Cheery Co-ed Cherry's Enthusiastic Experiments in Ecstasy @spurgelaurel

Time to put an end to this sordid saga. This is literally just sex, nothing else, that's why it's so short. To be frank, I sort of burnt out on the Pokémon stuff, and this story didn't help. I definitely dragged it on too long, and the engagement just wasn't there.

For years, Cherry had wondered—worried—about what people in the future would do when they no longer had a reason to innovate. When their energy production was clean, efficient, and sustainable. When they produced enough food to feed everybody. When the idea of commodities disappeared due to surplus. When all that could be discovered was discovered. Such a nightmare scenario was nearly unthinkable for the pink-haired beauty. But now she understood that achieving perfection was not something to be feared. Cherry had spent her whole life working, never being content, always reaching for more. And while it was invigorating, stimulating, exhilarating, she wasn't sure she could say that she had ever really enjoyed herself.

But now she knew the truth. Perfection is not something to fear, rather something to be enjoyed. And unlike everything else, it does not have to be savoured because by definition, something that is perfect wouldn't end. Cherry was so happy that she had found perfection, she could not get enough. And no one would stop her from getting more. Not for long at least.

She barely slowed down to return the greetings of her flatmates before rushing into her room and locking the door behind her. Ralts was hastily torn from her haversack and tossed onto the bed, the small Pokémon bouncing once on the spongy mattress. He didn't even have time to reorient himself before Cherry had finished shucking off her clothes and crawling on the bed to join him.

"I'm so fucking wet for you," she said, lifting his robe to reveal his cock while at the same time straddling him. The co-ed was so much bigger than the little psychic her thick thighs on either side of his body perfectly encapsulated him, there was no way to escape. Cherry wasted no time in lining Ralts's shaft with her snatch and sinking down to take the full length inside of her, releasing a contented sigh when she felt the tip nudge against the entrance to her womb.

Cherry's inner folds were a wet mess. She had already milked nine loads from Ralts throughout the day, not paying any attention to any of her lessons. She would have to get the notes from someone else later. Normally she wouldn't do anything that could jeopardize her future prospects, but her priorities had been forcibly shifted the same as her vaginal walls by the mushroom like boy's mushroom like rod.

One of her hands reached up to tear off the elastic band keeping her pink hair up while her other traced the Feeling Pokémon's svelte chest. The lab assistant shook her head, her hair cascading down to rest on her shoulders, the lighter tips tickling the top of her breasts. It was really quite an entrancing picture for Ralts to behold, but the day's activities had left him rather worn out. Surely if he came anymore it would be his very life force that was ejected as he must have run out of semen hours ago. He wasn't even sure if he could keep his dick hard anymore.

Not that he had a choice, as Cherry began to bounce her round ass up and down in his lap, her hands on his chest pressing him into the mattress. With each downwards motion, Cherry's ample cheeks would collide with Ralts's heavy balls, somehow not yet shriveled, with a mighty wet smack. Then she would swing back up, her rump still rippling, until only the head of Ralts's member remained within her cunt, pussylips stretched wide around his girth.

"I love your smooth little body," she began to speak, and when Ralts met her eyes, there was a shine to them that he could not fully describe. The way Cherry was looking at him, it was as if the whole world had faded until it was just the two of them. Not even the bed beneath them registered in her mind, and if she had any care about her roommates finding out she sure didn't show it with how hard she was going at it. Between the clap of her ass flesh on his sack and the banging of the headboard on the wall, there was no way someone could misconstrue what was happening in her room.

He was flattered, in a way, but the intensity was a bit too much. Cherry had a tendency of going overboard, he had noticed, and while he did enjoy their time together, Ralts was starting to worry that it was getting out of hand. He didn't have much time for second thoughts as Cherry curled up to meet his mouth with a kiss.

Deep and passionate, it could barely even be called a kiss. Their lips locked, tongues dancing back and forth as they playfully fought for dominance. Cherry pushed even further, even deeper, trying to burn his taste into her memory forever. But Ralts was only a little Pokémon, and his lungs were not as big as hers. A gentle tapping on her thigh made her resignedly withdraw, strands of spittle connecting their open mouths for a second as they took heaving breaths.

"I love how you're so small yet you fill me up so well," one of her hands ran down his body, making him shudder while her other caressed the bulge his cock made in her tummy. "I wanted to tell you. I broke up with my boyfriend. I don't need him anymore. I don't like him anymore. I just need you. You're my boyfriend now. And we'll be together forever." Her grip tightened around his tip through the flesh of her stomach while her other hand firmly gripped his chin between her deceptively slender fingers, "Right?"

A quick nod from Ralts and Cherry's hands returned to gentle ministrations, but the psychic's mind was anything but calm. Perhaps he was a little out of his depth. He hadn't realized that the intern felt so strongly about him. This was getting a bit out of hand, he should really put a stop to this. As her senior and superior, it was unfair to her that he had let it get this far in the first place. But Cherry cared little for Ralts's comprehension of her intentions, only for the pleasure she could wring from his cock.

Bouncing was all well and good, but sometimes she just wanted to keep him inside and feel him hit all her best spots. Cherry shifted slightly, stopping her repetitive journey up and down Ralts's dick to instead grind down on him. Her clit rubbed against his soft waist, his head pushing back and forth within her to press against her warm folds. Back and forth she rocked her hips, pushing herself further down even though she was already at the base. "I'm so happy when we're together," Cherry said, still staring at him with a frightening intensity, "I don't think I can be satisfied with random quickies in the lab anymore. We should step it up to the next level. I know, how about you move in with me?"

Some of his incredulity must have shown on Ralts's face, because the pinkette did her best to assure him, "It won't be any trouble. My flatmates won't mind. And you won't have to pay rent. You can just stay in my room. Then we could fuck everyday and no one would disturb us. Wouldn't that be nice."

Ralts wanted to respond, to let her know someone that, no, that sounded exhausting, but before the little Pokémon could do anything, Cherry had switched back to bouncing. Although now she was more slamming herself down into his lap, her inner muscles clenching hard to drain his testicles for the tenth time in the day. He could only lay back and groan as the tight, warm, and very wet hole once more overwhelmed him. The pleasure in his penis was such that he could not resist, his body physically preventing taking the actions his mind knew were right.

As Cherry felt a new flood of semen gush into her already highly soiled cocksleeve she smiled in satisfaction. She just didn't get tired of the rush that making her lover cum brought her. In a way, it was even more gratifying than the sexual high of orgasm. Not that he didn't also bring her to climax. She threw her head back and moaned out her feelings, unheeding of those who may hear her. Considering she has heard all of her flatmates when they brought someone home before, and they had probably heard her with her ex even if she had never been this vocal with him, a lot of her modesty had long been stripped away from her.

Before the psychic had even recovered, his hostess slipped off and got into a lie down position with his dick in her face. It's glistening length was still throbbing with the aftershocks of his ejaculation, white beads running down the sides in tantalizing rivers. Cherry wasted no time in gobbling it all up, stretching her jaw wide around the girth of Ralts's jaw-breaking goliath and admitting it immediately into her throat with no qualms or stops.

This was her favourite part. Cleaning up after sex was just so hot, the combined tastes of her tart juices and Ralts's salty semen rapidly rose up her tier list of flavours. She hadn't gotten a chance to do clean up yet today between all her classes, so the Feeling Pokémon's cock was nice and filthy with plenty for her to swallow up. And since she had been lacing his food with breeder grade Pokémon aphrodisiac, he would stay hard even after jizzing his brains out while continuing to produce more. This meant she could enjoy a sloppy deepthroating blowjob without feeling like she was wasting his precious, now ceaseless, discharge.

And Cherry would take full advantage of that, desperately bobbing her head on the green-topped fairy's turgid scepter. Ralts reached out with his tiny arms to try and push her off, but his hands on her head only drove her on with more ferocity. Had anyone else been in the room, they would have been able to see how Cherry's neck bulged lewdly each time she forced her protesting body to take it to the root. And hear the way she would vulgarly moaned around it, the vibrations further stimulating Ralts's overworked cock.

Then she pushed off, hands coming up to take the place of her succulent mouth. "You taste so fucking good. I mean, your meat tastes amazing as is, but after I marinate it, hehe, it becomes even better." Cherry made sure to twist her wrist in time with her two handed jerk off. She moved her mouth lower, licking her way down the shaft until she reached Ralts's smooth ball sack. She took one in her mouth and sucked, twirling her tongue around it before letting go with a pop to accept the other. Then Cherry had quite the masterful idea. Opening her jaw wide and using one hand to help, the overly horny college student managed to squeeze both of the Pokémon's jizz tanks in her mouth, the full and heavy spunk factories resting hotly on her tongue.

Cherry's hand quickly returned to its previous post, but now she let the heft of Ralts's cock lean on and be supported by her face. Her furious hand job shifted to trailing fingers drawing shuddering gasps from the psychic while she delicately worshiped his balls orally. The heat from his cock pressing against her face, its length covering her right eye, drove her crazy. But she held back, taking her time to just tease and gently stimulate her lover without letting her lust take control of her. Ralts had done such a good job throughout the day, he deserved a reward.

She knew that she had been perhaps too rough with the little guy, demanded too much, but she just couldn't help it. He was so cute and sexy and perfect, like nothing she had ever encountered before. She didn't have practice in controlling herself in the face of such transcendence. So in gratitude for dealing with her past madness and in apology for what was to come, Cherry took it slow. It also helped that this way she could savour her beau some. A full day of fucking's worth of ball sweat was an indescribable delicacy, at least when it was Ralts's sweat that she was greedily slurping up. Her ex had never tasted that good, nor had anyone else she had been with before. That was part of the reason she had never really liked oral sex until she had met Ralts.

Her thoughts starting to spiral, Cherry's head swayed from side to side, tugging on Ralts's sack as his balls were locked behind her teeth. But the pinkette did not notice the Pokémon's whimpers, lost in considerations of other sex acts she had never committeed because she had never found them to be particularly erotic. Except with Ralts, every little thing she did was so incredibly erotic she could get close to cumming just by imagining. And the big thing she was imagining right then was his big cock. Specifically, his big cock stretching open her virgin asshole.

Oh, had she been asked by previous partners to try anal sex, but she always refused. It just didn't sound interesting to her, she had gotten no thrill from the idea. Besides, why would someone want to fuck her ass when her perfectly good pussy was right there? But this time was different. Cherry still didn't get any particular rush from the idea, but the consideration that there was still a hole of hers that had not been conquered and molded by Ralts's fat dick was unforgivable. That was something that would have to be fixed.

She was drawn out of her contemplations but a loud moan from her paramour, his cock throbbing against her face before shooting of ropes of white jizz that landed in her hair. She giggled as she felt his balls contract within her mouth, circling his head with her finger tips, trying to milk him dry while knowing full well that he wouldn't be done after this. The drugs she had covertly fed him would not allow for that.

With her pink hair now painted white and sticking together in bunches, Cherry carefully managed to withdraw Ralts's sack from out of her mouth. She didn't want to hurt her little lover, after all. She sat up, looking down at his heaving form, the fairy breathing hard after his eleventh ejaculation of the day. He could really use a rest break, but as far as Cherry was concerned, that was his break. Now it was time to get back to fucking.

She shifted back up the bed so she was once more straddling him, but this time she turned around so her fat ass was shown off in all its glory. Reverse cowgirl was not something they had done together before, but Cherry wanted the Pokémon to see exactly what was about to happen. "I've decided," she said, grabbing his still hard rod with one hand while spreading her cheeks with the other. "I'm going to give you my last virginity tonight, and with that we'll be tied forever. I'll be yours, and you'll be mine."

Cherry lined up the green tip with her puckered anus, an involuntary gasp escaping her when she felt the head touch her winking hole. Then she smiled. This was such a good idea. "And now, let's be one!"

With a final cry, Cherry drove herself down, her eyes rolling into the back of her skull as she felt Ralts's bitchbreaker split her in two. The penetration filled her up so much, taking up all the spare space inside of her, that the cum that had been languishing in her cunt was forced out of her with a wet gurgle, splattering down onto her sheets and Ralts's balls. Had she been aware of it, Cherry would have made a mental note to clean that up later, but she was busy in rapture.

For a while there was no movement, the coed too conked out, too high on pleasure, to do anything. But the tight, unlubricated heat of her rectum was too much for Ralts's oversensitive cock, and soon he started pushing on her ass cheeks, trying desperately to get her off. Not that he succeeded, his physical strength being much too little to lift a full grown woman. But he did wake Cherry from her stupor, the intern taking his hands on her bottom as a sign to start. She slowly lifted herself up, releasing a drawn out groan as she felt his glans drag her flesh down. Then when just his head remained inside, she dropped, letting gravity take control. She fell back down into his lap, knocking all the air out of Ralts.

With nary a consideration, the woman sped up her motions, lost in the new sensations she was just experiencing for the first time. It wasn't as good as when she had him inside her vagina, when she could feel him bang up against her cervix, but it was different. And that variety added to her enjoyment. Spice of life and whatnot. Cherry started going harder, reveling in the way the pain mixed with the pleasure to bring her to new heights.

And when Ralts released himself inside her, Cherry didn't even stop, fucking herself on his cock while he orgasmed, tipping her over the edge as well. But she still continued, a frenzied expression on her face as she sank deeper into the depths of degeneracy. And so their night passed in a blur of sexual activity, Cherry never getting enough and Ralts never getting to rest.

Ralts wiped some sweat off his brow as finished calibrating the high frequency bandpass filter. He had been able to get so much work done in the past week as Cherry finally left him alone, even dropping her internship, so that she could focus on her finals. Their time together was exhausting, if pleasant, so the little Pokémon was happy to be done. The pink haired student would always hold a special place in his memories, but he'd much rather imagine her than actually have to put up with her insatiable antics.

"Ralts! Could you come to my office?" Professor Acacia stuck her head into the lab he was currently working in, "We've got a new research assistant you should meet." With that said she left as quickly as she appeared.

Sighing at having to be social, the green and white fairy cleaned up his tools before making his way over to his superior's office. The door was open, and he could hear the sound of two women talking and laughing with each other. One was clearly Acacia, but the other was. . . no, it couldn't be!

Ralts's jaw slackened in horror as he stared at the new employee. Acacia noticed him first and waved him over, not realising his true feelings.

"Ah, Ralts, you came, perfect. I'm sure you remember Cherry? She's going to be working with us full time this summer. Isn't that great? I know how well you two got along."

Outside of the professor's field of view but clearly visible to Ralts, his tormentor licked her lips. "Oh, yes," she said, "we certainly did get along well. You can count on me, Professor."

Whatever his boss said next was lost to Ralts, the psychic no longer listening as he started brainstorming plans of escaping Sinnoh entirely.

Might go MIA for a bit from here on. I'm giving a talk in a conference in March on my research, but I'm very much not done with my analysis yet. Basically I'm super busy until April. I plan to release some quick writes to make up for it, shorter stories that will average around 2k words.

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