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IDK @gaytailgate

Dion in the middle of a crowded street, people walk by him and pay him no mind, he is invisible to them.

He is holding a drowsy Nix in his arms.

He is wearing a light hoodie, Nix is wearing winter clothes.

It's cold, it might snow.

He is wearing a backpack.

Looking around trying to get someone to notice him, Nix is making noise now, sounds like he wants to cry, Dion keeps trying to get someones attention but it's useless.

He is lost, new in the city and can't find his way to their new home, his phone broke and he lost the address after getting a new one, he keeps trying to ask directions, "Excuse me, i am lost can you tell me what street is this?" But nobody hears him and if they do they are ignoring him.

Nix is softly crying on his shoulder now, there's too much noise and he is tired, he wants to nap.

Dion is desperate, he feels like he might cry, he is feeling dizzy.

His phone rings, he reaches for it in his pocket and answers without even looking at the caller.

It's Elun, he is asking him where he is, he's at the house with the moving truck, they called him after Dion didn't show up, "I had to get out of a meeting for this"

Dion tells him he doesn't know where he is, he is lost.

Elun sights, he tells him he will send the address so he can follow the phone's directions.

Dion agrees, he gets the address and makes his way down the street just like the phone tells him to, all the people around him go on with their routine.

He feels heavy, the reality of his new life hits him, he is now alone in the world, he only has Nix and he needs to be protected, the people around him don't care about him, they have their own problems.

He can't wait to get home and fall asleep on his new bed with Nix by his side.

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