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Ms Pac-Man

NOTE FOR EVERYONE: I know that the text rendition of the Pac-Man attract screen was pretty cool, but I won't be able to do it for the other games because of text editing limitations.

The Namcoator smiles. "Young player, I have your prize here." Gus releases Jackie and turns towards the Namcoator as he reaches behind his back. After rummaging for two seconds, the Namcoator reveals Gus's prize: a golden trophy of Pac-Man himself.

"Cool!" Gus takes the trophy from the Namcoator and inspects it. "This is awesome!" Jackie smiles.

The Namcoator then turns to Jackie. "Now then. The second challenge is the Ms. Pac-Man challenge. You, Jackie Johnson, shall be undertaking this challenge."

"Hold on." states Jackie. "Am I just going to be doing the same thing as Gusie?"

"Not quite." explains the Namcoator. "Since Ms. Pac-Man was created as a sequel to Pac-Man, there will be a few differences between the challenges. You shall experience them as you complete the challenge. Now then, I believe it is time for the challenge to begin." The Namcoator snaps his fingers and Jackie dissolves into a flurry of pixels that race away.

We cut to a hallway, similar to the ones found in the Pac-Man challenge. This hallway, however, is much different in colouration. The two stripes that were electric blue are now red, and the space between them is a pink colour. Jackie's pixels flurry into the hallway before reassembling. She checks herself to see if her dress got ruined, and thankfully nothing has happened to it.

Seeing this, the Namcoator turns to the monitor where the Pac-Man maze is displayed and presses a button on the console in front of the monitor, causing the display to switch to the first of Ms. Pac-Man's four mazes, with Jackie at Ms. Pac-Man's starting point. He grabs the microphone.

"Young player, welcome to the Ms. Pac-Man challenge. I'm sure watching Gus has given you a basic understanding of what to do, yes?"

"Of course." replied Jackie.

"Like the Pac-Man challenge, your goal is to clear 15 mazes. Don't worry about getting a game over - like with Gus you will only have to restart the maze you are on, not the game. I might as well state that this will be the case for all the challenges, to avoid repeating myself."


"The DIP switch settings are as follows: 3 lives, and bonus life awarded at 10,000 points. Shall we begin?"

Jackie sighs. "Of course."

"How long is this going to take?" she thinks to herself.

The Ms. Pac-Man game start noise plays.


The ghosts' humming reaches Jackie's ears. She turns to her left and begins consuming the pellets in the hallway leading left from her starting position before turning up at an intersection. She goes left, down, right.

"Where are the ghosts? Honestly, I would have expected to have seen at least one by now… I really should be shooting for my latest commercial, not be running around a maze..." Jackie thinks.

The humming grows louder, alerting Jackie they are close, so she hurries down the side of the bottom-left rectangle before turning right and clearing the bend. At the bend's entrance she sees Blinky out of the corner of her eye, so she quickly dashes to the right, barely avoiding getting caught by him and Pinky, and then she turns up and ducks through one of the side-tunnels. As Pinky enters she is slowed down, giving Jackie the distance she needs.

Arriving at the other side of the tunnel Jackie next clears out the hallway on the left side of the maze before proceeding through the other side tunnel. Arriving at the right side of the maze Jackie notices that a cherry has spawned, but unlike Gus's this one is moving. "Why not…" she thinks.

"So that was one of the differences the Namcoator was talking about…" Jackie mutters to herself. She chases down the cherry, but just before she can catch it Blinky appears in her path. Thankfully Jackie is able to turn around and dash away from him in time. "That was close… way too close." she thinks. "I'll have to herd the ghosts away if I want that cherry…"

Jackie proceeds down a bend to the bottom of the maze to lure Blinky, Pinky and Inky there. Barely avoiding getting caught by Pinky, she then proceeds back up towards the cherry (being careful to avoid colliding with Sue) and manages to catch it and consume it, scoring 100 points.

Jackie loops around to the right side of the maze with Blinky, Pinky and Inky still on her tail. "Might as well try out ghost eating whilst I'm stuck here..." she ponders, proceeding down the hallway. Soon enough she reached the energiser, pausing for a second for the ghosts to get closer.


All the ghosts instantly reverse and turn blue and vulnerable, as Jackie turns around to eat them.

She catches up with Blinky fist. CHOMP! 200 points.

Inky follows shortly afterwards. CHOMP! 400 points.

Pinky is a short distance away, but it doesn't really matter. CHOMP! 800 points.

Jackie then turns a corner to capture Sue. CHOMP! 1,600 points.

Gus watches the monitor as Jackie finishes clearing the lower-right corner of the maze and then ducks through the lower side-tunnel.

"Jackie said she didn't really like games, yet look at her go!" exclaims Gus.

He sees Jackie emerge from the side tunnel and head upwards to herd the ghosts together before proceeding to devour the energiser, followed by all four ghosts in quick succession.

"She is doing rather well, if I do say so myself." the Namcoator admits. "She can't use patterns because Ms. Pac-Man incorporates semi-random behaviour into the ghosts' motion."

"TIL." says Gus. He turns back to the monitor and begins silently cheering Jackie on as she emerges from the side-tunnel's left entrance.

Jackie's mind is currently focused on the bonus cherry that has spawned. Chasing it down to the bottom of the maze, she is able to capture it and score 100 points. Shen then quickly flees down a nearby hallway with Blinky, Pinky and Sue following her while Inky takes a different route, attempting to trap her.

Unfortunately for the ghosts, the path they selected to trap her in contains an energiser.


Consuming all four ghosts gives Jackie the 10,000 points she needs for an extra life.

She dashes up the hallway on the left side of the maze and eats three pellets she missed there, before proceeding to the top-right corner, where the final energiser awaits. Jackie turns into the corridor for the final energiser. Checking behind her back for the ghosts, none of them seem to be behind her.

"Oh well." Jackie shrugs. She leans against the wall and waits for the ghosts to get closer. Soon enough Blinky, Pinky and Inky arrive, but Jackie is faster at eating the energiser, and stuffs her face. She then locates Sue, who was in one of the top corridors, and eats her as well. Knowing she is almost done, Jackie heads left to lure the ghosts away from the final group of pellets, before dashing back to eat them.

As soon as she consumes the final one, the ghosts freeze for a second, before disappearing as the walls flash white.

"Actually, I guess that was a little fun..." Jackie mutters to herself. Soon enough, the Namcoator's voice comes in over the intercom.

"Well done, player! You have completed the cherry maze! You shall now proceed to the strawberry maze!"

Soon enough Jackie's vision turns black and stays so for a few seconds, before she finds herself back at the maze's starting point. She sets off to complete the strawberry maze.


Gus appears at the top of the screen running to the left, and Jackie appears at the bottom running to the right. They are being chased by Pinky and Inky respectively. The two ghosts chase the children off-screen. Gus and Jackie then reappear in the centre of the screen, running towards each other, still being chased by the ghosts. Just as they are about to collide they turn upwards, causing the ghosts to collide instead. They disappear as Gus and Jackie turn to face each other, and a pink love heart appears above them.


Gus and Jackie appear from the right side of the screen, and she chases him off-screen in a playful manner. This repeats a few more times to the beat of the intermission's music.


An adult Gus and Jackie are waiting on the left side of the screen anxiously. A stork appears at the top of the screen and drops a small cyan bundle, which unwraps to reveal a baby with Jackie's skin and Gus's hair. The couple dashes over to the child, picks them up and showers them with hugs.

Jackie is now on the fifteenth maze, the final one she needs to complete. Her mind is focused on a bonus pretzel right now, but she soon consumes them and turns back to the final few pellets. Sue is also approaching them, but Jackie is faster and reaches them first. Sue freezes, and then disappears, as do the other ghosts, while the walls flash white.

"That's it! That's it! I'm done!" Jackie does a small celebration dance. "That was actually more fun than I expected!" The Namcoator's voice picks up over the intercom once more.

"Well done, young player! You have cleared the Ms. Pac-Man challenge! Allow me to recall you so you may receive your prize!"

Jackie then dissolves into a flurry of pixels which fly upwards and out of the maze.

Back in the room where the Namcoator and Gus are seated, Jackie re-materialises.

"You did awesome, Jackie!" says Gus as he offers his hand for a hi-5, which Jackie accepts.

"I have to admit, that was quite fun and exciting. Maybe these games won't be so bad after all…"

The Namcoator chuckles and then reaches behind his back, producing a trophy of Ms. Pac-Man herself, which Jackie graciously accepts.

"Two down, thirteen to go…" says the Namocator as Jackie admires the trophy.

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