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A Chimera's Cry

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A Chimera's Cry

The first thing the trio did that morning was head straight back to Tucker's house, after eating breakfast of course. There's still more research that needed to be done, and Edward and Alphonse wanted to uncover about bio-alchemy. Anything that could help them on their journey to regain their original bodies.

Ed was flipping through the fifth book he was reading. Or at least trying to.

"Nina! Catch!"

"Okay!" There was a small grunt and a thud of a small ball could be heard. "I caught it, big sister Ori!" Nina chirped, loudly. Alexander whined happily, dancing along with the girls' excitement.

Urgh! It'd be easier to read, if they weren't fucking playing catch in front of him!

"Would you two shut up and play somewhere else?!" Edward finally screamed, his irritation and frustration reaching their limits.

Both girls immediately froze, staring at the irate blond, like kids being caught stealing cookies in the cookie jar.

Orihime was wearing one of the outfits Ed bought for her the other day. It consisted a simple dark gray t-shirt, a midnight blue crop top jacket with sleeves that reached down to her elbows. A simple pair of black pants draped her long legs. The pants also had a dark pink strip at the sides and hem, and a pair of red, calf length, flat boots adorned her feet.

Nina pouted. "You are no fun, big brother."

Edward pointed an indignant finger at her. "I'm no fun? I'm too busy with my research to have any time for horsing around!"

Just then a looming shadow hovered over Ed, and he let out an uncharacteristic scream when fell victim to one of Alexander's belly flops once again.

"Not again," Edward groaned out, painfully.

"They're right, you know," Alphonse suddenly spoke, coming around the corner of the library. "You should really try to loosen up, brother!"

"Al!" the elder Elric shouted, vehemently. "Who's side are you on?"

Orihime giggled at the brothers' bickering that soon commenced. She glanced up at the clock that was hanging on the far side of the wall. "It's almost noon."

"Edward! Alphonse!" she called out to the boys. "I'm going for walk, alright?"

"You sure you're okay by yourself, Orihime?" Alphonse asked.

The ginger haired girl was touched by his concern for her wellbeing. He's always so sweet. "Don't worry, Alphonse! I'll be fine! It's just a walk." She noticed the scowl on Ed's face. "You shouldn't worry either, Edward."

"I'm not worried!" the blond alchemist retorted, his cheeks flushing in both embarrassment and anger.

Orihime smiled at that. She could read him like a book. He was worried. He just won't admit it.

"Alright. See you."

The girl walked out the library and out of the estate, leaving the three behind.

Orihime was walking leisurely through one of the sidewalks of East City. She made a mental note to herself not to stray to far or else she'll get loss trying to find her way back.

Three months. It's been almost three months since she's been here. And quite honestly, she has gotten somewhat used to life here. Nothing's really that much different than her old world, after all.

"When I concentrate hard enough, I could feel Ichigo's spiritual pressure," the ginger haired girl thought, closing her eyes with a small smile on her face. She opened her eyes and proceeded to hum a happy tune to herself.

With each passing day, she could feel his spiritual energy getting stronger, meaning he was doing some type of training to get his lost Soul Reaper powers and it was working. She was so proud and happy for him!

Although, Orihime felt a little upset and guilty as well. Her sudden disappearance is most likely what inspired Ichigo to regain his loss powers in the first place. He always been the one to go through any lengths to protect his friends and family and keep them safe. That's one of the things she loves about him.

However, she had to wonder why was Ichigo's spirit energy the only thing she could detect. She couldn't feel Uryu's, Chad's, or even Mr. Urahara's. Just Ichigo's. A part of her reasoned that maybe Ichigo's is just really powerful and that he lacks control to fully conceal it. She could be right. After all, the former substitute Soul Reaper was always bad at keeping his spiritual pressure in check. Especially, if he's upset or agitated. And no doubt, his worry over her is what's causing his spirit energy to leak out.

Orihime found a bench near a water fountain and sat down on it. The day was beautiful. The sun was shining brightly, and the scent of the flowers growing around the fountain and fresh water filled her nose.

She closed her eyes as she leaned back into the bench, relaxing under the peaceful atmosphere. Days like this brought back memories. Memories on why she was to return to her old world.


Orihime was rummaging through her closet, trying to pick out a nice outfit for the festival she was going with her friends. It was Golden Week, meaning school was out for the entire week.

It was the final day of Golden Week and she, Tatsuki, Ichigo and the others planned to go to the festival together and watch the fireworks afterwards.

She was carefully trying to choose her outfit. The ginger haired girl was going the festival with Ichigo. Well, of course, their friends would be with them, but just the thought of going somewhere nice with Ichigo made her blush. Not to mention, it's the first activity she did with her friends after returning from Hueco Mundo.

She settled for a nice flowing white skirt that reached to her knees with light blue fitted blouse. Her long hair was done up into a neat bun. She smiled as she gazed at herself in the mirror.

"I'm ready!"

Orihime was laughing loudly, enjoying her time with Ichigo, Tatsuki, and her friends.

"I had a blast at the festival!" she announced, happily.

"I haven't been able to enjoy myself like that in a long time," Tatsuki said, stretching her arms above her head.

"It was actually fun, considering we have Ichigo with us," Uryu commented.

"What's that supposed to mean, Uryu?" Ichigo growled out. Chad stood behind, watching the two bickering males in case their verbal abuse turned into a fist a cuff match.

Keigo was bus spitting out random things to Mizuiro, who was busy texting away on his phone to pay attention to the former.

Just then the fireworks went off in the distance.

"Look, guys! Fireworks!" Orihime chirped, pointing at the blazing sky as another one exploding into a fury of red and yellow.

The group settled themselves on the floor to watched the rest of the fireworks show in relative silence. It was times like this that the ginger haired girl was so glad to finally be away from all the horrors of Hueco Mundo and home with all her friends where she belongs.


Orihime felt someone call her as they gently shook her awake. Her gray eyes fluttered open. When did she fall asleep in the first place?

"Hey, miss. You know, it's dangerous to sleep out here in the open."

A tall man with black hair and green eyes hiding behind rectangular glasses wearing a military uniform stood in front of her, a bright, friendly smile spreading across his face.

"Oh, um…" Orihime blushed in embarrassment at having been caught sleeping in the middle of the street. That was careless of her. Who knows what would have happened if some creep decided to take advantage of her?

The man simply chuckled. "You must've been pretty tired to be able to sleep in the middle of the street like this."

She let out a nervous. "N-no, I was just d-daydreaming and drifted off somehow…," she trailed off.

He sent her a soft smile. "Well, you should be more careful next time." His green eyes scanned the girl's hair and facial features. His brow furrowed as if deep in thought.

Finally he spoke.

"Aren't you the girl traveling with the Elric brothers?"

Gray eyes widened in surprise. "H-how do you know?"

The man took a seat next to her on the bench. "I'm a friend and colleague of Roy's."

"Roy?" Orihime pondered, trying to rack her brain for the person's name. It sounded familiar.

Her gray eyes turned bright in realization. "Do you mean Ed's boss?"

"Bingo!" the dark haired man exclaimed, snapping his fingers. "That's the one! He and I have been friends for a long time. He told me that Ed's got himself a girlfriend." He tapped his chin, thoughtfully. "I remember him saying something along the lines that Ed finally got himself a girlfriend, but he didn't think she'd be so hot. And if Ed's girlfriend was a little older, he'd would've dated her himself."

Orihime blushed slightly and shook her head vigorously. "Oh, no! I'm not his girlfriend," she protested, softly. "We're just friends." She shifted in her seat to face the man more properly, the blush on her cheeks dying down. "By the way, my name is Orihime Inoue."

"Maes Hughes. Lieutenant Colonel Maes Hughes," the bespectacled man replied finally introducing himself. He reached into his breast pocket and pulled out a picture, shoving it so close to her face that all she saw were blurs. The auburn haired girl had to lean to head back to get a better look. It was a picture of a woman with short, brown hair and green eyes carrying a little girl with the same hair color that was done in short pigtails and eye color. "This my wife, Gracia, and my daughter, Elicia! Aren't they the most adorable girls in the world?" he gushed, his words coming out so rushed with excitement, she could barely understand what he was saying.

The ginger haired girl only nodded dumbly. "They're very pretty."

"I know!"

She listened as Maes rambled on and on about how cute, adorable, and precious his wife and daughter. It was so sweet! She could tell he was a really loving and doting husband and father. He's excitement and wacky enthusiasm almost reminded her of Ichigo's dad.

As much as Orihime would like to listen to another one of his speeches of his 'precious girls', she should probably head back to the Tucker's estate. She's been gone for hours now. No doubt causing Edward and Alphonse unnecessary worry.

"Excuse me, Mr. Hughes," Orihime spoke, surprisingly catching the man's attention. "I have to leave now."

Hughes face scrunched up in what seemed like disappointment. He was probably sad that the stories of wife and daughter were cut short.

"Well, alright! Edward would chew me out if I kept you out any longer anyway," he chuckled.

The ginger haired girl giggled softly at the notion as she stood up from the bench. "It was nice meeting you, Mr. Hughes."

"Likewise," he replied. "And please call me Maes. Oh, and tell Ed I said 'hi' and tell him to watch out for a serial killer. He's targeting State Alchemists like Ed and Roy." She nodded in understanding. "Now, you should get going." He shooed her away, which Orihime complied. "God, any man would be lucky to date someone as sweet and beautiful as her," he whistled. "Roy's right. Ed is blind."

Orihime ran straight back to the Tucker's estate. It's a good thing she remembered the general direction of which way she went when she left the house. The sun was already beginning to set. She knew she was in big trouble and was mentally preparing herself for a long lecture.

"I'm back," she announced as she opened the gate. It was more out of politeness and force of habit.

Immediately, a flash of red and gold occupied her vision.

"Where the hell have you been? Don't you have any idea what time it is?" Edward yelled, his face twisted in fury and impatience.

"I'm sorry," Orihime replied, sheepishly, walking closer to the house. "I was out taking a walk and then fell asleep."

"You what?!" Ed practically screamed. Even though he was angry, the ginger haired girl could see the worry and slight fear in his eyes. The fear for her. It was so sweet how much cares about her wellbeing, even though he tries to hide it behind his irritation and rudeness. "Don't you know how stupid that is!" Even though he was yelling at her, she could see his eyes roaming her body for injuries.

"Sorry, there was a lot things I needed to think over," she said, absentmindedly.

The blond alchemist's face relaxed into curiosity. "Like what?"

The girl merely shook her head. "It's nothing…"

Around the corner of the house, Nina and Alphonse came out and the brown haired girl practically tackled the older girl's leg. "Big sister Ori, I missed you!" the little girl cried out. Big, round, blue eyes glanced up at her. "Where did you go? You missed all the fun I had with big brother Ed and big brother Al!"

Alexander trotted over to the girls, yipping and barking happily. He wagged his tail cheerfully as he licked the girl's hands, showing how much he missed her.

Orihime smiled and knelt down to Nina's level. "I had to take a little walk. There was a lot going inside here." She tapped the side of her head for emphasis. "I had to go clear my head."

The little girl pouted then she smiled brightly. "I hope you feel better now. Can we play some more tomorrow?" she asked, innocently.

The ginger haired girl grin softly. "Sure!" Just then her stomach growled, causing the girl's face to flush in embarrassment.

"You must be hungry, Orihime," Alphonse chuckled. "You're just as bad as Ed."

"What's that supposed to mean?" Ed glowered at his little brother.

"C'mon, Orihime. Mr. Tucker is probably making dinner now."

Al pulled Orihime along with Nina holding her other hand and Ed following after them.

Everyone was gathering around the dining room inside of the house. They were all eating a simple plate of rice and beef.

"I have my Assessment Day coming up soon," Tucker announced.

Orihime paused in between her bites of rice. "I don't mean to impose, but what is Assessment Day?"

"Once a year after getting their license, State Alchemists must submit their findings and research to keep their certifications," he explained.

She nodded her head in understanding. It was similar of re-submitting one's license for a renewal every few years, except without the whole paperwork on why you need to renew it.

"I'm afraid if I don't give them a good report on my chimera research, they'd revoke my license," Tucker continued, soberly.

"Don't worry, daddy!" Nina chriped, determinedly. "You would do good this year because you are always studying so much! And if they say 'no', me and Alexander would growl at them until they say 'yes'."

Orihime giggled at the little girl's enthusiasm while Alexander barked his agreement.

"You tell them, Nina!" Alphonse chuckled.

"Nina, how would you like to play with daddy tomorrow?" Tucker asked his daughter.

The girl's eyes lit up with excitement. "Really?" When she saw her father nod his head, she smiled widely. "Yay! Did you hear that Alexander? Daddy is going to play with us tomorrow?"

The Elric brothers and their female companion simply smiled, feeling happy that Nina finally gets to spend time with her dad.


"Yeah?" Golden eyes glanced over to the ginger haired girl. The three were making their way towards their hotel room.

"Do you have to do that? That assessment thing?" she asked.

"Yeah, I do," he answered. "I am a State Alchemist, after all. So I have to submit my findings in order to keep my license for another year."

Orihime hummed, thoughtfully. "Must be a lot of work…"

"Naw," the blond alchemist said, nonchalantly. "It's pretty easy."

Gray eyes glanced up towards the sky. "It's going to rain tomorrow."

"It is?" Alphonse asked, curiously. "How can you tell, Orihime?"

The girl shrugged her shoulders. "Just a feeling…" She gaze drifted up towards the sky again as she held her hand over her chest where her heart laid. "Just like the rain connects the heaven and the earth, do you think it could connect two hearts together?" she asked, more to herself than the boys as she could feel Ichigo's presence radiating strongly.

"Huh?" the Elric brothers mumbled, dumbly.

Orihime drifted her gaze towards them and let out a sheepish laugh. "Nothing. Just talking to myself."

There was something about being inside the Tuckers' estate for the third day in the row that sent an ominous chill down Orihime's spine. Not only was the weather gloomy with the gray sky and darkened clouds blocking the sun, indicating it was going to rain soon like she predicted, but the inside was eerily quiet. Nina's joyous cries nor Alexander loud barking could be heard.

And nobody answered the door when Alphonse knocked it, prompting him and Edward to just waltz inside as she followed after them.

The ginger haired girl tried to concentrate on finding Nina's spirit energy as Ed and Al tried to call for them. She had a bad feeling about this.

Nina's energy was weak, like any other human without spirit energy, but it was easy enough to track down since she was close by.

She dashed towards the girl's signature.

"Orihime? Wait!" Alphonse called after her.

"Where are you going?" Edward asked as they both chased after her.

Orihime came upon a large set of doors. Forgoing courtesy, she slowly pushed the doors open. Inside the room was dark with only the outside lighting giving it some light. There seemed to alchemic formulas and beakers on tables.

"Ah! Mr. Tucker! There you are!" Alphonse said, sounding relieved. He must've thought something had happened to them when no one answered the door of their calls.

Shou Tucker craned his neck towards them, his eyes hidden by the gleam of his glasses. "I did it, guys!" he spoke, happily. However, there was something secretive and deathly portentous about the way he sounded. "I did! I finally transmuted a talking chimera!"

He scooted back to let the three teens see the chimera he was referring to. It was that of a large, white dog with a long snout, beady, white eyes, and long brown mane and tail.

Tucker crouched down to its level. "See? That person over there is Edward."

The chimera tilted its head. "Ed...ward…," it spoke slowly.

All three of them gasped, but for different reasons. Both Ed and Al let out breaths of awe and their eyes lit up with fascination as Orihime stared at the chimera, completely horrified.

"Amazing!" Edward gasped out. "It can actually talking! A talking chimera…!"

The blond alchemist stepped closer to the chimera as it stared at him curiously.

"Ed...ward. That...person...Edward," it repeated once more, its voice becoming more coherent. It let out a smile that seemed an uncanny and unsettling mixture of joy and disturbing. "Big brother Ed."

Edward let out a horrified gasp as his eyes widened in fear.

No sound was made, except for the sound of Orihime's silent crying. Dear god, she wished what she was sensing was no true. Was just a figment of her imagination. But no matter how hard she tried, she could feel Nina's soul inside that chimera.

"Mr. Tucker," Ed said, slowly and with silent rage. "When did your wife leave?"

"Let's see," Tucker pondered a bit. "That was two years ago."

"And when did you get your state certification?"

"That was two years ago, too."

"I just have one more question…" Golden eyes filled with wrathful anger glared hatefully at the man. "Nina and Alexander… Where are they?"

Alphonse seemed to catch on as he stared at the chimera in shock and Orihime's sobbing just got louder.

"I hate perceptive brats like you," Tucker hissed, heatedly, confirming the trio's fear.

That was all incentive Edward needed as his rage boiled over and slammed the depraved man against the wall, using his left arm to hold him up.

"Yeah, I figured it out! Two years ago, it was your wife! Now, you used your own daughter and her dog to transmute a talking chimera! You can only do so much with animals. It's much easier if you start with a human, isn't that right?!" Ed yelled, furiously.

"Ha, I don't see what you're so upset about?" Tucker smirked, mockingly. "This is how we progress. Human experimentation is a necessary step for evolution. I would think a fellow scientist would understand."

"Shut up! You think you're going to get away with this?! Messing around with someone's life like that… YOU'RE OWN DAUGHTER!"

"Someone's life, you say?" He let out a taunting laugh. "You'd know all about that, wouldn't you? Look at you, Fullmetal Alchemist…! Look at your leg, your arm, your brother…! All those are the results of messing around with someone's life!"

"SHUT UP!" His right hook immediately and ruthlessly connected with the man's jaw. A sickening crack could be heard, and his glasses fell, shattering on the ground.

Tucker merely shrugged it off, laughing maniacally, staring at Edward with eyes filled with insanity. "We are the same! We're the same, you and I! You're just like me!"

"We're not!" Edward seethed.

"Oh, but we are…! The opportunity was right in front of us, and we took it! We took it, even though it was forbidden!"

"NO! I'M NOT…!"

Edward didn't know how long or how many times he was pounding his fist across Tucker's face. His body was shaking with rage and grief that he couldn't contain himself. It took Al's interference to make himself.

"Brother! You do any more damage, he'll die!" Alphonse informed, trying to calm down his older brother's wrathful fury as he held his arm back.

Edward froze when he felt tug on the back of his jacket and a soft growl. He glanced to see the Nina chimera snarling lowly at him. When she got his attention, she let go.

"Edward, no…," she guttered out, a hint of sadness in her voice. "Daddy… Did you...hurt...daddy?"

Orihime couldn't look anymore. After… After everything she's been through, she should be used to stuff like this. But when it happens to a child, who is forcibly thrown into the dark secrets of world without any discretion, it's just so….terrifying and heartbreaking. She could stop the tears that was stremming down her face.

How can anyone do that to their family? How?

She wondered if her parents would've done the same to her, if her brother hadn't taken her with him.

The ginger haired blanked out everything as she standing on the porch of the estate, thinking of a way to save Nina. There's a possibly chance that she could, but that would also expose more of her powers potential.

She glanced over at Edward and Alphonse at they were talking with a dark skinned general. What would they think? Would they hate her for lying to them?

"No, we are taking the chimera to a lab," the general announced, his voice filled with authority.

"So? You're going to experiment on her!" Edward screeched out.

Orihime felt something snap inside her. The next thing she knew, she sent Tsubaki to destroy the crate containing Nina inside. The chimera escaped and ran into a random direction in fear.

Forget this! Her doubts, her fears… They mean nothing compared to the child's horrible fate.

"Edward, Alphonse," she called to the boys, her voice devoid of any emotion. "Come with me." She walked in the general direction of where Nina ran off to.

"No, you kids stay here, we'll go after the chimera," the general spoke.

Orihime gave the man a crooked smile. "I appreciate that, but it'd be better if I went after her. And please don't stop me and don't attack me."

"What?" the general growled, pissed at having his authority challenged. He reared his fist back, and the girl watch with blank fascination as it transformed in was covered in a metal coating. "Do you have any idea who I am? Do you know who you are ordering around?"

"Alchemy," she mused. She ignored the man's rage and motioned for Ed and Al to follow her.

The two brothers glanced at each other confused, and jogged up to the retreating girl until they caught up with her.

Sensing danger, Orihime paused in her steps, her shield activating behind her. It sprang up just in time as the man's gauntlet fist connected with it.

Edward and Alphonse watched in awe and amazement as it suddenly reacted with the force of the impact and exploded, shooting a strong beam of orange light, nearly tearing the unsuspecting man's arm off.

The general clutched his bleeding arm. "What…," he panted out, glaring at the girl, heatedly. "What the hell was that technique you used?"

"Shiten Koshun," she said, almost silently. "It diffuses an impact of an attack and simultaneously disperses it into a concentrated explosion from the resultant force. In other words, every attack on the shield would be fired back at the attacker with double the power."

"How did…? When did…?" Edward couldn't find the words to explain his shock and awe.

"You little bitch…!" the dark skinned man growled out. "That was a dirty trick!"

Gray eyes regarded with the man with defiance. "You can call it however you like it. My advice is, if you don't want that to happen again… Then don't attack me when I specifically told you not to!"

Orihime ran off, figuring she wasted to much time confronting the arrogant general. She could hear Edward and Alphonse following after her, bombarding her with questions.

She also faintly hear the general ordering the soldiers to go after them. But she didn't care. The only thing on her mind right now is finding Nina and saving her.

Following Nina's spiritual pressure, it didn't take long for Orihime to track her down into a random alleyway. Her clothes were completely soaked to the bone due to the downpour.

Nina could be spotted in the middle of the alleyway.

"Edward, could you please close off the alleyway?" she asked, trying to contain her sorrow. Just seeing Nina like that was enough for the gentle girl to almost break down in tears again.

"Why?" Ed questioned.

"What are you planning to do, Orihime?" Alphonse asked the girl.

"Edward, please…"

The pleading in the ginger haired girl's voice was something that caught the blond alchemist off guard. Her voice wasn't forceful, and yet she wasn't imploring any demands. It was filled with a fleeting sorrow and hardened resolve.

He complied with her wishes and he clapped his hands and slammed them down, using alchemy to block the entrance and exit of the alleyway.

Orihime slowly stalked towards the now frantic Nina, trying to not to scare her anymore than she already was, seeing as she was now trapped with nowhere to escape.

"Edward, Alphonse," she called to them.

"Yeah?" both boys said, simultaneously, their tone laced with confusion.

"I'm going to save Nina's life," she suddenly announced, her voice filled with determination. The girl didn't need to turn around to see their eyes widen with shock and disbelief, but she didn't give them time to state their skepticism. "I don't know much Equivalent Exchange, but since it's the law you guys abide by, right? So I'm make my own Equivalent Exchange. This once… Just this once… I'm going to save Nina's life. In return, don't ask any questions, and don't tell anybody about what you are going to see. Absolutely nobody should know about this. And please don't think any differently about me once you see this," the ginger haired girl finished with wistful resolve and a hint of pleading sadness in her tone.

The auburn haired girl didn't wait for the boys reply before she crouched down to Nina's level and pulled her into a gentle hug. Her Soten Kisshun forming around the two.

Edward and Alphonse wanted to tell her to stop. That there was nothing they could do for Nina. But there was something about the willful resolution in her voice that made them keep silent.

Orihime could feel the souls of Nina and Alexander mingled together in their chimera form. She knew that all she needed was simply reverse the effects of their transmutation. To just pull their souls apart into two separate entities and imagine how they looked in their original forms.

She pieced back together obliterated arms and revived recently dead people, but this was the first time she pulled apart an experimentally combined body.

Not to mention, she just used her newly developed Shiten Koshun. Since she hasn't master the technique, it took a fair amount of her spirit energy.

Orihime felt a spark as her technique was beginning to work. There was another feeling, like a fire ready to explode inside the little girl's soul, but she ignored it for now in order to concentrate on separating Nina's and Alexander's souls.

Almost there. Just a little more.

What happened next left Ed and Al totally speechless and dumbfounded. The chimera's body pulled apart to reveal a slumbering Nina and a yipping Alexander.

She did it…! She actually did it!

No words could explain what they were feeling. Joy and happiness were the two main emotions that filtered between the three. And only Alexander's barking and Orihime heartfelt, silent cries could be heard.

(A/N: This is the end of chapter fourteen! Hoped you enjoyed it! *tears of joy* So, Nina and Alexander were saved! Hooray! This was one of the chapters I was looking forward to writing while working on this story, mainly the ending. I hope it came through as you guys enjoyed reading it. Although, I should tell you there's a reason on why Nina and Alexander were saved. I don't just save canon characters, just for the sake of saving them. There are two reasons actually.

Reason one, I simply wanted Edward and Alphonse to witness more of Orihime's powers, demonstrating that there are times like this that she is forced to show them more of her true powers. I mentioned early about her lies and half truths would eventually end up biting her in the butt. This is just a minor example. Now the Elric brothers would start to question the true extent of her powers. I just hope it doesn't messes up their friendship.

And reason two… What Bleach powers would Nina come to possess later? Soul Reaper, Quincy, or Fullbring? I honestly just thought of this recently. And I've never seen a story where Nina eventually turns into little miss badass. So… I want to experiment and see where it goes. So what powers would Nina obtain later? Soul Reaper, Quincy, or Fullbring? Find out, well, later. And it's not going to be in the next couple of chapters for the reveal. It's going to be gradual. But the cute, little girl would have a spirit power from Bleach.

Okay, enough rambling! Leave any comments, suggestions, and questions in a review and thanks for reading!)

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