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Cheery Co-ed Cherry's Enthusiastic Experiments in Ecstasy @spurgelaurel

Cherry had always wanted to be a world renowned Professor, so when her Field Biology professor, whom she had worked hard to build a rapport with, asked her if she could deliver a package to Professor Acacia's lab, she agreed with no hesitation. This could be her big break, as getting noticed by a major lab would be a great way to make connections and set up her future. And Cherry had no doubts that she would be noticed. Pretty, smart, helpful, and cheerful, she knew she was the favorite of the department and many of the other students knew it too. But she didn't let it go to her head, treating each one of her fellows with the same kindness. After all, they might be her future colleagues. Though more likely they would be her lab assistants.

Professor Acacia's laboratory was not far from the university's campus in downtown Jubilife City, and since her last class for the day was Field Biology, Cherry went straight over. She sent her flatmates a text that she'll likely be late coming home, planning to spend as long as she could in the lab. The student didn't want to get in the way, but even just being able to observe for a couple hours would be incredibly helpful for Cherry. Of course she had spoken with her professors about their experiences of working in a lab, but as an aspiring scientist she knew nothing could compare with first hand data collection.

The pink haired girl arrived at the address on the package, a geometrical building shaped like a capital L. She confidently strode up to the front door and knocked, a friendly smile spreading across her face as she mentally rehearsed her introduction. "Hello! I'm Cherry, from Sinnoh Region University. I was asked by professor Caleb to deliver this package. Is it okay if I come in? Sorry to impo-"

Her thoughts were interrupted by the door opening but there was no one there to greet her. Her brow furrowing in confusion, Cherry looked down to see a Ralts looking back up at her in curiosity. She had never seen one in person before as they were quite rare, but the co-ed had heard they appear before cheerful people and shy away from hostility. Putting on her brightest smile, Cherry dropped into a squat so that she was face to face with the foot tall Pokémon. She didn't fail to notice how his gaze lingered slightly on her sizable assets. Her smile shifted slightly as it gained a teasing tilt. And if she wasn't mistaken, that was an Everstone on the pendant he was wearing.

"Hey there, little guy. I'm from SRU. I've got a package here for Professor Acacia. Do you know where she is?" She fluttered her eyelashes a bit at the cutie, stifling a giggle as his cheeks glowed red as his horn, "I'd really appreciate it if you took me to her. I'm Cherry, by the way."

Ralts seemed stupefied for a moment before he realised she had asked him a question. He quickly nodded and motioned for her to enter, closing the door with telekinesis behind her. The Feeling Pokémon scooted across the clean tile floor, but Cherry saw an opportunity to mess with him a little. She scooped him up with one arm, holding him to her chest so that he was half resting on one of her breasts, while her other hand held the package. Ralts made a sound of surprise and struggled for a bit but Chery quieted him down.

"It'd feel weird for me if you were all the way down there. Besides, you're so small and light, this isn't a problem at all," Cherry licked her lips, glancing at Ralts from the corner of her eyes, "Just point me to where I need to go and relax." Her voice dropped to a husky whisper, "I caught you staring earlier, so I know you like it."

Ralts looked like he was about to cry, but he did as the busty student said and directed her deeper into the laboratory from his place at her chest. Cherry was enjoying this, and she hoped he was too. The mushroom like Pokémon was just too adorable, she couldn't help herself. Even her boyfriend of two years couldn't captivate her the same way that this little psychic had after they just met. In her highly analytical mind, a plan was starting to form. Ralts was clearly interested in her, and he must have some importance in this lab judging by his Everstone pendant since those did not come cheap. Getting him wrapped around her finger could open several doors for her.

Eventually the two of them arrived at a door with a plaque reading "Professor Acacia, PhD" on it. Cherry set Ralts down, much to his relief, and knocked with her now free hand. A shout of "Come in!" came from inside, and Cherry opened it, nudging Ralts with her foot when he moved to leave. The little Pokémon drooped his head in resignation and led his tormentor into the room. He knew there was nothing malicious about it, he could feel her intentions and knew she was a nice person, but Ralts had never encountered some like her before and didn't know how to act around her, leading to embarrassment.

Cherry stepped into the office, her fingers wrapped so tight around the package they started to go white. All her previous confidence had left her. This was the real deal, no more playing around. First impression really had a huge impact, and she wanted to make a good one on the most important person she had ever met. This was the culmination of everything she had done at college to distinguish herself. Ralts must have sensed her nervousness, because she felt a tugging on her jeans and glanced down to see him looking up at her in concern. She flashed him a smile, making him beet red again, and steeled her nerves.

Professor Acacia was an older woman, her brown hair speckled with grey and pulled up in a severe bun. She was sitting in front of a computer, reading a paper on one monitor while the one to her side showed a series of graphs. Apart from her desk and chair, there was also a heavy looking metal filing cabinet and several shelves that occupied two walls stacked with books. The floor was covered by a soft blue carpet that felt nice to tread on even through Cherry's platforms. The Professor looked up from her work, smiling at Ralts and sending a quizzical glance Cherry's way before she noticed the package in her hand.

"That wouldn't happen to be the data I requested from Caleb, is it?"the older brunette asked, standing up and walked towards the newcomer, giving Ralts a head pat on her way.

"He, uh, didn't tell me what was inside but he asked me to bring this to you." Professor Acacia reached a hand out and Cherry immediately gripped it with her own, finishing the handshake without thinking.

The corner of the woman's lips twitched upwards in a small smile, "I was actually reaching for the package-" Cherry had the decency to blush, "-but sure, a handshake also works. I'm Professor Acacia, I study evolution."

"Cherry, I'm studying to be a Professor at SRU. I'm a big fan of your work. And since you are one of the few female Professors you are somewhat of a role model of mine. Sorry, that came out wrong."

Acacia shook her head, an understanding smile on her face as she accepted the package. "I get it," she started as she walked back over to her desk and tore open the brown envelope, "Being interested in a field and seeing no one who looks like you as an expert in it can be off putting. Likely many young girls who could have been amazing Professors were turned away by how male dominated the profession is. It's saddens me to think of how much knowledge we could have already discovered were it not for discrimination."

"I imagine it was a lot worse for you. Were there even any female Professors for you to look up to while you were a student?"

"Are you calling me old?" the professional researcher asked, throwing a glare over her shoulder and stopping her examination of the papers on her desk. The pink haired girl paled, sure she had just stuck her foot in her mouth, but then Acacia grinned and she realized the woman was just teasing her. "Yeah, I was one of the first. Not the first, mind you, but one of. It was hard going, and many people tried to dissuade me, telling me that it is not a feminine career, but I pushed through. Perseverance is the best lesson I can give to people who want to follow in my footsteps. There will be challenges along the way, and at times you will want to give up, but if you persevere the most difficult thing you'll have to worry about will be the math."

The older woman started to laugh, and after realizing that was meant to be a joke Cherry quickly gave a couple of giggles herself. As the laughter died, the co-ed started to feel awkward just standing there in the doorway and so asked a question, "How come Ralts is wearing an Everstone if you are studying evolution? If you don't mind me asking."

"Hmm? Oh, the Everstone. Well, my colleague Rowan studies the energy released by Pokémon when they evolve, but I'm currently looking into the mechanisms of evolution and how it works. Ralts is helping me understand why Everstones have the effect they do. Also, his small size allows him to get into places humans can't and use his psychic powers to fix equipment and the like."

"Wow!" Cherry was impressed, "The little guy didn't tell me he was so smart. He must be a huge help around the lab, then?"

Professor Acacia nodded, "Ralts is my best assistant. Ever since he's come here, he's worked hard." The Professor then checked the time on her computer's clock, quickly stood up from her desk and clutched a stack of papers, "I'd love to stay and chat some more with you, Cherry, but I need to go put Caleb's data in the system and start to process it. It was lovely meeting you."

"And you. It was so interesting coming here and being able to speak with you."

"Well, maybe you can cover over again some other time. I gotta run, have a nice day. Ralts, I'll be back in a few hours, but until then you can take a break, you've earned it.

With that the greying brunette strode out the open door, leaving the pink-haired student and the green topped Pokémon behind in her office. Cherry's mind was working faster than it ever had before. She really wanted to work here, Acacia seemed like she'd be such a good boss to learn under. And then there was Ralts. Personality wise, he was exactly her type. Intelligent, proactive, helpful, responsible, and interested in her. Physically, he was simply alluring in a way she had never encountered before. He was just too cute, she wanted to gobble him all up like a fine snack. Her boyfriend was also attractive, but it didn't even feel fair to compare the two in her mind. How could anyone compare with Ralts? Even more so when his Everstone will keep him looking like that forever.

Unbeknownst to the Pokémon now psychically searching Acacia's bookshelves for a text he hadn't read yet, a scheme had been hatched with him as the primary target. Cherry dug through her bag for the roll of poffins she liked to keep on her. Though she had no Pokémon of her own, the girl would often sit in the park and break off little pieces to feed to the Starlys. She grabbed a blue poffin, figuring the psychic/fairy would prefer a dry flavour, and also reached for a white pill box she knew would be there. It was an unfortunate reality that her boyfriend sometimes had problems performing when she wanted, so she had gotten into the habit of getting him viagra since he was too embarrassed to buy it himself.

Mentally thanking her boyfriend and sending him an apology, Cherry sneakily stuck a single blue pill into the center of the poffin from the bottom. It would be doubly hard to notice her deception as the erectile dysfunction medicine blended into the pastry. She creeped up behind Ralts, soundlessly kneeling right behind him, and then coughed lightly. The startled Pokémon recoiled and spun, unaware that she was still there. She held up the confection between them as a peace offering.

"Sorry, sorry," She said, pretending to be nervous, "I didn't mean to frighten you. I just happened to have this poffin on me, and I was wondering if you wanted it?" Ralts was about to refuse, sensing with its horns that she had some sort of ulterior motive, but then his rumbling stomach made itself known. Sensing no hostility and a lot of good cheer from Cherry, Ralts figured there was no real reason to reject the gift, and so grabbed it with both arms and started to eat. Cherry giggled as she watched, hoping that soon he would be satisfying her own hunger of a different kind.

While Ralts was distracted with his treat, the pinkette quietly made her way to the door before closing it silently. If this office was anything like her professors' back at SRU, it was completely soundproof when the door was closed so that the researcher inside could get work done with no interruptions. This would serve Cherry's goals perfectly. According to her estimates, Professor Acacia should be busy for at least three hours, and no one else would enter her closed office, so the two of them had plenty of time for themselves. Cherry pushed her back into the door, one hand groping at her chest through her sweater while the other sunk lower to rub at the crotch of her pants. Just watching the little Pokémon devour the poffin get her so turned on. She couldn't wait until he was eating her with the same ravenous ferocity.

The psychic finished the dry pastry and licked his lips in satisfaction. But then he noticed a rather strange sensation. For seemingly no reason, his penis was becoming erect. A tent was being pitched under his loose robe, but there was no cause for his arousal. Still, he knew how to take care of it, so Ralts made to leave his boss' office, only to witness something beyond his comprehension. Cherry was standing in front of the door, one hand under the waistband of her unbuttoned jeans and the other caressing her bra clab breast with her sweater and shirt pulled up to her neck, revealing her soft skin and flat tummy.

"Do you like what you see?" she questioned between moans, moving closer to him without stopping her ministrations until she came to a stop kneeling right in front of him, still towering over his single foot of height. Cherry ripped her hand out of her pants to grab one of his and placed it on her other boob, making him squeeze. She smiled at the sound he made, somewhere between a moan and a whimper, "My girls are pretty nice, huh? Nearly D cups but with all the perkiness you could ask for. Go on, you can be rougher."

Ralts raised his other hand and she moved her own with a smile. She gasped when she felt him tenderly rub both her breasts, still too uncertain to apply any more pressure even with her affirmations. But that shyness was adorable, and the feel of his little hands on her was addicting. Cherry lowered her eyes from the ceiling where they had drifted in pleasure to see Ralts looking up at her in a mixture of awe and desire. She couldn't stop herself.

She gripped him by his green top and brought him in for a forceful kiss. Ralts's arms flailed wildly before becoming slack as he leaned fully into the action. The Pokémon's mouth was so much smaller than her own, her lips covered his completely. And when she slipped her tongue passed them, she basically filled the entirety of his oral cavity. It was a completely new experience for Cherry. She was not a large person by any stretch, and in every makeout session she's ever had she has had her tongue dominated and her mouth conquered. But now, it was her in control. And she liked it.

Cherry disengaged from the kiss so she could tear her top off, throwing sweater, shirt and bra to a far corner in one motion. She then pulled Ralts back in but instead of meeting his lips with her own she wrapped his face with her cleavage. His little green head was just barely visible between her flesh, his red horns sticking up from the crevice of meat that was his new home.

"You're just too good a catch, I can't in good conscience simply let you go without blowing your mind and draining you dry first. Hope you can understand."

With that said, the co-ed lifted the lab assistant out of her bosom so that she was face to face with the bulge of his robe. Ralts was hanging limply in her grip, partially from being out of breath and partially because he was completely out of his depth. Cherry sent him an impish grin before focusing on his waist, "Is this for me, big boy?" She lowered her head slightly and grabbed the edge of his robe in between her teeth, still smiling slyly. The lust crazed student then raised the hem of his robe up to his chest with her mouth, Ralts quickly grabbing hold of it and clutching it nervously against him.

The Pokémon's penis was now completely revealed to Cherry, and what she saw only excited her further. She'd been with larger men before, sure, but on a foot tall creature, a manhood of what looked to be about five inches was more than respectable. It was rather slim, and as white as the rest of his body, but the glans shared the same green tone as his "hair". The only thing his dick was missing was the two red horns, because apart from that it looked just like a smaller Ralts.

"Aw," Cherry said, hearts in her eyes, "it's so cute. I just want to eat it all up."

True to her words, the pink haired girl leaned in and devoured the awaiting erection with a ravenous hunger. She took it all the way down to the base in one smooth motion, ripping a long and drawn out moan from the Feeling Pokémon. Cherry hummed in satisfaction, the vibrations causing more pleasure to hit Ralts. Not wanting to lose momentum, the half naked seductress began to bob her head up and down the pale cock, her lips gliding over featureless skin, while holding her target steady in the air.

Cherry had never really enjoyed going down on anybody before, and only did it for her boyfriend because she knew how much he liked it. It was uncomfortable, did not stimulate her, and she could never get rid of the niggling curiosity of what it would be like to simply bite down. She especially hated it when her partner grabbed her head and held her down. But for some reason that was different with Ralts. Cherry didn't mind giving him a blowjob. In fact, she had initiated it without prompting. Sure, she had started it because despite her misgivings the aspiring Professor knew that there was no quicker way to a male's heart. However she quickly came to appreciate how Ralts felt in her mouth, how he tasted, how he smelt, how her nose would press into his soft navel each time she accepted him fully in, his mushroom head poking at the entrance of her throat enticingly.

So while normally Cherry would passionlessly bob her head and perhaps cup the balls of her partner simply out of a desire to bring him to completion quickly before her knees began to ache, this time she revelled in the erotic act, seeing for the first time the sensual nature of it. And Ralts was reaping all the benefits of her newfound enthusiasm for sucking cock. As an inexperienced virgin, this affair was beyond anything he had ever before conceived off, and his good fortune at having his first blowjob be from an eager college co-ed, and someone else's girlfriend to boot, would have made him the envy of many men had it been public knowledge.

The poor Pokémon could not have been expected to last long with such a hot, wet, and hungry mouth wrapped so tightly around his unnaturally hard dick. The only warning she had was Ralts throwing his head back in a loud moan before the first spurt of cum shot straight down Cherry's throat, making her eyes widen in shock as she quickly pulled her head back so only the tip was in her mouth, resting right on her tongue. She would have liked to listen to Ralts' continued moaning, but his taste flooding her mouth drove all other thoughts from her head.

What Cherry hated most of all was when a boy finished in her mouth, much preferring to take it on her tits or even face if she must because the sticky, slimy and salty liquid felt too gross to swallow. Besides, wasn't painting her firm boobs white way more lewd and exciting? She could never understand the male obsession with having women swallow their seed. But once more, Ralts was unique. His cum wasn't repulsive. It was actually light and airy, mostly flavourless with a fruity hint of peaches. Sort of like flavoured water, but the good kind. Cherry found herself not swallowing, just keeping the semen in her mouth, swishing it around until the whole cavity had a thin lining of it. She wanted to brush her teeth with it, to keep some under her tongue at all times and have her breath smell of it.

Ralts's orgasm came to an end and his muscles relaxed, his fingers clutching the hem of his robe so tightly they had gone numb. Cherry popped his dick out of her mouth, sending a shiver through him as his wet cock was exposed to the cool office air. She moved her hands so that they were braced on his bottom and lowered him back down to her chest, cradling him against her bosom.

"Ook ear."

Cherry had her mouth open to show Ralts the white pool on her tongue. She wiggled the muscle up and down a bit to send ripples through the cum pool, the corners of her mouth rising in an open mouthed smile at his intent stare. Finally she swallowed, the baby batter flowing effortlessly down her throat without clinging to the fleshy walls of her esophagus at all. Then she noticed something.

"You're still hard!" the student exclaimed in amazement. Then she laughed, a low and scratchy sound that made Ralts shiver for reasons he couldn't fully understand, let alone explain. "I guess it makes sense," she continued, "You are much smaller than a human, after all. But don't worry, your friend Cherry is going to take very good care of you, and little you, too."

With a little fiddling, Cherry managed to get the psychic fairy into a position where he was more lying back into her arms, his shaft nestled between her breasts which she squeezed tightly with her upper arms. "This is called a titty fuck," she explained in the same tone she used when tutoring freshmen. "In Kanto they call it paizuri," she raised him up so his hips were pressed against the underside of her boobs and the head of his penis was sticking out fully from her cleavage, "but I prefer titty fuck because it sounds so much more visceral and naughty," she lowered him down so only an inch past his tip remained in the valley of her breasts, "and this is my favourite sexual act. I bet I can make you cum like this even faster than I did with my mouth."

Challenge issued, the cheerful girl hastened her movements, her spit providing sufficient lubrication that she could go as fast as she desired without having to worry about the friction. This was helped by the smoothness of Ralts's dick, which had no loose skin to catch on her own. If Cherry had been enthusiastic when giving the Pokémon head earlier, then now she was zealous. She worked herself up into a fervour, the excited gleam in her eyes getting brighter with each of Ralts's responses. Clearly, she knew what she was doing, and had plenty of practice worshiping cock with her tits. This was so much more preferable than a blowjob in Cherry's opinion, because not only was it disgustingly carnal, but also her breasts were quite sensitive so she too also got some pleasure from the act. A win-win situation.

Ralts reached out weakly and Cherry understood what he wanted. "You can grab them," she said, "I like it when my nipples get twisted and pulled." The little Pokémon did his best, still uncertain and overwhelmed, not to mention how his whole body was being bounced up and down with the motion of the titty fuck. But his amateurish ministrations as he explored unfamiliar acts brought Cherry more pleasure than the most skilled of her exes. She moaned, the sound boosting Ralts's confidence, making him firmer and rougher, which only turned her on more, perpetuating the cycle. When he got bold enough to exert some of his psychic powers on her, massaging her breasts in ways that no human could ever match, Cherry's eyes rolled back into her head and her pussy gushed, soaking her panties.

She wasn't going to give this guy up, ever. She would get a job at this lab, her dream job, whatever it ook. But that would only be a bonus to being around this stud everyday. At this point Cherry was ready and willing to drop out of college, to give up on her long held dreams, to renounce the intelligence she had so much pride in, if it meant she could be Ralts's fucktoy for the rest of her life. What did she need money for if she could live off of his delicious cum? What satisfaction could being a Professor give her that his glorious cock couldn't?

As something intrinsic to Cherry's character morphed and changed inside her brain, she squeezed her breasts tighter around the dick that broke her mind. This proved to be too much for Ralts, and he started shaking, his psychic hold on her nipples loosening as lost focus through the heights of pleasure. He exploded, his first shot rising a full foot in the air before coming back down and landing on her tits with a hard splat. Not wanting to waste it, Cherry dipped her head down and slipped the head of his manhood back between her lips, squealing in joy as his cum once more filled her mouth.

The student set Ralts gently on the ground, raising her hands to her boobs to rub the semen into her skin. She chewed deliberately on the load in her mouth, not needing to do so in order to swallow but wanting to savour the taste and texture as much as she could. A heat was spreading from her bosom where she kneaded in the cum to her core, and then downwards lighting her pussy on fire. It was time.

She stood, quickly pulling down her jeans along with her completely soiled panties. They desperately needed a wash, but she would probably never do so, keeping them as a memento of the time she discovered her true self. Cherry moved to stand over the prone Ralts, the Pokémon's glazed over eyes slowly focusing back on her, and then at her sopping wet cunt.

"I see you're still hard. Good. I'm going to drain you dry."

Without any fanfare, Cherry squatted down, one hand reaching under her to stabilize Ralts's dick while her other spread her lips. And like that, she took him into her and started a wanton act that was so taboo on so many levels. But Cherry had no consideration for what anyone would think. She threw her head back and screamed as she felt him spread her folds. Her ass touched his thighs and she stared down at him, her pupils reshaped into hearts. And as she started to bounce on his lap, her greedy cunt milking him for all he's worth, Ralts felt his nervousness from before transform into actual fear.

Two hours later, Professor Acacia opened the door to her office to find Cherry kneeling on the ground with Ralts lying down so that his head was resting on her lap. The pink haired girl was softly running one hand up and down his green head while her other was clutching at one of the Pokémon's own hands, fingers interlocked. She looked up when she heard the door open, and there was a look in her eyes that Acacia couldn't quite identify.

"Oh, you're still here?"

"Yes, sorry. Ralts is just so clever and such a sweetheart, we got to talking and I didn't notice the time pass until he got so tired he couldn't stay awake. I didn't mean to intrude."

"It's okay, no problem. Ralts is a good judge of character, he wouldn't have let you stay if he thought you were a risk. And Caleb trusted you to bring me confidential data, which is more than enough for me. However, it is getting late and if you've been here the whole time then you must be starving."

"Oh, no, I'm not that hungry, actually. I had quite the tasty snack earlier, so I'm fine. But I should go, I have homework to do." Cherry lifted Ralts off her lap and gently laid him down on one of the cushioned chairs placed there for guests. The Pokémon shifted a bit in sleep at the sudden loss of warmth but his eyes remained shut.

After exchanging a final farewell with the Professor and receiving an open invitation to visit again, Cherry hurried back to her flat. The entire time she was talking to Acacia, Ralts's cum was slowly dripping out of her pussy and pulling in her panties. She wanted to get back to her room and into a change of clothes before the stain seeped through her panties and onto the front of her jeans. As she walked, her brain was working double time coming up with ways to reunite with her new boytoy.

Oh, and finding a believable reason to break up with her boyfriend, of course.

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