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Spring, Spring Aboard

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Spring, Spring Aboard

Orihime waited patiently in front of the office of Roy Mustang. Feeling Ichigo's presence the other day made her peppier and giddier than she ever was before. Of course, she could feel the substitute Soul Reaper's spirit energy, but just tiny, miniscule traces of it. Ichigo did have an enormous amount of spirit energy, after all. Just feeling was enough to soothe her nerves.

"I wonder what Edward is doing?" Orihime asked the person who was standing out in the hall with her.

"He's reporting to the Colonel about the fake Philosopher's Stone Father Cornello used in Liore and about the coal mines in Youswell," Alphonse answered. "He's probably filling out some paperwork," he added with a snicker.

The auburn haired girl giggled alongside him. "That must be pretty boring!"

Suddenly, the door burst open and Edward stepped through.

"How'd the meeting go?" Orihime asked him.

Edward shrugged his shoulders, but she could tell it didn't go so well by the way his gloved hands twitched as if he's being mindful not to ball his hands into fists.

"We're going to meet an alchemist called, Shou Tucker?"

Later, Orihime found herself in car along with Mustang seated next to her and the Elric brothers sitting across from them.

The cars here were so much more old fashioned and smaller than the cars in her world. Then again, she was about a hundred years in the past. She could bet cars were only invented recently.

"The Sewing Life Alchemist, Shou Tucker… He's an expert on chimeras," Mustang explained, reading the information slips of papers in his hand.

Orihime furrowed her eyebrows, confused. "What's a chimera?"

They glanced at her with raised eyebrows, making her shrink back in her seat, feeling self conscious. Maybe what she asked was a stupid question. Especially in the perspective of three highly trained alchemist.

Finally Al was the one to answer her question. "Chimeras are basically two creatures, mainly animals combined into one. Chimeras are made from alchemically synthesizing two different living beings into a new form. It's very difficult and it's part of bio-alchemy, which is way me and brother are interested in meeting Mr. Tucker in the first place. To learn more about bio-alchemy."

The ginger haired girl nodded her head in understanding. "Didn't Cornello have a chimera?"

"Yeah, he did…" Al didn't know how to feel about talking about that corrupt priest. But it was just an innocent question.

"It was pretty cool!"

"Cool isn't the word I would use, Orihime," Edward deadpanned, giving the girl an odd look, causing her to sheepishly laugh.

The Colonel cleared his throat, causing the three teen's to turn the attention back at him. "As I was saying," he continued. "Shou Tucker received his State Alchemist license after he transmuted a chimera that could understand human speech."

"Human speech? You mean it could talk?!" Edward exclaimed.

Roy nodded in confirmation. "But it only said one word… 'I want to die'. Afterwards, it refused to eat until it got its wish."

A slightly depressing silence filled the rest of the car ride.

A giant, white, three story mansion was greeted before the awestruck teens as they stood in large, luscious, green courtyard.

"This is his house?" Edward breathed out, mouth agaped. "It's…"

"Amazing," Orihime finished for him, completely at loss for words.

"I was going to say huge, but amazing works, too."

Just then, a loud barking sound caught the two's attention. The next second, a giant shadow formed around Ed and before the blond could react, he was squished against the pavement, letting out an unsightly scream.

Orihime crouched and awed at the large, white dog sitting on top of the blond alchemist. She held her hand out to it for it to sniff. The dog stared at her hand curiously, taking a few good sniffs. It licked her hand, its tail wagging happily behind it before proceeding to slopper her face with kisses, causing the giggle uncontrollably.

"That tickles…!"

Edward said something, but his voice was muffled by the ground, so Orihime couldn't hear him.

"Daddy, look! Visitors!"

The sound of a girlish, child like voice caught the ginger haired girl's attention. At the doorway stood a small girl, around six years of age, with long brown hair tied into braided pigtails and big, blue eyes. Behind stood a man with the same hair color and eye color, wearing round rimmed glasses.

She figured the man was named Shou Tucker and the little girl must be his daughter, Nina Tucker, as he called her.

"Nina!" the man lightly scolded the girl. "I told you to keep the dog tied up."

As if it were the scolded, the dog leaped off of Edward, finally allowing the blond freedom to move. He gave the girl next to him a pointed glare. "You could have helped me, you know."

Orihime's face turned a light pink in embarrassment. "Sorry, Edward. The dog was just so large and cute."

"That's no excuse!" he argued, fist clenched at his side from both anger and humiliation at letting a dog constrain his movement.

The auburn haired girl pouted. "Aww!"

The Tucker laughed behind his hand. "How about we all come inside?"

Orihime, Edward, Alphonse, and Roy all sat around the dining room of Mr. Tucker's estate as passed each one of them a cup of tea before a taking a seat across from them.

"I'm sorry," Tucker began speaking. "This place is kind of filthy, I know. My wife left me a few years back, and I'm not much a housekeeper myself."

It was true. Orihime could clearly see empty plates and cups scattered across the floor as well as old newspapers, books, and other random trash. And this was only the dining area. Imagine what the rest of the house must look like.

Tucker clasped his hands together, bringing his elbows on the table. "So? What brings you to my home?"

"Well, you see, Ed and Al are interested in bio-alchemy," Roy answered for the boys.

The Sewing Life Alchemist nodded in understand before turning his gaze towards Orihime, who was sipping the tea given to her. "What the girl?"

The ginger haired perked at being signaled out and set her cup down. "Oh, no reason. I'm just a tagalong." Her lips spread into a small smile. "Besides, I'm too stupid to understand this stuff."

Edward turned to her. "You shouldn't smile and call yourself 'stupid'," he deadpanned.

"Well… It's sort of true… I'm not as smart as you, Edward."

He gave a half smiled, his ego boosting. "Then behold my genius, stupid," he teased, playfully, poking her shoulder.

Her lips turned upside down in a childish pout. "Hey! That's mean when you say it!"

Mustang shot them a pointed look. "You two can flirt with each other later, don't you have business with Shou Tucker, Ed? It's not very professional during a business meeting."

Heat raised into Edward's cheeks as he glared at the Colonel. He was not flirting with Orihime! He was… He was… Teasing her. There's a difference!

Orihime blinked in confusion. She wasn't flirting with Edward. She was playing with him, making jokes. She was slightly puzzled. Does making innocent jokes count as flirting? She plays with Tatsuki like that all the time. And sometimes, Rangiku, too, when the older Soul Reaper comes to visit. Although, it can get a little...out of hand at times.

Hmm, her lips formed into a small as she pondered on the implications. Maybe it's counted as joking around when it's a girl and girl or boy and boy doing it. If it's a girl and boy, it's considered flirting…? She shook her head. Too confusing.

Tucker turned towards his daughter. "Nina?" Nina faced her father, a bright smile on her expression. "Why don't you go play with the dog outside?" That smile instantly transformed into a small pout.

"I'll go, too!" Orihime beamed.

Alphonse glanced at her. "Are you sure, Orihime? You're missing an opportunity to learn some really great alchemy."

She nodded her, vigorously. "Yep, I'm sure! And besides, I'm perfectly fine with the way I am now." Her grin was so large it was practically splitting across her face, as a soft, bright yellow glow out of nowhere shined behind her.

The Elric brothers' sweat dropped at the pure radiance of it. Has she always shined like that?

The auburn haired girl held out her hand for the younger girl to take. "Let's go play outside, Nina!"

Nina beamed. "Okay, big sister!"

The two girls left leaving the men alone.

"She sure is an energetic companion to have, isn't she?" Tucker commented.

Ed sighed as if letting years of pent up exhaustion leave his body, even though he's only known Orihime for a little over a month now. "You don't know the half of it…"

He felt something poke his arm. His golden gazed caught his younger brother's.

"Brother," Al whispered towards him. "Is it me or does Orihime seem different?"

The blond alchemist raised an eyebrow. "Different how?" he questioned.

The suit of armor shrugged his shoulders. "I don't know. She just seems...happier somehow. Ever since we left Youswell, she's been twice as cheerful."

Ed pondered for a bit. It was true that he thought Orihime was different. So much livier, peepier, and all around happier. His mind wandered back to all the shenanigans she put them through and groaned in defeat. "If she's twice as cheerful, Al, that means she's going to be twice as annoying."

He turned his attention to Tucker. "So? Any chance of you letting us see your research materials?"

Tucker pressed his glasses against his face, causing a shine to gleam through them. "Yes, of course." A large grin spread across Ed's face as Alphonse looked just as cheerful. They were finally going to learn something about bio-alchemy! "However, before I show you my research, why don't you show me yours? It is the rule we alchemists go by. Equivalent Exchange."

Both brothers' happy demeanor changed into one twisted of shame and disappointed. Alphonse sighed, dejectedly as Edward's lips formed into a deep frown.

Equivalent Exchange… As an alchemist himself, Ed has always lived by the rules of equal give and equal take. It's the philosophy he lives by and he greatly respects it. However, it was time like these that it comes to bite him in the ass.

He let out a pain filled sighed despite himself. Guess, he'd have to tell Shou Tucker he and Al attempted Human Transmutation and failed miserably.

The blond alchemist's began taking off his red coat and the black jacket underneath, his right automail arm unobstructed from view, glimmering under the dining room light. Golden eyes glanced around the room one more time.

Good thing Orihime isn't here.

Speaking of Orihime, the young girl was busy watching Nina play with her dog, Alexander. It felt so good and relaxing laying against the tree trunk. Almost made her feel like going to sleep.

"Big sister, Ori!"

Gray eyes watched, amusingly, as the small girl jogged up to her. The little had taken to calling her 'Ori' instead of 'Orihime' because her name was too long for her to pronounce properly. Even the nickname was a little mispronounced. Maybe because Nina was more English speaking than Japanese.

"What is it, Nina?" Orihime asked as the young child took a seat next to her.

"You have pretty hair," Nina giggled, running her hands through the older girl's auburn hair. "It's soft and orange! Can I braid it?"

The ginger haired girl smiled sweetly at the girl. She was just so cute and adorable! "Sure! Go ahead!" She shifted in her seat until her back was facing the little girl, giving her full access to her hair.

The brown haired girl chortled with glee as she got to work on braiding the older girl's long, auburn hair. Her small hands began working on twisting and turn strands of her hair into braids.

"Big sister?"


Nina seemed to pause, seemingly hesitant to continue. "How long are you and big brother planning to stay here?"

Orihime could hear the hint of sadness in the little girl's voice. She honestly doesn't know how long Edward and Alphonse plan to stay here or how many times they attend to visit the Tucker estate, all she knows they are going to be glued to this place until they got all the information they needed.

She learned over time that it was just the type of people they are. Determined and earnestly unruffled in their objective.

"I don't know, Nina," the ginger haired girl finally answered the girl. "I guess… Until big brother finishes with what he came here to do."

"Oh…" The older girl's heart ached at the dejected tone in the little girl's voice. "It gets sad and lonely with just me and daddy all the time."

Orihime wanted to ask the girl about her mother, but she was worried that she may touching onto a sensitive topic. The last thing she needed was for the little girl to burst into tears.

"How about this, Nina? Even after big brother is done with his research, we'd come over and visit you and dad from time to time?"

Nina perked up, happily. "Really? You would?"

Orihime laughed at the feeling of the little girl's joy. "Yes, really."

The brown haired girl giggled with glee as Alexander padded over, licking the girl's face, possibly sensing her happiness radiating off her.

After Edward and Alphonse were shown Tucker's library, they were amazed by the sheer number of books. There must've been hundreds, maybe thousands piled into various shelves, and they are all based on bio-alchemy?

Eagerly, the boys immediately got to work on reading these materials. They vaguely heard Mustang say something about getting someone to pick them up later, but they were too engrossed in the books they were reading to pay him any mind.

Edward spent hours after hours reading the different materials in Tucker's library. In fact, he just got done with his twenty seventh one and went to pick up number twenty eight.

As he was going through his twenty eighth book, the sound of quiet laughter caught his ears. It was easy enough to ignore. Well, the sound was easy to ignore, but the smell.

The smell of baked cheese, grilled meat, and freshly cooked dough waft into Ed's nose. The combination of aromas smelled so good! It made his mouth water and his stomach growl, indicating how hungry he was. Maybe it would be a good time to take a snack break.

The blond alchemist set the book he was currently down. He should probably go ask Orihime to cook him something to eat. Although, he thought about it for a second… Back to time with the food stall in Liore… He learned first hand how weird and bizarre her foods can be. But then again, he has been eating the ginger haired girl's cooking all this time and it tasted delicious. What makes finding out the truth about her foods any less tasty? It just makes her a very creative chef, he mused, an amusing smirk plastered on his face.

As Edward turned a corner of the library, the smell seemed to become stronger as if it was right under his nose. Another twist and he was meet with the sight of Alphonse, Orihime, Nina, and Alexander, who all stared at him bug eyed in return.

Everything seemed to pause momentarily as if some 'oh crap, I'm caught' comedy routine. Golden eyes scanned the four, eyebrows twitching. Orihime had what looked like meat and veggies slapped on a triangular dough and cheese hanging from her mouth. Nina was riding on top of Al, eating her own slice. And Alexander was whipping his tail back and forth happily as he was sloppy gobbling down his own piece.

Orihime was the first to speak through the awkward silence. "You want some, Edward?" she asked, pointing her head towards the half eaten baked dough of meat, cheese, and veggies.

Yellow eyebrows remained twitching in mild annoyance. "And when were you actually planning to share some with me? And what the hell is that anyway?"

The ginger haired girl let out a nervous laugh. "Don't worry, I was going to leave you the leftovers. You just seemed to so focused on reading, I didn't want to bother you," she answered, truthfully.

He merely sighed. He couldn't stay mad at her. He doesn't why, but he never stay angry at her for long. There was just something about her that just radiates affability.

Edward sat down with the group, grabbing a plate and taking a slice of meat and vegetable topped baked dough, watching hungrily as the melted cheese slowly tore away from the rest of it in a savory way.

He immediately took a bite of it, humming in delight. Damn, it was good!

Golden eyes glanced at the ginger haired girl, catching her attention. "What is this stuff anyway?" he asked, curiosity and delight peeking through his tone.

Orihime smiled. "It's called a pizza."

Ed raised a piqued brow. He hasn't never heard of a pizza before. He took another bite. But right now, he wished he learned of this amazing food creation sooner. It's the best!

After everyone was done eating their fill, Edward was coaxed into playing in the courtyard by a puppy eyed Nina, a whining Alexander, and a determinedly insistent Orihime. Two children and a dog, how could he resist? He was very well of the fact that his female companion was, technically, his around his age, but she sure does have the mentality of a child. His brother's betrayal didn't help matters either.

Four against one… So unfair!

"Yay!" Nina chirped, happily as she slid down Al's back.

Orihime crouched down in front of the girl, her braided her swaying in the gentle breeze. "Do you want to have a piggyback ride, Nina?"

"Okay!" The little brown haired girl went to climb onto the other girl's back.

A startled yelp rang out from a certain blond, catching the three's attention. Snickers of laughter sounded as they witnessed Alexander perched on top of a collapsed Edward again.

"Alexander wants a piggyback ride, too," Nina noted.

Ed groaned a bit. "Is that so?" He slowly crawled out from under the dog, steadily getting on his feet. "You bested me twice, dog, but playtime is over," he spoke, evenly before his voice took a dramatic turn. "I WON'T BE DEFEATED SO EASILY! I, EDWARD ELRIC, WOULD USE MY ALMIGHTY POWERS TO OBLITERATE YOU! GET BACK HERE, YOU MANGY MUTT!" He went chasing after a comically fleeing giant, white dog, causing the two girls to laugh wholeheartedly at his antics.

"There she goes. Sleeping again."

"Brother… You should really stop poking her and let her sleep."

There was a huff. "All she does is goof off and sleep afterwards."

"That's not her fault. Big sister has cleaning and cooking while you were studying, big brother."

"Huh?" This piqued Edward's interest as he glanced over at the little girl. "She's been cleaning all day."

Nina smiled in response. "Yep! She felt bad that she couldn't do anything to help. So she asked daddy if she could do the cooking and cleaning for him." The little girl raised her hands, enthusiastically. "I helped, too!"

Both brothers stared at the sleeping ginger haired girl, mildly impressed.

"She's been doing housework all day?" Edward asked no one in particular. Now that she mentioned it, the house did look cleaner than when they first arrived. He didn't necessarily see the whole exterior of the house, but the hallway from the library to the front door was clean and spotless. And if she was cooking, he could imagine the dishes were cleaned as well.

Alphonse picked her up in his arms. "Let's take Orihime inside. She'd catch a cold out here."

Orihime was having a sweet dream. Talking with Tatsuki at school… Fighting Hollows with Ichigo and the others… It felt like she never left!

That is… Until she felt her world shaking by some unforeseen force.

"Oh, no, Ichigo! A giant weasel worm is coming! Watch out!" she mumbled.

"Orihime, wake up!" Edward yelled out, vigorously shaking the girl. This earned him a jolted headbutt courtesy of the sleeping auburn haired girl. He let out pained yelp as he held his bruised nose, glaring at the girl with mild resentment.

"Damn, she's got a hard head!" he thought, bitterly.

Drowsy gray eyes began to flutter open. She let out a tired yawn as she rubbed the sleep away from her eyes. When she noticed Edward, she let out a weary smile.

"Hey, Edward. What's up?"

Ed, in return, gave her a tight smile. "Other than being smashed by your head, everything's great," he replied, sarcasm dripping in his voice.

Orihime finally noted his bruised nose, her face contorted into an apologetic expression. "Oh! I'm so sorry!" She let out a sheepish laugh. "People always told me I have a hard head and-" She let out a surprised gasp, cutting herself off mid sentence. "Did you read all that?!"

"Her mind wanders all over the place?" Ed thought, deadpanned. He glanced behind him see the huge pile of books she was referring too. "Yes," he answered her question, nonchalantly.

The auburn haired girl made a small noise in the back of her throat that was a mixture of shock and awe. "Wow…," she breathed out, amazed. There must've been dozens of books lying there. "It'd take me years to read that many books." She clapped her hands together, giddily. "You're so incredible, Edward!"

The compliment made the blond alchemist's face flush a light pink in embarrassment. "It's nothing, really…"

"Did you find what you were looking for?"

Ed scratched the side of his head in mild frustration. "Nothing on the Philosopher's Stone, unfortunately," he said as he walked over to the discarded books. "But I did learn some things about bio-alchemy, so it wasn't a total loss."

Orihime went over helped him collect the finished books. "Well, anything might be of used in the future." Her gray eyes glanced around, curiously. "By the way, where's Alphonse?"

Edward threw a gloved thumb behind his shoulder. "Over there, playing with Nina."

The sound of metallic laughter and childish giggling could be heard behind one of the shelves.

"Aww, that's so sweet!" she cooed, her gray eyes twinkling with joy.

Ed was about to comment on how was his little brother playing with a seven year old girl something to awe when the doors of the library burst open.

One of Mustang's subordinates, Jean Havoc, apparently arrived to pick the Elric brothers and their female companion up. After perverted comment Havoc made about Orihime and the former being pummeled by an irate blond, the trio left, waving goodbye to Tucker and Nina, with promises to one back and play with the little girl again the next day.

Orihime faintly heard Havoc mention something about 'Assessment Day'. The haunted look that crossed Tucker's face before he silently closed the door meant that it was something critically important. Maybe she could ask Edward and Alphonse about it.

Edward gave a small noise when he was, unexpectedly, jabbed in the ribs by his younger brother. Golden eyes glanced up at the giant suit of armor in a mild mixture of annoyance and curiosity.

Alphonse jabbed at finger towards the ginger haired girl's direction as she was watching a squirrel scurrying up a tree, mouth full of nuts.

"Yeah, yeah," Ed sighed, defeated at the internal argument the brother had. "You don't need to remind me, Al." He turned his head towards the girl, who was now walking behind them. "Hey, listen…"

"Hmm?" Orihime hummed, indicating she was listening.

"Why don't go shopping for a bit?" Edward suggested, feeling flustered and embarrassed at proposing to do something girlish.

The auburn haired girl raised an inquisitive eyebrow. "Why?"

"W-why?" he stammered, cursing himself for his involuntary stuttering. He never expected her to question the idea. Usually girls practically jump at the idea of clothes and jewelry shopping. No questions asked. Except for Winry, sometimes. "Don't you need more clothes? You seem to be wearing the same outfit everyday."

"You wear the same outfit everyday," she countered, innocently, much to his chagrin.

Ed facial expression contorted into one of exasperation, determination, and slight frustration. Was this a challenge? "Well, I can alchemically fix my clothes, so I don't need any extras."

"Can't you just my clothes with alchemy, too?"

He groaned, his frustration being made cleared. Why does the simplest of things have to be overly complicated with this girl?

He decided to just grab her wrist, pulling her along the street, despite her stunned protests not before waving Havoc off, telling him their making a small detour, Alphonse following behind them.

Edward practically threw Orihime into a nearby clothing store.

"There!" he proclaimed, wiping imaginary dust from his gloved hands. "Now, don't come out until you've picked out some decent clothes," he demanded.

"Brother! Don't be rude!" Alphonse chastised him.

"What?" Ed spoke, annoyance written all over his expression. "If you want to get anywhere with Orihime, you'd have to be straightforward and forceful."

Al sighed. "You are always such a jerk to everyone."

Orihime's toned the rest of the brothers' bickering out as she looked around the story. It wasn't anything fancy. Just bunch casual and simple clothes all around.

"Hello. May I help you?"

She glanced over to see a store clerk approaching her with a soft smile. The woman looked to be in her late twenties, early thirties with short brown hair and matching brown eyes.

"Oh, I'm just looking around," Orihime answered.

The clerk nodded. "Well, don't hesitate to come to me, if you need any help."

"Okay!" The ginger haired girl raced off to the nearest clothing rack. As she was gazing through all the various shirts and dresses, she had to wonder why Ed was being so nice all of a sudden. Not that he isn't nice from to time to time. It's just… Him taking off schedule away from his agenda for her seems a little unusual for him. Not that she minded.

Orihime picked out a few shirts, a couple of dresses, and several skirts and pants. She wondered if she got too many clothes. Edward never did tell her her budget limit.

Her gray eyes took notice of a lime green blouse with light orange colored floral patterns. She smiled, fondly at the piece of article, the color reminding her of Ichigo's hair. She just have to that one, too!

Now, it was just the undergarments next. And honestly, she was quite glad. She needed a new bra. The only time she shopped for clothes was with Rebecca back in Greia and they didn't have any in her size. So, she's been wearing the same bra she arrived her with and occasional chest bindings whenever her undergarment needed washing. And let's say that girls with her size have a very difficult time with them.

The ginger haired girl's lips turned into a frown as she was searching through the women's underwear section. She picked out a few panties, but there wasn't any bra in her size.

Maybe there just any women with sizes like hers. She wouldn't find that hard to believe. After all, plastic surgery hasn't been invented yet. Not that she has fake boobs herself.

Her face flushed a light shade of red. Why is she thinking about all this? How embarrassing!

The auburn haired girl's eyebrows furrowed in a contemplative manner. She wondered if she get them custom made. It seems to be the only solution.

She called Edward and Alphonse up to the checkout counter.

"Did you get some really nice clothes, Orihime," Alphonse asked as Edward paid the cashier.

"Yep!" she smiled. Then her face turned a deep crimson red as she realized what she has to do, especially in front of the boys.

"C'mon. Let's go," Ed said as he snatched the bags off the counter.

"Actually, Edward, c-could you wait outside f-for a bit?" she stammered, nervously.

He rose a yellow eyebrow, wondering why she was so nervous all of a sudden? "Why? You're not finished?"

"No, not exactly. I-I just need to do one small thing," she answered, looking anywhere but at him.

He didn't get what she was trying to say, but she seemed extremely flustered with every passing minute. He sighed. "Just, hurry up."

"Okay!" the ginger haired girl replied, eagered to get the measurements for her bust size over and done with.

After Orihime was done with her shopping, she and the Elric brothers were walking down the streets of East City back into their hotel. The sun had long since vanished and the streets were lit up by the streetlights.

The ginger haired girl put a bounce in every step as she hummed, happily to herself, carrying her bags in her arms.

"So? Why did you make me go shopping, Edward?" she asked the blond, innocently.

Edward crossed his arms. "You needed it. I'm tired of seeing you wear the same clothes everyday."

Alphonse smacked the back of his brother's head for his tactlessness, earning him a pained yelp. "Brother, you are an idiot." He turned his attention his female companion. "Brother and I decided to give you something for return since you're always taking care of us. After all, you're a nice girl, Orihime."

Orihime cheeks flushed a light pink at the compliment. "You don't need to go this far. I like helping my friends out." But she smiled, softly, pulling both brothers into a hug. "But thank you!"

The Elric brothers' faces turned a light shade of red as the girl was hugging them. She let go, the bright grin on her face still remaining.

"Are we going back to Tucker's tomorrow?"

"Yeah, we never finished looking through all his notes," Edward answered, his face still flushed.

The girl nodded. "Good! That means I get to play with Nina again," she giggled.

The blond gave her a deadpanned look. "You are such a child."

Orihime merely laughed louder.

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