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How it all Began

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How it all Began

As they sat through the quiet train ride towards East City, Edward, Alphonse, and Orihime decided to play a game of cards to pass the time.

Orihime was gazing in agony at the cards she received. Such terrible cards.


"Hmm?" She turned her gaze towards Al.

"It's your turn to discard," he informed her.

"Oh… Right," she perked up, trading one card for another.

Even though they were playing a simple game of poker, the ginger haired girl's mind has been all over the place.

What was Tatsuki doing? I hope she wasn't stressing out. But knowing her, her best friend was having a full on panic attack. Just imagine, after a few months of reuniting with her closest friend after she went through the worst experience of her life, that friend is ripped away from her again without any warning or knowledge of her disappearance.

Not to mention, Ichigo's probably suffering once again because of her. Chad, Uryu, and her decided to keep all the Hollow activates away from Ichigo as to not worry him about the danger.

She sighed.

Ever since Ichigo lost his Soul Reaper powers, he's been feeling uneasy. He tries to hide it, saying that he finally has the normal life he always wanted. A life without powers or without spiritual awareness… But she knows it's not true.

He's unhappy. He feels helpless. He feels agitated. Everytime she looks into his brown eyes, it felt like he lost a little bit himself. They weren't as bright and full of determination and passion as they used to be. They were dimmer. Much, much duller.

However, Orihime knew one day Ichigo would regain his Soul Reaper powers. And until that day comes, she'll become stronger to support him in battle. She vowed to get stronger. She won't rely on him to protect her. She'll protect herself. Never again would he die because of her. Never again!



The ginger haired girl jumped, startled when someone practically screamed her name. "Wh-what?!" she stammered, trying to keep her raging heart from exploding out of her chest. Gray eyes glanced over to see Alphonse looking at her in concern and Edward crossing his arms impatiently.

"Damn, we had to call your name like five times," Ed stated, furrowing his brows. "I almost felt like I had to hit you with a book to get your attention."

Orihime let out a nervous laugh. "S-sorry about that."

"What were you thinking about, Orihime?" Al asked curiously.

Gray eyes blinked owlishly at him. Her lips broke out into pensive smile. "There are some friends I left back home that I'm worried about. That's all."

"We can ask the Colonel to escort you back home, if you're that homesick," Alphonse suggested.

The auburn haired girl shook her head, rejecting the idea. "No, that's okay. I'm not planning on returning just yet."

"Why not?" Edward inquired, his own curiosity showing through. "Why are you traveling in the first place?"

"No real reason," Orihime answered simply, yet her voice was full of longing. "I wanted… I just start over. To start over from zero," she stated softly, raising her open palm hand in the air thoughtfully. She knew she was confusing the boys even more, but her thoughts were all over the place.

She really wondered what Ichigo and the others were doing now.

Ichigo was returning home after another day off school. His scowl prominent on his face, one hand stuffed in his pocket of his gray trousers while the other one was holding his bag slung over his shoulder.

He was angry. Downright furious!

It's been over a month since she suddenly disappeared. A month since she was suddenly taken away, and yet again, he was powerless to protect her.

The orange haired teen was angry that his friends tried to hide the fact of Orihime's disappearance. When he first noticed her absences from school, he thought maybe she was staying because she was sick. But when the days started turning into weeks, his anxiety grew.

And when a month had passed and still no sign of Orihime, he began to panic, fearing the worst.

It felt just like incident with her being kidnapped by Aizen!

However, now… Now, he was absolutely powerless. Even if he could reach her somehow, someway, how could he protect her?

Ichigo's conversation with Uryu proved just how truly useless he currently was, and he was just deluding himself to believing he was happy without his powers when he absolutely loathed being powerless!

He wasn't there when Chad and Uryu were fighting Hollows along with Orihime before her unexplainable disappearance, but he did get some information from the two men on how it happened.


It was just a typical average day. Ever since the defeat of Aizen, the days seemed more peaceful than it ever was in months. Sure, there were still Hollow attacks every now and then, but those were nothing compared to the Arrancars.

Orihime perked up when she felt the presence of a Hollow. She glanced over to Chad and Uryu to see if they noticed it, which they did. All the same, she tried to avoid making eye contact with Ichigo. She didn't want to alert of the danger and make him feel inept.

Raising her hand in the air, she made a subtle excuse to go to the bathroom. Without hesitation, the teacher allowed her to go. Saying her appreciation, the ginger haired girl leapt out of her desk and raced off, but not towards the bathroom like she said, but towards the presence of the Hollow threat.

When Orihime arrived at its location, she was mildly surprise to find there were more than one Hollow. There were at least six or seven of them. However, they all had low spirit energy, so they weren't that much of a threat.

With the help of Uryu and Chad, the auburn haired girl managed to fight of most of the Hollows. However, one of the Hollows snuck up on her and struck her with its tail, hitting her head and sending her body flying. The last thing that happened was the world around distorting and someone screaming her name…

Then… Nothing.


Ichigo punched a nearby wall, letting out a slew of curses. If only he still had his Soul Reaper powers, he'd would've been there to protect Orihime.

Letting out an angry breath, he dug into his pocket and pulled out a black card. It was Xecution card he got from a man named Ginjo. He tightened his fist around it. With a look of fierce determination in his brown eyes, Ichigo vowed to regain the powers he once lost.

"I'm coming, Orihime. I'm coming…"

"No, no, Edward! You can't do that!"

"Do what?" the blond boy asked, confused, watching as the girl snatched the card from on top of his suitcase, which they were using to play on.

"You can only use the ace of hearts to counteract the king of diamonds or queen of spades," Orihime instructed, pouting at him.

In response, Edward made a small groan of frustration. "This damn game is too confusing! Why are there so many rules?"

"The rules do tend be pretty contradictory at times," Alphonse added in thoughtfully.

Golden eyes glared at the ginger haired girl. "Are you sure this is a real game where you're from?" he asked suspiciously.

Orihime nodded enthusiastically. "Yep! Sure is!" Then she paused, her face faltering. "Ten minutes ago…," she mumbled, but it was loud enough for both boys to hear.

"What?!" Ed shrieked out, face contorted in both dumbfounded and annoyed.

"Why would you make this game up, Orihime?" Al questioned out of curiosity. He was less freaked out than his brother.

Gray eyes stared at the blond alchemist sitting across from her. Her lips formed into a small angry pout before turning her head away. "I'm tired of losing."

"You can't make up some half assed game because of that!" Edward exclaimed, waving his arms around frantically.

Seeing Ed's facial expression caused Orihime let out small fits of giggles.

His face turned a light shade of red in embarrassment. "D-don't laugh at me!" He childishly turned away, crossing his arms, making the ginger haired girl laugh even louder.

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Anyway, that's the gist of what I want to say. Like I said, this would follow the plotline of Brotherhood, but I would take some stuff from the 2003 version of FMA, as well as added my own original taste. I would say once again… I don't own Fullmetal Alchemist or Bleach!

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