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The Healer Meets Fullmetal

(A/N: Here's chapter three of 'The Flower Princess and the Alchemist'! Now, we are really getting into the story! The Elric brothers meet Orihime! Finally! I'm really thankful about how much you guys are enjoying the story, even though this is something on an impulse and a whim. I know there are some grammar errors and probably so others I've missed, but my beta reader has been busy this past month, and I don't feel like rushing them. On the other hand, I also don't want to keep you guys waiting too long when I have a chapter up and ready. The only thing keep it from being posted is because it needs to be edited by my beta reader. But like I said, they are busy with other things at the moment. So all chapters posted are the unedited versions until further notice. Well, enjoy the chapter! By the way, Happy Thanksgiving!

Hollow Alchemist [guest]: Thanks for the review! Honestly, the first several chapters I'm sticking close to canon, but later the story will start to diverge from it. Most likely, it'll start diverging after episode thirteen or fourteen of Brotherhood. That's what I plan for now. And also some Bleach characters will make a cameo appearance near the Promise Day. Who will arrive and how... I haven't figured it out, but I have a vague idea though. I do know Ichigo [after regaining his Soul Reaper powers] and Rukia would make an appearance, but any other character... I don't know. As for the language of Amestris, I knew it was closely related to some parts and Europe, and I just chose English as it was the most universal language out there [as far as I know]. And because some books Ed and Al end up reading are written in English [or it could just be subtitles]. P.S. I didn't know Rebecca was a canon character. Oops! Well, this Rebecca is a minor OC. And I understand your dilemma. There's not many good FMA fanfics without overly mushy romance. And I had some problems myself with copy write crusaders. I just ignore them and block them. If they are just going to act like self-righteous, pompous pigs telling me what I can and can't write, then they are just wasting my time!)

The Healer Meets Fullmetal

A boy with long, braided blond hair let out another aggravating sigh as he sat lazily on the train seat.

"What's wrong, brother?"

The blond cracked an eye open to gaze at his metallic brother. "Damn, Colonel!" he grumbled. "He said he had something important tell me, but won't he say what the hell it is, Al."

"Maybe it had something do with the Philosopher's Stone and the Colonel doesn't want to risk talking about it over the phone, Ed," Al reasoned, thoughtfully.

That seemed to brighten Edward's mood a bit. "Maybe…"

It wasn't long before the Elric brothers arrived in East City. Forgoing protocol, Edward rushed right in Roy Mustang's office.

"What the hell do you want, Colonel?" Ed shouted out, annoyed, bursting through the door.

"Brother!" Al reprimanded him, but was promptly ignored.

"Nice to see you too, Fullmetal," the man with short black hair and matching eyes said sarcastically.

"Cut it out with the chit chat! What'd you call me for?" the eldest of the Elric brothers asked as he trudged across the room and sat on the couch.

"Like you suggested, I'll cut to the chase, seeing as you aren't turning up on any leads to get your original bodies back." Roy smirked at the annoyed glare on Edward's face.

"Maybe if you will stop bothering us and gave us time to concentrate on finding the Philosopher's Stone," the blond grumbled.

"Speaking of the Philosopher's Stone," the dark haired man cut him off. "I think I might have found something you may be very interested in." He pulled out a stack of papers from his drawer and set it on his desk. "There has been rumors around a month ago about a healer that has suddenly appeared in the northeast."

Ed scoffed. "What does that have to do with the stone?"

"The healer apparently doesn't use a transmutation circle and can ignore the laws of Equivalent Exchange."

This seemed to get both brothers' attention.

"What?" Al exclaimed in absolute disbelief. "There's no way for someone, no matter how powerful they are, to ignore the laws for Equivalent Exchange! Unless they-"

"They have a Philosopher's Stone," Edward finished for him, his eyes narrowed.

"That's right," Roy agreed. "Although, we can't be sure. They are just rumors. Your mission would be to head to Greia and found out more about this 'healer'. Report about any findings you have. You leave first thing tomorrow morning."

The Elric brothers were, once again, on another train ride. This time, they were headed towards Greia to investigate this so called 'healer'.

"Brother?" Alphonse called out, getting his older brother's attention. "What do you think about these rumors?"

Edward propped his elbow on the bench under the window and placed his chin on his palm, his face set in a thoughtful expression. "Hmm, who knows?"

"But what if it is?" The metal suit egged on, unable to contain his excitement.

The eldest Elric smirked, feeling just as excited as his brother. "Then we finally found a way to get your body back, Al!"

"We can get your body back to normal too, brother!"

"Orihime! We have another patient!"

"Oh…! I'm coming!"

Ever since she healed that injured worker a month ago, Orihime has been working as the local 'unlicensed' doctor. She really didn't mind it though. Actually, she really enjoyed it! She really liked helping people and bringing smiles to their faces.

After Orihime finished healing her last patient, who was injured during a rockslide that happened a few days ago, she went to a nearby park bench to rest.

"I'm tired…," she breathed out, exhaustedly. She had healed about twenty people nonstop, and that takes quite a bit of a toll on her spirit energy. Oh well, it was worth it knowing she was saving lives.

"Hey, Orihime!"

The ginger headed girl turned her head to see Rebecca running up to her, her hand waving at her.

She jumped off the bench, her energy seemingly returning to her. "Hi, Rebecca!"

The dark haired girl stopped in front of her. "Are you done healing all those injured men?"

Orihime beamed. "Yep!"

The other girl then grabbed her arm. "Then let's go do some shopping!"


"Yes, again! There's no time like the present! C'mon, let's go!"

Orihime let Rebecca drag her into a jewelry store. Her new friend really enjoyed shopping for clothes and jewelry. Not that she minded much, but she did miss her friends back home. Tatsuki did not care much for expensive clothing or impressive jewelry.

The burnt-orange haired girl eyes simmered a little, but she quickly wiped her tears away before Rebecca could see them. She didn't want to burden her friend more than she already was.

"Is this the place, Al?"

"It seems like it, Ed."

The Elric brothers arrived in Greia. It took a two day train ride to get here. The town was fairly small and suburban. Some of the houses look like they've been recently rebuilt while others were broken, torn completely down, or being remodeled.

"How are we going to search for that healer?" Al asked.

"We'll just ask around," Ed answered. "Someone's bound to know where he lives."

The Elric brothers made their way into town. Some of the men seemed busy reconstructed the houses. Edward jogged up to one of the men holding a beam, Al following after him.

"Hey, you!"

The construction man stopped and gave the blond questioning glare. "What'd you want, kid? Can't you see I'm busy?"

"Just a moment of your time, but do you know about a healer by any chance?"

"A healer?" The man set the beam down, giving Edward his full attention. His expression turning from annoyance to appreciation. "Yeah, I know a healer. A very good one, I might add! What do you want?"

Both Ed and Al glanced at each other in understanding.

"I'm the Fullmetal Alchemist, Edward Elric, and I-"

"Wait a second…" The man's face contorted into one of anger. "Fullmetal Alchemist? As in State Alchemist?"

"Yep! That's right!" the alchemist declared, proudly, only to get nearly hit in the head by the man's beam. "Hey! Watch it!"

"We don't take kindly to you dogs of the military!" the man proclaimed furiously. "And I ain't know nothing about some damn healer!"

"But you just said that you did!" Alphonse exclaimed profusely.

The man scoffed. "I ain't say shit! Now, both of you scram! I'm working!"

"What the hell was that about?" Ed grumbled, not appreciating being narrowly whacked in the head by a beam.

"I don't know, brother," Al responded. If he had his face, confusion would be painted on it just like his brother's.

"Forget him! Let's just keep asking around! One thing we got out of him is that there is a healer in this town."

Unfortunately, none of the townsfolk wanted anything to do with the Elric brothers after finding out they were the military's dogs.

"What the hell is up with this town?" Ed sulked, as they were walking along a random sideline. "Why is everyone such complete asses?"

"You shouldn't say that, brother!" Al reprimanded him.

The alchemist just scoffed. "And why shouldn't I? We just came to ask a few questions. They don't need to bite our heads off, Al! And besides-"

Edward stopped mid rant when someone crashed into him, making both him and the newcomer fall over.

"Are you alright, Ed?" Alphonse asked, concerned.

Edward let out a small grunt of pain. When he cracked an eye open, the first thing he spotted where a pair of big boobs hovering over his face. The blond's face turned a crimson red color.

He quickly tried to scramble out from underneath her. The girl on top of him sat up straighter, holding her head in pain, completely forgetting the compromising position they were in.

They first thing Ed noticed about her, besides her large chest size, was her unusual auburn colored hair and her big, round, gray eyes. She was also a few inches taller than him, much to his annoyance.

"Oh! I'm so sorry!" the burnt-orange haired girl apologized, quickly scrambling off of him.

She held her hand out for him, which he took, pulling him to his feet.

"Are you okay?" she asked, her eyes roaming his body, checking for injuries.

Edward dusted himself off. "Don't worry about it. I'm fine."

"Are you alright, miss?"

The auburn haired girl glanced up to see a giant suit of metal armor speak to her. By the sound of his voice, he seemed young, perhaps younger than her.

"Oh, don't worry about me," she replied, rubbing the back of her head. "I'm so clumsy, I'll probably be hurt anyway." She glanced over towards the blond. "If you hadn't broken my fall, I'd might've cracked my head open, loss a lot blood, gone to state of shock, and died right here!" A big grin broke across her face. "Thank you!"

The Elric brothers were at lost for words. Who could talk about their death so cheerfully? "D-don't mention it," Edward finally replied after a moment of slight shock. "Glad we can keep you alive."

"By the way, who are you?" the girl asked. "I haven't seen you around before."

"I'm the Fullmetal Alchemist, Edward Elric," he replied, pointing to himself. Then he pointed towards the boy in the metal armor. "And this is my younger brother, Alphonse."

Gray eyes glanced between the two brothers. She noted the smaller one of the two siblings scowling at her, his expression becoming more and more irritable.

Edward was just waiting for her to comment on his height.

She opened her mouth. "You…"

Here it comes. He was ready to lash out at her.

"...Wear red."

"Who are you calling…?!" The blond alchemist paused in the middle of his rant to process what she just said. "Wait… What did you say?"

"I said, you wear red," the burnt-orange haired girl repeated once more. "Is red your favorite color?"

"Yeah…," he answered. He could only stare at her, dumbly. This was getting weird.

The girl smiled. "Did you know that you can tell a lot about a person's personality based on their favorite color? The color red means you are a very passionate and ambitious person. You are also very kind and helpful."

Ed didn't know how to reply as she continued to rant about the color red.

"However, you're also impatient, impulsive, and like to get into trouble." She tapped her chin, thoughtfully. "I think that's it."

"Wow, brother," Al whispered towards him, snickering a bit. "She knows exactly what type of person you are based on your coat."

Edward sent his younger brother an annoyed glare.

"We don't have time for this, miss," he stated, grabbing her attention. "Can you just answer a couple of questions for us?"

The girl blinked, confused. "Questions?"

"Yes, we would like to know if you know anything about a healer that lives around here?" Alphonse asked.

The girl paused for a moment. "Yes…"

"Great! Tell us where we can find him?" Edward spoke, golden eyes staring at her with such intensity he was making her kind of nervous.

Before she could open her mouth to reply, she heard a familiar voice call her name.


The group turned their heads to see a dark haired girl running in their direction.

"Oh, hey, Rebecca!" the girl, now identified as Orihime, waved at the new girl enthusiastically.

Rebecca scowled at Orihime. "You've got to stop wandering off like that, Orihime! Where have you been?"

"Sorry, Rebecca," Orihime said, apologetically. "I was talking to these boys," she explained, pointing to the Elric brothers.

The dark haired girl glared at the two boys. "What do you think you're doing with Orihime, you perverts?!" she yelled accusingly.

Edward growled, his face turning a light shade of pink at the accusation, still remembering the girl's bust in his face from moments ago. "We are not perverts!"

Rebecca merely scoffed. "Yeah, whatever, shorty." She turned towards the auburn haired girl, grabbing her arm and dragging her away. "C'mon, Orihime. Leave these, pervs."

"WHO ARE YOU CALLING A MICROSCOPIC PIPSQUEAK?!" Edward screamed out furiously. The only thing preventing him from chasing the girl and plummeting her was his brother holding him back, causing him to angrily flail about.

A few minutes later, he settled down. But still, he was a little ticked off. Not just because he was called short, his most hated word, but because they still haven't found this healer with the ability to apparently bypass the laws of Equivalent Exchange.

"It's getting dark, brother," Alphonse spoke, dragging his older brother out of his thoughts.

The blond alchemist looked towards the sky to see the sun fading over the horizon and the blue turning into a light gray color and getting darker by the minute.

"What do we do now?"

Edward scratched the back of his head in frustration. "We don't have a choice, Al. We're spending the night."

The brothers rented a room at the inn.

It was later that same night that they, or rather Ed, was woken up by the sound of someone's frantic and fearful screaming.

"Someone help! Orihime's been kidnapped!"

(A/N: Here's the end of chapter three of 'The Flower Princess and the Alchemist'. Hope you enjoyed it! I hope I didn't OOC any of the FMA characters. I know that there are procedures Ed and Al have to go with the military, but I just wanted to skip that part and get them straight into the town Orihime is residing in. When I read crossovers I like to immediately get to the part where characters from universe A meets characters from universe B. Because the story doesn't really begin until their fateful meeting [at least for me]. That's one of the main points of crossovers. How characters from two different worlds interact and the adventures they go on together.

As a side note, now you also know the name of the town Orihime's currently living in. I tried looking for a map of Amestris with all the different landmarks and cities, but I couldn't find one. So, Greia is a made up town. Until I can google a map of Amestris, all the landmarks are going off from the top of my head of what I remember of the anime, which is kind of not good because I don't pay attention to that kind of stuff. All I know is East City and Central and Ishval. But Ishval is a different country, not a city in Amestris [I think].

One more thing, I wanted to make the Elric brothers first meeting with Orihime so 'unusual' they are left speechless. I hoped I portrayed that right without OOCing any of the characters. I wonder how they would react when they found out Orihime is that healer they were looking for? They would find out in the next chapter.

Well, please leave any comments, suggestions, or questions, and thanks for reading!)

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