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I Wish the Tide Would Take Me Over @cynamonowo "Is there an issue?" Yusuke asks, pushing the stray hair from his eyes. He's not even aware of how infuriating Goro finds this gesture, is he? "Hm. If you would like to leave, please do so without worrying for me, of course." "I can't leave," Goro says dryly, sticking his hands in his pockets. "As a student council member, I'm supposed to supervise you." / shujin akekita au 3 years 757 0 0 Persona 5 Teen & Up English Complete HumorRomance Akechi GoroKitagawa Yusuke Akechi Goro/Kitagawa Yusuke One Shot Read 1. Chapter 1 757 0 0