The New Key @ninjawriter23
Chapter 6

Chapter 6: Halloween Town

(A/N: WARNING! The following comment is exclusively the opinion of one man's thinking and is just that. It is not meant as an attack against those who feel differently.

I HATE HALLOWEEN TOWN! I hate the place, I hate the movies, I hate the characters, I hate that in Kingdom Hearts, whenever ya go to that world the song "This is Halloween" plays on a, like, 10 second loop! I have no love of any kind for this chapter, but that doesn't mean I won't give it my all for you readers. I apologize if you're a big fan of Halloween Town, but this is only my opinion.)

James walked down the eerie streets of this new, strange World as he observed his new attire. Just like with Atlantica, Donald's magic had transformed them to be able to blend in with the general populace.

Unlike Atlantica, however, James appeared to be some form of horror creature. His skin was made pale, his hair extending past his shoulder blades. His clothing had become a black formal looking trench coat with a white cotton V-neck underneath it, and black leather jeans with Black boots.

"I can already tell this will be an unpleasant experience." He thinks to himself as he observes the unsettling surroundings.

Goofy looks to the group, "This sure is a spooky place." He says, "I bet the people here are scary-lookin' too."

James rolls his eyes, "I think, thanks to Donald's magic, the four of us are proof of that." He says as he gestures to Donald looking like a half-wrapped mummy, Goofy looking like, what he can only assume, is some form of zombie, and Sora looking like a young demon of some sort.

Donald puffs out his chest, "If they scare us, we'll scare them right back!" He says confidently.

James glares, "This isn't a joke!" He yells, "This entire World is infested with its own kind of Darkness, on top of the Heartless situation. We can't let our guard down for even a second." He tells them, looking specifically at Sora. The three of them nod and they continue down the road.

They arrive at a town square and see many strange Heartless roaming the streets. The group wastes no words, summoning their weapons, but interestingly enough, the Heartless didn't attack them. Once it was clear that they had no intention of causing harm, everyone but James recalls their weapons.

They looked about the town as a small, triangular man held up a megaphone and began to speak, "And now, allow me to introduce the master of terror, the king of nightmares—Jack Skellington!" Just then, a tall, slender man made of bones, wearing a black and white vertical stripes suit, elevated out of a fountain of green water. Skellington then spoke with the triangular man regarding how something isn't scary enough and went off.

James looks to Sora, "Tell me you're not thinking of following that guy."

Sora shrugs, "I don't see why not." He says simply.

"It is kinda strange how the Heartless here aren't attacking people." Goofy mentions.

James groans, "I don't think anything here actually qualifies as 'people' but fine. Let's follow the skeleton man who has some form of command over the Heartless." He then turns his head to you, the reader, "How can that possibly go wrong?" He asks as they head in the direction of Jack.

They entered a creepy laboratory and saw one of the ghost-like Heartless lying on the table with a small man in a wheelchair examining it, "I don't understand." Jack Skellington says, "Maybe the guidance system was damaged in the explosion.

The one in the wheelchair shakes his head slowly, "Nonsense. My devices are always perfect!" He protests.

Jack thumbs through an open book before pointing at something written on the page, "Oh, I've got it!" He says before turning to the table, "Why, of course! The Heartless need a Heart!" He says, "Doctor, do you think we can add a Heart to that device?"

"Certainly." The Doctor replies, "A heart's not all that complicated. Let's get to work." The Doctor then pulls out a cloth heart organ bound by steel bars.

The disturbing part, was that this heart was beating.

Jack Skellington reads the instructions aloud, "To make a heart, first take a container with a lock…"

Doctor looked over to Jack, "We need the key to this thing first!" He says.

James grips Starlight tightly, his fist trembling a little, "Ok, good. We know these guys aren't in danger from the Heartless. Let's go ahead and leave."

Sora turns to him, "We can't do that! What about the Keyhole?"

James rolls his eyes, "Oh please, this World's basically Darkness already. Frankly, if it did fall to Darkness, I don't think they'd even notice."

Goofy frowned, "That's awful harsh of ya, Jim." He says.

James shook his head, "I'm stating the facts! Everything here in this town looks like it came out of someone's night terror! We can't waste time helping creatures like those! We should leave now so we can help people who really need it."

Sora glares at him, "Who cares how they look?" He asks, "We came here to close the Keyhole and protect this World from falling to darkness, and that's what I am going to do! And I'm gonna start with unlocking that heart!"

Donald turns to Sora, "You're really gonna unlock it for them?" He asks.

Sora smiles, "Why not? If they succeed, we won't have to fight the Heartless, right? Besides, I want to see the Heartless dance, too." He says with a chuckle.

James groans, "Ugh, you're blippin insane, half-pint, I hope you know that." He says with a shake of his head, "Fine. Let's play this out."

Sora, followed by Donald, Goofy and James, approached them saying he could help. He then summoned his Keyblade and used its magic to unlock the heart.

Jack smiles, "My! That was amazing!" He says before looking at the group in confusion, "Uh, and you are…" He asks.

"Sora." The boy answers.

Skellington approaches them, making James tense up, "Well done, Sora!" Skellington says, "I'd like you to be a part of this year's Halloween."

James steps in front of Sora, Starlight still at the ready, "I wanna know why you seem so friendly with the Heartless, and what's one of them doing here on your lab table?" He asks bluntly.

Jack looks to the unconscious Heartless, "Oh, the Heartless came to town just recently. What's frustrating is I can't get them to dance with me. So, the doctor and I are trying to improve the guidance system." He then walks over to the doctor, "He's quite a genius!" James narrows his eyes as the skeleton continues, "Okay, Doctor, let's continue. The ingredients for a heart: Pulse. Emotion." He lists.

"Terror." The Doctor adds.

"Fear." Skellington includes, "Hope and despair. Mix them all together, and we have a heart!" The doctor activates a machine, causing electricity to surge through the room and into the Heartless. The Heartless suddenly sits upright as it twitches before falling back down.

"It failed!" The doctor cries.

James scoffs, "Of course it failed! The Heartless are Darkness itself, you can't give something like that a heart. Much less a heart as incomplete as that one."

This statement causes the Doctor to hum, "Let's try adding memory." He then opens the top of his head and pokes his own brain.

James winces, "Great! Now I will see that forever. I hate my memory."

"Sally! Sally!" The doctor calls, but no one comes, "Good-for-nothing girl!" He gripes, "Don't know why I bothered creating her!" He then turns to look at Jack, "Sally's got the memory we need. See if you can track her down."

Jack waves his bone hand, "No problem. Sora, would you like to come along?"

Sora nods, "Sure." He says, making James glare again.

Jack notices this and looks at him, "Is something the matter?" He asks.

James turns away, "It's nothing. Let's just get this over with." He says as he briskly walks out the door.

Sora, Donald and Goofy exchange looks at each other before sharing a quick laugh.

The moment they walk out, the triangular man is rushing about in a panic, "Jack! Jack! We have a major crisis! The Heartless are completely out of control! We can't stop them!"

Jack rubs his skull, "Hmm… Maybe our experiment triggered something. Everything will be fine, Mayor. You have nothing to worry about."

James rolls his eyes, "No, they're naturally like this. Uncontrollable, attacking anything that moves. That's what a Heartless is, you should know that." He then walks to the town, "I'll wipe out all the Heartless here. You all go find that Sally girl. We'll meet up back at the lab." Not waiting for any confirmation, James leaps right into the fray, killing every Heartless he can find.

Soon enough, the Heartless are beaten, and James finds Sora and the others. He flinches at the sight of Sally, but quickly regains his composure and walks with them back to the lab. Jack hands the doctor a small handful of dead flowers.

He nods, "Yes. This is it." The doctor says, "Now, just one more ingredient. We need 'surprise' to complete the heart."

James folds his arms, "And how the heck are we supposed to find that?" He asks.

The doctor looks at him, "The mayor should know where it is." He answers.

After a series of bizarre and slightly unsettling ghost scenarios, the group gets their hands on a 'surprise' and make their way back to the lab once again. The doctor prepares all the ingredients, "There you go. This time it's sure to work." As the doctor moves to place the heart in its proper spot, a kid trips the wheelchair, sending the heart flying. Two more kids appear and nab the heart before running away.

The doctor gets back in his chair, "The nerve of those little hooligans, stealing my work!"

James nods, "I don't know who they are, but we need to get that heart back. If there's even a chance it could control the Heartless, then the last thing we need is for that to be in the wrong hands."

Jack nods back, "You're right. And I'm afraid I might know where they took it. Follow me!"

The group follows Skellington through town, past the graveyard, and to the front of a disturbing manor. Jack looks down the path and sees those three brats heading into the manor, "I knew Oogie Boogie was behind this!"

James' hands trembled for a moment before his fists tightened, "Let's just grab the thing and get out!" He says as they rush inside. They climbed their way to the top just as the kids had thrown the heart down a Shute.

They started to scurry, but James raised Starlight, "Stopza! Magnega! Thundara!" The three kids halted in place, were forcefully crashed into each other in the center of the room, and struck by ferocious thunderbolt, rendering them in a coma. James, "If we're lucky, they'll never wake up. Let's go after that Heart!"

They hurry to the deepest section of the manor and see a disgusting rag monster standing atop a massive casino machine. Jack points to the atrocity, "Oogie Boogie, give me back the heart!" He demands.

"You want it?" The bag asks, "Well, then come on over and get it!" He then opens his mouth wide and swallows the heart whole with a maniacal laugh, "Now, let's see if I can get their attention. Oh, Heartless!" Two gargoyle Heartless fly up beside it. The freak looks at the two of them, "This is it?"

Just then, they were both struck by massive bolts of lightning. All eyes turn to James, "You're next, unless you give up the heart!"

The thing growls, "Nobody disrespects me! NOBODY!"

James wasted no time, using Sonic Thrust to deliver a fierce blow to its midsection as the Wayfinder in his pocket glows brown with air flowing through the blade of Starlight, "Aero Buster!" He then uses a spinning horizontal slash to send Oogie Boogie flying straight into a wall. He starts swinging Starlight around, "Blades of the Round!" He unleashes the shotlock, dealing even more damage before James raises his blade to the sky with the Wayfinder glowing blue, "Flare!" Oogie Boogie is caught in a massive explosion with James standing tiredly on his legs, panting from the use of multiple powerful techniques in a row, "That thing would fit right in down with Hades in the Underworld."

Oogie Boogie moans in agony as he dissolves into a swarm of insects, with the heart laying on top of his corpse.

Sora looks at James, "Wasn't that a bit overkill?" He asks.

James lets out a shaky sigh, "No." He says bluntly before turning around, "I'm heading back to the Gummi Ship. Meet me there when you're done.

James sat quietly in the ship, trying to think of anything that wasn't the World he was forced to spend time in recently. He'd never admit it out loud, but this World scares the devil out of him.

(A/N: Once again, I really hated doing this chapter. I'm sorry if you like it. I do see the appeal to it, but I just cannot bring myself to like it in any way, shape, or form. I hope you were able to enjoy this chapter in spite of my personal biases, stay tuned for the next update.)

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