City of Sun @cynamonowo It was supposed to be one of the usual trips the two of them took to Mementos. Yusuke would sketch their surroundings while Akira hung by, watching quietly or offering idle commentary, while the Metaverse pulsed around them, cognitions flickering in and out. If a Shadow stumbled upon them, it would most often be one puny enough to perish in the matter of a few minutes and simple spells. 2 years 1.0K 0 0 Persona 5 Teen & Up English Complete Hurt/ComfortRomance Kurusu Akira | Amamiya Ren | Persona 5 ProtagonistKitagawa Yusuke Kurusu Akira | Amamiya Ren | Persona 5 Protagonist/Kitagawa Yusuke One Shot Read 1. Chapter 1 1027 0 0