Cheery Co-ed Cherry's Enthusiastic Experiments in Ecstasy @spurgelaurel

If Cherry's friends, family, and acquaintances were surveyed about her personality, one of the most common responses would be that she is a go-getter. Even when she was just a little girl, pudgy face set into a determined scowl, pink pigtails rising slightly like the hairs of an agitated cat, when Cherry set her mind to something she didn't rest until she succeeded. Some would have called her spoiled, but that would be missing the point. It wasn't that she always got what she wanted because her parents gave it to her, but because she worked hard and refused to give up.

It was this trait that made her the rising star of the Pokéresearch department at Sinnoh Regional University, one of the best in the world. Cherry never waited for good things to come her way and she never let herself be content. She would only accept perfection, but never considered anything to be perfect. There was always something to improve, something to learn, something greater to strive for. Perfection was her end goal, just as for any scientist, but Cherry considered perfection to be impossible. And it would be a sad day if it were ever achieved for then what would the noble endeavour of science have left to do?

This indomitable work ethic, inexhaustible drive, and peerless ambition combined with the co-ed's natural intellect and networking personality meant hardly a week had passed since she had delivered a package to Professor Acacia before she was interning at the very same professor's lab. The pinkette had no shortage of people willing to write her a letter of recommendation, her previous involvement in research included co-authorship of several peer reviewed papers, and her academic achievements spoke for themselves. Having personally met the young lady in question, it was a no-brainer for the professor to take the enterprising student under her wing.

Cherry worked hard, didn't complain about being used as cheap labour as grad students often are, made sure to learn as much as she could, and made contributions that did not go unnoticed. She was very much setting herself up for an assured future in the field, and over the few weeks she had worked for Professor Acacia so far, she had built a good reputation that would serve her well when she struck out on her own. However, that is a different story.

Because unknown to anybody but her, Cherry had changed in a very fundamental way. Her top priority was no longer what it had been since she was five years old: becoming a world renowned Professor and a house-hold name. Indeed, all the goodwill she built and knowledge she collected through her internship was now just a side benefit to her as opposed to the primary reason. Her real motivation was Ralts. From the moment she had first laid eyes on his little body, it felt like she had been put under a spell. All Cherry could think about was Ralts. His smooth skin, his svelte form, his glorious cock.

She hadn't understood at first. Thought it was simply something physical. She had enjoyed teasing him. She should have realized right then. She had never teased anyone with her body before. Not even her boyfriend, who she had been with for two years. Then she had fucked him, something she never would have considered had she been thinking rationally. That should have really tipped her off, but she was just so captivated. So Cherry got a job at the lab and found herself mostly working alongside the subject of her obsessive thoughts as their duties were similar. Her intentions had been to try and better understand what it was exactly that so enchanted her about the Feeling Pokémon.

All she managed to do was sink deeper and deeper into madness. Sure, Professor Acacia had told her that Ralts was intelligent and hard working, but it was one thing to hear it and another to see it. Ralts was a better partner than any she had ever worked with before. He somehow intuitively knew what she needed before she even said a word, and since he had more experience at the lab he had spent the first week showing her how everything worked. This allowed Cherry to see just how intelligent the mushroom looking boy was. And she could not hide her attraction to that very well. She knew because each time he met her heavy gaze he blushed scarlet and quickly looked away.

It wasn't long before she had fucked him again, and another time soon after. From there, it didn't quite become routine as they only ever met at the lab and Cherry had not lost her mind so much that she couldn't see what was wrong with fucking a Pokémon in public, but it was not uncommon for them to have a quickie in the middle of work hours. Each time, Cherry's infatuation grew stronger, while Ralts grew more confident and active in their activities. There was only so much resistance the little Pokémon could put up in the face of an attractive woman throwing herself at him.

So when Professor Acacia let Cherry know that she needed to go to Eterna Forest and collect some Bug types for her research, Cherry immediately requested that Ralts could accompany her as she had no Pokémon of her own. Seeing no reason to refuse, the lab head agreed. Ralts was a good choice, in fact, as his knowledge of Teleport removed the need for a Flying type, and his Fairy typing protected him from the weakness to Bug his Psychic typing generated. Professor Acacia let her assistant know he would be working out of office that day. The lack of his typical disappointed response lightened her heart with the knowledge that he was finally starting to socialize some. Since Cherry's first visit, the two had been close friends. Or so she thought.

Cherry maintained a relaxed pace down the winding path of Eterna Forest, Ralts shuffling alongside her. She was carrying a messenger bag filled with Pokéballs from the lab, each one written on in marker with the species Professor Acacia wanted caught inside. They had entered the woods little under an hour ago, yet they were already over half done. There were so many Bug Pokémon here, Cherry felt like they were actively trying to get caught, running straight at her. Not like any were a match for one of Ralts's Icy Wind attacks. Honestly, watching him dismantle opponent after opponent with cold efficiency was such a turn on.

Today, the pink haired girl was wearing a baby blue blouse that dipped low enough to reveal a tantalizing hint of cleavage while still being considered professional and a knee-length white skirt that swished and fluttered around her long legs in the light breeze. Eterna Forest was much warmer than the rest of Sinnoh, the thick canopy trapping the heat while the many trees protected the area from the high winds that were typical of the region. While her outfit was partially due to wanting to enjoy the unique temperature of Eterna Forest, the main reason was she wanted to give Ralts something to look at. And she knew she had succeeded from the many prolonged glances she caught him giving her breasts and legs. But what seemed to distract him the most was her heart shaped rear, and how far her skirt was pushed from her back by it.

Cherry smiled to herself, knowing exactly how to reward the little Pokémon for helping her out. She rested the messenger bag against the trunk of one of the trees and stretched her arms up over her head, her blouse riding up to reveal her belly button. Ralts couldn't help but stare. "We've been working hard, how about a short break? You could probably use some time to regain your energy after all those fights, no?"

Ralts tilted his head as if considering, so Cherry sweetened the pot. She bent over, intentionally pointing her shapely ass in his direction and rummaged through the bag, "I'm pretty sure I packed a blue poffin for you, let me just get it out." As she spoke, she wiggled her hips from side to side, the movement of her butt hypnotizing the Psychic type. She found the pastry, wrapped in foil and still warm, but pouted. She had hoped her teasing would lead Ralts to making the first move, but he just wasn't assertive enough. Not yet. It's something the intern was working on.

She spun round, her skirt twirling prettily around her legs. "Here you go," she said, holding the dry treat out for him to take. When the Pokémon reached out, though, she quickly pulled it away. Seeing his dejected look, Cherry couldn't help but giggle, "Aw, don't be like that. I know you want your little treat. I just think I have another cake you would enjoy much more."

As she spoke, a flirtish lilt growing in her tone, Cherry began to slowly pull the hem of her skirt up her thigh with her free hand. A heat started to grow within her as she saw Ralts's eyes track the movement. "See something you like," she whispered huskily. Ralts reddened but didn't look away, she had broken him of at least some of his shyness by that point. "I think you do," she teased, "I think you were even hoping for this, weren't you? You naughty little Ralts. I bet you came along expecting me to reward you, huh? Well, how could I disappoint my dashing little knight."

Cherry turned back around and put the poffin back in the bag. But instead of straightening back up, while she was bent over she flipped up her skirt, revealing pink slip panties which she quickly tugged down to her knees. Cherry's glistening folds beckoned Ralts onwards, the small, closely cropped carpet of soft pink hairs on her mound indicating pink is her natural colour. The horny woman gave one of her cheeks a spank, the flesh rippling erotically right before Ralts's eyes. She grabbed one cheek in each hand and spread, winking her rosebud while rolling her hips, desperate to bring him closer.

"Go on," she whined, looking back at the little Pokémon over her shoulder, "don't you want your treat? It's nice and warm and juicy. I know you typically prefer drier foods, but I think you'll appreciate how wet this is. Well, what are you waiting for?"

Ralts used his psychic powers on himself to levitate, putting him level with her gorgeous backside. What she had said was true, she was absolutely sopping wet, and from experience Ralts knew there was no reasoning with her when she got this way. But they had never tried this position before, and it had always been her in control before. Ralts wasn't really sure what to do. Luckily, Cherry was there to guide him through the initial steps before his natural instincts would take control.

"Take your big cock and just slide it into my cunt. All in one go, but do it slow. I want to feel you spreading me apart."

And Cherry wasn't lying. While it is true that the first time they had fucked back in Professor Acacia's office, Ralts's cock was only five inches and quite slim, she was pleasantly surprised to find that the more sex they had, the larger Ralts's cock grew. Cherry's own hypothesis was that his body was ready to evolve, but because of the Everstone he couldn't, and so that pent up energy needed to find another release. If the sex wasn't so mindbendingly good, Cherry would have felt bad about ruining Acacia's experiment.

Now, after five weeks of occasional sex, Ralts's cock had grown to a hefty seven inches and didn't seem to be stopping anytime soon. When Cherry would think about this late at night in her bed, she would furiously masterbate while salivating over how big it might get in the future. The specific thought that would constantly pop up, starting the cycle all over again, was of herself, absolutely destroyed and barely conscious, Ralts's fat cock sliding out of her gaping pussy as a flood of his semen pours out.

She was brought out of her daydreams by the very real feeling of Ralts's head slipping between her lips and slowly entering her tight, human cunt. "Ooooooh," she let out a groan, her hands flying to the tree trunk in front of her for support. It felt so good her knees had gone weak. Ralts made a sound of concern, but Cherry quickly disabused him of that notion. "Keep going, baby," a moan interrupted her, "The whole thing, baby. I can take it."

The co-ed could take it, was happy to take it. Ralts's young dick, the one she had personally trained, deserved to be taken to the root by her pussy. Her pussy desperately needed to be filled. But that didn't mean it was easy, or even painless. Though not (yet) beyond a size that a man might sport, Ralts had a heft to him that could not effortlessly be accepted. The first time Cherry had taken Ralts into herself, it was a moment of revelation. The pleasure was more mental than physical. It was the best sex she'd ever had, no doubt about it, but not because she was being stimulated to nirvana.

This time was very different. Having sex in a lab, a temple to knowledge, is entirely unlike fucking in the woods. As Ralts sunk to the hilt inside her cunt, his hips coming to rest against the pillowy flesh of her ass, Cherry felt something primeval take over her. This was no expression of love, or even of lust. This was nothing less than a stud claiming his bitch. This was wild and primal and each spark of pain and discomfort Cherry felt at the large intrusion only served to excite her further.

"Fuck me!" she screamed, startling Ralts from his glazed over trance at the feeling of her wrapped up tightly around him. "Fuck me hard! Treat me like your cocksleave! That's all I'm good for, anyways!"

Confused and disturbed, Ralts didn't know what to do. Cherry had never talked like that before. Usually their sessions were silent but for some stifled moans as they didn't want to be caught. But out in the middle of the forest where the only ones who might stumble upon them were voyeuristic Pokémon, the pink haired girl was able to let loose a side of her she had never shown to anyone. Had not even known existed. An intense, lewd, untamed side that howled with lust.

Not content to wait for her partner to come to, the student began to thrust her hips, fucking herself on Ralts's mighty manhood and gasping at the feeling of being stretched so wide. Partially at the pain, but mostly at the pleasure made all the sweeter by the pain. "Not just anyone could fit your whole cock nice and snug inside their fuck box, you know? And not many young women as pretty as me would be willing to go down on a Pokécock like yours. You should feel lucky I'm your little slut toy."

While he didn't understand it at first, something about the way Cherry was talking spoke to something deep in the psychic's psyche. He began to thrust himself, matching and quickly overtaking the pace set by the intern. "YES! LIKE THAT! JUST LIKE THAT!" Which such encouragement, what could Ralts do but start to fuck her harder, his hips becoming a blur as he pushed his powers to their limits. An echoing slap slap slap rung out through the woods, joining the various songs of the Bug Pokémon around.

"You fuck me so good, baby," Cherry moaned, looking back at him over her shoulder. So furious was his pace that her tits spilled out the top of her blouse, unhampered by a bra she chose not to wear today. "Do you like fucking your bitch out in the open where anyone could see, hmm? Maybe you want us to be seen. I bet you'd like it if a bunch of Pokémon surrounded us right now, so you could show them all what an alpha you are, treating your little fucktoy the way she deserves.

"Would you like that, baby? Would you like to show the world that I'm your little cum guzzling slut? That at any moment I'm ready to get down on my knees and worship you, and only you? You'll teach me my place, won't you? You'll mold my cunt into the perfect shape of your cock so even if someone else tried to fuck me I'll be all loose and worn out. But I'll always be tight for you, baby. I'm your dirty whore and no one will fuck you better than I can. Right, baby?"

It was hard enough for Ralts to last when it was just the feeling of Cherry's warm, wet hole wrapped tight around his penis. Add in her naughty words that had his cheeks burning up, there was little he could to hold on in the face of such blatant eroticism. With a great cry, Ralts rammed himself as deep into Cherry as he could, his tip nestled intimately in her folds, and released the biggest load of his life. The pinkette's own moan harmonized with his, one of her hands coming down to rub her lower stomach as she felt his warm seed pool within her.

Ralts slowly disengaged, his now soft cock easily sliding out of Cherry's puffy nethers. A trickle of white cum followed, but the girl quickly stuck one finger inside to halt the stream before pulling up her panties, trapping it all inside and no doubt making a big mess. When she turned to see Ralts lying back on the ground, puffing in exertion, she couldn't help but giggle, the cute sound completely at odds with the filth she had been spewing just moments prior.

"Come on then, big guy, we've still got some Pokémon to catch for the Professor. And since you did so good, here."

The poffin collided with Ralts's chest, knocking the breath out of him but he didn't mind. He needed the pick me up after that if he was to win some more fights.

Nothing happened between them for a week, and Ralts was finally able to put the events of the forest out of his mind. So back to business as usual. Just another normal day at the lab, attending to his duties, running some machines, collecting some data. But then Ralts sensed a strong feeling of ecstasy heading right towards him. It didn't feel like a eureka breakthrough moment, so it wasn't hard for Ralts to figure out who was approaching. After all, it was one of the days Cherry worked on.

Sure enough, the door to the lab room Ralts was in swung open, revealing the hourglass figure of his pink haired paramour. She had a wide grin on her face, and was pretty much bouncing on the balls of her feet, her firm tits jiggling under her green turtleneck. The way her tight jeans hugged her ass and showed off her thick thighs was far too distracting for the little Pokémon, and his notebook and pencil slipped out of his psychic hold.

Moving quickly, Cherry managed to grab them out of the air before they hit the ground and set them down on a nearby table. Then she pulled Ralts into a solid huge, squishing his face in her cleavage. "I've got some good news," she teased in a sing-song way, "I bet you'll never guess what it is."

As she spoke, one of the girl's hands reached under Ralts's robe to grasp at his hardening cock. The green topped Pokémon let out a moan, muffled though it was with his face pressed up against her chest. He knew what was coming, and his body reacted, penis quickly growing in length and girth until it reached its jaw dropping size. A whopping seven inches of a constant inch a half diameter that had Cherry nearly cartoon salivating with a mad glint in her eye from just the feel of it.

Not wanting to make it too quick, the intern began to carefully work the shaft, softly running her fingers up along the urethra, her pace tantalizingly slowly. Each shudder and groan she ripped out of her little lover served to spur her on more. "I ask Professor Acacia to give you a day off," her whisper made Ralts's head shoot up in shock. He had never had a day off before. If the lab was open, then he was working. Cherry cooed at seeing the confusion on his face, her other hand rising to caress his cheek.

"I know, sweetie, I know. You like to work. But don't worry," here her grin turned predatory, and the fear Ralts occasionally felt towards her returned for a moment, "I'll take very good care of you."

Cherry's hand wrapped around Ralts's dick, her fingers barely coming together around the fat pole. Then her hand began to pump up and down, a rotation of her wrist bringing in another dimension of pleasure. "Hehe," she giggled, "how many degrees of freedom does my hand on your cock have?" Ralts would have answered, could have answered, it was clearly two, but Cherry's finger pressed against his lips shushed him. "None, baby, cause I'm your little fuck slave. Got it?"

His dick pulsed once in her hand, making her giggle and stop her ministrations. "Don't want you to blow too soon now," she saucily whispered. Her index finger traced light circles around his glans, giving just enough stimulation to keep him right on the edge but not enough to tip him over. Ralts whined with need, it was so uncomfortable for him. But for all of Cherry's dirty talk, she was the one in control. Ralts never got to choose when, how, or even if they had sex. He was beholden entirely to the whims of the intern.

The hand she had working his cock drifted lower to cup his balls. "You've got a big, tasty treat saved up for me, huh?" Cherry asked, lifting each of the plum sized testicles one at a time. "They feel heavy. Do you never get any release except with me?" she gave a little pout, "Aw, poor baby. I've got you now, though. You can trust me. I won't waste a single drop that you give to me."

Out of nowhere, she wrapped her hand tightly around the penis once more, and began to pump it at a furious pace. Ralts cried out, and barely felt when she placed him down on a tabletop. When his eyes refocused, he saw Cherry was kneeling down in front of him, her eyes glowing as she watched, riveted, her hands rising and falling along his length. She noticed him looking at her and smiled, expressing the happiness she felt at bringing him pleasure. The pace of her hands increased.

"I want you to cum for me," she whispered, her voice low and hoarse. The time for teasing was over. "I want you to spill your seed down my throat and make me choke on it. Hold my head down with your psychic powers until I gag and my eyes water. And even then, don't let me up. I want my body to remember you. I want all the air I ever breathe to carry your scent so my lungs never forget that it's you who allows them to fill.

"You'll do that for me, won't you, baby? For your cock hungry fuck slut? For your cum addicted pig whore?" At this point, Cherry was breathing hard, her desperation painting her into a pathetic whore. Not that she cared. Her focus was solely on the divine being in front of her. When she felt some pressure around her head slowly move her closer to Ralts's cock, an expression of pure happiness engulfed her face. "Oh, baby, thank-GLURK!"

Ralts cut her off, not needing to hear her gratitudes. Frankly, she was a little disturbing to him when she got into that sort of mood. It had been happening more and more lately, but the little Pokémon didn't have it in him to tell her to stop. It was kind of hot, and it seemed like she enjoyed it so what was the harm?


Sure, she had only asked to be held down when he came, but he was so close and he would definitely come sooner from a sloppy deepthroating blowjob than from just her hands, no matter how soft and skillful. Not like Cherry would complain. He could tell by the pleased glint in her eyes and the way she hummed and moaned around his cock. Within moments, he had reached his peak and his balls began unloading their viscous load down her tight throat.

Cherry gulped down shot after shot, but there seemed to be no end in sight. Ralts just kept on cumming. She had trained him well. Her nose pressed up firmly against his navel, and she took deep breaths of his musk. Her body rebelled at the prolonged intrusion, her esophagus constricting to try and push out the trespasser, causing her to gag and choke. Just as she had asked, Ralts did not let up.

Soon, tears began to pool in the corners of her eyes. Oh, how Cherry wished she could remain a while longer. However, if the tears streaked her mascara then surely the other people in the lab would notice and begin to ask some awkward questions. She tapped at Ralts's thigh with one hand, and the Pokémon immediately released her.

A big gulp of air later, Cherry was standing back up and straightening her outfit, checking her makeup in her hand mirror. Once she had fixed everything to her standards, she turned back to Ralts and said, "Remember, tomorrow is your off day. Swing by my apartment in the morning. By the time we're done, you won't want to do anything but fuck me all day long."

Cherry casually took a seat in the Field Biology lecture hall, one in the back as opposed to her typical front row place. No one looked at her oddly for it. Everyone had those days where they just couldn't life and needed to put their head down and rest for a while. Cherry was due for one of those as nobody had ever seen her relax before. Not that she was high strung, just highly motivated and upbeat. Cheerful Cherry was practically a nickname for her. So no one begrudged her for needing some 'me time', especially because it was entirely in character for her to still come to class even on a personal day.

Soon, the lecture had picked up into full swing. Although he had to teach a class of about four hundred students, professor Caleb was good at keeping lectures engaging throughout the whole hour and a half period. And usually Cherry would be right there with him, rapidly taking color coded notes and answering questions when it seemed like no one else was going to. The pink haired girl liked to give the others a chance first, but didn't want the pace of the class to slow down.

Today was different, though. Once she was sure no one was paying her any more attention, Cherry discretely reached into her haversack. When she pulled her hands back out of the bag, she was holding Ralts in them, and quickly moved him behind her desk where no one could see him. With one finger against her lips, she mimed being quiet before stealthily lifting her shirt over his head. Then she unbuttoned her jeans to reveal she was wearing crotchless panties underneath. A clear white liquid dribbled out of her puffy red lips.

His body hidden from view by Cherry's desk and shirt, Ralts shifted, raising his robe to expose his rigid cock. With an efficiency born out of having already done this routine in two other lectures today, the Feeling Pokémon lined up his fat fuckstick up with Cherry's drooling cunt. In a smooth, drawn out motion, Ralts dug into the hot box. The girl let out a soft sigh, feeling filled and fulfilled.

This was very different to the fast and rough fuck they had in Eterna Forest a little over a week ago. It had to be. This time they could be caught by some actual people and not just voyeuristic Pokémon. The taboo lovers took it slow, the risk of getting caught adding to the thrill. Ralts gently pumped in and out, withdrawing all the way before sinking back in. This allowed the two of them to fully appreciate the way his cock head would split open her folds, and how they clung onto him each time he pulled out.

Cherry squeezed her inner walls, crossing her arms on her desk and resting her head on them to hide her smile at the quiet gasp Ralts didn't manage to suppress. Rhythmic pulses of her core muscles greedily milked the big dick in her pussy. Two classes so far and Cherry was crammed with seven precious loads of jizz. However, she wouldn't be satisfied until those white balls were completely drained and her womb was swollen from taking it all.

Although he had already orgasmed seven times within the past five hours, Ralts couldn't hold out long in the perfect environment that was Cherry's cocksleeve. His humping picked up speed and force, making the pinkette curl up slightly to hide their activities from the surrounding students. And then he was flush against his beau's groin and perfectly still, at least on the outside. Inside of Cherry's pussy, Ralts's dick was throbbing and pulsing, releasing jet after jet of spunk into her already painted depths.

For a couple minutes, the two basked in the afterglow, entirely ignorant of the hundreds of students around them who in turn were completely unaware of the taboo act happening in the back row. Then Cherry came back to her senses and began to gently rock back and forth, rolling her hips with the intent of reigniting Ralts's passion. As if waking from a daze, the little Pokémon shook his head before resuming his thrusting. Cherry's silken folds fluttered around him, urging him onwards.

The class was eighty minutes long, and the two lab assistants spent no less than seventy of those minutes in cadenced love making. Their embrace broke only moments before the lecture itself ended, giving Cherry time to covertly place Ralts back in her bag and straighten up some. Then it was twenty past the sixteenth hour signaling the end of the pinkette's last lecture for the day. All the students began to pack up and head to the doors, Cherry being no exception. She was just as, if not more, desperate to get back to her flat. Who knew when Ralts would next get a day off, and so they had to make the most of the time they had.

Before she could escape, however, professor Caleb called out to her. Unable to blow off her favourite professor who had really done a lot to help her out, Cherry put on as convincing of a smile as she could and turned back to face him. Some of her real emotions must have slipped out, though, because the professional academic frowned.

"Bad day, Cherry?"

"Yeah, sorry," the girl shifted the shoulder strap of her haversack, being unused to Ralts's added weight. Used to faking expressions to get what she wants, Cherry relaxed her smile somewhat to be more rueful and let her eyelids droops slightly, "Just tired. Professor Acacia is working me hard."

"Ah, yes, good old lab work," professor Caleb let out a short chuckle and Cherry knew she was in the clear, "maybe you can see now why I went into teaching instead of full time research."

"I don't imagine teaching is much easier."

"Well, challenging in a different way. I'm glad for you, though. Professor Acacia is a respected colleague, and she definitely knows what she's doing. You could learn a lot from her, things we can't teach in a classroom."

Cherry nodded, but by this point the conversation had run a bit long for her. "I'm definitely really grateful for the opportunity. And I really appreciate that you sent her a letter of recommendation when I said I'd like to work for her." The feeling of fresh, warm cum dripping down her thighs kept her from forgetting her plans for the evening.

"I'm really sorry, professor," she said, "but I've really got to head home. It's my turn to cook dinner and if I don't have something ready by six my flat mates will begin to complain." It was a lie. She certainly had a dinner in mind, but there was no way she was sharing it with anyone.

"Oh, don't let me keep you." Cherry turned to leave, but professor Caleb wasn't quite finished, "Just. . . just don't neglect your needs for your work. It's okay to take a break every now and then."

Cherry looked back over her shoulder and smiled, "Don't worry about me, professor. I've been meeting my needs just fine."

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