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Chapter 2

Chapter 2: Echoes from the Past

(A/N: Sorry this is late. I had some…. Personal issues that I needed to sort through. Also, I wound up not liking the original idea for this chapter so I had to scrap it and start fresh. This is going to be a fairly short chapter to counter the very long one from last time. Starting at Chapter 3 though, we should finally get back to my normal chapter lengths. Thank you for your patience, enjoy!)

After taking a brief trip to the Dwarven Woodlands, it was discovered that Snow White had also been taken. Not sure what to do next, James went to seek out Yen Sid for his wisdom.

He appeared at Yen Sid's tower and had debriefed him on everything that he has learned, "And now they have at least four of the seven Princesses of Heart. If all seven falls into Darkness, then the worlds are lost."

Yen Sid closed his eyes and hummed, "This is a troubling matter. Dark beings from several Worlds are working together in the effort to snuff out the pure lights."

James nodded, "I began to think the same. Also, there's a new Keyblade Wielder. He's been traveling with King Mickey's retainers." He sighs, "Just wish I knew who gave the thing to him."

Yen Sid opened his eyes and looked back at the young man, "It was not given to him directly. But rather passed to him from another boy named Riku, whose Heart has been swallowed by Darkness." He explains, "As for who bequeathed him in the first place, you need only look to your Wayfinder for the answer."

James glanced back at Yen Sid, "I gave it to you for you to dispose of it. I don't have my Wayfinder anymore, and it's for the best. The pain it represents is more than I'm willing to bear."

Yen Sid shakes his head, "True, you had abandoned the bond of your friends. But the bond has not abandoned you." He says cryptically, "For evidence, look inside your left pocket."

James did as he was told and was shocked to feel something in the form of a star. He pulled it out and looked at the purple gleam of his Wayfinder. He glared at Yen Sid, "What did you do? When did you get this into my pocket?" He yelled.

Yen Sid remained perfectly Stalwart as he looked back at James, "I did nothing. When you placed the item upon my desk, the moment you left, it was engulfed in multiple lights, each one a different color. The three brightest were brown, green, and an ocean blue." James' eyes widened at recognition of who those lights were.

Yen Sid raised his hand slightly, "They are with you, James. They never left." Suddenly, the Wayfinder emitted a bright light and James had visions flash before his eyes.

First Vision

"Darkness rules your heart- it gives me control." Xehanort said, standing in a black space across from Terra, "Muscle and sinew that once obeyed you now rebels against you. How you can remain here at all confounds the mind."

Terra stares back neutrally at Xehanort, "It's still my heart." He says simply, "You think you can just come in and take over? I'm not gonna sit by and let that happen."

Xehanort scoffs, "Don't even entertain any notions of escaping me, boy. In the end, your heart will be engulfed by mine forever."

Terra simply shook his head, "Wrong. You're gonna get shown the door, old man."

Xehanort looked at him curiously, "As I recall, you couldn't even handle your own darkness. How, then, will you triumph over mine?" He asks with a smirk.

Terra smirks back, causing his to disappear, "You'll find out soon enough."

Second Vision

Aqua stands in the Realm of Darkness, looking at the Wayfinder in her hand, "As long as you're with me, I'll always find my back. Always." She says before looking upward, "I may have failed to save Ven and Terra for now, but you. You're still out there." She smiles, "You're probably gonna be angry for a while. And sad too. But you'll overcome all that. I know you will. Because we're all close to your heart."

A single tear falls down her face, "Isn't that right, Jim?"

Visions end

James' whole-body jerks backwards as he processes what he saw with tears running down his face. He looks at Yen Sid, "What was that just now?" He asks with panted breath.

"Those are the bonds with your friends, despite you being farther apart than ever, their connection to you has never been stronger." Yen Sid looks out his window, "One day, the time will come that they are all saved from their dark fate. The stars have told me as much. And it all hinges on the new key."

James' eyes widen, "Sora…" He mutters.

Yen Sid looks back at James, "You must quickly make your way to Agrabah. Protect Princess Jasmine from the Heartless and reunite with Sora. It is our best, and only, chance."

James looked at his Wayfinder again, "Is he telling the truth? Is it really possible that I can save them?" James fell to his knees, "For ten years I had given up hope…Accepted the fact that I had failed once again… but if they can be saved… then I have to try!"

He gets back on his feet and returns his Wayfinder to his pocket, "I'll set out right away!" And with that, he flew towards the desert city World of Agrabah.

(That's it for this chapter! Real quick, I want your input on something. There's going to be a Halloween Town chapter in this story-much to my dismay-and want to know what James should look like when he goes to this world. I have an idea in mind already, but if there's something specific you all wanna see, tell me in the reviews and I'll make it happen. Until then, later guys!)

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