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Get a Hold on Memories

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Get a Hold on Memories

Chad was left baffled and confused. Why was Ichigo so angry at Tsukishima? Why was he attacking him? It just doesn't make sense.

Ichigo accused him of messing his friends, altering their memories, but what's he talking about? If anyone's memories were messed up, then Chad's afraid it's Ichigo's. Doesn't he remember everything Tsukishima has done for them?

Tsukishima was there for Chad when he was getting picked on by his bigger than average size. He encouraged him to look past his insecurities and angry. He motivated him to use his strength to protect people rather than get back at his tormentors. It was because of Tsukishima that Chad realized what true strength was.

That is why he couldn't fathom the reason Ichigo would betray Tsukishima. Tsukishima was Ichigo's cousin that has been with him ever since Ichigo's mother died. Karin told him all about it when she was also concerned about her brother hostile behavior towards her cousin. Ichigo and his sisters looked up to Tsukishima as a big brother figure. It was because of Tsukishima's emotional support that they were able to recover.

That still begged the question of why Ichigo was trying to murder Tsukishima?

Has Ichigo forgotten all the times they have spent together with Tsukishima? Has he forgotten all the adventures they've been on together? Tsukishima was there with them when they went to rescue Rukia. Chad remembered Tsukishima saving him, Uryu, and Ganju from the holding cell they were locked up in. They were lucky they were being kept under the suspicion of 'murdering' Aizen. However, they were anxious because they didn't know how long they were going to live before they're interrogated and possibly executed. It was Tsukishima that saved them from their potentially dark fate.

When Rukia's execution was moved up, Chad feared they wouldn't be able to make it in time. Ichigo's location remained unknown to them, and they were running out of time. Luckily, by some work of a miracle, Tsukishima saved Rukia from her execution. In fact, if it wasn't his last minute save, they would've failed in their mission, the entire they came to the Soul Society. Chad and everyone else were so grateful for what Tsukishima had done for them, Rukia, and the Soul Society. He was even graciously thanked by the Head Captain for foiling Aizen's plan.

Had Ichigo really forgotten all that?

What about the time Tsukishima accompanied them to Hueco Mundo to rescue Orihime from Aizen? Had Ichigo forgotten that, too?

When Ichigo was down and depressed about Orihime's disappearance, and when the Head Captain forbade him from going after her, Tsukishima was the one who cheered him up and prompted him to go out and rescue her. The journey of just getting to Aizen's fortress, Las Noches, was tough and tiring. Rukia and Renji eventually joined them on their journey.

In the end, they all had to head their separate ways with promises of surviving till the very end. Chad remembered having a hard time fighting against the one hundred seventh Arrancar, Gantenbainne Mosqueda.

It was arduous and hard fought battle, but, with his newfound power, Chad managed to win in the end. Unfortunately for him, being as weary and exhausted as he was, he was not ready to face his next opponent. However, he was determined to save Orihime because she was his friend. Regrettably, his next opponent wouldn't be taken down as easily as his previous one. The Fifth Espada, Nnoitra Gilga was more powerful than he could have ever imagined. He truly showed how huge the gap was between an Arrancar and an Espada.

However, his strength didn't deter Chad though. He was determined to defeat this new foe. After all, Orihime was waiting for them, all of them. Alas, even his most deadliest and most powerful attack proved no match for the Fifth Espada. Much to his great horror, he couldn't even lay a scratch on him. Before his brain could process any of it or a countermeasure, Chad was swiftly and one sidedly defeated.

After miraculously surviving and getting healed by members of the Fourth Division, Chad spent the rest of war fighting against random Hollow attacks. Hollows trying to take advantage of the fact that he's human and thus perceived as weaker than them. That only cost them a one way ticket to an earlier grave.

He didn't recall much of what happened on the battlefield since he was absent from most, but he did remember Orihime recounting Tsukishima fighting tooth and nail with Ulquiorra to save her. Orihime recounted the tale with such a bubbly, joyful, and energetic demeanor that Chad couldn't help but to listen with rapt attention.

He knew how grateful Orihime was to Tsukishima for saving her. She admired him so much. Tsukishima have been watching over ever since she was little. He was there for her when her brother passed away. She met him long before anyone else, and he was well aware of Orihime's crush on Tsukishima.

After everything Tsukishima has done for their friends, Chad couldn't fathom why Ichigo would attack him? Why would he betray him? Why was he so furious with him? Tsukishima was kind and loyal, supportive and altruistic. He was a good man. If Ichigo was angry at him over some misunderstanding, then it could easily be cleared up without the senseless fighting.

Chad deeply understood that there was only one thing he could do. He had to stop Ichigo, even if he had significantly injure him. He won't kill him. Ichigo was still a dear friend. However, Chad was more than willing to knock some sense into him, even if he had to put Ichigo in a hospital. If it came down to that, he would apologize to Ichigo for injuring him so badly and that could have a nice, long talk afterwards, then he could finally fully grasp the reasoning for Ichigo's contempt and hostility towards Tsukishima. If he could get Ichigo to just talk to Tsukishima, this whole misunderstanding could be sorted out.

That was why Chad was fighting against Ichigo in order to defend Tsukishima from him. Ichigo looking at him with shock, hurt, and betrayal was not something he expected. Chad was genuinely surprised when Ichigo shot him such a hurtful look, even more so when he was accused of siding with the 'enemy'. Naturally, Chad was confused. Who was the enemy? Tsukishima? Ichigo was surely mistaken. Tsukishima wasn't their enemy. He was their friend! Ichigo's mind must be messed up.

The battle with Ichigo and Tsukishima was quickly escalating as both sides clashed relentlessly. The fighting drifting further and further away from him. Chad gave chase, intending to help Tsukishima knock some sense into Ichigo.

However, he stopped in tracks, shocked, bewildered, and confused. The Soul Reapers were here! But why? Why were they standing behind Ichigo as if they were ready to protect and assist him rather than fight against him. It doesn't make sense! Have they forgotten everything Tsukishima has done for them? Why would they betray him so easily?


Chad's mind flashbacked to Ichigo aggressively accusing Tsukishima brainwashing his friends and family, messing with their memories.

Unless, Chad's the one who was confused. His memories…? Tsukishima messed with his memories? Was that even possible? No, it can't be! Tsukishima was the one who helped him follow the right path in life. The path of protecting the weak.

The more he concentrated on the memory, the more the image of Tsukishima faded away to be replaced with his...grandfather?! Each memory of Tsukishima were flicker in and out of existence as if his brain was disorganized about the major events that happened in his life, events that involved Tsukishima.

When Tsukishima began questioning him about his loyalties and sincerity, Chad became even more discombobulated. His brain was going into maximum overdrive. His mind was slowly turning into mush. His was losing his mind!

Before Chad could regain any sense of sanity, his vision suddenly went black.

Then nothing.

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