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The Fashion Princess

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The Fashion Princess

Orihime was walking with every bounce in her step, humming merrily to herself.

"What are you so happy about?"

Gray eyes glanced over to the grumpy blond.

"It's a really great day!" she replied, happily.

It was true. It was a nice day. The sun was shining brightly over the horizon. The road they were walking on was surrounded by greenland. The raindrops perched on them that glistened in the sun's rays was evidence of last night's rain shower.

"You don't seem so happy," Orihime inquired with a curious brow.

"Of course not!" Edward retorted. "We've been walking for hours. My feet our killing me! Damn, mod souls," he grumbled to himself. "Next time I see them, I'm going to give them a good thrashing."

"Don't worry, brother, we should be in the next town soon," Alphonse informed them, reading off a map. They bought it in the last town they stopped in.

"And how long would that be, Al?" Winry asked, feeling just as tired as Ed.

"Um, just another hour. Maybe two," he replied, somewhat sheepishly.

The blond alchemist and the blonde mechanic both groaned, miserably at that.

Edward was finally relieved when they reached the next town, and so was Winry if her vocalization was anything to go by. However, the relieve vanished slightly when he noticed something strange. Not the creepy kind of strange like what happened with Reo, but the annoying kind of strange.

Everyone was staring at them.

His face was set into a deep scowl. Yes, they were new to town and just passing by, but that was no reason to stare.

What he noticed more, much to his aggravation, was that men were staring all ogled eyed, some blushing, others with a small trail of drool on the corner of their lips.

Ed's lips curled up in disgust as he snarled at them, giving them all death glares. Some of the men averted their eyes in fright, some sneered right back, taking it as a challenge.

"Oh, look! Horses!" Orihime's cheerful voice snapped him out of his glaring contest.

She grabbed red sleeve of his arm and tugged at it gleefully, a big joyful smile on her face, gray eyes filled with excitement, like a kid asking for permission to rummage the candy store.

"Eddie, can we go see the horses?" she asked, feverishly. Her enthusiasm and eagerness was coming off in waves.

"After we eat," he told her, flatly. After all, he was hungry.

"Okay!" she beamed, happily.

The group managed to find a small cafe. However, there was something strange about. All the workers, mainly the females, seem to hushly whisper to each other while pointing fingers at them, blushing and giggling.

Edward smirked, his cocky smile showing. Seems like he's really popular around here.

Seeing that smirk on his older brother's face caused Alphonse to internally roll his eyes and let out a deep sigh.

The found a small booth and took their seats with Ed and Al at the edges and Orihime and Winry between them.

One of the waitress approached them, nervously fidgeting with her notepad. Judging by her uneasy and nervous posture , she must be a new employee.

She handed them four menu books. "Here's the menu. Call when your ready to order," she spoke, shyly before leaving, brown hair swaying behind her.

"So glad we could finally take a break," Winry sighed, blissfully. "How long to do you think until we make it to Rush Valley?"

"Rush Valley should be after the next town," Al answered.

"Great. We still have walk another thirty miles or so," Ed grumbled, golden eyes scanning through the menu.

"At least, we're almost there," Orihime reassured him.

He gave her an exasperated sideways glance before averting his gaze back to order. The food looks pretty good. He decided to go with a couple of burgers. But… The bacon terminator, triple decker sandwich also looked mouthwatering.

Soon the soft musical beat of a radio starting playing, causing the four of them to perk up slightly.

I probably shouldn't mention this

Sometimes I get so scared

I'm just a hopeless girl

Orihime's eyes widen tremendously at the familiar song lyrics, a deep blush on her face. She ducked her hand into the menu. She knew this song… She wrote, technically wrote the lyrics for it. But she didn't sing it.

Elizabeth said it was just supposed to be a visual exercise. It helps her to imagine someone that she wanted to be seen as 'cute' while she poses in those dresses, so, of course, she visualizes Ichigo, modeling and dressing up, imagining what he might think of her outfits.

She didn't know they were turn it into a song by a few simple choice of words to describe while leaving his name ambiguous.

Her face reddened even more. If he heard this song right now, she would die of embarrassment!

I only have eyes for you

You are one in a million

Through five lifetimes

I only ever had eyes on you

You are my only love

Sparks ignite in my heart

When I look into your hypnotic brown eyes

Butterflies fly in my stomach

I feel like I'm melting

Winry seemed to take interest in the song. "I've never heard of this song before," she spoke, delighted. Out of the four, she was really enjoying the new song. It was a such a beautiful and romantic love song.

You are one in a million

The only love of five lifetimes

When I'm with you, I feel so safe and happy

Yet, I feel so insecure

Am I good enough for you?

I wonder to myself

I'm just a hopeless girl

I could only admire you from afar

My feelings held in check

You are one in a million

My only love

Of five lifetimes

Alphonse seemed to take the new song in with mild interest. He could openly admit that the singer had a really good voice. Her emotions were portrayed very strongly through the song.

You are the reason

I experience these feelings

You make me laugh

You make me cry

But that's just both sides that I just have buy

Your hand in mine

Everything's alright

And most of all

You make me love you

If I'm reborn five times

I would only have eyes for you

You are one in a million

The things I like about you

That make my heart flutter

Your warm brown eyes

Your cute scowl

Your kind heart

You are a protector, who fights for the weak

When I feel your hand in mine

My doubts fade away

Sparks ignite in my heart

You are one in a million

Through five lifetimes

I would only have eyes for you

You are my only love

Edward was absolutely disinterested in a sappy love song. He just wanted to eat already! "Everyone ready to order?" he asked his two female friends.

Both Winry and Orihime nodded their heads, albeit a little less enthusiastically on Orihime's part.

Ed raised an eyebrow at that. And why was she hiding her face?

He shrugged and called a waiter over.

I have never felt nothing like this

I lose focus and the world disappears around me

When I look into your eyes

It's the puzzle piece I've been trying to find

No guy has ever had my heart flutter the way you do

You're all that it takes

For my doubts fade away

When I hold your hand

I am just a hopeless girl

A different waitress came to take their orders. Once she wrote everything down, she left back towards the kitchen.

Who has falling in love

With everything about you

My fears disappear

When you are near

You are one in a million

Through five lifetimes

I only ever had eyes for you

You are my only love

The waitress that gave them the menu came back with their respective foods, setting each plate before them. She shyly avoided eye contact when she glanced over in Ed's general direction.

Edward let out a small cocky grin, his ego enlarging. He must be really popular here! Finally, people recognize his brilliance and didn't confuse him for his brother.

Orihime, forgetting her earlier embarrassment now that the song was over, happily engorged herself in her bacon terminator sandwich. Ed opted to go for a couple a burgers, and Winry had a plate of chicken and rice.

"Oh, brother…," Alphonse sighed at Ed's growing big headedness at the attention he was getting. Out of the corner of his eyes, he noticed of the waitresses whispering among each other while sometimes pointing in their general direction. The brown haired waitress was one of them.

Her two friends seem to whisper something to her, which caused her cheeks flush a dark shade of pink as she shook her head, vehemently.

The animated armor wondered if she had a small crush on his older brother. She always seemed to blush and fidget whenever she glances in Ed's direction.

After much argument, the brown haired girl seemed to give in to her friends' temptations. Slightly dejected and shy, she reproached their table with a wad of notepad and a pen.

"Excuse me," she squeaked out, nervously, her cheeks flushed a slight pink. Everyone stopped eating to regard her with curious gazes.

She threw the notepad and pen forward. "May I have your autograph?"

Edward lips spread out into boyish smile. "Sure, don't mind if I do." He reached out with to grab the notepad and pen, however, they were quickly snatched away from his grasp, causing him to lean too far out of seat and to fall flat on his face.

He let out a small yelp and uncharacteristic 'oof' sound. "Hey! What's the big idea?" he hissed out, angrily at the girl.

"I-I'm sorry!" the waitress apologized, hastily. She switched her attention back on...Orihime? Ed grumbly grumbled to himself as he raised himself back on to his seat.

Gray eyes looked at the pad and pen with confusion before throwing their gazes up at the brown haired waitress.

"May I have your autograph?" she repeated, a bt braver this time.

Winry's blue eyes widen in shock, Al let out a small surprised squeak, Edward's jaw dropped, almost turning pale white, and Orihime's gray orbs blinked in confusion.

A small, polite smile spread out across lips. "Sure," she beamed. She gingerly took the notepad and pen. She quickly wrote her signature very neatly before heading it back to the waitress.

"Oh, thank you! Thank you! Thank you!" the brown haired waitress praised, extremely happy, heading back over to her friends with a large smile on her face.

No later, they were bombarded by a group of waitresses. Orihime was soon swapped with questions after questions.

"You are so cute!"

"You're hair is so long and gorgeous! What kind of shampoo do you use?"

"Oh, I wish I had your figure! What's your secret?"

Edward slightly deflated in his seat. "But I… I thought… I thought…," he mumbled, incoherently to himself, a cloud of disappointment washing over him. All this time he thought he was the popular one. Thought people finally recognized his genius and heroic deeds as the Fullmetal Alchemist and the Hero of the People.

"There, there, brother…" Alphonse rubbed his back, sympathetically.

"They call you the 'Princess of Central', right?"

"Wha?" Orihime gasped out, puzzled. They call her that? Since when?

"No, I think it was 'The Flower Princess'," another waitress interjected.

At Orihime's dumbfounded stare, they elaborated. "You don't know? You are the only most beautiful woman in the country!"

"What's your secret? How did you get be so beautiful?"

"Are those three your lackeys?"

"Lackeys?!" Edward nearly exploded. He was not someone's servant!

He had just about enough of this! He slapped the money on the table, and grabbed Orihime's wrist. "Sorry, ladies," he said, bitingly and greatly annoyed. "But Orihime's got to go."

"But, Eddie, I haven't finished eating," Orihime protested as she pulled away from the crowd. The ladies sighed, dejectedly as they all left, leaving their unfinished meals and a pad of money on the table.

"Okay, Orihime…" Ed let go of her wrist when they were a few feet away from the cafe. "What was all that about?"

The healer's brow scrunched up in confusion. "I don't know," she replied, honestly.

"Oh, stop it, Ed," Winry interfined at the poor girl's defense. "You're just jealous that Orihime's more popular than you."

The blond alchemist sputtered, face turning slightly red in anger and embarrassment. Jealous? It was true his ego deflated when he horrifically found out he was not the popular one, but Orihime was. But he was not jealous! "I was not jealous!" he yelled, heatedly. "I just...finally thought I got the recognition I deserved," he mumbled to himself, but everyone heard him.

The blonde mechanic sighed and rolled her eyes in exasperation. "Typical Edward."

"Do you still want to see the horses, Orihime?" Alphonse asked, turning his gaze towards the auburn haired healer.

"Yes!" she replied, eagerly.

Where am I? It's so dark and cold.

She was completely still and immobile. She could feel the rough yet delicate patches beneath her. The heat of the sun was unbearable. It scorched her entire being. But rarely minded how hot the sun's rays are anymore. After all, she had grown quite used to it.

She could hear the pitter patter of feet as they moved along the grassfield. There were voices, both female. They seemed to chatting happily to each other, laughing, and cracking jokes.

"Hey! Is that candy?"

One of them must have noticed her. She felt herself being picked up. She could feel the warmth of the person's fingers.

"Ew! What are you doing? Don't eat candy off the floor! You don't know where it's been!"

"Tch, I wasn't going to eat it!"

She felt herself being tossed. The wind blowing harshly against her. The breeze felt like it was cutting against her skin.

She hit something rather hard and it had a hard, sturdy surface. Most likely a tree.

Days and days passed. And soon days turned into weeks.

Just sitting here, all alone, unable to move.

A very powerful gust of wind blew and she found herself toppling over, rolling downward. She must've been on top of a hill. She kept rolling and rolling and rolling. It was neverending cycle. She wondered when she would stop.

She soon found her answer as she tumbled over a cliffside and let gravity take control. The loud splashing of water was heard. She could feel the wetness of it brushing up against her skin.

She fell into a river. And by the roaring sound of rushing water, it was very strong current. Maybe it was heading somewhere. She could hear the thundering clash of the water as they pounded away against a hard surface. Must be rocks, large boulders.

Another sound caught her ears, the sound was the sharp, booming sound of a waterfall, and she was going over. Most people would in a panic now, but not her. She stopped caring a long time ago. There was no point. It was all wasted effort.

Questions like… 'Where am I?', 'How did I get here?' or 'What's going to happen to me?' stopped applying to her.

She wondered if she was ever going to be awakened from this nightmare.

The glass inside her was beginning to crack.

The cycle repeats once more.

Let the world around take her anywhere where it sees fit.

The smell of trash waft against her. Not that she minded. What was the point?

The sound of glass falling hit her ears.

Years have passed.

Is she still alive?

Or was this a dream?

The sound of barking filled her ears. She was tipped over. The wetness of tongue poked at her before spitting her out on the ground.

The glass breaks.

Decades passed.

How long? How long? How long? How long? How long? How long? How long? How long? How long? How long? How long? How long? How long? How long? How long? How long? How long? How long? How long? How long?

The sounds of feet filled her ears. And there was a lot of them. She was in city. Passerbyers walked by her unaware of her existence. The raindrops hit her.

She wished… She wished someone would just kill her already. One accidental step… That's all that's needed to put an end to her tormented misery.

The glass shatters.

Time becomes irrelevant.

She felt herself being picked up.

"Ah, what do we have here?"

A voice… It was female.

She felt the woman picked her up and rolled her around in her hands.

"I never thought I'll see another one of these here," the female said, intrigued. "I thought I was the only one."

There was darkness. Everything suddenly went blank.

Was this it? Was she finally dead?

"You can open your eyes, you know?"

Eyes? She did just that, fluttering the optical nerves open. The harsh brightness of the sun caused her to squint. Someone was standing in front of her. Her new vision was blurry, so she could only make out the outline of the person. And it was definitely a woman.

Once her vision finally cleared, she could completely make out the woman's features. She had reddish-brown hair tied into a ponytail and green eyes.

She smiled at her in a crooked way. Eyes as sharp as predator, yet so kind.

"Glad to see your functioning."

The girl felt something of hers move, and it was her...arm? She looked down inspect herself to see that she had arms, legs, and a torso. She felt her head and her face. She frantically pulled the locks of black hair that cascaded down her back.

She was in a body!

She was in a human body!

A body of her own!

She stared at the woman, wide eyed, extremely shocked, bewildered, and flabbergasted, her mind unable to comprehend her new reality.

"Is this a dream?"

Kyuko stared blankly ahead at the children playing soccer with Ritsuko.

They were at a small, remote village. No reason really. They needed a place to stay and sleep is all.

"You know, it amazes me that someone as battle hungry as Ritsuko has a soft spot for children."

Kyuko's gaze drifted towards Morgan who was approaching her.

"Ritsuko gets along with kids, hoping they were grow up to become powerful enough to fight her," Kyuko replied, simply as if commenting on the weather.

Morgan tsked. "Just like her." He stared at Kyuko through his peripheral vision while watching Ritsuko play and coach the kids.

"So, when do we leave for Central?"

"This is great!"

Orihime held tightly on to the horse's reins as he trotted around. The horse had a silky, brown skin and a smooth mane.

She had ridden a horse once. It was back in grade school. She and her brother went to visit a ranch. The couple was nice, letting her ride their horses.

She waved, happily over to Ed and the others when she past by them. Ed didn't want to ride a horse, Al couldn't because of obvious reasons, and Winry tried to, but fell a few times, which explains the small bruises on her arms.

"I can't believe they let Orihime ride their horses without so much as a complaint," Edward drawled as he watch the ginger haired girl whip the reins a little, making the horse gallop.

"The town has been little strange," Alphonse added. "I mean, everyone keeps staring at us, at Orihime."

"Yeah, the number people coming to her, asking for autographs was astonishing." Winry let out a blissful sigh. "I wish people come up to me autograph their automail."

Ed rolled his eyes. Something in his peripheral vision caught his eye. It was just a stupid magazine sitting by the corner of some store. People were in line, waiting their turn to fetch it. Magazines weren't really of any interest of him.

Well, he would have ignored it, if his golden eyes didn't catch a familiar looking auburn hair on the cover.

A frowned started to etch across his face.

The girl's lightly paled skin came into view.

His lips turned into a displeased scowl.

He was meet with striking, gray eyes.

Oh, hell no!

"The fuck?!" he knew his sudden outburst startled Alphonse and Winry, but he didn't care. Edward was crossed between feeling extremely shocked and flustered, or getting ready to explode in a fit undying rage and curses.

He furiously marched up to the magazine stand to get a closer look.

Al and Winry watch Ed storm off in angry huff for some strange reason.

"What's the matter with him?" Winry asked.

Al shook his helmet head. "Beats me."

Soon their answer came as Ed held up a magazine, and started spitting out an array of colorful curses that would make even a sailor blush.

Edward came marching back with a vengeance, his entire face a deep red, his eyes bloodshot. He looked like a spawn from hell.

"Uh, brother," Al nervously went in to calm his raging older brother. "What's wrong?"

It took every ounce of his willpower for Ed not to scream and go into a frenzy of curses. "Oh, I know the reason why our little princess is so popular," he hissed out in a sarcastic way.

"What are you-?" Winry was cut off a magazine was shoved in her face. She let out a grunt of annoyance before snatching away from the offending hands. Her blue eyes quickly scanned the cover then she let out a loud gasp of surprise.

"Wait!" Her hands begin to tremble. "Is this...Orihime?!" she burst out in a astonishment. "When did Orihime become a model?!"

"What? Let me see…" Alphonse took the magazine from Winry's hands. "Wow! It is her!" he gasped out in surprise.

The three of them was staring at a picture of Orihime donning a bright yellow dress with straps that wrapped around her neck and left her shoulders bare. There was a small diamond shaped cleavage window and the dress hugged her in all the right places, showing off her generous curves. Her hands were clasped behind herself and she was smiling, brightly.

Al flipped through the magazine. There were pictures of different models wearing elegant or expressive looking outfits. But most of the pages consisted of Orihime!

"You know, Orihime does look very pretty," Al commented, getting over his initial shock.

"She really is cute in those dresses," Winry added, smiling. "Maybe she should take a permanent job in modeling. And even introduce me as well!"

"No, no, no, no, no!" Edward angrily shouted out, rapidly, snatching the magazine from Al's hands and viciously ripped it to shreds. "No perverted guy is going to be looking at Orihime like that! The hell is she thinking? Doing something so...provocative!"

The blonde mechanic raised a skeptical eyebrow. "Provocative? She was just modeling, Ed."

"Don't you think you're overreacting just a little bit, brother?" Al questioned, confusingly, wondering what was the big deal. If Orihime wanted to model, then let her model. They don't run her life.

"I am not overreacting, Al!" the blond alchemist bit back, furiously. "I am being perfectly reasonable! I mean, this going to attract a lot of attention, especially from other guys!"

Ah, ha! Winry's lips spread out into a sly smile. "Oh!" she drawled out in a sickening sweet and mischievous voice. "This isn't about Orihime modeling. This about her receiving attention from men, attention you don't like."

The giant suit of armor knew what his childhood friend was insinuating. His big brother… Ed was...jealous! Jealous of the possibility of guys looking at her in that way!

"Brother… You wouldn't happen to be jealous, would you?" Al asked, joining in the teasing.

Edward sputtered, his face turning a dusty shade of pink as he became flustered. "J-j-jealous?!" His golden eyes comically widened in disbelief at being accused of such a ridiculous notion.

"What are you guys talking about?"

Edward practically jumped ten feet of in the air, Orihime's unexpected voice startling him.

"Oh, nothing, Orihime," Winry replied, nonchalantly.

Al let out an innocent whistle.

Auburn eyebrows scrunched in confusion. "Why is Eddie's face red?"

"That's just Ed being his usual spazzy self," the blonde mechanic laughed.

Ed decided to ignore that comment, and was determined to confront a certain someone about their little side project.

"Orihime," Ed started, crossing his arms and shooting her a scolding glare. "Is there something you need to tell us?"

Orihime ducked her head away, nervously, knowing that, for some strange reason, she was in trouble. But she couldn't understand why. "I-I don't think so…"

Edward frowned, letting his displeasure be known, tapping his finger against his arm quite irritably. "You don't, do you?"

She shook her head, somberly.

He let out an angry breath. "Well, I know about your little side project."

"What side project?" she asked, confused.

"Oh, you know…" he drawled out, dramatically. "The one who you're parading around in a bunch of fancy dresses, modeling for raving animals!"

Gray eyes widened and she let out a small grasp. "H-how did you…?"

"Find out? There's a fucking fashion magazine stand over there with you on the fucking cover!" he yelled, furiously. "Do you want to tell me when you started modeling?"

Orihime's cheeks turned dark pink, feeling extremely embarrassed that they found out about that. "I-it was only one time thing. Someone came up to me and asked be a model because the model that was supposed to come broke her leg, and they were running out of time for a replacement. I couldn't have said 'no'."

"Yes, you could have!" Edward retorted, heatedly.

The ginger haired girl pouted, sadly. "Eddie, that's mean. And besides, you said not to get any trouble."

"That doesn't mean you should let strangers drag you to who knows where doing who knows what! I can't believe…! Urgh!" He let out an angry yell.

"Eddie, you are being a big, fat meanie," she pouted.

Ed glared at her, then spun around on his heels. "I'll fix this, dammit!"

Orihime, Alphonse, and Winry all watched in puzzlement as Edward stomped away. He cut through the line of angrily shouting men and women, and grabbed every stack of Central Times fashion magazine he could find. He practically slammed it down on on the cashier's counter. He shoved the cash into the cashier's startled face, and angrily left the store. With a clap of his hands, he used alchemy to turn all the magazines into shreds, a satisfied smirk on his face.

"Doesn't he realize the store could just buy more magazines with money he gave them?" Al asked in amusement. It was fun watching his older brother becoming flustered and overreacting in exaggerated ways.

"Let him have his moment, Al," Winry said, equally entertained.

Blue eyes glanced over to a worried Orihime. A sly smile graced her lips. She know figured out that Ed's got a crush on her, though, he's too in denial to admit.

The blonde mechanic let out a slightly saddened sigh. But Edward doesn't know that Orihime is in love with someone else. And that person Orihime loves may or may not be in love with another girl.

The gears in her head starting spinning. She wondered if Orihime could fall in love with Edward, would that save her from a potential heartbreak if this 'Ichigo' guy doesn't love her back? The ginger haired girl seemed clearly devoted to him and him alone. Would it be even be right to set Edward and Orihime up?

Only time will tell… Only time will tell.

A love triangle was beginning to form.


A woman with long, black hair tied into a ponytail and warm, chocolate brown eyes tilted her head to face the little girl racing towards her. She wore a simple blue dress and black shows. Her skin was a smooth, sun kissed color.

"What are you doing, Eria?" a little girl asked her.

Eria smiled, slightly at the child. "I'm just enjoying the view, Kia."

There was a wide open grassfield filled with blooming flowers of different colors. There was a gentle breeze, swaying the grass and Eria's hair.

"Wow! They are so pretty!" the girl giggled, racing off to play in the flowers.

Eria smiled, watching the carefree child play. Her brown eyes gazed up at the clear blue sky above. A dramatic wind her hair around as her eyes softened.

A single name escaped her lips, yearningly.


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Oh, and one more thing, that song in the beginning… Well, it's original. Yep! I totally made it up on the spot. It's amateurish, I know. I'm not a musician or anything. I just thought a nice, heartfelt song based on Orihime's 'five lives, one love' confession would be nice to write about. I would super happy if someone were to actually make a real song out of it! How great would that be? Take my amater work and make it into something professional and beautiful! As long as I get credit for it, of course. No copywriting.

Well, anyway, leave any comments, suggestions, or questions in a review, and thanks for reading!)

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