or not the higher ups would have our heads!" Desmond said with an angered look on his face as Twigo sheathed his weapon.

"Just following procedures." Twigo said.

"Oh for fuck… look we better make sure she didn't really die on us or so help me I'll kill you myself then go into hiding after this." Desmond growled out as he looks around for the princess and hoped nothing bad happened.

Though Twigo could care less since these people were undermining him and as Elizabeth made her presence known after a bleeding pig ran off, though Desmond was relieved a bit, Twigo really ticked him off when he swings his sword again and made a small crater and if not for Meliodas Elizabeth would be dead again and as Twigo walked to the group and Desmond was seriously considering killing Twigo… he noticed a figure running to the group as Elizabeth cried and stuff and says she didn't even know Meliodas's name… after he introduced himself she was stunned when she heard his name and as Twigo raised his sword to strike, Desmond shouts to Twigo.

"Twigo block you damned idiot!" Desmond said which confused Twigo but as he did as commanded, he was hit with a high speed kick which knocked him back while Meliodas, ready to counter Twigo, was surprised when he saw a man kicking Twigo pretty hard but Elizabeth looked really relieved and happy to see this guy… he was out of his armor that was rusted sure and carried a simple two handed sword, but she knew him well.

"Emerald!" Elizabeth called out while the camera turned to show a man in his 20's, had medium length to long brown hair, green eyes that seemed to glow in the light and had an oddly proportioned figure with decent arms and legs but didn't look too impressive… in fact he looked underwhelming while the man known as Emerald looks at Elizabeth.

"Sorry Milady for not being here… ugh… still feel so weak after not eating for days… even grabbing a few apples after I won't didn't do much." Emerald said while he looks a bit ill from lack of nutrition though Desmond heard Emerald's name and blinks before he chuckles.

"Hehehe… HAHAHA!... oh wow and here I thought to be worried… hey Twigo… take a look at this… seems the princess has another bodyguard… the rumored weakest holy knight Emerald… honestly if not for that nearly useless ability of his to support others in combat, he wouldn't even be considered a knight and he is trying to protect the princess?" Desmond said with an amused tone to his voice while Emerald growls a bit at that weakling comment.

Twigo laughed as he sees Emerald as the weakest link.

"Shame… he should've picked a different profession."

Emerald growled and gave this rebuttal.

"At least I'm not traitors like you wanting to kill the princess!" Emerald said while Desmond rolled his eyes.

"That would be Twidumbass here, guy is pretty adamant about making this an accidental death… though what can you and a weak looking guy next to you do." Desmond said while Emerald noticed Meliodas next to him while he had a small grin on his face.

"Nishishi… well we can kick your asses thats what… doubt you heard my name so why don't I introduce myself… I'm Meliodas… Dragon's sin of Wrath!" Meliodas said while he gripped the handle of the sword on his back and pulled it from the sheath to show a broken blade with only a smidge of a blade left on the hilt of the dragon like handle while Emerald, Twigo, and Desmond looked shocked… Twigo more so.

"Impossible… its been years… I thought that face looked familiar!" Twigo said as Meliodas grins when he gets in front of Twigo with shocking speed and had his weapon drawn back at the ready as Twigo panicked.

"IMPOSSIBLE!" Twigo yelled as he swings his sword down and after Meliodas somehow avoids it, he swings his own weapon slowly and a ping was heard as Twigo looks shocked.

"C-Confirmed!... this power is…" Twigo tried to say as Twigo was launched high into the air by some mysterious force while Emerald and Desmond both looked shocked at the sight of the massive man Twigo flying while Meliodas looks amused.

"Now then… you want to end up like your friend here?" Meliodas asked when he looks at Desmond and Desmond blinks before he looks at Emerald.

"You just got really lucky weakling… better watch out… doubt you can hide the princess for long now that you have a Seven Deadly sin with you." Desmond said as he walked to where Twigo crashed as Meliodas walked over to Emerald as Elizabeth came over to check on Meliodas since he did most of the fighting.

"A-Are you alright?" Elizabeth asked when she looks at Meliodas and he looks amused by Elizabeth's worry.

"Hehe. Not to worry. I've been hit worse." Meliodas said.

While this went on with Meliodas congratulating Elizabeth on finding the first Sin, Twigo was found by Desmond and Alioni's allies who came out of hiding and they look down at the recovering giant human.

Though Twigo managed to sit up and say something about warning the Kingdom, a large shadow covered the group and well… a massive giant green pig like creature that carried the Boar's hat on her back appeared and the knights and the lesser knights were launched into the air a bit as Meliodas grabbed Elizabeth and Emerald and jumped to toss Emerald towards a ladder that Emerald grabbed onto after screaming and Elizabeth was hanging from Meliodas's arm as he talked about business with the other Sins and he was looking for them.

After the group left the area, the scene went inside of the Barn on the giant pigs back to show Elizabeth reintroducing herself again.

"I am Elizabeth Liones… third princess of the Kingdom…" Elizabeth said as Emerald bowed a bit to Meliodas.

"I'm Emerald Ranmyaku… The princesses personal protector, sorry for not introducing myself properly earlier." Emerald said as Meliodas grins at the duo.

"Welcome to the Boar Hat, I'll be counting on you two Mr. Waiter, and Waitress." Meliodas said while Emerald and Elizabeth blink before they nod their heads.

"Y-Yes!, we will do our best!" The duo said while Hawk mentioned something about new cloths.

"Well… I think its already a turn on with Elizabeth's current outfit though." Meliodas said while Emerald and Hawk looked ticked.

"Pervert!" The duo said while a blushing Elizabeth followed.

After some time, Emerald and Elizabeth had different outfits to replace the ragged clothing they wore, Emerald wore something like a waiters outfit that was missing sleeves on the vest so it showed white sleeves from his inner shirt.

Elizabeth on her end wore a pink and bluish outfit that made her blush a bit more when she wore something between a mix of a blouse and a tanktop that showed off her stomach while she wore a really short skirt and wore a stocking on her left leg while she wore simple shoes that didn't have heels or anything and the outfit hugged her body well to show her curves.

"U-Um… these clothes are?" Elizabeth asked while Meliodas gave a thumbs up.

"It's… our uniform!" Meliodas said while Emerald sweatdrops at this and Hawk apologized for Meliodas's tastes though Hawk and Emerald had to pull Meliodas back when he was doing a *Size check* when he actually pulled up Elizabeths skirt.

"DAMN YOU!" Emerald said while he put Meliodas in a headlock while Hawk was pulling part of his face with his mouth though could somehow talk fully.

"YOU IDIOOOT!, YOU'RE GONNA MAKE OUR PRECIOUS EYE CANDY RUN AWAY!" Hawk yelled when he could picture the customers vanishing while Elizabeth chuckles a bit at the sight.

As this went on with Elizabeth asking for the crime that Meliodas made and stuff though as the group suddenly stopped thanks to the giant pig pulling a stopping on a dime motion, who Emerald and Elizabeth found out was Hawk's mom, the group wound up at the village of Bernia.

After Hawk's mom dug underground and made it look like the Boar's hat was on the ground, the group were walking while Meliodas was curious on why Emerald was with Elizabeth… sure protector was an important job but still…

"So Emerald. What's your story? Why are you with the Elizabeth besides being her protector?" Meliodas asked.

Emerald blinks ath that question.

"Well it's not romantic in case you are wondering, I happen to see Elizabeth as something like a sister or something and I just get protective of her since she has been so nice to me since I was a kid… I'm not… normally well liked by many holy knights in the kingdom even from before all this stuff started… people call me the weakest holy knight since I can barely fight… only reason I'm even one is probably because of the ability I have… anyway Elizabeth and I had to escape from the Castle while his majesty stayed behind to distract the knights, I know they wouldn't harm him so I had to protect Elizabeth… I mean people already have a bad opinion of me so it can't get any worse if people think I'm a traitor right?" Emerald said while he shakes his head a bit.

"Okay… but if she's the princess then why target her?" Meliodas said with a confused look.

"Hell if I know… from what I got from you listening to things with that Twigo and Desmond guy, seems like Desmond wanted to bring Elizabeth back to the castle but Twigo… well… guy seemed unstable and stuff for wanting to make sure his Confirmed stuff was well… Confirmed." Emerald said while finger quoting the word confirmed before he looks at Meliodas again.

"Anyway Meliodas, aside from the princess getting targeted, we maybe target by guys stronger then Twigo and Desmond so hope you are ready to protect her." Emerald said while Meliodas grins as he hits his chest once.

"Nishishi… I'll make sure to protect her no matter what." Meliodas said while Emerald gave him a half lidded look.

"Bet its to cop a feel in the chaos I bet." Emerald said while he raised an eyebrow at Meliodas.

Meliodas had his hands up.

"No no. Would never do that."

Emerald gave an are you kidding me kind of look.

"Really?... even after you looked under the princesses skirt… when it comes to protecting… I can count on you… when it comes to keeping your hands to yourself… I may need sir Hawk to help me restrain you at night or something." Emerald said while Hawk sympathized with Emerald's pain while Elizabeth blushed more from how this conversation was going.

"Hey I help you and this is the thanks I get?" Meliodas said.

"Maybe if you stop being a perv." Hawk said.

The group continue to walk though as they approach Bernia… Emerald noticed something.

"Hey… I'm not much of a drinker but even I've heard Bernia is normally well known for its ale… Meliodas… shouldn't this place have a river here?... everything looks dried out." Emerald said when he looked down a bridge and saw that instead of a river… everything in the river looked bone dry.

"Yeah… even the herbs look wilted." Elizabeth said.

Though she shivered for some reason while Emerald, Hawk, and Meliodas looks concerned.

"Something wrong Milady?, need a coat?, that outfit isn't exactly made for outdoor use." Emerald said when he worried for Elizabeth's health.

"N-Nothing… just my heart pounding a little." Elizabeth said.

"Really?... Let me look." Meliodas said as he went to inspect her.

"HEY!" Hawk and Emerald said after Meliodas puts his head between Elizabeth's clothed breasts and Emerald had to drag Meliodas away from a blushing Elizabeth while Hawk speaks with her.

"Sorry for him, he means no harm its just… yeah… I got nothing on how to make this better." Hawk said while he shook his snout in a no like way and hoped Elizabeth didn't think too badly of Meliodas.

That's when the group start hearing a commotion in the village.

"Is that a festival?" Elizabeth said.

"Maybe good advertisement for the bar!" Hawk said while he sounded excited though for the group, they were surprised when after some explanation and Emerald saving Meliodas from causing a riot, they found out that a Holy knight stuck a sword in the ground and pretty much every person who was strong were trying at as one to try and pull the sword from the ground.

Though after Meliodas asked what happened, the group found out that a kid named Mead caused this not out of spite but from the holy knight insulting the village's Ale… honestly the kid was an orphan raised by the village so his anger did make sense.

Though while Elizabeth did wonder if Twigo was a holy knight from the shiver she felt if that was the cause with the power giving her that reaction, she was shocked Twigo wasn't a holy knight but before more could be asked, Mead caused an issue where he was getting rocks thrown at him though… Meliodas got the hits when they missed Mead and Meliodas had to force Mead away as he and Mead ran to the Boars hat.

That left Emerald with Hawk and Elizabeth as an old man tried to stop the angery people.

"Looks like we dropped in at a bad time." Hawk said while the old man from a moment ago walked up to them.

The old man sighs.

"This village… deep down, he's a good child but…"

This then set off a long chain of conversations… Meliodas for a time worked to talk with Mead and after complimenting some Bernia ale, Mead looks at the bottle but before more could be talked about Elizabeth walked into the bar… the group then found out that Elizabeth wasn't even related to the king of Liones and thanks to that Mead explained about how his parents died and how the villagers took care of Mead and stuff.

Then Elizabeth mentioned a woman in the holy Knights drink and though Mead denied the reason for that as a prank, it was because the knight made a fool of them all and called the drink that he was served disgusting beforehand.

This caused Mead to drop a worm in the knights drink and as a result the sword that was in the middle of the village was stabbed into the ground which caused Emerald, Elizabeth, Meliodas, and Hawk to walk in on the current situation...

Though Hawk, Emerald, and Elizabeth were a bit amused when they heard Mead talking about how if the Holy Knights are bad guys, then wouldn't that make the seven deadly sins good guys?

"What?" Meliodas said when he saw the smiles but the groups attention was gotten by a commotion from the village.

"W-What's going on?" Elizabeth said.

"Whatever it is… it's not good." Hawk said.

"Yeah… lets go!" Emerald said as everyone ran from the bar and when the group got there, they saw all of the villagers trying to pull the sword out again and they looked really worried while two soldier like guys were sitting on a sealed off well while they laughed at the sight and as Mead went to them, Emerald noticed Meliodas about to walk forward before he placed a hand on Meliodas's shoulder.

"If its alright… mind if I deal with this?... I haven't shown you my own ability right?" Emerald asked while he gave Meliodas a look that asked Meliodas to let Emerald prove himself here so he wouldn't be dead weight to the group.

Meliodas was thoughtful for a bit.

"Hmmm… alright. Show me what you can do."

Emerald nods as he approaches the group of villagers.

"Well my ability isn't that impressive, I myself barely have any combat power even to apprentice holy knights… but I have an ability… it's called Double up… it allows me to support others and also affect objects if I wish and by the name it pretty much lets me double a person's attribute and multiple times if needed so the ability can stack for a short time and thanks to some practice…" Emerald said while he held a hand towards the villagers.

"I don't need to come in contact and I can cast it on many people at once…" Emerald said while all of the villagers and Mead glowed with a gentle green glow right before they felt their strength skyrocket… sure one villager wouldn't even make the blade budge even with a boost like this but with so many villagers at once trying to pull the blade from the ground… it starts to wobble and thanks to Emerald's ability giving the strained rope a much needed boost in durability, the two solders were shocked when they saw the blade come out of the ground halfway but thanks to the rope already being at the breaking point… the rope snaps which sent many villagers flying though the fact of the matter was that the blade which was embedded fully in the ground was pulled out halfway while Emerald frowns when he looked worried for the villagers.

"Damn!... so close!" Emerald said when the blade sank back into the ground to where it was while an amused Meliodas walked by Emerald with hands in his pockets.

The guards laughed at everyone's efforts before stopping when they saw Meliodas's hand on the hilt of the sword.

"My turn." He said before attempting to pull the sword out.

A moment later, after the blade sparked a bit right before Meliodas pulled the blade fully from the ground this time and Meliodas held the blade in the air with a grin on his face.

Everyone's jaws dropped when they saw that Meliodas had pulled the sword out.

That's when they heard rumbling.

A moment later, the well the two soldiers sat on pretty much erupts with water and the two guards were launched into the air with great force and while Meliodas examines the sword and wondered if he could sell this, Elizabeth was amazed by Meliodas's strength while Emerald was at the side and looking at his hand when his ability failed to work and Meliodas had to step in for this.

Meliodas noticed but he had to deal with Mead first and the villagers since they wanted Mead to forgive them and stuff… this got a teary moment from everyone and while the two guards ran off with the Holy knight sword after Meliodas passed it to them, the town of Bernia was busy partying hard thanks to their water being restored to normal.

While this happened, three things happened since it would be a number of hours before the guards would report to anyone about what happened.

First off as Meliodas waits for ale to be made so he could help start the party in the Boars hat, he noticed Emerald examining the hole where the sword was once stuck and thanks to Meliodas noticing Emerald earlier, now maybe a good time to speak with him.

"What are you doing Emerald?" Meliodas said.

Emerald blinks and he noticed Meliodas.

"Oh hey Meliodas… sorry if I was bothering you, I was just thinking about some things and who could have been able to do this." Emerald said while he looks at his hand again which told Meliodas that Emerald must be bugged that he couldn't help much even with his ability being used.

"Are you still bothered that you couldn't pull the sword out?" Meliodas said.

Emerald blinks a bit again before he looks at Meliodas again.

"Well… kind of… I mean you probably already know… but me being a holy knight is just a title of sorts that I was given… not by my own strength… I mean sure I trained and could knock Twigo away but I'm not sure how well I would do against a real holy knight in combat… I mean my power can only augment attributes… it doesn't have anything flashy or powerful… I mean I know the king has the power to see the future with his Vision ability but I still don't get why he wanted me to protect Elizabeth among so many other trained knights… sure I see her like a sister since we have a lot in common and don't have ill intentions... hell, like her I'm not even related to my own family… I heard that my family found me abandoned and stuff but no more details then that… and you saw how things went… it took me doubling the strength of all the villagers and doubling the durability of the rope and it barely got halfway before the rope snapped… I didn't personally do that, just buffed up everyone's strength more or less." Emerald said while he shakes his head at how weak he was.

"I see… maybe the King believes that you have great potential and just need to find it." Meliodas said.

"... Maybe though I doubt that… but right now I would barely be able to protect the princess as I am… can I count on you to help protect her if I can't?" Emerald asked while he gave Meliodas a serious look.

Meliodas chuckled.

"No problem. I'll make sure to take very good care of her."

Emerald gave Meliodas a half lidded look.

"Why does that worry me more then ease me?... especially with the look on your face... maybe I should have Hawk tie you up at night so you won't harass the princess or something." Emerald said as he starts walking by Meliodas.

Though he stops in his tracks when he said this.

"Still… thanks… I'm counting on you Dragon's Sin of Wrath." Emerald said as he continues his walk to go elsewhere for now.

Meliodas blinked a bit after hearing that before chuckling.

"This journey has gotten interesting."

Next up was an hour or so later after some ale was made that Meliodas and Elizabeth helped carry back to the bar with plenty of party goers lending hand and the scene focused on Emerald again as he was sitting on a box while he watched many villagers looking pretty happy, though a few village ladies noticed him while he looked like he wasn't going to the bar to try and enjoy the party for some reason.

"Hey handsome. How come you're not joining the party?" One of the ladies said.

Emerald blinks when he heard that and after looking around, he points at himself in confusion… were the ladies talking about him?

The ladies giggled.

"Yes you. How come you're sitting by yourself?" One of them said.

"Well… because I barely helped with earlier, I'm well… guess a former holy Knight of sorts and I want to clarify that I had no idea about this incident and well… guess I'm not a real holy knight to begin with… only my ability is good for supporting others and I barely have combat skills to speak up… even apprentice holy knights are better than me… normally ladies like yourselves would ignore me if you lived near the Lioness castle so I was curious on why you thought I look good when I'm well… barely anything." Emerald said when he was genuinely curious about these ladies.

The ladies blinked a bit.

"Really… well those ladies must be fools. Even if you barely did anything, you're still handsome looking." One of them said.

Emerald blushed more when still thought they were exaggerating about his looks…

Another lady smiles when she looks at her friends.

"Hey why don't we have our own party and invite this guy there for a more… fun party if you girls get my meaning." One of the ladies said with a smirk on her face.

The ladies blinked a bit after hearing that before they start to giggle.

"Sounds good to me." One of them said.

"Huh?" was all Emerald said which showed how clueless he was about what the ladies meant.

"Hehe, don't worry handsome. You'll find out." One of them said before one lady grabs Emerald's arm before another grabs the other.

Emerald looks really confused as he was dragged away with a surprised look on his face.

"W-Whoa!" Emerald said before he found himself in one of the ladies homes and he was in front of 4 ladies while he himself sat on a bed while he looks really confused now… right before he blushed when the four ladies start to strip a bit.

It wasn't long before the 4 women were nude.

One lady was a blonde with long hair tied in a ponytail.

She had an excellent body with good curves as her breasts were C-D size.

The second had brown hair and she had a thinner petitie body with B cup breasts and a more muscular body while Emerald blushed brighter as a result.

The third one was even thinner and more petite with A to B cup breast and a thin waist and she barely had any toned muscles to her body.

The fourth woman had red shoulder length hair with a nice looking hourglass figure with wide hips and a nicely toned ass as her breasts were D size.

Emerald blushed royally while his cock in his pants slowly got erect and well… he had a rather massive bulge of all things despite his seemingly low level looks.

The red head chuckles when she saw that.

"My my… looks like someone is liking the view. Why don't you take off your clothes handsome and lets see what you're packing." She said with a smirk.

Emerald blushed more before he got up and starts to undress… his body looked a bit underwhelming at first with his body looking like an average persons though his arms did have a bit of muscle, his legs were not too bad but his cock was the shocker with it being well over the 10 inch mark… actually 11 to 12 inches to be exact much to the ladies shocks while Emerald was quiet as he wondered what the ladies thought.

"Wow…" The petite woman said with a surprised look at the blonde one had the same reaction.

"How is it that you're not walking funny?" She said.

Emerald looked confused by that.

"What do you mean?, I always had this… wore lots of baggy clothing helped and if women back home were not impressed, pretty sure the Holy knights themselves were bigger then me or something to match their strength, I mean why else would women there ignore me?" Emerald said when he didn't know any other reason and was confused by the blushing looks and the women noticed how confused he was… seems the more they talk about compliments the more confused he gets which showed how messed up his romantic life was if no woman was interested in him at all in the Kingdom.

"Well don't worry, sugar. We're gonna show you what those bimbos were missing out on." The brown haired woman said.

"Hehe, yeah, pretty sure those guys are compensating with that strength of theirs, and if not, their personalities at least… anyway ladies… want to go one on one or just tag team this beast of a cock?" The blonde haired woman with the Ponytail said when she grins at Emerald's cock.

The other 3 ladies grin.

"I don't mind going first." The red head woman said.

"Great… why don't we show our Blowjob technique and after that we let him pick who gets his virginity?... should be fair right?" The Blonde haired woman said with a lustful look in her eyes.

The trio had the same look before a moment later, three ladies were licking parts of Emerald's cock while the fourth one was enjoying his balls.

Emerald really groans from this when he didn't expect this, he was told to lay on his back and this was happening which caused him to grip the bed sheets tightly when he felt so much pleasure already.

The four ladies smirked at Emerald's reaction as they continue to please his cock as the blonde woman uses her tongue to lick the tip and the petite woman starts sucking Emerald's balls.

Emerald groans from this and the blonde haired woman opened her mouth wide and she took part of Emerald's cock deep into her mouth and she sucks him off eagerly which caused Emerald to groan loudly from the feeling.

The redhead and brown haired ladies giggled as they lick the base before they used their hands to tease Emerald's nipples.

Emerald grunts from that when he did not expect that at all and as time went on, the ladies swapped places so the brown haired one sucked Emerald's cock while the blonde haired woman was sucking his balls.

The red head and petite woman decide to let the brown haired woman to get some room before the duo actually started sucking Emerald's nipples.

Emerald really groans from that while he looked royally confused by this when he wondered why these ladies were sucking on his nipples… though he figured he could return the favor when he used his hands to fondle the closes breasts of the red head and the petite woman that and did it a bit roughly to see how they would react.

The duo jolts when they felt that before groaning but were enjoying it as the brown haired woman starts deep throating Emerald's cock.

Emerald really groans from that when he felt the woman struggle to deepthroat his cock, but he surprised her when he threw his head back and groans loudly when he came hard inside of the woman's mouth with great force.

The blonde woman could feel Emerald's balls twitching as the brown haired woman was surprised at how much cum Emerald let out before she tries to swallow it.

Though thanks to how oddly productive Emerald was, she wasn't able to take it all and this resulted in plenty of sperm dripping down his cock towards his pelvis and balls.

The blonde woman sees this before she starts licking the cum off of Emerald's balls as the Redhead and petite woman took notice of that.

'Damn… he's really pent up.' The redhead thought.

"Hope we have enough herbs for birth control with a guy this potent." The petite woman thought as she watched Emerald ride out his orgasm before he tapped off with a groan.

The brown haired woman was able to swallow some of the cum before she gasps after taking her mouth off of Emerald's cock.

"W-Wow… y-you came… a-a lot." She said.

"T-Thanks?" Emerald said like it was a question on if that was good or not.

That made the ladies blink.

"Wow… did those other ladies really put you down?" The petite woman said.

Emerald gave her a half lidded look.

"All those ladies I knew were either Holy knights who looked down on me for one reason or another for being weaker than them or jealous for the apprentice ones since a guy like me became a Holy knight to protect Elizabeth and normal people near the castle didn't want to get near for their own safety so I pretty much got my position but no real perks so to speak… can explain more later but I wasn't well liked in general from not being strong like them or having an ability that could only be used in certain ways like buffing people's attributes or objects as well like I tried with the villagers earlier which got the sword halfway out of the ground before the rope snapped… probably would have pulled free if the rope was a new one instead of one at its limit." Emerald said when he proved his point by using Double up on the blonde haired woman and she felt her strength rise greatly as a result.

"W-Whoa… i suddenly… felt a bit stronger." The blonde haired woman said.

"Yeah well it's a short term boost and not a permanent boost, you can see why many don't respect me on my own… when it comes to support, sure I would be welcome, but on my own, I might as well be nothing to them… I mean there is this woman who weilds a warhammer who could knock me through walls if she wanted or a guy who can use lightning with two swords and moved at high speeds… I can go on but point is as a holy Knight I'm pretty weak compared to them ability wise." Emerald said while he explains that even if his ability was handy… not handy for actual fights.

The four ladies blinked after hearing that.

"Well who cares what they think? We believe you're special." The redhead woman said.

"Well… thanks… still I want to focus on something else so what do we do next?" Emerald asked which showed that Emerald was a full on virgin.

That made the women grin.

"Well you can either please us or… we get to the main event and pick which one to take that virginity of yours." The red head said.

Emerald blushed from this.

"W-Well… could try and return the favor first…" Emerald said with a blush on his face.

That made the women smirks before a moment later, the blonde haired woman had her pussy on Emerald's face.

"Start licking." She said.

Emerald was surprised by the order but he went with it as he had his tongue lick at the woman's pussy and he blinks when he oddly liked the taste and really dug into her folds with each lick.

The blonde hair woman shudders at first before she starts groaning at the feel of Emerald's tongue.

This went on for a minute and the other women grin as they moved to do various things.

Two of them, the petite one and the red haired one went to get their pussies fingered by Emerald and the brown haired woman worked to suck Emerald's cock again to keep him hard while making sure he was well lubed for the fun to be.

The blonde haired woman groans a few more times as she was enjoying this pleasure.

"T-That's right you hunk…Really dig in there." She groans.

Emerald had no issues with that as he worked to eat the woman out more, he kept eating her out for awhile and fingering her friends pussies more and more until…

The blonde haired woman, redhead and the petite looking woman all groan in unison as the blonde one climaxed on Emerald's face while the other two climaxed on his fingers.

This caused Emerald to close his eyes and when he felt the juices on his tongue and hands, he worked to eat the woman out more while fingering the other women's pussies to get them to feel better.

It took the trio 15 seconds before they each tap off as the brown haired woman continues to make Emerald's cock stay hard.

One the three of the four women tapped off, Emerald was freed from them and he looks at the trio.

"H-Hey… not sure if this is cool but since I pleased you three… mind if I give my virginity to this brown haired lady here?... names Emerald if I haven't introduced myself." Emerald said while he had a strained look on his face from the pleasure.

The brown haired woman blinked when she heard that making the blonde one chuckle.

"Considering that the three of us got pleased, sure. That okay with you two?" She said as she looks at the redhead and petite woman.

The other two nod their heads with smiles while the three look at the brown haired woman as Emerald blushed at her.

"S-So… how do I start this next?" Emerald said since he didn't know what this woman liked or even her name.

The brown haired woman giggled.

"Well… you can fuck me in missionary, from behind, or I can ride that cock of yours. Also names Kagome."

Emerald blushed from the name a bit.

"N-Nice to know… as for position… not sure what they are really… normally was so focused on protecting Elizabeth that I didn't really have much of a social life for obvious reasons." Emerald said while he rubbed the back of his head…. Man he was really screwed up if he had no idea what the positions were…

That made the ladies sweatdrop after hearing that.

"No worries… I'll just ride your cock." Kagome said before she climbs on top of Emerald and was facing him after getting into position.

Though Emerald seemed to have enough of him getting on his back and he surprised Kagome when he moved her so she was on her back now and he was blushing.

"N-No thanks… m-may go like this… not sure what this position is if there is one but I can at least please you here." Emerald said as he aimed his cock at Kagome's pussy and rubbed the head on her folds to see how wet she was.

Kagome was a bit surprised at the switch before groaning a bit before looking at Emerald.

"Works for me. And this is called missionary position." She said with a smirk as she kept feeling Emerald's dick head rubbing her folds.

Luckily for her they were wet thanks to her being turned on.

This allowed Emerald to place a hand on Kagome's hip and a moment later he starts to slowly force his cock inside of Kagome while making sure to not harm her.

Kagome lightly groans as she feels Emerald's cock going inside of her pussy.

As the others looked on, Emerald's cock managed to get 8 inches deep into the woman's pussy and Emerald bumbed into something.

"H-Huh?, am I at the end already?" Emerald said when he pushed his hips forward more and pressed against Kagome's cervix lightly a few times.

Kagome groans a bit.

"E-Easy now. That's my cervix."

"Cervix?, is that something like a woman's first time?" Emerald asked when he wondered if he should actually do this or not.

That made Kagome blinked.

"No… that would be a hymen. Which I don't have any more. Cervix would be an entrance to a lady's womb. Which is where a man like you will dump his cum inside and help make a child."

Emerald blinks at that.

"A-A kid!?... y-your nice and all but I don't think having a kid is well…" Emerald said when he REALLY got the wrong idea now after that explanation.

One of the women, the blonde haired one facepalms.

"We have birth control herbs so we won't have an issue if you fill her womb up or us for that matter." The Blonde haired woman explained to Emerald while he looks at her.

"O-Oh… I see." Emerald said when he looks a bit relieved.

That made the ladies sweatdrop.

Did no one even bother to explain the birds and the bees to Emerald?

Kagome shook her head a bit.

"Okay… seems we're gonna have to teach you some things. First, start moving your cock back and forth but do it slowly so you can get a good rhythm."

Emerald nods his head before he pulled his hips back and thrusts them forward and back at a slow and steady pace while he made sure Kagome felt no discomfort.

Kagome groans a bit but not in discomfort as she starts feeling Emerald's cock going in and out of her pussy.

Emerald repeats his actions and he enjoyed hearing Kagome moan more and a moment later he tried something when he used his hands to fondle her breasts to see how she would like that as he got a bit rougher so he could hear more moans.

Kagome groans and moans a few times as she enjoys having her breasts squeezed.

"Hmmm… yes. Keep doing that." She said as she moans more.

Emerald had no issues with that when he continues to fuck Kagome more while the other ladies who watched…

The trio blushes at the sight while feeling turned on.

'Hmmm… looks like he's getting the rhythm of things. But still got more to teach him.' The redhead woman thought as she licked her lips.

The other two had similar thoughts on their end and they watched as Emerald fucked Kagome more and more when he was getting a better rhythm in his actions until…

Kagome moans loudly as her pussy tightens on Emerald's cock before climaxing on it.

This caught Emerald off guard when he felt how tight Kagome got and that set him off when he pushed his cock deep into Kagome's pussy and accidently forced his cock through her cervix and his cock fired a heavy load right into Kagome's womb directly.

"E-Emerald!" Kagome moans out his name as her climax got stronger while her toes start to curl.

"K-Kago...me!" Emerald groans out while he had his teeth gritted when he rides out his orgasm and the other ladies saw sperm flow from Kagome's pussy around Emerald's cock and well… they were shocked from how virile he was… sure he had a lighter load earlier but this was strange… was Emerald even human?... pretty sure guys would have serious dehydration issues with that much sperm produced.

It was 15 seconds or more before Kagome taps off and pants a bit for breath.

Emerald tapped off 5 seconds later and he pants for breath.

"W-Wow… that was intense." Emerald said while the red headed woman was still surprised.

"Y-Yeah… hey you sure you haven't had issues with women before?... I mean with loads like this you could knock up anyone… even a Giant woman or something… you sure you're human?, most guys can't even produce this much sperm naturally or is it one of those Holy knight things?" the red head said which confused Emerald.

"Well… maybe adopted on my end but pretty sure I'm human… I don't burn up in the sun like Vampires and I don't have any monster like traits like other beings I heard about… maybe I'm just an overly productive guy?" Emerald said as he pulled his cock out of Kagome and his cock was iron hard while sperm leaked from Kagome's abused snatch.

"O-Oh fuck." Kagome groans as she feels Emerald's load leaking from her pussy.

Emerald looks at her with a worried look on his face.

"You ok Kagome?" Emerald asked since Kagome looked pretty exhausted right now.

Kagome lightly chuckles.

"D-Don't worry… I'll be fine."

"I see… well want to take a few minutes to recover while I please these friends of yours?" Emerald said when he wanted to make sure that Kagome would be alright.

"Sure thing but first…" Kagome said before she motions Emerald to come closer.

Emerald was confused by that as he leaned down to get his head near Kagome's face.

Kagome smirks before she surprised Emerald by gripping the back of his head before Kagome pulls him down for a kiss.

Emerald was surprised by that when he didn't see this kind of thing happening at all.

Kagome's friends were a bit surprised but they likely suspected that as Kagome kissed Emerald more before she slides her tongue in Emerald's mouth.

Emerald was a bit stunned by that though for some reason he felt his body heat up and he surprised Kagome when he kissed her back as his tongue went to fight back against Kagome's tongue.

Kagome was a bit surprised by that before she moans and had her tongue fight back while kissing Emerald more.

Emerald keeps the kiss up for a bit before he pulled away from the kiss while he had a bright blush on his face as he looks down at an amused Kagome.

"Hehe… wow. You seemed to enjoy kissing me." Kagome said with a tease.

Emerald blushed more while the three onlooking women looked amused when Emerald was stunned by the blushing look.

The redhead woman chuckled.

"Teasing aside… time to pick the next woman Emerald." She said while smirking.

"R-Right… so… what are your names ladies?" Emerald asked when he looks at the others.

The red headed woman grins when she heard that.

"Sango." The red head said when she introduced herself.

The blonde haired woman giggles.


"Nice names… and you are?" Emerald asked when he looks at the petite woman.

The petite looking woman smirks at Emerald.

"I'm Kasumi." She said.

Emerald blinks at the name and nods his head.

"N-Nice to meet you… so… who's next?" Emerald asked when he didn't want to seem rushed.

Sango chuckled.

"Whoever you want. We're not going anywhere." She said.

Emerald blushed and nods his head when he points a finger at Serena when he wanted to have fun with her next.

Serena cheered before going over to Emerald as her breasts bounced with each step.

Emerald blushed more from that and a bit later, Emerald was behind Serena while she was on all fours and she was shaking her ass at him… she even surprised him when she spreads her ass cheeks to show her asshole to him.

"Hehe, come on in Emerald. Time to experience your first anal." Serena said.

"W-Wait… you mean…!" Emerald said with a shocked look on his face when he gulps at the tight looking hole.

Serena grins.

"That's right. You're gonna take that cock of yours and shove it in my ass. Don't worry, can't get knocked up like this." She said.

"W-Won't that hurt though?" Emerald said when he worried he may harm Serena.

"Eh… it might… if I was a virgin but I got used to it like the others here." Serena said.

"I-I see…" Emerald said as he aimed his cock at Serena's asshole and thanks to what he heard, he slowly forced his cock inside but rather roughly thanks to hearing Serena being experienced and his cock stretched her asshole wide as a result.

Serena was a bit surprised before she starts groaning as she feels Emerald's cock going deeper in her ass.

As Emerald worked to get his cock deep in Serena's ass, the three ladies nearby looked on as they watched each and every inch going into the shapely ass until he got to the 10 inch mark.

"Wow… he got most of his cock inside." Sango said with a slightly surprised look.

"Yeah… just a bit more till he gets balls deep… wonder if he can do that." Kasumi said while she looks really turned on right now.

Kagome chuckled.

"How you doing over there Serena?"

Serena groans a bit more before looking at her friends.

"D-Doing fine. Fuck… his cock is huge."

"Hehe, no arguments with that." Kagome said when she smirks as Emerald pulled his hips back and starts to ram his cock into Serena's asshole again and again.

As Serena groans a few times Sango had a mischievous look on her face.

"Hey Emerald, some women like getting their asses spanked. So why not give Serena's ass a good spanking."

Emerald blinks at that but he followed that command when he starts to smack Serena's ass to see how she liked it.

That made Serena moan loud before her ass tightens a bit around Emerald's cock. Guess Serena likes it.

Emerald then smacked Serena's ass more as he worked to fuck her shapely ass more so that she could feel better while he enjoyed seeing her ass ripple every now and then between each thrust.

"O-Oh yes Emerald!... YES!" Serena moans loudly as her face starts to look fucked up.

Emerald keeps this up while his thrusts got so rough that his pelvis finally smacks into Serena's ass cheeks again and again when he got his cock balls deep into her.

As Serena kept moaning, the other 3 felt turned on from seeing how intense Emerald was.

"Damn… he's a faster learner." Kasumi said.

"Yeah, shame for those bitches at the kingdom for missing out right?" Kagome said while she gave the others teasing grins.

"Yeah, real shame." Sango said as Serena kept moaning and groaning.

The three women watched as Emerald fucked Serena so hard that he started to growl and snarl from the effort while he held back his orgasm as long as he could as he fucked Serena more and more until…

Serena moans loudly with ecstasy as she throws her head back before climaxing hard on Emerald's cock.

Emerald gave one good thrust right before he pushed his cock balls deep into Serena's ass and he filled her ass with a large amount of sperm from his balls.

Serena groans loudly as her climax got stronger before she feels her stomach growing big.

This went on for a moment before Emerald tapped off with a groan while Serena looked many month's pregnent and when Emerald pulled his cock out of Serena's ass, sperm leaked from her a few times from her gaping asshole.

Serena groans a bit as she feels Emerald's load leaking out before feeling her stomach slowly shrink down.

While that happened, he looks at Sango and Kasumi.

"So… who's next?" Emerald asked when he wondered what else he would learn.

Sango and Kasumi grin.

"Want to go next Kasumi or should I?" Sango said.

"Why not save the best for last and let me go after you hehe?" Kasumi said while Sango rolled her eyes.

"Oh haha…" Sango said when she knew that contrary to looks Kasumi was a real size queen but Sango was no slouch at all in her own fun times.

"If you insist." Sango said before she walk towards Emerald.

Though once she was close, Sango wrapped her arms around Emerald's neck before leaning up and smashed her lips on his.

Emerald was surprised by that and he returned the kiss a moment later when he placed a hand on her waist.

Sango moans into the kiss as she kept going before she slides her tongue inside Emerald's mouth and starts rubbing Emerald's tongue.

As he did that, his hands went to Sango's ass cheeks and he fondles them to really get her worked up.

Sango moans from that action before she made sure that Emerald's cock was under her folds before Sango starts rubbing against it.

Emerald shuddered from that and he couldn't take much more and he lifts Sango by her ass and after aiming his cock at Sango's folds, he lowered her onto his cock and his cock went deep into the woman's pussy and his cock pressed up against her cervix in no time and Emerald starts to lift and lower her to give her pussy what it wanted.

Sango was surprised at Emerald's bold move but had no complaints as she wrapped her legs around Emerald's waist.

Emerald keeps on repeating his actions while he enjoyed his time now, these ladies were doing so much for him so he really fucked Sango harder while he used his ability Double up to increase Sango's stamina so she could last longer when she could feel her orgasm approaching already but oddly enough her control suddenly shot up out of nowhere.

Sango groans and moans as she was really enjoying the pleasure.

"Oh fuck Emerald! Don't stop!" She moans.

Emerald didn't need to be told twice when he did just that and keeps on fucking Sango while he made sure to hold his orgasm as back as long as he could.

Kasumi felt more turned on as she watches while Sango kept on moaning as her hands stayed around Emerald's neck as her toes curled greatly.

This went on for a bit as Emerald fucked Sango more and more before he gave one good thrust and came hard right inside of Sango's womb with great force while his concentration broke on his ability and Sango's orgasm hits her hard without Emerald's magic boosting her stamina.

"E-EMERALD!" Sango moans loudly as she climaxed very hard on Emerald's cock.

After the duo take 20 or so seconds to ride out their orgasms, Emerald pants for breath while he waits for Sango to recover.

Sango panted as she still kept hugging Emerald.

"F-Fuck… you… a-are a beast." She said with a lustful grin.

Emerald blushed from that when he heard that and looks shy while Kasumi smirks when she approached the duo.

"Alright Alright Sango, my turn, let this guy put you down and lets see how well I deal with a cock like this." Kasumi said when she grins at Sango as Emerald blinks when Sango was still holding onto him.

Sango chuckled.

"Alright alright." She said before she unwrapped her arms and legs from Emerald.

Emerald sets Sango on the bed carefully and he looks at the confident Kasumi to see what she would do.

Kasumi smirks.

"So Emerald… how about this time… I ride you?"

Emerald gulps at this and nods his head as he got on his back while his cock stands like a monstrous tower and to the petite Kasumi… this was a stark difference in size relatively speaking.

Kasumi licks her lips before she gets on top of Emerald and positions her folds above Emerald's cock.

Emerald gulps again before he groans when he felt his cock get devoured by Kasumi's pussy when it eagerly took the massive cock into her tight folds.

Kasumi groan as she can feel the inside of her pussy stretching as she kept going down.

She then stopped once she felt Emerald's cock press against her cervix.

Kasumi took a bit to adjust before she starts going up and down on Emerald's cock.

Emerald groans from the feeling while he gripped the bed sheets again when he felt how tight Kasumi got when she really rode his cock well.

"O-Oh fuck Emerald… Y-Your cock is huge." Kasumi groans as she kept bouncing.

Emerald couldn't really speak much thanks to how good he was feeling right now but he lets out a groan when he wanted to thank her for that compliment in some way.

Kasumi bounced more on Emerald's cock before she leans down and smash her lips on Emerald's lips after cupping his cheeks.

Emerald was surprised by that and returned the kiss by habit now and used his feet on the bed to thrust his hips upward so his cock bashed into Kasumi's folds again as she rides him.

Kasumi was moaning and groaning as she kissed Emerald more before she had her tongue fight his.

As this went on, Emerald then surprised Kasumi when he used a hand to smack her ass to have her ride his cock more when he felt like she was slowing down and used his double up ability to boost her durability so the smacks didn't harm her much.

Kasumi was indeed surprised by that action and made sure to not disappoint Emerald as she rode on his cock faster now.

It took the duo 10 minutes or so for Kasumi to ride Emerald's cock more and more while both their orgasms got close until…

Kasumi groans in Emerald's mouth before she climaxed hard on top of his cock.

Emerald growls when he came hard inside of Kasumi's womb and her pussy overfilled in no time.

Kasumi groans as her climaxed got stronger as time passes a bit before she finally taps off.

This caused Emerald to tap off as well and in no time after the group continue their fun for who knows how long…. Kasumi, Kagome, Serena, and Sango were laying near Emerald on the bed while they were panting for breath while Emerald was sleeping with a content look on his face which amused the four ladies.

"Wow… for a former virgin… he was amazing." Kagome said.

"Hehe yeah… really amazing… I call first dibs on trying to hook up with him first if he comes back and tries to wow one of us." Sango said with an amused tone to her voice.

Serena pouted.

"Hey no fair." She said.

"Yeah, no dibs, equal rights for all!" Kasumi said before she covered her mouth when Emerald stirs and he turned over and muttered this.

"N-Nice… B-Bernia… l-ladies…" Emerald muttered which caused the four women to blush a bit.

Kagome then giggles.

"Guess he's taking a liking to us."

"Hehe… yeah… want to just share the guy?, pretty sure we wouldn't be able to handle this kind of cock single handed." Kasumi said with a grin on her face.

Serena giggles.

"I don't mind."

Sango chuckled.

"Yeah I got no problem with that."

"I'm alright with that." Kagome said while she looks amused at how this was going.

Kasumi chuckles.

"Good. Since we got nothing else to do, might as well take a good nap."

Though before the four ladies could nap, they and Emerald, who was shocked awake when a great rumble was felt and as a blue streak ran by a window which cracked it, Emerald quickly got his underwear and pants on as he ran outside right as the blue streak flew by at a different direction to go uphill.

"Uh… What just happened? And what's with the blue streak?" Sango said.

"I don't know but… isn't that streak heading towards Meliodas's bar?" Kasumi said.

"More like back away from his bar… didn't a blue streak go by twice?" Kagome said when she saw the streak flash by a second time though Serena quickly was getting dressed.

"Either way ladies, lets get dressed and take a look." Serena said with a serious look on her face.

The other ladies nodded before they got up and quickly got dressed.

By the time all 5 people got out of the house… they were shocked when they saw Meliodas with a bloody hand in the center of the village while some homes were destroyed while a massive trail led from near the boars hat all the way to where Meliodas was and as Emerald rushed to check on him, Elizabeth ran by the women with a worried look on her face.

"Meliodas!, what just happened?" Emerald said while he forgot he was shirtless and shoeless which got Meliodas's attention as he used part of his shirt to bandage his hand.

"I can ask you the same thing Emerald but right now… A spear shows up out of nowhere. Though I had a hunch that someone had thrown it… from somewhere far away."

"Seriously!?... is it that Holy knight who stabbed the sword into the ground?" Emerald asked since the blue light he heard about sounded similar to the blue lightning on the sword as Meliodas pulled the sword from the ground.

"I don't know… But I made sure to send it back since that spear was sent to destroy this town and everyone in it." Meliodas said.

"Seriously!?... I mean again… seriously?" Emerald said while Meliodas nods.

"Yeah… better we leave now instead of sticking around, thanks to Elizabeth we have our next destination." Meliodas said which confused Emerald and Elizabeth.

"We do?" The duo said while Meliodas smirks.

"Yup… pack up and get ready you two, all of us are heading to the Forest of White Dreams." Meliodas said as the scene went to a bit later to show the group on in the Boar's hat on Hawk momma's back and as the group left Bernia, Emerald and the others waved goodbye to the townsfolk… though Meliodas did have a very amused look when he saw Emerald getting kissed by Kagome, Sango, Kasumi, and Serena.

"Hehe… Bernia… nice place to stay in for a bit." Emerald said with a happy look on his face.

"We're gonna miss you Emerald." Kasumi said.

"Yeah. Hopefully you'll come back and see us." Sango said as she lustfully looks at Emerald.

As Kagome and Serena said some things that were barely heard but had similar sayings, Meliodas gave Emerald an amused look.

"You sly dog getting so many ladies at once." Maliodas teased as Emerald blushed royally and he sputters a bit from not able to form words for a moment which caused Meliodas to laugh a bit.

Elizabeth couldn't help but giggle at her protector's predicament.

The scene then fades to black with Emerald blushing more from the teases and stuff and the group approached the Forest of White Dreams to try and locate another Deadly Sin.

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