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CHAPTER 3: Scarface

She's happy for her brother and his girlfriend. Really, she is.

It's the prospect of attending a wedding without a plus one that's making her balk.

"We just got engaged, Katara," Suki says, rolling her eyes at her in the mirror while she puts on her makeup. "We don't plan on getting married that soon. It's not as if I'm pregnant. I just can't handle that kind of stress right now, you know?"

Her eyes widen and she shoots Katara a guilty look. "Sorry! I mean, taking care of kids is great-"

Katara just shrugs it off laughingly. "Suki, I get peed on by toddlers everyday. I get it."

They've been walking on eggshells around her since The Date. She isn't mad anymore, really. It has been more than three weeks. She did get a little testy every time someone mentioned her work, but by now, she's pretty much gotten over the whole incident.

I don't even remember his name.

"What's that?"

She jumps out of her reverie. Suki was looking at her over her shoulder, concerned.

I really should stop talking to myself altogether.

"It's nothing," Katara smiles. "I just got reminded of something that blind date guy said."

"Oh, Katara. Don't dwell on Scarface." Suki smirks when she uses the nickname that Sokka came up with. "He's not worth it. You're sweet, you're smart, you have gorgeous hair that I would literally kill for—but you're also very kind and fierce at the same time. If he can't handle all that, then he's out."

"I don't really care about him not liking me," Katara picks a piece of lint off her dress. "It just hurt to think that maybe other people think what I do is worthless, too."

Suki puts her brush down and turns around to give Katara a steady gaze.

"Katara, for what it's worth, I hope all your kids at the preschool grow up with the same conviction as you. I think it's great you stood up to him." She picks up her brush again and finishes up with her makeup. She grins at Katara in the mirror. "We girls have to show these boys that we run the world now!"

Katara giggled. "I do like how you beat the 'men are stronger' bullcrap out of Sokka."

"Oh, don't remind me. I can't believe after all the stuff I put him through at the academy, he still thought women couldn't be police officers." Suki laughs heartily before taking Katara's arm and leading her out of the bedroom.

Sokka and Suki's engagement party is on the rooftop of their apartment. Their father is playing- well, trying to play, thinks Katara- pai sho in the corner with Captain Piandao while Pakku gives the two of them tips on which tile to use. Gran-Gran fusses over the tablecloths covering the few small round tables they'd set up, shaking her head at the lack of proper centerpieces. Meanwhile, Katara is helping Suki and her friend Ty Lee string up the fairy lights while Sokka checks in on the food.

"Congratulations, you two!" cries a familiar voice from the entrance.

She almost falls from the step ladder. She knows that voice. The last time she heard that voice, it was begging her to stay. Her heart wrenches painfully as she remembers.

"Aang!" Sokka marches up to the fresh-faced, tattooed owner of the voice and hugs him fiercely. "I didn't think you could make it!"

Katara busies herself with the fairy lights, ignoring the worried looks she got from Ty Lee and Suki.

"You know I wouldn't miss this for the world, Sokka!" Aang smiles widely. "I flew in as soon as I heard!"

Suki glances at Katara apologetically before rushing to join her fiancé in welcoming the guest.

Great. Guess I'll spend this party avoiding Aang, then.

"I don't know, Katara…" Ty Lee says, reaching up daintily to hang the last of the lights, "Maybe it won't be so bad if you guys talked. I mean, you guys are still friends, right?"

She sighs. She really needs to stop voicing out her thoughts.

The party is gaining momentum when Toph bangs open the metal door, beaming.

"Now the party can really start!" she exclaims.

Katara shakes her head in amusement. Leave it to Toph Beifong to make an entrance.

She puts down her drink to assist her friend when she notices that Toph did not come alone.

Great. Guess I'll spend this party avoiding Aang and Scarface, then.

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