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Bonds of a True Shinobi @lightseeker67


Ameyuri sized up the latest Konoha Kunoichi. She could tell Anko had some specialized training in either the Anbu or a Division of it. They were usually mission bound and would put the mission above all else.

"You're too late, Snakeboots. The target was burnt to a crisp; so our mission was a success and yours a failure." Ameyuri shrugged.

"Yeah failed missions can suck. Good thing Shinobi of a Hidden Village have insurances to help keep things manageable." Anko pointed out.

"Nuke Shinobi, on the other hand, are all word of mouth. Reputation is survival, so it's going to really suck when Gato finds out that Tazuna is in a safe house and you two are being kept by a Jonin, a Tokubetsu Jonin and a squad of Genin." Anko corrected.

"Let me save us the time. Naruto must have had a Shadow Clone escort Tazuna out of danger because along the way I found them and had one of my snakes transport them somewhere safe and wet." Anko explained.

Naruto shivered and confirmed wherever they were was indeed wet and he left it at that.

Lightning chakra blazed off of Kiba and Anko eagerly stabbed her daggers into the ground before squatting down and gripping them in a stance ready to strike! When the first streak of Lightning Fangs roared at her, Anko used the Hiding like a Mole jutsu to burrow underground to evade the lightning strike. Ameyuri tried to drive her Kiba into the ground chalk full of lightning chakra in order to cause an explosion of lightning and sparks! Anko dug deep enough to evade the blast and circled around Ameyuri with a plot in mind.

"Lightning Release: Depth Charge!" Ameyuri chanted emanating herself in a flash of electricity!

Anko burst from the ground with her Snake Bite ready to slash Ameyuri's neck! The Depth Charge acted as a blade of it's own and clashed with the Snake Mistress for dominance. With her guard down, Ameyuri swiftly slashed Anko in half with her Kiba, only for Anko to burst into dust. The Nuke Kunoichi tried to move the arm Hinata hit but found it completely useless! She had to spent valuable meal time to seal her other Kiba away least it get stolen. Anko used that time to make her Snake Tail tip produce a rattling sound.

Naruto was alarmed, but didn't let it show. He handed his teammates a single tag and placed the same one on himself. The Silent Tag would mute them and all their surroundings; placing those with the seal inside a soundless void. Ameyuri smirked with anticipation as her adrenaline seemingly spiked at the sound! She kept her senses sharp for any Genjutsu not sensing any disturbances to her chakra system.

Anko swayed around Ameyuri looking for the perfect moment to strike. Her Snake Bite was out in front of her while her Snake Tail was gripped behind her in a reverse grip. Ameyuri held her Kiba in front of her in what would be a cross grip. Showing great swordsmanship, the Fabled Swordswoman produced a several Lightning Balls and fired them at Anko; cackling all the way! Anko bit her thumb and performed a series of hand seals all of team 7 imprinted to memory.

Boar → Dog → Bird → Monkey → Ram "Summoning Jutsu: Gagaran!" Anko declared slamming her bloody hand on the ground.

Naruto was awestruck at the complex sealing arrays that were drawn and in a massive column of smoke that completely engulfed the Lightning Balls, a massive being crash landed and took the electrical blasts head on! When the smoke cleared a giant, leathery, blue snake hissed with a tongue as tall as Anko!

"Oh I promise, Gagaran. You'll have all the action your beating heart could want. Don't let me keep you from your fun." Anko let her summon play!

Gagaran slithered over to Ameyuri with swiftness beget her massive size! Ameyuri sent Lightning Fangs at the massive beasts, and while they stung enough to make it spasm, it did not deter. Once it was coiled around her, Gagaran lifted her tail up in order to slam it down Ameyuri! A Depth Charge saved Ameyuri from the brunt of it, but a few more slams was enough to force Ringo to Mist Shunshin out of the impact zone!

When Ameyuri materialized from the mist, Anko was smiling in her face with her rattling Snake Tail and baring Snake Bite swiping and piercing at her vitals. The one armed Swordswoman was still the superior in kenjutsu even with just one Kiba. Adding lightning chakra gave her blade an added edge that while unable to cut through her daggers forced Anko to recoil back each exchange. When Anko lost her footing due to recoil, Ameyuri pierced her heart in the next instant; only for it to crumble to dust!

Gagaran entered the fray not one to be left out! It lunged at Ameyuri with its fangs out and venom aching to be injected! Ringo channeled a large amount of lightning chakra into Kiba and grinned insanely at the incoming snake.

"I've never had Snake meat before! I knew this mission to Wave would be filled with exotic meals! Lightning Release: Lightning Dragon Bullet jutsu!" Ameyuri screamed!

A thundering blast of lightning shot out of Kiba and the recoil actually knocked Ameyuri off her feet! A roaring dragon took form and struck Gagaran, who coiled in time to at least protect her vitals from the blast. She still hissed in agony as Ameyuri kept the current going, that was until she heard a rattling and turned to send her Lightning Dragon roaring at Anko, who just barely missed slashing Ringo's legs with Snake Bite. Anko used the Hiding like a Mole jutsu to evade the roaring Lightning Dragon as did Gagaran.

"I'm not letting any of you get away from me!" Ameyuri declared!

The Lightning Dragon flew high into the sky before nose diving into the ground and burrowing as if to find the hidden Anko or Gagaran. Ameyuri cackled blissfully when Gagaran shot out of the ground hissing in spasms before disappearing in a massive column of smoke. Her cackling was suddenly drowned out by rattling. With her Lightning Dragon spent, Ameyuri used the reach of her blade to keep her ground.

That was until the blade fell limply out of her hand! Ameyuri's arm went limp much like her other arm and suddenly her body felt sluggishly and heavy! Anko casually walked over to the clearly poisoned Ameyuri. The Snake Mistress lifted up the arm Hinata shut down and showed a slash mark for each time she heard the rattling of her Snake Tail.

"The venom of my Snake Bite is quite potent. I made it especially strong to effect Jinchūriki so imagine how strong it must be against non-Jinchūriki! It would take around a month to fully recover; not that you'll make it that long." Anko purred.

"Hijutsu: A Thousand Flying Water Needles of Death!" someone chanted!

Anko was forced to Shunshin out of the way least she be skewered by countless little needles of water chakra! Ameyuri was not so lucky and was riddled with them all over her body; killing her once Anko checked.

"Damn you Kiri Hunters don't fuck around. Almost took me out with that little stunt of yours. If you would have just waited a few seconds longer your job would have been way easier." Anko offered.

"Surely you can understand why I needed to take out a Nuke Shinobi of Kirigakure before a foreign Shinobi could." The Kiri Hunter explained to which Anko conceded.

"If you wouldn't mind I will be taking the body now. Good day, Konoha-san." The Kiri Hunter took the body and left without another word.

Anko looked over the area and found the lack of blood both disappointing and suspicious. Their was no pulse, but an attack like that should have made the scene a literal blood bath. She decided it was best to regroup with team 7 before investigating further.

(Meanwhile with Kakashi and Zabuza on the lake)

Zabuza brought down the full might of his Kubikiribōchō on Kakashi, who showcased great strength of his own by defending and keeping the blade at bay with only a kunai. Using the force of the blade against him, the Copy Shinobi let the blade slide to the side and rushed the Demon of the Mist with a Leaf Hurricane that Zabuza blocked; though he was forced to backtrack to evade the follow up kick. Kakashi kept his Nuke Shinobi foe on his toes by engaging him in Hit n Run Taijutsu kicks.

Despite being able to wield and swing the Kubikiribōchō, Zabuza found it increasingly difficult to hit the slippery Kakashi. The Copy Shinobi seemed capable of seeing what he would do before he did it; or at least that is what Kakashi must have wanted him to think. When Zabuza swung, so did Kakashi with equal force. When he tried to cut in him half with a middle swipe, Kakashi followed suit and swung with enough force to cancel out Zabuza's!

You think you're some Elite Shinobi!" Both Kakashi and Zabuza yelled at the same time in the same voice.

"You're nothing more than a damn Monkey taking from better Shinobi to make yourself less mediocre!" Zabuza and Kakashi insulted together and even jumped back to gain the same amount of distance.

Zabuza growled and drew his Kubikiribōchō in order to engage Kakashi once again. His blade should easily cut the damn Scarecrow down! Kakashi copied his every move and rushed just as Zabuza did. They both came down to clash and to Zabuza's shock, Kakashi matched his strength and his slash blow for blow and each exchanged ended in a draw! How!

"Leaf Great Whirlwind!" Kakashi declared, mocking Zabuza further by using yet another copied jutsu.

Kakashi spun rapidly into Zabuza's guard and unleashed a series of kicks so swift the Demon could only see them when they hit: first a low kick, then a middle kick, then a high kick. These are finished off with a heel drop! The heel drop knocked Kubikiribōchō and sent it skipping across the lake and onto the shoreline!

"LET'S SEE YOU COPY THIS!" Zabuza challenged before getting ready to perform a jutsu his village developed specific hand seals for just to counter Sharingan users.

Ox → Monkey → Hare → Rat → Boar → Bird → Ox → Horse → Bird → Rat → Tiger → Dog → Tiger → Snake → Ox → Ram → Snake → Boar → Ram → Rat → Yang Water → Monkey → Bird → Dragon → Bird → Ox → Horse → Ram → Tiger → Snake → Rat → Monkey → Hare → Boar → Dragon → Ram → Rat → Ox → Monkey → Bird → Yang Water → Rat → Boar → Bird! "Water Release: Water Dragon Bullet jutsu!" both Zabuza and Kakashi yelled as one!

Much to Zabuza's horror two equal water dragons rose from the lake and roared at each other. When Zabuza sent his dragon crashing at Kakashi, the Copy Shinobi simply had his dragon do the same thing. The sharp teeth of the Demon of the Mist almost bled from how hard he barred them in annoyed fury! There was no way he could have known all 41 signs! They weren't even in jutsu scrolls they were taught through word of mouth and slavish repetition!

"Got damn Cursed Eye!" Zabuza screamed in fury before he paused.

Right next to Kakashi was a Zabuza yelling back at him and then pausing when he paused. He flexed his chakra to rid himself of any illusion tricks the Sharingan placed, but in his haste forgot to finish the hand seals he was going through on instinct; even his clone seemed frozen upon seeing him!

Water Release: Great Waterfall jutsu!" Kakashi finished for him.

Zabuza could only watch in terror as a cascading waterfall spiraled and raged towards him! When it collided with him, it swept the Demon of the Mist throughout the lake and crashing through several trees before finally being stopped by a sturdy enough tree. His body was broken and escape seemed impossible. To seal the deal, a pair of senbon struck Zabuza through the neck and ended his life. Kakashi checked and confirmed the pulse was gone.

Kakashi took notice of Ameyuri also dead in the young Hunter's arms. Without saying anything he took Zabuza and departed. Moments later Anko and the rest of team 7 regrouped and before she could say anything, Kakashi finally passed out from both Chakra Exhaustion, overuse of his Sharingan, as well as side effects of opening even one of the Eight Gates; man that was going to be a lot to explain to a bunch of Genin...

End of Chapter.

I think it is fair to end it there. Whoa! Man that was a lot of action to write! It felt good though and I am excited for this story! Plus leave feedback on this and the True Courage chapter. I read all reviews and take them into account. What do you readers think of Ameyuri? Do you want more of her or should she die like in canon? How much do you all want me to stick to canon? While I do have a solid plan for the story it is nice to have feedback on what readers like to read. I find it a challenge worth exploring if someone can explain it to me convincingly.

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