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Bonds of a True Shinobi @lightseeker67
Gentle Waves

Naruto's Sealing Index

Sealed Binding Formation

Transcription Seal: Memory

Transcription Seal: Temporary Paralysis

Sealing Tag Barrier

Single Seal Barrier

Double Seal Barrier

Barrier Method Formation: Single Formula

Barrier Method Formation: Double Formation

Beast Sealing

Chakra Draining Seal

Transcription Seal: Chakra Transfer (Chakra Tag)

Storage Seal

Single Trigram Seal

Yang Formation

Double Yang Formation

Element Seal

Element Unseal

Double Element Seal

Explosive Seal

Gentle Waves

"Oh come on! I have enough Chakra to pass it around in tags, but I can't make freaking limbs out of it?!" Naruto groaned in the midst of trying out his clan's Yamatsumi.

"Don't get pissy because it's harder than you thought. This isn't some jutsu you can learn in a week with enough hard work. The Yamatsumi must be built up brick by brick!" Inferuno bolstered!

Unlike Ashina, Inferuno longed to escape the confines of the Mask Shrine and see the New Shinobi World his and so many other clans all fought and died for. Seeing Naruto as his best bet, the Yamatsumi Heir taught Naruto how to tweak the Tethering Seal bond to all the masks. It was a simple tweak, but that was how Inferuno liked them. He saw the complex spirals and matrices as too complicated. The tweak simply added Naruto as the base along with the Mask Shrine. So long as his mask was within a few feet of either base he can travel!

The cool Fall of Konoha was getting more brisk with winter approaching. The trees kept their leaves thanks to the bounty of the 1st Hokage's latent Chakra soaked into their roots. Team Seven found themselves meeting in one of the ponds of the Hyūga Estate. Each member was busy working on their own projects with a Shadow Clone of Kakashi for each of them to ask for advise. Though if you asked the team of Genin, Kakashi only made Shadow Clones so each one could read their own chapters and read even more Icha Icha Paradise.

Naruto was hard at work trying to utilize the Yamatsumi inherent in him as an Uzumaki, but couldn't get anything beyond a single digit-like appendage. A pile of digit-like appendages lied next to the frustrated blonde. The sheer control and amounts of Chakra needed caused his usual army of Shadow Clones to dwindle down to just a few dozen. To make the most of them, each of the Naruto clones practiced the Wind Release: Great Breakthrough no Jutsu!

A single Naruto clone went through the hand seals: Tiger → Ox → Dog → Hare → Snake! With a deep inhale and a great exhale, a simple yet powerful breath of wind that threatened to blow everything in its path away! The dozens of other clones tried to anchor themselves, but most were sent flying and tumbling into plumes of smoke and grunts of pain.

The few that survived rushed the single clone, who could only go through the hand seals all the while dodging the flying kunai, shuriken, and flying fists and kicks that tried to stop him! The single clone managed to last long enough to finish his hand seals and blasted off another, "Wind Release: Great Breakthrough!"

Hinata was at the pond's edge going over the same hand seals she had been using for the past few months: Rat → Dog → Ox! Kneading and gathering the necessary Chakra, the Hyūga Heiress waved her arms over the pond and called forth globs of dripping water from it. Waving her hands over the dripping glob, she started to shape it into, "Water Release: Water Whip no Jutsu!" wrapping one end around her hand, Hinata tested it by lashing it out! After 10 lashes the watery whip finally thinned out and Hinata had to redo the Ninjutsu again and try to repeat the process. Only able to give 7 lashes the next go round, the Hyūga Heiress stopped to regain her Chakra and work on her control by sitting on the surface of the pond.

Boar → Ram → Snake → Horse → Dragon! "Lightning Release: Electromagnetic Murder no Jutsu!" Sasuke chanted before slamming his lightning induced hand on the ground!

A wave of electricity raced from Sasuke's hand and streaked towards a training post that got electrified in a dazzling shower of sparks! Each of the Genin swore at their lack of progress on the C rank jutsus Kakashi hand picked for them. Seeing as they each had worked on their jutsus for a few months and could only use them at their basic levels was disheartening for the otherwise genius Sasuke and the Hard Work Genius Naruto. Kakashi teased his Genin for not listening to his explanation that Chunin usually got elemental training because they had developed in both experiences and maturity of mind and body.

"Just because you have an affinity for a nature transformation doesn't mean you can just up and do Ninjutsu of that nature easily. You all need to master the basics of your natures before you can ever hope to master more than the basics of any Ninjutsu of the nature transformation variety." Kakashi lectured without looking away from his Icha Icha Paradise.

That being said, I don't wanna hear I never taught you anything. It's about mission time though; I wonder what D ranks are left." Kakashi pondered looking up to the sky to see it was around 1 in the afternoon.

"It better not be the Tora mission…" Naruto grumbled while rubbing his face.

"Oh relax. I for once would like a change of pace. I feel a C rank mission is in order; after all we've beaten the other Konoha 9 teams at least 3 times out of 5 so… I have a bet to keep." Kakashi promised.

Naruto smirked and jumped with excitement! Sasuke just let his smile speak for him and Hinata stopped meditating to take her patented confident stance to keep the nerves from creeping up. The team made their way to the Academy in order to get their first C rank mission after nearly a year as Genin! C ranks held the potential of traveling to far off lands or just neighboring villages in the Land of Fire.

"There are only so many ways one can spin manual labor as official Shinobi training…" Sasuke openly growled.

Kakashi just read off their complaints as a necessity of peace. In his time Genin were forced to go on missions that could see them be bisected in a gruesome manner or meet brutal ends at the hands of a comrade… He went on the dreaded Tora mission 37 times as he often had to guard the Fire Daimyo and his Wife. Once the team entered the Mission Hall of the Academy, team 7 greeted the Third Hokage with the respect his title bestowed; though he noted it wasn't as heartfelt by Naruto and Sasuke.

Kakashi decided not to waste time and request a C rank mission for his team. Iruka wanted to protest, but knew from the records team 7 was long overdue one. He looked at his former students and smiled proudly; they were ready. Naruto was calm even with Mito-Sama's charm tag inactive. Sasuke stood alert and primed to go at a moments notice. Hinata even had an air of confidence. The Third Hokage didn't see any reason why not and figured giving them more experience outside the village could warm the two boys up to his many mistakes.

"You're in luck, Team 7. A C rank mission was just pitched to us by a bridge builder from the Land of Waves. He is seeking safe passage back home as well as protection while he finishes his bridge. Please see the client in." The Third Hokage directed before handing Kakashi the official mission scroll.

Kakashi opened it and read over the terms, before letting each of his students read it as well. The terms of the mission were just as the Hokage had said, though Sasuke noted there was an emphasis on protection from bandits. Naruto perked up at working with a builder of any kind. With a hiccup and a strong stench of booze, the supposed client stumbled in. In that moment the blonde Jinchūriki gave up on learning anything noteworthy from the drunkard.

"Here I thought Konoha gave up on the whole child soldier front…" Tazuna slurred.

The brief yet intense flare of KI that overcame the room swiftly sobered Tazuna up along with the spillage from his dropped bottle. He apologized and told them he would be ready to leave by tomorrow at dawn. Kakashi dismissed his team and reminded them to stock up. The Genin of team 7 all went to the Uzumaki Mask Shrine in order to take advantage of its sealed armory. Sasuke still felt the prejudice of the Shrine and it reminded him of how the village had been before the Massacre. To make things better, Naruto had shared a few more memory tags with him to strengthen their rivalry and thus bond.

Naruto shared a memory of his 1st visit to Ichiraku Ramen. He was aimlessly walking in the chilling winter winds. He was no older than 4 and had nowhere to go. No one to run to in order to get out of the cold. The orphanage had locked him out because he had gone out past curfew. All the other shops either kicked him out or outright refused to even let him inside. His stomach was empty and he was cold. He had just about given up hope when Teuchi called out to him.

"What kind of parents let's their kid out on a cold winter night?" Teuchi asked furiously.

"The same kind who leave their kid an orphan I guess…" Naruto tried to joke, but it was hollow. No it was helpless and hopeless…

Teuchi welcomed a shocked yet grateful Naruto into the warmth of his Ramen shop and gave him a bowl on the house. Naruto's face was eclipsed by the big serving bowl the blonde eagerly slurped up. Sasuke in turn showed the blonde a memory were he first used a crossbow to taken down a bear with the help of his brother; back when things were happy and simple.

"Our first C rank mission! Even if Tazuna is a drunkard I still can't wait to leave the village gates and see the sights outside its walls!" Naruto couldn't contain his excitement!

"Ah yeah! We get to travel on A BOAT!" Anko cheered!

"Wow so my probation extends to even on missions outside the village?" Naruto asked honestly a bit shocked.

"I mean it is optional on my part, but I never pass up a chance to get on a boat." Anko shrugged while stocking her jacket up to prepare herself.

Sasuke was thankful to Ashina and Honoka for letting him into stock up his armbands with their own supplies and avoid the more prejudice of the Uzumaki. It went to show that not all of a clan had to follow its ways and practices. Hinata stocked her headband up with a mix of her own Hyūga shuriken, kunai, wire, as well as several of the Uzumaki stock. All allowed for Chakra Flow, but only for a limited time; 5 seconds.

"I must inform Oto-San of my mission. I'll see you two tomorrow; I'm making meals for us so any suggestions?" Hinata asked.

Both boys said whatever she made would be fine. With her gone, Sasuke also bid Naruto, Ashina, and Honoka farewell before leaving for the Uchiha district. Naruto knew the district was lonely and isolated from the rest of the village. It didn't seem right and some of the memories they shared showed a lot of adult Uchihas felt the pressure that brought. It felt like both of them were apart of some sick prophecy some shadowy figure was manipulating behind the scenes.

While Naruto basked in Uzumaki culture and heritage, Sasuke walked his path back to his own self imposed prison. He knew he could move out of the district, but he saw it as the way of the avenger to never leave the place his ambition was born in blood. He would endure the pain and turn it into his greatest weapon.

"Embracing the Curse of Hatred I see…" a grave voice called out.

Sasuke unsealed Shuriken from his armbands and armed himself defensively. The grave voice laughed dryly. Out of the shadows, the Darkness of the Shinobi World walked out cane in hand. The old warhawk seemed to have extra protection on his heavily bandaged side, which made since but still made Sasuke uncomfortable.

"I am Danzo. An Elder of the village and Chief Advisor to Hiruzen." Danzo introduced but seemed to go out of his way to not address the Third Hokage as such.

"OK… So what do you want, Danzo?" Sasuke asked.

"I am simply taking the time to see how this year's Rookie of the Year is progressing." Danzo replied simply.

Sasuke got the feeling it wasn't that simple. He could feel the gaze of dozens of years of experience and deception coming from Danzo. The old warhawk saw promise in Sasuke and couldn't contain that, "Tell me, Sasuke Uchiha. Did you know there is another Uchiha survivor?"

Sasuke responded in force by tossing his Shuriken to kill! Itachi left NO ONE ALOVE! He killed everyone! Their father, their mother, even his rumored girlfriend, who was killed first before Sasuke's own eyes! No one would answer his calls or plies. Everyone lied dead in their own blood! Danzo easily redirected the projectiles without even moving! It was like the wind itself came to his defense. From the trees, two shadows darted out and pinned the raging Uchiha down with tipless tantos aimed to kill.

"I shall forget your transgression due to the nature of the reveal. Yes I know publicly Itachi killed all of the Uchiha, but the truth? Well that remains sealed by the Third Hokage… The truth being you actually partially saved a single Uchiha; one Izumi Uchiha." Danzo revealed, before offering to take the young Uchiha to Izumi's classified hospital ward.

Along the way, Danzo explained how Itachi had used his Tsukiyomi on Izumi with the intent to kill her within 0.00000000001 seconds, but since Sasuke happened to come upon Itachi in the act, the mad Uchiha could only hit her with 0.000001and thus she was spared having her mind decay to the point of atrophy. Sadly the Genjutsu took a massive toll on her mind nonetheless. While she was technically alive, her mind was shattered between living two lives that don't exist in their reality.

Sasuke looked in renewed horror and vengeance at the once slim yet bright Izumi who was always around Him now hooked up to all manner of machines just to keep her feed and alive. She was in a medically induced coma; knowing she went through the same horror he did and yet worse! He cupped Izumi's fragile hand and swore he would get stronger. Swore he would avenge not only the clan He took from them, but the lives He took too.

Danzo simply watched in the shadows. He knew that not even the Third knew about Izumi being alive. How Sasuke was supposed to discover Itachi killing his parents while after the massacre had begun. Sasuke was the only thing keeping Itachi at bay. Danzo knew the masked Man planned to kill all of the Uchiha for his own vindication, but that didn't mean the old warhawk would let some upstart make demands in his village.

Having Sasuke arrive sooner than expected was child's play to Danzo. His mechanisms regarding his village went far deeper than anyone could possibly know. The Kyūbi Jinchūriki was more resilient than the warhawk gave him credit for. His hard upbringing was almost too easy to set up, but it all seemed for nothing. Sasuke may be off limits for Danzo, but there were other ways to get the Uchiha on his side.

"I am of the mindset that Curses and Darkness are necessities of our Shinobi World. We are a world born and strengthened by war and conflict. Old grudges, curses vexed upon clans, and the blood of enemies staining our soils; that is the world we live in." Danzo explained.

"Peace breeds weakness. Our wiry minds begin to grow paranoid and we begin to make up enemies that do not exist. Itachi was driven mad by peace after being forced into war at such a young age." Danzo declared.

Izumi seemed to react to His name and Sasuke flared his Sharingan at Danzo! He could see his bandaged side was heavily sealed as was the bandaged eye. The seals were suppressing any detection as to what was behind them. Danzo decided to drop it and left the Uchiha to come to terms with what the discovery meant. If Itachi found out about her, would he return he kill her? Could Sasuke protect the only other living Uchiha than himself?

I will end things here. Quite the reveal huh? I can never help but try to make loopholes so at least a few Uchihas survive the massacre. I know Obito and Itachi killed them all. I also know that I tend to use both anime and manga sources which can make things confusing. I am using the light novel/manga events where Itachi made Izumi live out the entirety of her life in like less than a second so she could die believing she had a life with him instead of knowing he would go on to kill their clan. I am also taking a anime moment where Sasuke chased after Itachi after the fact and saw him crying. I then just tweaked it how I did up there.

I look forward to seeing how everyone responds to the reveal and how the next chapter will deal with the update. As far as my grammar for the last chapter goes. I was using a new grammar editing software that did not agree with my phone keyboard. So no matter how often I tried to edit the chapter certain things would randomly change and come post the mistakes where there. I hope this chapter has better grammar for your reading pleasure.

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