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Namco Adventures @samuelfictiononline
Returning to the Real World

This final chapter was written by TheLoudArtist15. Many thanks to you, my friend!

The Namcoator leads Gus and Jackie to a room covered in all white. The walls, the ceiling, the floor. All of it is covered in pure, bright white. It is so white that staring at it for too long can cause one's eyes to hurt a little.

"What is this place?" Gus asked the Namcoator, looking around the hall in complete awe as well as Jackie.

"This is the Namco Master Room," replies the Namcoator, "a room where I declare those who complete the challenges Namco Masters."


"Why don't you both stand there?" Namcoator points to a rectangular block half a foot higher than the floor. As told, Gus and Jackie stand on the block and face the Namcoator.

The Namcoator then brings out his arms and a glowing light appears above his hands. Gus and Jackie watch in confusion as the Namcoator conjures two pixelated crowns. One crown consists of small Pac-Men in the place of jewels, and the other consists of the starships from Galaga. The Namcoator then proceeds to place the crowns on Gus and Jackie's head. The kids look at their crowns and admire them.

"Player Gus and Player Jackie," the Namcoator begins, "both have impressed me with your gaming abilities. You both munched on ghosts, destroyed hostile alien ships, and raced to the finish. Thou are the first players I've ever seen, and thou managed to impress me. With all that stated, I declare thou both Namco Masters!"

Soon, pixelated confetti begins raining down on our heroes. Both Gus and Jackie truly felt like kings being crowned for the first time.

After the short celebration, Namcoator states, "Any final words before I send you both back?"

"Will we ever see each other again?" Jackie asked, getting a little sad.

"I am not sure," the Namcoator replies, "but only time will tell."

Jackie smiled at his response.

"See ya later, Namcoator!" Gus bids goodbye.

"Hasta la vista, my young masters!" states the Namcoator. "Get out there and make many people proud!"

He then snaps his fingers, and Gus and Jackie dissolve into pixels.

Back in the real world at the arcade, the Namco game cabinet lay dominant as the other cabinets are occupied by young gamers. Suddenly, a group of pixels appear in front of the huge cabinet, and they reassemble to form Gus and Jackie.

"Wow," the kids uttered.

"Phew! What a day!" Gus cheered.

"You can say that again!" agreed Jackie.

"I got a question: should we tell our friends about the awesomeness we've been through?"

"Let's not."

"Why not?!"

"C'mon, Gusie. Who would believe us if we told them we've been on starships and fought aliens?"

"You got a point," admitted Gus. "Anyway, what would you like to do?"

"How about we go to your place and play some video games?" suggests Jackie.

"Crazy how you're now into video games. When we first came here, you were all snarky every time I mentioned about us playing arcade games together."

"I know, but after playing those games the Namcoator told us to play, I get siked whenever anyone mentions video games. Now how about I challenge you to a game of race?"

"You are so on, my love." Gus then gives Jackie a kiss on the cheek. The kids hold hands, and they set off into the streets of Royal Woods and head to Gus' home.


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